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In Person Consultation

     "The thing about medical CONSULTING is if you're not a part of the solution,
there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem. 
 Larry Kersten quotes (American Sociologist and Author)

In Person Consultation

What you get

Your Question

1.) A personal face to face  appointment with
Dr Peter for approx
1 - 1hours 

2.) Computer repertorisation

3.) R/x Prescription

4. Remedy/s as req. by post to your door

5. Follow ups as required over the following month

What's a Consultation?
Homeopathic treatment of chronic or longer term health problems is centred around the Consultation the aim of which is to understand why you have these health problems at this time, to unravel the different strands in your unique situation and to find the remedies that will create a steady and continuing improvement in your health.

Why do I Need to Have a Consultation?
 was at a Christmas party once (I had been there for a few hours and was quite relaxed!!) when out of the blue I was asked "What's Ithe homeopathic treatment for repeated headaches?"

The Cost

I was tempted to answer "Well there isn't one" (which would be perfectly true) but I gathered myself together and ventured that a

EURO 75 
(incl P&P to your door for patients within the EU)

for below 12 yr olds.
Consultation FREE
(Only a remedy + P&P cost to your door of 

for school children
12 - 18 yrs 
only EURO 50
(incl P&P to your door)

for full time students
and OAP's 
only EURO 50
(incl P&P to your door)

Peter through The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) is recognised by the following health insurance companies. This means that if you have a policy with any of them, you may be entitled to have the full or partial cost of your treatment by an ARH homeopath reimbursed. Please contact the companies below for details of their policies.
Health Shield
Hibernian Aviva
HSA Healthcare
HSF Health
Norwich Union Health Insurance
Patient Aid Association
Westfield Health Scheme

consultation may be appropriate. "What, do I have to have a consultation for a headache?" was the incredulous reply. "Look its Christmas so I'll do a deal with you." I continued ignoring the general look of amazement "Come along with an hour to spare and if at the end of it you think its all been a waste of time I'll not charge you" I suggested smiling as graciously as I could. The offer was accepted and a new patient gained.

The reason for a consultation is (not to extract a larger fee as my Christmas party friend originally thought) but because Homeopathy works differently to conventional medicine. In the case of the latter you go to the doctor, a diagnosis is made or additional tests are sent for and a prescription is issued based on diagnosis and pathology. The drug selected is targeted specifically to palliate (suppress) the illness.

Strange as it may seem Homeopathy is not targeted directly at the illness. Its beneficial action is achieved through stimulation of the natural immune system in such a way that the illness is expelled naturally from the body (not suppressed). Put another way its action is to intensify the force for wellness in all the areas under threat so that the body is naturally able to defeat that of the invading illness. All the areas means body, mind and emotions (ie a Holistic approach). Homeopaths call this the Totality of Symptoms from which it becomes evident that a Homeopathic remedy is individually prescribed as it is unlikely for two patients to have identical holistic symptomology of body, mind and emotions even if the "diagnosis" of the illness is similar.
So much for the theory. Let's move on to the practicality of the Consultation.

What form is the

Born out of experience the following is the schema I adopt. However there is no set format and should you attend another physician there may well be differences in procedure.

Narration: The patient accounts for their complaint. Some
patients need no encouragement whilst others may find the
experience difficult. In any event it is helpful to go back to the start of the complaint providing as much detail as possible including anything that makes it better or worse (modalities) as well as effects of previous treatment together with results of tests/examinations to date. During this Narration phase I prefer not to write notes as the patient's rhythm and pace of narration is broken by the act. I prefer to just listen without interjection.

Notation: Next I go back over the main points of the narration making only short notes and highlight jottings, for more detailed use as we shall see later in the Amplification stage.

Education: The purpose of this stage is to outline the history, philosophy and workings of Homeopathy as a backdrop for the details that will be sought next during Amplification. Explanation
is given on the Totality of Symptoms which require not only
symptoms of the patient's physicals (the complaint itself) but those of mentals, emotionals and modalities. Mental symptoms
are centred in the brain and include fears, aversions, likes,
delusions, ideas, ambition, concentration, sleep and dreams etc

The Next Step

Emotional symptoms relate to the patients behavioural reflexes which in the main are controlled by the glands, nerves and
organs (eg temperament, temper, anger, patience, sensitivity,
obstinacy, mood, irritability, restlessness, happiness, sadness

Dr Peter to make an
In Person Consultation

+353(0)87 2621943



and be prepared to provide details of your
# Name
# Mobile nunber
# Email address
# Main health concern

etc. together with any organ symptoms of digestion, excretion, hormonal, disease resistance, respiration, energy status etc.) Finally Modalities refer to those factors which improve or worsen the main physical complaint (ie time of day, temperature, rest/ exercise, season, laterality, periodicity, food, drink, clothing etc) 
Amplification: By now the patient would appreciate the Holistic nature of Homeopathy and what otherwise could be regarded as a somewhat intrusive stage of the consultation. It is during this stage that I bring out my Case History Record Form and fill in all the items in detail going over each listed item in order with the patient. Finally I check the jottings made during Notation to make sure nothing has been missed.

Solicitation: It's then time to ask the patient what they hope will be the result of their homeopathic treatment. In some cases a cure may be hoped for whilst in others palliation may be a more realistic prognosis. In still others it may be evident from the consultation that the initial course of treatment should be to tackle an issue other than that which was originally presented. Yet another area for solicitation could be if the patient desires to use Homeopathy as a complementary medicine alongside conventional treatment. In any event agreement needs be reached both on the "what" as well as the "how" of the way forward.

It is at this stage that I endeavour to draw all three strands of the consultation together (the totality of symptoms, the agreed objective and the homeopathic prescription). The patient is presented with a comprehensive outline of a proposed treatment plan. This concludes the formal consultation phase.

What is the Duration of Consultation?
From the above description it will be obvious that the time required for a Homeopathic consultation is much more than your normal doctor's visit. In most instances I find that between 1 and 1 hours is sufficient although exceptions have been known.

What Happens after the Consultation?
Repertorisation: This takes place outside of the consultation proper and is the term given to the research process Homeopathic physicians go through in order to select the similimum (ie that remedy which most similarly matches the Totality of Symptoms. Click Holism and Law of Similars for further information about the similimum and Repertorisation for more information and worked examples.) 

Prescription: The similimum is then prepared into a remedy (Click Remedy Preparation for details of the process) and forwarded to the patient through the post together with the written prescription clearly identifying and describing the remedy, the treatment objective together with dosage, frequency and duration of medication. (Click Prescription for an example of how an Rx looks.)    

Are there any Follow up Consultations?
Yes these are arranged at 4-6 weekly intervals and usually last between 30 - 45 mins. They are essential to the treatment and enable the physician review progress or otherwise. It is usual for me at this time to go over the Totality of Symptoms list in order to determine any changes and developments which may have occurred in the intervening period. More especially the patient should note any new symptoms/ modalities. Follow up Prescriptions are then based on this review. 

How many Consultations will be Required?
Homeopathy is a gradual rebalancing of the natural forces of wellness not a quick fix. Experience suggests however at least one consultation for every year of the condition. Thus if your problem existed for six years at the time you first presented you could expect to require six or so consultations spread out over a period of 6-9 months.

Have you more information on Homeopathic Prescribing?
For a full review on the art and sophistication of Homeopathic prescribing brought to you by Robert Ullman and Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman click the hyperlink below


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