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Homeopathy for Infants and Babies:
Gentle Medicine for Gentle Beings

by Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, DI Hom., CHom., Lic.Ac
Abridged & Reprinted by permission.

Look at any baby and whose heart does not melt. Babies bring out our most gentle behavior. We want to cuddle them, hold them, kiss them, and caress them. We fuss over them, want to protect them, and squirm each time our little loved ones produce so much as a sneeze. They are fragile, gentle little beings, born with an immature immune system. In this article I just want to give some gentle homeopathic remedies for commonly encountered conditions in babies and toddlers. Let's jump on this wagon of joy and see how we can help these little beings who have just arrived from the warm cozy environment of the mother, suddenly pushed with great force through the birth canal to a cold and frightening world.

Aconite is a great revival remedy after a fright, when the baby shows its typical symptoms: high fevers, restless sleep, great anxiety, sometimes nightmares, not to mention recurrent infections. After a long, hard labor not only the mother will be out of breath; the baby as well might be limp all over, with pale or bluish limbs, breathing too fast or not at all, creating a low Apgar score (a measurement of the baby's vitality at birth, based on skin color, breathing, pulse, etc.).

A dose of Carbo Vegetalis 200C will help it use oxygen more effectively if you feel that the baby needs some extra oxygen. What a great step forward it would be if every obstetrician had this little remedy at hand.
Arnica 200C should be given almost automatically to any baby: it ensures the rapid absorption of blood that has leaked out under the skin. Maybe the physical trauma to the baby was also too much to bear: the baby may have bruises or a funny-looking "hat" on the head from the suction cup of a vacuum extraction

"O.K",says the baby, "I finally made it. It's time to get me some food!" To the horror of mothers, some babies vomit their milk (whether breast or cows milk) as soon as it is swallowed.

Aethusa cynapium or fools parsley stops this'vomiting, allowing the baby to absorb its nutrients and to gain weight and health.

"Great!" says the baby. "I am enjoying my life now, I can keep in my food, but for some reason I want to keep everything in, even my stool: I am constipated!"

Nux Vomica is ideal for an occasional bout of constipation (often food-related) is a great rescuer. Don't give laxatives, which will require more and more to keep on working. Why? Because Nature's Law tells us: "Every action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction." A laxatives initial reaction (causing looser stools) will inevitably be followed by a secondary opposite reaction: more constipation. And then to obtain the same result (a bowel movement) we need to keep increasing the dose or repeating it more often. Not so with Nux Vomica which works with the body's own healing energy.
"All right, I have no more bruises, I like my breast milk now, and I have the diaper trick under control. But now you attack me with those injections at my tender age of three months. How do you call them: ah, yes, vaccinations. They are for my good, you say, to ward off all those awful diseases, polio, croup, diphtheria, measles and mumps. I know you mean well, but I know too many of my friends who react to these shots with fever, crying spells, and restless nights. I don't want to mention the more serious rare consequences: deafness, blindness, and seizures."

Ledum is a universal remedy for all vaccinations After every injection with a vaccination, we give a dose of Ledum and most of these unwanted uncomfortable reactions will be avoided.

Somehow, most babies nowadays seem to be attacked by one illness: ear infections! It is the most frequently diagnosed condition in babies and young children, responsible for the outpouring of tons of antibiotics (and creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria). But are these antibiotics necessary? According to medical research, 85% of those ear infections are viral, not bacterial. In these cases not only do antibiotics fail to do any good, they actually delay the cure because they bring down fever. Fever is nothing but a fight between our white blood cells (our immune system) and viruses. For each degree of fever, millions of white blood cells are directed to the place of infection. By decreasing the fever (either through Tylenol or antibiotics) we stop that rescue mechanism and delay the cure according to own allopathic studies.

Pulsatilla is our number one remedy, especially for right-sided ear infections. The temperature is less than 103F and the child is thirstless (which is very unusual for someone who has fever). We must not forget Belladonna for right-sided ear infections with a sudden onset of great pain either at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. There is a high fever (105F), the face is flushed beet red and hot while the extremities are cold. Ferrum Phosphorus should be tried for left-sided ear infections.

Chamomilla is also a popular remedy for teething when the child is besides himself with pain, wants to be rocked or carried, and shows a typical capricious behavior ("give me that" and then when you give it they throw it away). Nothing that the parent does can satisfy the child. The child is likely to have a red face and a fever below 103F.

Aconite is commonly used in the winter when a child has been exposed to a dry cold northeast wind (or a baby is taken out on a blustery day). The child feels fine when going to bed but wakes up screaming with pain around midnight, with a very high fever (up to 105F), very restless, thirsty hot all over the body. The pains are violent and burning and there is extreme sensitivity to the touch. Aconite stands for the F's: "Fast onset, Fulminant (strong picture), Fever, and Fright." Aconite can be used for any condition with these symptoms, (for example, fevers, colds and sore throats).

I would advise parents and professionals alike to learn as much as possible about this gentle, effective and scientific medicine. You will see the magic of Homeopathy, and a rested, smiling child will be your reward!


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