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Research into the
Homeopathic Law of Similars

Mention has been made elsewhere of the 1888 Arndt-Shultz Law which states that the physiological response reverses direction when the stimulus changes from small (weak) to large (strong), and vice-versa. In other words there is a bi-polar effect in the case of dilution (ie the Law of Similars). A more recent example of this bi polar effect in action is the 1944 observation that a large dose of penicillin kills Staphylococcus, while a small dose will stimulate its growth. More recently still, biological studies have made it possible to accurately observe the effect of substances when they are diluted.

Allergic Sensitisation: In vitro research was conducted on the white blood cells (basophylls) involved in allergic reactions in which allergic blood to mites was placed in contact with the allergen. It was noted that histamine in homeopathic dose could reduce the sensitization of the basophiles.
(Travaux des docteurs J.Sainte-Laudy et P.Belon, 1982-2004 Sainte-LaydyJ., Belon P., Improvement of flow cytometric analysis of basophi activation inhibition by high histamine dilutions. A nove basophi specific marker : CD 203c., Homeopathic, 2006)

Asprin & Bleeding Whilst asprin used in allopathic doses increases bleeding time in homeopathic doses it does the reverse. Furthermore, aspirin to the 15th centesimal (15 C or 30X) inhibits the effect of aspirin at high dosage (100C) when they are administered simultaneously. These results once again proves the bi-polar effect of dilution.
(Travaux du professeur Christian Doutremepuich, notamment : Doutremepuich C., De Seze O., Le Roy D., Lalanne M.C., Anne M.C., Aspirin at very ultra low dosage in healthy volunteers : effects on bleeding time, platelet aggregation and coagulation, Haemostasis, 1990.
Eizayaga F.X., Aguejouf O., Belon P., Doutremepuich C., Platelet aggregation in portal hypertension and its modification by ultra-low doses of aspirin,Pathophysiology of Haemostasis and Thrombosis, 2005.)

Detoxification: Homeopathic arsenic when administered to rats intoxicated with elemental arsenic resulted in detoxification of the original elemental arsenic.
(Cazin J.C., Cazin M., Gaborit J.L., Chaoui A., Boiron J., Belon P., Cherruault Y., Papapanayotou C., A study of the effect of decimal and centesimal dilutions of arsenic on the retention and mobilization of arsenic in the rat.
Mitra K., Kundu S.N., Khuda Bukhsh A.R., Efficacy of a potentized homeopathic drug (Arsenicum album 30) in reducing toxic effects produced by arsenic trioxide in mice, 1998 - 2000.)

The Law of Similars is not new or unique to Homeopathy. Hippocrates the father of modern medicine around 450BC wrote By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like it is cured.  Aristotle a century later expressed the same philosophical thought in the phrase Often the simile acts upon the simile. Half a millennium later Paracelus around 1500 stated Sames must be cured by sames. Perhaps the best statement of the Law of Similars prior to Hahnemann was that of Dr George Stahl in 1623 To treat with opposite acting remedies is the reverse of what it ought to be. I am convinced that disease will yield to, and be cured by, remedies that produce similar effects

Additionally there is massive clinical evidence from millions of patients treated in accordance to the Law of Similars all testifying to its efficacy. The Faculty of Homeopathy in the UK has built a database of statistical data which demonstrates unequivocally in its favour.
Furthermore Mayan, Chinese, Asian and Native American cultures all use the Law of Similars in their medical therapies as also does allopathy (conventional medicine) in the cases of radium for cancer treatment, digitalis for heart attack, amphetamines for hyperactivity, Ritalin for hyperactive children, the use of nitroglycerine for heart conditions, gold salts for arthritic conditions, and colchicine for gout, all of which are known to cause the similar symptoms that they are found to treat or various immunnisation programmes.

Conclusion Based on the above evidence the Homeopathic Law of Similars has been proven
beyond reasonable doubt.







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