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Study 1
Skin Eruption
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Skin eruption around neck and sleeplessness

Family History
Grandmother TB
Both parents alive aged 85 yrs with glaucoma and mild dementia
Mother breast cancer/ mastectomy/ chemotherapy
Father smoker and associated problems

East European Homeopathic physician

Patient History
Female age circa 54 yrs
She was a difficult induced birth and was a tom boy when young with several concussive injuries
Had a lot of childhood illnesses with A/B treatments. Recurrent ear infections and tonsils removed at 10 yrs after which she experienced larynx infection, sore mouth and bitter taste when drinking water. Operation for Reynard's at 16 yrs (R4). Nephritis at about 33 ys with again a lot of A/B treatment (R7). Around this time she commenced acupuncture treatment. Kidney stones in left kidney at 38 yrs.
All usual vaccinations except TB because of positive tester reaction.

Slim, medium height, dark hair, dark blue eyes
Spoke clearly with knowledge and authority especially when describing .......(deleted for privacy) These characteristics sit well with her tom boy behaviour of earlier years.
All her complaints are worse for cold weather and at full moon.
Craving for sweets/bread

She was anxious about her health especially the neck/face eruption which was visible to the onlooker. Patients would lose confidence in her if they thought she was unable to cure herself. (R2)
She described herself as tolerant, sensitive (R8) but not a tearful person (R9). She required time and space for herself (R5). Got panic attacks when thinking of marriage again (R6). Does not like crowds (R3), has fear of heights and public speaking

Physicals - General
Sleeps poorly. Wakens around 2- 4 am. No dreams. Feels unrefreshed and tired the next day.
She had never been well since the birth of her child ie when she was circa 22 yrs of age.

Physicals - Particulars
Skin eruption around neck/face. This was diagnosed as being skin parasitic in origin. Red, warm, blotch like in mapped arrears on skin, She found that a sulphur cream was of great benefit in ameliorating this symptom. Additionally she also experienced palpitations and asthma with the skin complaint.
Leg veins still sluggish

Repertorisation (Miller method)
In the Miller method all remedies contained in rubric (R2) through to rubic (R10) are ignored unless they are included in (R1).
The repertorisation concentrates on establishing a constitutional remedy as a foundation for symptomatic treatment. Some of the rubrics go back to before the birth of her child from which time she reports she has never been well since.

R1.  Miller's aggr by cold remedies/ xxx
R2.  MIND/ Anxious/ health, about/ 7
R3.  MIND/ Fear/ crowd, in/ 43
R4.  EXTREMETIES/ Coldness/ Hand/ Fingers/ 960
R5.  MIND/ Company/ Aversion/ 12
R6.  MIND/ Thoughts/ tormenting/ 88
R7.  URINARY ORGANS/ Kidney/ inflamed/ 662
R8.  MIND/ Sensitive/ 78
R9.  GENERAL/ Tension/ internal/ 1406
R10.GENERAL/ Varicose/ veins/ 1410

Repertorisation score
Stram 12/8, Lyc 12/5, Ars 12/4, Calc-c 11/7

An interesting comparison is thrown up of a choice between Nux-v and Sep
was rejected (even though its score is the highest at 19 vs 18 for Sep) on the basis that it covered less rubrics (8 as against 9 for Sep) and is essentially a male remedy.
Sep ( mainly a female remedy) was selected as the constitutional remedy.

1. Constituional
1M once weekly for 4 wks.

2. Concurrently with (for skin eruption)
Cream application of affected areas containing Sul Q and Cardio Q
The reason for selecting Sul was that benefit had previously been obtained from the use of this remedy and there is no point in reinventing the wheel. Cardio is also added because in my experience it is fail proof for the treatment of all skin eruptions.

3. Concurrently also (for sleeplessness)
Combined Kali-c 6C and Pass 6C 10 drops (succussed) before sleep. Dose half hourly as req for sleep over 28 nights.
The reason for selecting Kali-c was that she awoke between the hours of 2 - 4 am. Pass is added because in my experience it is fail proof for the treatment of muscle relaxation and sleep



Case Study 2.
Clinging Child
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This follow up appointment was requested by the parents on account of an abnormal clinginess which had developed subsequent to their previous appointment.
The patient originally presented for eczema which had improved significantly under treatment

Little girl aged 5 yrs

Family History
Her mother had been a clinging child.

Patient History
She was a normal child having had all the routine vaccination programmes. No serious illnesses Just childhood complaints until the eczema appeared about 6 mths ago.

She appeared a delightful child. The word "angel" springs to mind. Slim but not thin, height average, bright charming looks, intelligent and bright, hair fair and well groomed, blue eyes, skin (visible) clear and smooth, tastefully dressed and maintained neatly on herself, smart socks and shoes, not shy, spoke clearly with good enunciation, held on tightly to her teddy bear.

As far as the patient was concerned she thought that nothing was wrong and wondered what all the fuss was about.
The clinginess displayed itself when going to school with her mother. Before entering school she would scream (R6) to go home (R5), cry (R4) and cling (R1) to Mums leg. She had to be forcibly separated to get her to go into the school gates. The act of separation seemed to be a trauma.(R2,9)
The teachers reported however that once in school she was a model pupil although there could be a tendency towards bossiness. They could not detect any fears or worries.
The clinginess never exhibited itself on the occasions her father took her to school.
Also her older sister had never exhibited such symptoms with either parent.
At home she was generally obedient and well behaved albeit fidgety and restless. She was always neat and tidy with her toys sorted out tidily.
Her teddy was her constant companion (R3) who would sit neatly beside her when they watched TV. During the interview her teddy was on her lap

Physical - Generals
She had a disturbed sleep pattern (R10). When in bed she lay on her left side and then turned over on to the other side to get comfortable. She would still not get comfortable (R7). The turning was repeated constantly. Her teddy remained beside her throughout the night. In the morning she was tired and lethargic (R8) .

Physical - Particulars  
Other than the eczema no other particulars were mentioned during this interview.
Repertorisation - Kent's method (ie. only mental symptoms)
1.  MIND/Clinging, to persons/12

R2.  MIND/Fear, alone of being/43
R3.  MIND/Company, desires for/12
R4.  MIND/Weeping, violent/97
R5.  MIND/Home, desires to go/51
R6.  MIND/Shrieking, children in/80
R7.  MIND/Restlessness, bed, tossing about/73
R8.  MIND/Dullness, morning, rising on/38
R9.  MIND/Anxiety, children in/5
Repertorisation Score 
12/8, Lyc 12/5, Ars 12/4, Calc-c 11/7

Constitutional Stram 1M weekly for 4 wks

2.  Concurrently I would also prescribe for the acute symptom of sleeplessness in bed due to restlessness. In my opinion a good sleep is a cure in itself. If the mind is fully rested it is more able to cope with the trauma of the following day. In this situation I would select Arn 6C PM for 28 days.
Bidwell in the best review of Arnica I have come across writes "The red strand running through this remedy is soreness......The soreness is so marked that pressure is painful and the parts lain on are sore, so sore that he wants to move, to change position frequently, for the longer he lies on a part the more sore and sensitive it becomes. He is stiff, so the position is painful; still the bed is so hard, the parts are so sore that he must move."
Also Clarks Repertory lists for Arn the following under mentals "overexcitement - great sensitiveness of mind with anxiety and restlessness - tendency to be frightened - tears - shedding of tears and exclamations of rage - says there is nothing the matter with him."

3. I also believe there is a conscious/unconscious aggravating transfer of vibrations between the mother and daughter. It should be noted that the mother was also a clinging child and that no clinginess is exhibited by the patient when in the presence of others. Perhaps the mother also needs treatment?


Case Study 3
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Follow up appointment for Hayfever

Young boy 13 yrs

Patient History
He understood from his mother that the problem went right back to childhood and followed weaning.
He can remember the problem from about age 6 (R3) and over time the problem seems to have got gradually worse. There was little or no discharge (R1) the nose being constantly blocked (R2).

Fits well into Nebel's Calcic constitution for the typical Fluoric in that his muscles were very lax. He could contort his extremities into very unusual positions - like a person doing extreme yoga or a Hindu sadhu.
He was average height, rounded shape, dark hair and sat in a relaxed position.

He did not attend school but was being educated at home. The computer seemed to figure prominently in his daily activity. He spent most of the time in a dimly lit room working with it. He was sensitive to the light of outdoors (R4). He had little or no social contact other than with his immediate family. Had no desire for such. His skin was even more sensitive (R6) than his eyes not liking to be touched at all. He got a headache when in the sun (R5) .He had a fear of spiders which he got rid of by use of the hoover.
The manner of his speech was characteristic. First of all it was very rapid (R10). Secondly it was very indistinct (R9). It was difficult to understand him. (May be the muscles of the tongue were lax so that the words were not properly formed). Thirdly he would gesticulate wildly with his arms and hands when talking. The actions could be described as spider like. Finally he contorted his face in all manner of ways presenting a most unusual sight to the beholder.  

Physical - Generals
All his joints ached (R7) which made him restless (R8) as he became uncomfortable when in a position (mainly seated) for any length of time.
His sleep pattern was ok between 1 AM when he went to bed and 9 AM
when he generally got up.

Physical - Particulars
Other than coryza none mentioned.

Previous Treatment
Constitutional Stram 1M (Sagallian dose)
No effect.

Particularly with regard to the unsuccessful nature of the previous Constitutional prescription on this occasion I would favour Eizayaga's lesion layer approach and adopt a symptomatic based treatment regieme. During this time the case would hopefully progress enabling subsequent prescription to be more focused.

The four main layers of Eizayaga's model are:.
- The Miasmic Layer similar to Hahnemann's misaims but with more subdivisions.
- The Constitutional Layer which refers to the healthy characteristics of the individual and are genetic in origin. Characteristics would include hair colour, personality, temperament, desires, aversions, and modal items such as temperature, hot/cold blooded etc. No pathology is considered in this layer. All the characteristics relate to the healthy individual. The purpose of prescribing for this layer is preventative ie to strengthen and fortify the individual and hence keep the person healthy. Eizayaga used very few remedies for this layer such as Sul, Calc-c, Sil, Phos, and Lyc He used it mainly for babies and young children before they became adult and grew to acquire other layers.
- The Fundamental Layer which refers to the symptoms of the individual. Eizagaya used Kent's constitutional hierarchy when prescribing in this layer. However he kept the remedy list short including only the main 40 or so polycrests such as Pul, Nat-m, Stram, Lach etc. He also had his own way of prescribing starting first with a low potency 3C and repeating up to 4 times daily until there was no further effect. When no further response was obtained the case would be retaken and if the same remedy was required he would follow the same procedure but at the higher potency of 6C followed if necessary by 12C, 18C and 30C. If a new remedy was required after case review it would be prescribed as before starting at 3C.
- The Lesion Layer was used when there was a problem with a particular organ, system or tissue etc Only the symptoms of the affected site were considered. No mentals, generals or other particulars were considered. He used this layer for both acute and chronic conditions. The purpose of this layer was to remove the disease before curing the patient. In this layer any remedy in the Materia Medica was used but his method of prescribing was the same as for the Fundamental Layer.

Reperatorisation ( Eizagaya's lesion method)
1.  NOSE/ Coryza/ discharge without/ 327
2.  NOSE/ Obstruction/ 346
3.  NOSE/ Coryza/ chronic, long continued/ 326
4.  EYE/ Photophobia/ 261
5.  HEAD/ Pain/ sun from exposure to/ 149
6.  SKIN/ Sensitive/ 1331
7.  EXTREMETIES/ Pain aching/ joints/ 1083
8.  EXTREMETIES/ Restlessness/ 1187
9.  MOUTH/ Speech difficult/ 419
10.MIND/ Speech hasty/ 81

Repertorisation Score
18/8, Lyc 18/8, Bell 17/7, Calc-c 17/7, Chin 17/7, Lach 17/7

Out on the two top scores I would select Lyc being more in keeping with the patients mental symptoms:-
Lymphatic constitution, catarrhal predisposition, ailment gradually developing, keen minded but lacks direction, airy minded, very sensitive.

Lyc 6C bd for 28 days

2. Concurrently I would R/x Bar- c selected as the best fit from Nebels Fluoric constitution list. It has a theme of underdevelopment, under achievement, stunted growth physical and mental. Bar-c 1M once weekly for 4 wks



Case Study 4
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Heartburn - (acid reflux?)

Female - age 15 yrs

Family History
Grandfather - Diabetes
Aunt - Cancer

Patient History
Normal birth - full term - Wt 5lb 10 oz
Hole in heart operation at 3 mths
Breast fed for 6 mths
Normal vaccinations incl BCG at school

Likes windows closed (R10)

Moody (R1) Temper (R2) Argumentative (R3) Tearful/ Worries
Does not sleep well but sleeps OK when she finally goes off. Wakes up tired (R8). Fearful of insects
Physicals - Generals
Fussy eater - not too much meat/ fish - does not like food too hot - likes pizza/ dairy products/ salt/ crisps
Not much thirst but has one glass of water with meals
Feels tired with a total loss of energy (R9) - requires anti-stress pills for exams

Physicals - Particulars
Heartburn started last year - only in the evenings (R4) - after eating the evening meal (R5) - stomach feels heavy (R6) - does not eat quickly - no wind - no bad taste in the mouth - water only is brought up (R7) - does not vomit - no solid food regurgitated - the water enters her throat. Stomach ache - high up

None recorded

Constitutional repertorisation as below
R1.  MIND/ Mood/ changeable/ 68
R2.  MIND/ Quarrelsome/ 70
R3.  MIND/ Argumentative/ irascibility/ 2
R4.  MACH/ Heartburn/ evening/ 500
R5. STOMACH/ Heartburn/ eating, after/ 500
R6. STOMACH/ Heaviness/ eating, after/ 501
R7. STOMACH/ Eructations/ water, of/ 497
R8. SLEEP/ Unrefreshing/ 1254
R9. GENERAL/ Weariness/ 1421
R10. GENERAL/ Air/ open, aversion to/ 1343

Repertorisation Score
Sul 21/9, Nux-v 20/7, Lyc 19/8

1. Constitutional Sul 1M once weekly for 4 wks
2. Concurrent Narayani BR 9, (for digestion), Narayani SP 41 (for immunity boost)
10 drops bds for 28 days



Case Study 5
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Female Age 47 yrs


Family History
(P) Grandmother - Stroke
(P) Grandfather - Parkinson's
Mother - Eczema/asthma
Mother's parents still alive

Patient History
Tonsillectomy and bladder problems

Tall, dark, disarming disposition, articulate
She describes her temperament as pleasant (R1) but tearful (R2) when pre menstrual. She has panic attacks (R3) when in company. Cognitive therapy has not helped. Does voluntary work (R5). No fears although admitted concerns about teenage children. This seems strange as her eldest son was only about 5 yrs. She does experience anxiety when in company (R3) (everything crowding in on her) especially during the PMT time.

Physical - General
PMT very severe 2 wks prior to period. During this time she experiences palpitations (R9)/ lightheadedness/ nausea/ frequent urination/ trembling (R6).

Physical - Particulars
The period itself starts normally and is generally light and not painful.
Does yoga/ pilates to supple her joints (R4) .
Diet mainly vegetarian (little meat only) No added salt
She has suffered from IBS for 28 yrs with alternative diarrhoea/ constipation
(R10) Tinnitus (R8) Hayfever (R7)

None recorded

Previous R/x Treatment
Progesterone for 6 mths after which the PMT shifted from 2 wks before the period to 2 wks immediately after the period.

Previous R/x Homeo
Self prescribes Acon which helped for panic relief .

Constitutional as below
  MIND/ Cheerful/ 10
  MIND/ Weeping/ 93
MIND Anxiety/ company, when/ 6
  MIND/ Anxiety/ health, about/ 7
  MIND/ Sensitive/ 78
  GENERAL/ Trembling/ external/1407
  NOSE/ Coryza/ annual/ 326
  EAR/ Noises/ 292
R9.  CHEST/ Palpitations/ tumultuous/ 877
ABDOMEN/ Pain/ Hypogastrium/ 587

Repertorisation Score
Puls 21/9, Sulph 19/8, Sep 18/8
Constitutional Puls 1M once weekly for 4 wks
2. Concurrent Naryani BR16 (female balance) bds for 28 days to balance endocrine system and
Narayani SP39 (tension) bds for 28 days for calming of emotions and internal stress



Case Study 6
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Young girl age 2 yrs

Cough & Cold

Family History
1 x grandfather lung cancer
1 x grandfather Emphysema/ Asthma
Mother nothing to report
Father Asthmatic/ BP. Two brothers also asthmatic
Patient History
Cough & cold started after breast feeding stopped at 4 mths.

Very happy [R10]/ loves life/ sociable/ willful/ attention seeking/basically a soft nature [R8]/ let others take things from her/ at times lies on the floor screaming and shouting

Fear of banger fireworks and the dark [R9] / Can't sit in shopping trolley/ restless/
Sleeps on tummy [R1]/ hands spread out/ legs curled up under her

Physicals - Generals
None noted

Physicals - Particulars
Loves fruit [R3] / olives/ strawberries/ ice cream/ fish
Aggr by cheese
Watery discharge from nose [R4]
Cough in throat and upper chest
No fever/ perspiration
There is a rattle in the chest [R2]
Discharge of mucus from the eye/ nightly/ yellow crusty [ R7]
Her eyes are shut when she wakes up [R6]

Worse in cold weather

Previous R/x Treatment
Normal vaccinations
A/B treatment for cough & cold [R5]

Repertorisation (Symptomatic)
R1. Sleep, position, abdomen, on/ 1246
R2. Cough, rattling/ 801
R3. Stomach, desires, fruit/ 485
R4. Nose, discharge, watery/ 333
R5. Nose, discharge, suppressed/ 332
R6. Eye, open, unable to, morning/ 247
R7. Eye, discharges, yellow/ 237
R8. Mind, mildness/ 65
R9. Mind, fear, dark/ 43
R10. Mind, cheerful, gay, happy (See Mirth)/ 10

Repertorisation Score
Puls 8/16, Calc-c 7/14, Lyc 7/14, Ars 7/12

1. Symptomatic Puls 30C PM once nightly for 1 wk 
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Woman with skin Eruption
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Child clinging to dad's leg
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Childclinging to Pet
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