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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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"TESTIMONY is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire."
1869 -1939 William Butler Yeats
Nobel prize winner for drama 1893


Sports Injury  


The Elderly

Children's Complaints



I was passing through a very difficult time at work. As shop Manager for a large chain I had to deal with staff disciplinary problems. One staff member continued to be particularly difficult and disruptive so much so that eventually the matter ended in dismissal. This action of mine prompted the now ex staff member to bring trumped up charges against me to both the union as well as to management. Eventually the matter went to an arbitration court and I was obliged to reappoint the person. You can imagine my symptoms. I had suffered a severe business reversal and had been humiliated in the eyes of the staff but yet I still had to perform my duties as manager. I had always endeavored to be enthusiastic at work and set myself high goals. Now I was in the depths of a depression. There was no justice in this world. As a result I was angry, quarrelsome, complaining, irritable and very cynical. Why me? I didnt deserve this. Sleep was impossible. I was constantly exhausted. Life was a frustrating, joyless and  unfair. She (life) was a twisted old whore who delighted in demonising innocent people. I couldnt even get anywhere with my doctor. Whatever medication I was prescribed either had no effect or produced terrible side effects. I began to think the unthinkable. I must somehow put an end to and get out of this existence. Life wasn't worth a candle.

The Great Depression 1930s

                  Foreclosure 1933   Migrant Pea Pickers Dust Storm


Farm Foreclosure 1933

Migrant family looking for work in the pea fields of California 1935.

In 1934 dust storms ravaged the Great Plains adding to farmer misery.

Homeless family on the move seeking work 1936.

At this stage Homeopathy entered. I was prescribed a small bottle I had to violently shake before taking a few drops from it each time. Even the Homeopathic physician seemed to be making sport of me. How could such a small amount with a magic mantra type procedure be of any use? I took it against myself. After ten days I was given another small bottle. I was told this was the next strength up. More of the same old con, I thought. Well at least I wasnt getting any side effects so I continued taking it. After the fourth bottle the impossible began to slowly happen. I began to feel a little better. I continued on up to the eighth bottle by which time I was almost back to my old self. Im now in a new challenging job having changed my career. Thanks to Homeopathy for giving me the opportunity of a second chance.

Sports Injury
I wouldnt consider myself an athlete in the Olympic competitive sense but I do like to keep myself fit with outdoor and indoor cycling, long distance running, skiing and sailing. In between times I train hard at work (in front of the computer) followed by relaxation (and some elbow exercise) at the local bar.

On one occasion I was on the slopes when my attention was distracted. I thought at the time she was Venus herself! The next thing I knew I was being carted off on a stretcher with a very badly damaged knee joint. After two years of conventional medical treatment I was finally told that the only possible way forward was to have a knee operation but that no guarantee of success could be given. In spite of medical sciences best efforts I was still in considerable discomfort. Cycling and running were not possible. Even standing up in a crowded metro car going to work caused considerable pain. I would arrive in an agitated condition. It was hardly the best way to start a business day. As happens in such circumstances I began to put on weight due to lack of exercise. This further militated against my condition.
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Something inside me made me resist the offer of an operation especially one in which no prognosis could be made. I began to look around for other solutions and tried Homeopathy. I received pills and drops over a three month period during which time there seemed to be a little improvement on good weather days. However when the weather was inclement there was little or no benefit. Although ambivalent towards the efficacy of the treatment I was prevailed upon to go for a further three months. My impression at the end of six months was that on good weather days there was noticeable improvement but in cold damp conditions there was still little benefit. It is now some 18 months after the start of treatment I would consider myself 90 95% cured even on bad weather days. I can cycle both indoors and outdoors as well as run long distance just as much as I used to. I am still nervous about returning to the ski slopes as I am uncertain as to whether the knee will stand up to the particular sideward strains skiing imposes. That apart I now live a completely normal life sleeping well, reducing weight and pain free.

I already had one Cesarean delivery for a breech baby. My second baby was still in the breech position at 36 weeks, but I had learned some homeopathy in the interim and took homeopathic Pulsatilla. The baby turned himself around and delivered easily a couple of weeks later. Without homeopathy I would have had a second Cesarean! For me integrative medicine means trying homeopathy first. If it doesnt work, the conventional stuff is still there.
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The Elderly
After I retired I thought that poor sleep, regular colds, infections and low energy levels were all par for the course. However following Homeopathic treatment my quality of life has improved immensely. Within a short time of taking the specific remedies prescribed I began to feel better. I feel so much younger now my quality of life has improved. When I return from my daily walk I feel as though I could very well turn around and go again. Thank you Homeopathy.
Reasurance Elderly sign Photo Elderly Patient Photo of Elderly Patient in Wheelchair


Traffic Sign for the Elderly



Children's Complaints
My daughter suffered with constant colds. Our G.P. diagnosed viral infections but was reticent to prescribe. When an antibiotic was prescribed it had no effect. Homeopathic treatment resulted in her coming through last winter without a serious cold. School attendances and sports activities were uninterrupted throughout the winter.
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I was out in the garden enjoying a barbecue. With our weather youve got to take advantage of every opportunity. The wine seemed exceptionally tasty that evening as did the burger. Suddenly I felt a stabbing pain on my elbow. I looked down and there was a wasp feeding himself. The pain seemed unbearable. A huge red swelling appeared from nowhere. I rushed to the doctor who eased the pain with cortisone injections and the swelling reduced over the following days. Some time later I began to experience joint pain in the elbow. Naturally I did nothing about it to begin with it until such time as it became increasingly inhibitive. Tennis became a bit of an ordeal. I revisited the doctor who advised me that it looked like arthritis. There seemed not much he could do. I asked around and Homeopathy was suggested. Upon visiting the Homeopathic clinic it was explained how the doctors injection had suppressed the wasp sting symptoms which had reappeared as arthritis. Fortunately I went in time and Im completely cured much to the disappointment of my tennis opponents!
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After a severe allergic reaction to an anti-fungal drug, subsequent miss-diagnosis and treatment, I started showing food intolerance and allergic reaction to everyday food items. The resultant urticaria was very irritating. The local medical general practice was sympathetic and they did their best but I would show allergic reaction to anti-histamine prescriptions within a week.

Eventually, through the process of trial, error and elimination I came to the conclusion that I was now sensitive to any food item, which had a golden hue natural or synthetic. I had to avoid citric fruits, apples and apple cider, yoghurt, cheese the list is long. The last culprit was the orange carrot, which I enjoyed eating raw with brown pita bread.

Consequently, I became a social recluse; as I had to be watchful of what items I ingested or suffer the consequences of puffy eyes, sore throat and swollen lips. It was a pitiful existence. When I graduated as a mature student the celebratory evening ended n painful distress. I had inadvertently ingested lemon zest in the crab cakes. The following day, the day of my graduation, my face looked as if, I had been stung by wasps. I could not pose for photographs and felt very self-conscious when called to the podium to collect my degree certificate.
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At that point I made the decision to seek help from alternative medicine. I took a three-month course of Homeopathic oral treatment. My life was transformed. I have a social life again. I no longer check the labels for the ingredients list to see if they contain an offensive item. I can eat everything now including cheese. I must add all items are ingested in moderation.

The liberation from the constriction of restricted diet, aside, the bonus has been that my weight is maintained, I have a good appetite but I do not have a desire to nibble between meals. It would appear that the treatment has brought all my internal body functions into balance. All the anxieties generated by the intolerance and fear of allergic reactions, have vanished. I am now have a contented countenance and my family and friends will be pleased to vouch for it  I am a very respectable female specimen of the human race only 72 years plus.

I am pleased to recommend this treatment. Try it. You have nothing to lose. All you need is the self-discipline to take the prescribed medication according to the instructions.

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"A CITATION at the right moment is like bread in a famine."
Jewish Talmud

Feodor Dostoevsky
Homeopathic doses are perhaps the strongest.

Mahatama Gandhi
"Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment
and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science."

Dizzy Gillespie
There have been two great revelations in my life:
The first was bepop, the second was homeopathy.

Peter Hain
"Complementary therapies, like homeopathy, get to the cause -
rather than just treating the surface.
I know from my own experience that they work.
I'd like to see doctors prescribing homoeopathic treatment."

Mariel Hemingway
I use nothing but homeopathic remedies, for my girls as well.

William James
An enormous mass of experience,
both of homeopathic doctors and their patients,
is invoked in favor of the efficacy of these remedies and doses.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Say hello to Arnica, Catherine Zeta-Jones' best friend from the set of musical Chicago .
The pal isn't a she. It's a homeopathic herbal remedy,
and the two got to know each other intimately during the hamstring-hampering shoot.
"The pain wasn't there when I was doing it (applying Arnica)
I had that sticky stuff glued to me for months.
Brings out the bruising, darling."

Sir Paul McCartney
"I can't manage without homeopathy.
I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies.
I use them often"

Robert Mendelson MD
"Effective natural remedies that have no side effects"

Charles Menninger MD
"Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age
better than any other system or school of medicine."

Yehudi Menuhin
"Homeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments
and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 200 years.

Sir William Osler
"Its not that our homeopathic brothers are asleep; far from it,
they are awake - many of them at any rate -
to the importance of the dcientific study of disease."

John D. Rockefeller
Homeopathy is a progressive and aggressive step in medicine."

Mark Twain
"The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor
to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business.
You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived
the attempts of allopaths (the orthodox physicians) to destroy it."

Lindsay Wagner
"If I was not an actress, I would be a homeopathic doctor"

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Case Histories
"There's only one cardinal rule:
one must first listen to a patient...
and then get the real CASE HISTORY from the spouce"
Gregory A. Kline MD
Professor of Endocrinology at Calgary University.

Case Study 1  Skin Eruption

Case Study 2  Clinging child

Case Study 3  Hayfever

Case Study 4  Heartburn (acid refux?)

Case Study 5  PMT

Case Study 6  Cough/Cold

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Research Results
The trouble with RESEARCH is that it tells you
what people were thinking about yesterday, not tomorrow.
It's like driving a car using a rearview mirror.

Bernard Loomis  
Ledgendary toy marketeer

Homeopathic Research - A Fair Conclusion

Herbert Spenser's Bar

Early Research

More Recently - A Call for Openmindedness

Conventional Medicine Lacks Research

Homeopathy One of the Best Researched

Limitations of RCTs & A Way Forward

Philosophically Based Research

Human Research

Clinical Research

Meta & Systemic Analysis of Clinical trials

Polypharmic Research

Newborn & Infant Data

Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) in Children

Elderly & End of Life Data

Veterinary Research

Agro-Homeopathic Research

Homeopathic Research 
A Fair Conclusion

In this 21st century we know that homeopathy has an effect that cannot be explained by that of placebo. Homeopathy has been shown to have specific effects in Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs), not merely non-specific effects. In proving the case for homoepathy, we can look at the whole evidence, which shows overwhelmingly positive outcomes especially when the effect of homeopathy is measured in patients lives.

I believe that any fair minded person after a thorough review of the data and evidence presented in these pages will come to the same conclusion as the author of the following review

Aim of Review
To answer the question What is the weight of the original evidence from published RCTs that homeopathy has an effect that is statistically significantly different from that in a comparative group?
Conclusion of Review
Considering the relative number of research articles on the 35 different medical conditions in which such research has been carried out, the weight of evidence currently favours a positive treatment effect in eight: childhood diarrhoea, fibrositis, hayfever, influenza, pain (miscellaneous), side-effects of radio- or chemotherapy, sprains and upper respiratory tract infection. Insufficient research prevents conclusions from being drawn about any other medical conditions.
Mathie,R.T., 2003 The research evidence base for homeopathy: a fresh assessment of the literature Homeopathy 92:(2), p84-91)
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Herbert Spencer's Bar
It is unfortunate that notwithstanding these serious statistical analyses performed by scientists who are not necessarily homeopaths, which show convincingly that there is a phenomenon in homeopathy that cannot be explained by the placebo effect, many skeptics remain unconvinced. Proof if such proof was still needed that Herbert Spensers Bar is still alive today as it was 150 years ago when he first propounded it.  
                             There is a principle which is a bar against all information,
                                              which is proof against all arguments
                        and which cannot fail to keep a person in everlasting ignorance
                                     that principle is contempt prior to investigation
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Early Research
The first double-blind crossover study ever performed was conducted by homeopaths in 1906. This study was run concurrently in eleven different cities on fifteen subjects. The documentation of this experiment consisted of 665 pages, published as Research Provings of Belladonna.

Also at the turn of the nineteenth century, a book on homeopathic research was published called The Logic of Figures or Comparative Results of Homeopathic and Other Treatments. This book provided dozens of charts comparing disease and death rates in homeopathic and allopathic (mainstream) hospitals. This research also investigated statistics on the epidemic diseases of scarlet fever, yellow fever, and typhoid. The research showed that homeopathic hospitals had an average of 50 to 80 percent fewer deaths per 100 people, depending on the disease compared.

During World War II, an early double-blind study of homeopathy was sponsored by the British government. The experiment demonstrated that those given homeopathic remedies experienced a significant improvement in burns from mustard gas compared to those given placebo.
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More Recently 
A Call for Open-mindedness
Today about 300 RCTs (1) have been done in humans looking at the effects of homeopathic remedies in various clinical situations. Another critical overview of Homeopathic clinical research (2) concluded that
There is evidence form randomized, controlled trials that homeopathy can be effective. Homeopathy deserves an open-minded opportunity to demonstrate its value by using evidence-based principles. 
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Conventional Medicine 
Lacks Research Results

While more Homeopathic research is obviously needed a similar situation also exists in conventional medicine, where it has been estimated that only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence. (3)  In conventional medicine, when there is a lack of evidence-based answers reliance is placed on clinical experience.  The same is also true in homeopathy.  Additionally in homeopathy we have over 200 years of published and accumulated clinical experience on which to base clinical treatment decisions.
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Homeopathy One of
The Best Researched

Homeopathy is one of the best researched forms of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). A group commissioned by Prince Charles to examine CAM (4) reviewed the research base of various fields in CAM.  They rated the evidence base for 13 different clinical conditions for each of the main fields in CAM.  Upon totaling the scores, homeopathy obtained a total score of 38 which was second only to mind-body medicine and hypnotherapy (which totaled 40).  The therapies below homeopathy in total research scores were acupuncture (37), nutritional medicine (30), herbal medicine (26), and osteopathy/chiropractic (19). It is a pity that many scientists and physicians are totally unaware of the relatively strong research foundation in homeopathy. Mind-body medicine and hypnosis have virtually been accepted into conventional medicine and are even practiced in the hospital now. Homeopathy is better researched that osteopathy and chiropractic which both have numerous medical schools throughout Europe and are reimbursable by most insurances, and by many are considered mainstream.

1) Dean M. The Trials of Homeopathy-Origins, Structure and Development. first ed. Essen: KVC-Verlag; 2004.
2) Jonas W, Kaptchuk TJ, Linde K. A Critical Overview of Homeopathy. Annals of Internal Medicine 2003;138(5):393-9.
3) Smith R. Where is the wisdom.? British Medical Journal 1991;303:798-99.
4) Integrated Healthcare-A Way Forward for the Next Five Years? England: The Foundation for Integrated Medicine; 1997.

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Limitations of RCTs and 
A Way Forward
This section attempts to answer the question posed as to why so much Homeopathic research is inconclusive and to suggest ways of improving efficacy of research.
Click the link below for details.
Limitations of RCTs and A Way Forward
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Philosophically Based Research
Click one of the links below for further information and research trails directed specifically at these
two aspects of Homeopathic philosophy.
Law of Similars
Law of Potentisation

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Human Research
The following selection of trials has been made on the basis of their positive findings in favour of Homeopathy. The reason for this is twofold

   -There is a need to show Homeopathy in a positive light especially as much of the press is only   too ready to print unfavourable reports and
  - The negative findings are invariably a result of a violation of one or more Homeopathic principles in the trials basic design. Most trials have not been constructed to incorporate Homeopathic principles. The Homeopathic community will continue to refute such ill conceived trials and mankind will be no nearer a solution unless agreement can be found.

Below is a summary of the more common violations of Homeopathic principle found in many trial designs
  - No allowance is made for individualisation. Such trials are conceived according to allopathic principles of medicine (ie a remedy at a standard treatment rate for the same disease). This is not Homeopathy.
  - Homeopathy treats a diseased patient not a disease. Flexibility of remedy potency, dosage, and duration is at its heart. Unlike allopathy there is no such thing as a standard treatment.
  -  Definition of cure (or benefit) is another problem. The allopathic drug only needs to show amelioration (suppression) of the disease condition to score a benefit. No reference is made to permanency of cure and whether the condition returned following withdrawal of the allopathic drug. Homeopathy strives to cure the condition by strengthening the natural immunity and thus affecting a permanent solution.
  - Because of the nature of the Homeopathic action (through the natural immune system) benefit especially in chronic cases is seldom quick. On the other hand benefit from suppression can often be relative quick. Many trials are terminated when a benefit shows for the allopathic drug and the Homeopathic remedy is written off as ineffective when the real reason is that insufficient time has been allowed for its slower curative action to work through.
  -  No allowance is made for Homeopathic aggravation. There can often be, in chronic cases, a period of Homeopathic aggravation which in Homeopathic terms is interpreted favourably. However some trials have been terminated at the first sign of aggravation and the conclusion drawn that the Homeopathic remedy performed worse than the placebo.

In conclusion this problem will continue to run until such time as Homeopaths are brought into the trial design stage along with their allopathic colleagues and allowed to take part in the peer review process. In an attempt to kick start this process I have made some suggestions under 
Click the link below for further information
Limitations of RTCs & A Way Forward


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Clinical Research on Humans
Click the link below for further information on a selection of trails taken from some of the 300 Homeopathic randomised double blind placebo controlled (RDBPC) trials available.
Click the link below for more information

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Meta & Systemic Analysis of Clinical Trials
A meta analysis uses statistical methods to analyse results from individual studies regardless of their subject (eg all Homeopathic trials vs all placebo) A systemic analysis uses statistical methods to analyse results from one particular chosen subject (eg Homeopathic rheumatiod arthritis results vs placebo rheumatiod arthritis results).
Click the link below for further information
Meta & Systemic Analysis of Clinical Trials
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Polypharmic Research   
Polypharmacy is where more than one remedy is combined into a compositium or mixture. This is done in order to target a broad cross range of symptoms and thus is an attempt to cover the totality of symptoms. The remedies are selected for their synergy and their effect is considered to be additive. The orientation of polypharmy is thus more disease focused rather than one of patient individualization.
Sometimes remedies are combined together each in ascending potency. Thus remedy 1 may be included in potencies of 3X, 6X, 12X 18X etc together with remedy 2 (and maybe more remedies) each in multiple ascending potencies. A sequence of the same remedy in various potencies is called a homochord. This is done in an attempt to encapsulate a totality of potency requirements in a single dose.

Whilst not strictly classical Homeopathy I believe there is a place for such preparations particularly in the area of research as it eliminates the requirement for individualization. As has been previously mentioned (see Limitations of RTCs & A Way Forward) this is a problem area for research trial work and anything that can improve the situation can surely only help. Furthermore more funding is available in the support of polypharmic remedies as they are sponsored by commercial companies. Finally consistent trial results have been obtained with their use as is evidenced in the attached trial data.
Click link below for details of trials
Polypharmic Research
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Newborn & Infant Data
Homeopathy excels at preventing patterns of illness, such as chronic colds or ear infections. Antibiotics may seem to work well for a particular ear infection, but they can weaken the immune system and increase the chance of recurrence. A constitutional homeopathic remedy can strengthen the child's ability to withstand the microbes that are a natural part of our internal and external environment.
Because homeopathic remedies strengthen the whole person (mental, emotional, physical, energetic and behavioral), a remedy that works well to strengthen the immune system is likely to also help other problems colic or constipation, sleep problems, or incessant crying. Homeopathy can be so effective for teething pain, eliminating the pain instantaneously, that babies respond with enthusiasm when they see their mothers opening the tube.
Click the link below for more information
Newborn & Infant Data
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Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) in Children
Vaccines appear to have more side-effects than has hitherto been accepted. It must be recalled that vaccines are composed of weakened, dead or divided germs or toxins with their additives, to which impurities (aluminium phosphate, aluminium hydroxide, neomycin, thiomersal (a mercury compound), formaldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol, chicken protein) always cling. Research shows that vaccinations can be responsible for both acute and chronic health problems.

Whereas the body's specific defences against certain diseases can be increased by means of vaccination, which is obviously the effect intended, practice shows that the defences as a whole can also be significantly broken down. We see a group of children previously in good health suddenly develop all manner of infections after vaccination, or children in whom existing complaints worsen. This weakening of the defences can possibly be ascribed to a shift from a defensive system at the cellular level (aided by white blood corpuscules) to an essentially humoral defence (brought about by antibodies). Vaccination strengthens humoral defence and weakens cellular defence. If this happens while children are but a few months old and their cellular defences are still being built up, a serious loss of natural defences with consequent sensitivity to infection can be the result
Click the hyperlink below for more information
Click the hyperlink below for how to prevent PVS
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Elderly & Life's End Data
Antibiotics may seem to work well but they can weaken the immune system and thereby increase the chance of infection. The elderly have only a short expectation as it is.Homeopathic remedies are directed at the whole person. A remedy that works well to strengthen the immune system is likely to also help with other problems too. Also a constitutional homeopathic remedy can strengthen the individuals ability to withstand the microbes that are a natural part of our internal and external environment.

The purpose of homeopathy during life is to maximize as much as possible the health and freedom of the individual so that all opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation can be fully utilized. As the time of death approaches, homeopathys role changes from the process of cure to the goal of offering the patient the maximum degree of awareness with the minimum amount of suffering. In this way the patient is enabled to experience the transition of death with dignity, serenity,
satisfaction and dignity." George Viithoulkas.

Click the link below for further information and data  
Elderly & Life's End Data 
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Veterinary Research
Pet owners, farmers, sporting and commercial animal owners are increasingly appreciating the benefits of Homeopathy
- No tissue residues
- No withdrawal period required
- No side effects
- Works by stimulating naturally immunity
- Does not impose the additional stress of suppression.
- Inexpensive

Click the link below for further research information.
Veterinary Research
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Agro-Homeopathic Research
Climate change exerts pressure on the capacity of worldwide agricultural production and poses new challenges for agriculturists. The traditional agricultural industry prepares resistant varieties, increases the capacity to produce in protected places such as greenhouses and shade houses, and investigates new transgenic organisms.

Agricultural allopathy, which found its ultimate expression in the green revolution, destroyed many bacteria, viruses and aphids, all of which rapidly adapted resistant strains, provoking the necessity to produce yet new and more powerful agrochemicals.

The current traditional style of production, derived from the green revolution, is not sustainable. It is driven by economic models and interests which result in the financial dependency of the agriculturalist to the manufacturers of seed and agrochemicals.

Homeopathy, a relatively new science, uses a different model, which is economically practical and suitable to very rustic conditions. It is socially beneficial and, most importantly, its results are easily replicable
Barberato, C. (2002).Homeopatia tambm na agricultura. Jornal Rural, Londrina, n. 1325. p. 8.

Click the link below for more information and stories surounding the poineers of Agro-Homeopathy
Agro-Homeopathic Research

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Photo Onion

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Allium cepa
Common Name: Onion
: Allium-cep
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Photo Gold

Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Aurum metallicum
Common Name: Gold
: Aurum-met
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Kingdom: Animal
Latin Name: Lac canium
Common Name: Dog milk
: Lac-canium
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Graphic showing Knee Ligaments
Knee Ligaments

Graphic of Knee Joint
Knee Joint

Pic of Pregnancy
The Happy Event







Taking the Temperature
Mother taking child's temperature

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.)usually affects joints symmetrically (on both sides equally) & may originally start in a couple of joints only. The most frequent attack sites are wrist, hands, elbows, shoulders, knees, and ankles.

Pollen Allergy 

Nosode Preparation
Preparation of Nosode of pollen for Homeopathic
Allergy Treatment





























































































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