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Nitricum acidicum

Dr Peter's
Tabular Materia Media

Nitricum acidicum

1. Description

Inorganic acid
Latin Name:
Nitricum acidicum
Nitric acid
Acidicum nitricum, Aqua fortis, Azotic acid, Engraver's acid, Hydrogen nitrate, Hydroxidodioxidonitrogen, Nitric acid anhydrous, Nitricum acidicum, Spirit of nitre, Trioxonitric acid, White fuming nitric acid

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2. Source & History

Nitric acid is made by mixing nitrogen dioxide (NO2) with water. Commercial grade nitric acid solutions are usually between 52% and 68% nitric acid. If the solution contains more than 86% nitric acid, it is referred to as White or Red fuming nitric acid depending on its purity and Nitrogen content.

The main use of nitric acid is for the production of fertilizers. Other important uses include the production of explosives and as a component of aqua regia for the purification and extraction of gold and in chemical synthesis.
Homeopathic uses have included trteatments for warts, fevers, bronchitis, chest infections and kidney stones.

3. Mentals & Generals

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This remedy so closely resembles Merc. that it is often very difficult to distinguish between the two. is usually more applicable in dark haired people and Merc light-haired people. If Mer.  has already been used without avail Nit-ac follows well and will often cure.

Typical Constitutions are those suffering from chronic diseases, broken down by long suffering with stitching splinter like pains and sickness of a physical more than mental nature who have a nihilistic, pessimistic, negative attitude towards life and health even to the point of hypochondria. Patient show marked emaciation, take cold easily and are disposed to diarrhoea. Excessive physical irritability also features with extreme sensitiveness to touch, the lightest jar or movement.affecting the head even to the extent of the vibrations from ones own footsteps. Headaches may be occasioned by the pressure of the hat. The scalp is sensitive even to combing. The tongue is sensitive even to soft food.

4. Particulars

Stitches and sticking pains as from splinters, especially on touch, in all parts of the body.

Blisters and ulcers on the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth, gums, throat, glans, prepuce and rectum with pricking, burning pain on being touched
Eruptions, fissures, warts especially in the corners of the mouth, the bends of joints, genitals and fingers with offensive suppuration.
Haemorrhoids with great pain lasting for hours after stool
Urine has foul odour like that of a horse (cf Benz-ac)

            <     5. Modalities     >

Touch & pressure, 
Upon rising, evening & night

Passive movement
(ie in a car)

6. Keywords

Splinter like pain
Diarrhoea with great pain after stool lasting hours
Blisters, ulcers, warts at mucous outlets, where skin and membranes join. (ie 
mouth, gums, throat, bends of joints, genitals rectium, and fingers.
Discharge offensive
Urine odourous

7. Clinicals

Sore mouth, gums, throat
Haemorrhoids from any body outlet
Chronic diarrhoea
Swellings, ulcers, warts with ofensive discharge.

8. Constitutional Prescribing

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The use of Nit-ac is usually restricted to symptomatic situations. 
However as always it is the patient picture that is important especially the mental & general manifestations that are the key determinants for its Constitutional use.
High potency Constitutional prescription may be used as background together with a concurrent lower potency symptomatic remedy administered according to the Law of Similars in situations where two or more of the main symptoms occur together in the patient. For example
Urine odourous and Haemorrhoids
Splinter pains and Soft tissue affectations.

9. Relationships

Ars (irritability), Calad (coldness), Nux-v (irritability),
It Follows Well
Aur, Calc-c, Carb-an, Hep-s, Kali-c,
Kre, Mer, Mez, Nat-c, Puls, Sul, Thuja;
Remedies that Follow Well
Arn, Sec

10. Posology

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11. Further Information

Click More above for Classical information 
by Sylvian Cazalet Homeopathe International Reversed Kent's Repertory
Click More above for Contemporary infromation 
by Dr B P Sharma
Planet Homeopathy


Container of Nitric acid
Container of Nitric acid
Nitric acid formala
Nitric acid formula

Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Nitricum acidicum
Common Name: Nitric acid
Homeopahtic: Nitricum acidicum 

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Tabular Materia Medica

Materia Medica (MM) is Latin for medical material. MMs are a listing of remedies together with their respective symptoms and differ from Repertories which are a listing of symptoms and illnesses.


This Tabular MM is not presented as an exhaustive comprehensive list of all that is known about a remedy. Rather the opposite. It is intended to be used only as an aid memoire to highlight the foundation upon which by further study and experience a fuller knowledge of homoeopathics can be obtained. Consider the Tabular MM as a word picture showing a black and white sketch of the remedys main essential characteristics upon which colour, shade and tone has still be painted.


Remember to rank case symptoms according to their hierarchy giving first priority to
Mentals & Generals when comparing the MM remedy picture of one remedy against another.

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The Hierarchy of Symptoms

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Remember also that you don't need to match everything listed under a remedy to benefit from the remedy. All that is required is to find the closest remedy match for those case  symptoms which rank the highest and are the most troublesome. The easiest way to find remedy matches is by Repertorisation. 


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Once the main case symptoms have been captured in say 4 - 6  remedies fine tune the final remedy selection manually by refering to the MM, or clicking the Further Information tabs or looking up any other approriate reference manual.  

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