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Jan 13    
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Dieting beats romance on
2013 resolution list
the cork news
by Nick Bramhill
Friday 4th January 2013

Women are more likely to prioritise going on a diet than spicing up their sex lives in the New Year.

According to most findings most women believe that losing weight is more important than their love-making. The bulk of females between 18-65 years of age will have nade resolutions to look after their bodies rather than their relationships.

Better dieting

The new survey revealed that 27% of women have put shedding excess festive pounds at the top of their 20123 to-do list while 25% of females quizzed said their biggest rpiority was to work out more.

However getting more intimate with their partner was not on most women's agenda with just 11% outlining making love as their leading priority. This was just 1% more than the number who put more sleep as their major goal for 2013

The survey conducted by Thinking Slimmer also found that many women blame their modern lifestyles for not allowing them the opportunity of looking after themselves properly. Of those questioned 30% pinpointed work commitments 28% blamed lack of money and 27% said time looking after their children prevented them from going to the gym. Only 15% of women said that it was their partner who got in the way of  "me time".

More sexy
More sexy

The survey showed that many women are now determined it is time they looked after themselves a little more. Getting into shape can help that feel good feeling. Losing weight is not all about shedding pounds but also about self confidence and self esteem.



For 2013 don't be fossilised,
think positive, think different, think Homeo

This year don't be fossilied, think positive, think different, think Homeo the successfuil medical modality that grows and grows in patient user numbers and which now is the leading alternative to drug based medicine wordwide.

Don't be fossilised
Don't be fossilised

Be positive

Think different outside the box.
Think different outside the box.

Homeopathic tree of Wellness
Think the tree of Homeopathic wellness (body, mind and emotions)


Many people instead of thinking different and positive look on the New Year as t a time for a new start on old habits. In other words just a new continuation of:- the old way of treating health problems; the old way of taking drugs and medicine with side effects; the old way of visits to the doctor; the old way of hospitals and waiting lists etc.




With this in mind it is interesting to note that American health care which has been so resistant to homeopathic and natural modalities in its mainstream institutions is presently ranked a lowly 37th in the world in terms of its health care system





By comparison the number one ranked country in the world is France, a country in which around 40 percent of the population use homeopathic medicines and around 30 percent of its family physicians prescribe them.








Over the last 220 years, homeopathic users have grown in numbers substantially and homeopathy now represents the leading medical alternative to drug-based medicine Many people use homeopathy alongside conventional allopathic treatment



























































In 2013 join the select band of people able to personally testify to the efficacy of Homeopathy. This year 2013 think positive, think different, think Homeo Join the winning fraternity of Homeopathy patient users and keep growing the medical modality that is now the leading alternative to drug based medicine wordwide.


Dietary thoughts
for the New Year 2013
The Unknown Doctor
by Unknowm Doctor


1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.   
  2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. 
4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.
5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. mmm

Eat and drink what you like.
Speaking English is what kills. .


Life  should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention  of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved  body,
but rather to skid in sideways 
Chardonnay in one  hand - chocolate in the other 
body thoroughly used up,  totally worn out and screaming
"WOO-HOO, what a  ride!!"


(087) 2621943



Homeopathic Cures (1)
Cork 2012

Xray of child with constipation
Xray of child with constipation

Face of adult constipation
Face of adult constipation

Infant Constipation (chronic)
Contact details available upon request

I first brought my daughter to Dr Peter, when she was 3yrs old.  She was suffering from terrible constipation that had been going on for a 1.5 yrs.  She had been to numerous doctors and specialists but nothing worked.  I took her to Dr Peter and after a detailed history regarding her compliant etc was taken, I received some remedies. Within 1 week of taking the remedy she was going to the toilet normally.  We were not expecting this at all in fact I doubted it would work at all as nothing so far had. We were amazed how quickly it turned around.  

Dr Peters note
Although there are some 240 Homeopathic remedies listed for the treatment of constipation many physicians believe that the real answer lies in the correct diagnosis of mental symptoms. It comes as no surprise to Homeopaths that once the mind is liberated the GI tract (bowels) functions smoothly.



Homeopathic Cures (2)
Cork 2012

Claustrophobia (conventional)
Claustrophibia (physical)

Claustrophobia (physical)
Claustrophibia (physical)

Claustrophobia (mental)
Claustrophobia (menat)

Schoolboy phobia (claustrophobia)
Contact details available upon request

I recently brought my older son to Dr Peter, as he was suffering from an extreme form of school phobia, he had already missed an entire year of school and as the new school year had just begun, he was still not going in at all.  I brought him to see our GP tried a cognitive behavioral therapist, hypnosis, he had been on anxiety tablets, anti depressant etc but nothing had really worked and we were very worried about his education.  I didnt think homeopathy could help with anxiety issues but I said I would send a message to see if he could help.  The initial consultation was very detailed and the questions Dr Peter asked made sense, I felt he truly understood what he was going through. Our son has improved dramatically since taking the remedies and though he is not fully attending school, his anxiety is under control and he is attending school 3 days a week which is a huge improvement on nothing at all.  Dr Peter continues to work with him to ensure continued improvement.  I truly was surprised how powerful and effective the remedies were.  I would highly recommend a visit.

Dr Peters Note:
Sometimes the physician needs to think outside the box. This was one of those occasions. The patient was suffering from emotional claustrophobia. This is not the conventional physical claustrophobia in which the patient suffers fear from being enclosed in a tight physical space such as a lift or small room or confined space. This was a perceived anxiety or fear from having ones emotions and mind tightly enclosed or controlled by a greater outside power (ie school). The resolution of this fear proved the turning point in the treatment.


For further information
in order to make a fully informed choice contact


Dr. Peter Darashah

Ph.D.,M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract), FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician

Tel: +353 (0)87 2621943

(Alternatively pass this to any friend or colleague who could benefit from the information)
Consultations held at:-
Dervish Holistic Centre 50 Cornmarket Str., Cork

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