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   March 2011    

News & Views

Atomic explosion  

Atomic Radiation

What is radiation?
Radiation is a term used to describe any process that transmits energy through space. It is of two types non ionising and ionising. 

Non ionising radiation is low energy radiation of which examples would be light, sound, microwave, and radio waves.  These low energy non-ionising types may damage human cells under certain conditions but their effect is generally indistinguishable from the effects of simple heating such as a skin rash, burn or blister. Non ionised energy does not produce free radical damage which is the chief concern of ionised radiation.

Ionised radiation is when a molecule becomes ionised in which state it can cause serious free radical damage. Ionisation is the process in which molecular structure is changed from a normal configuration in which the number of protons equals the number of orbiting electrodes to a configuration in which one or more of the electrodes have been hived off thus creating an ion. An ion is thus an unbalanced molecular structure where the number of central protons is greater than those the orbiting electrodes. Such a structure exhibits a strong free radical activity.

What Materials are Radioactive?
Radio activity is of three main types Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The main materials are:-



Americium 241
Cadmium 109
Calcium 47
Californium 252
Carbon 14
Cesium 137
Chromium 51
Cobalt 57
Copper 67
Curium 144
Iodine 123:

Iodine 129
Iridium 192:

Iron 55
Krypton 85
Nickel 63

Phosphorus 32

Plutonium 238

Polonium 210
Promethium 147
Radium 226:

Selenium 75
Sodium 24

Strontium 85

Technetium 99

Thallium 20

Thoriated tungsten

Thorium 229

Thorium 230


Uranium 234
Xenon - 133

Domestic smoke detectors
Medical/ cell & bone formation
Explosive detection
Medical/ cancer
Medical/ diagnostic
Medical/ diagnostic
Mining analysis
Medical/ thyroid
Medical/ diagnostic
Explosive detection
Molecular biology
Space industry fuel
Lightning rods
Medical/ nutritional studies
Petrochemical industry
Medical/ metabolic studies
Fluorescent lights
Fluorescent lights

Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear power has been used in a wide variety of applications for decades and has been used in the main for generating electricity and powering naval vessels. 

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There are two fundamentally different means of harnessing nuclear energy to produce electricity. The first and best known is the fission reactor. Reactors split the atoms of highly enriched uranium or plutonium fuel in a controlled reaction to release energy, including heat. The heat is used to produce steam from water which in turn is converted into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is then harnessed to turn a generator/ turbine to produce electricity.

Another form of nuclear power is the so called atomic battery method which uses the radiation released by the decay of certain radioactive substances as a source of heat to generate electricity. There are a variety of designs for both fission reactors and atomic batteries, and some are especially well-suited to particular functions.

Body Organs Susceptible to Radiation Strikes
The most vulnerable cells for radiation damage are rapidly growing tissues. Thus the foetus and growing children are particularly susceptible. The following list is in descending order of susceptibility.

  • Foetus
  • Bone marrow
  • Ovary
  • Testes
  • Eye lens
  • Child cartilage
  • Child bone
  • Child muscle
  • Adult kidney
  • Adult liver
  • Adult GI tract
  • Adult brain
  • Adult cartilage
  • Adult muscle

Symptomology of Radiation
Phase One:
A short period (a few days) of nausea, vomiting and fever.

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Phase Two:
A period of quiescence lasting from 2 weeks to 2 monthsin in which patients feel well. The patient may be lulled into a false sense of security during this phase. However whilst patients may feel well severe free radical activity is taking place within their cell metabolisms. During this period the ionised radiation insidiously inflicts free radical damage destroying their cell organs and tissue.

Phase Three:
Acute, lasting and permanent symptomoloy as a result of free radical activity.

Expected Symptomolgy during Phase Three
1. Contact Exposure (below 5 Greys)
This patient has a fighting chance of survival. A patient surviving 3 months may expect to live. Lymph, spleen and bone marrow waste away, and blood count is reduced as a result of which the patient is highly susceptible to infection.

2. Light Exposure (below 10 Grays)
Loss of hair, skin bleeding, gum and throat inflammation, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and fever

3. Medium Exposure (10 - 20 Greys)
In addition to symptoms of light exposure this level of exposure results in gastrointestinal symptomology. The lining of the gut is stripped away as a result of free radical damage resulting in vascular collapse, reduced blood count, secondary infection and death.

4. High Exposure (over 20 Greys)
In addition to symptoms of medium exposure this level of exposure results in cerebrovascular damage. Symptomology includes mental confusion, incoordination of muscular movement, seizures, coma and death.

Methods of Radiation Protection
1. Protection by Avoidance
The avoidance of radio active contamination is still the best form of protection. This can be achieved in four ways.

  • Decreasing the amount of time spent in the contamination zone.
  • Increasing the distance between you and the source of contamination
  • Increasing the level of physical protection between you and the contamination source by staying indoors, using lead shields, using protective clothing containing lead particles.
  • Wearing a dosimeter at all times so  that the level of risk can be continuously monitored. In this way further remedial precautions if required can be taken immediately.

2. Thyroid Protection by Potassium Iodide
KI (Potassium Iodide) can be used to block the thyroid gland from absorbing radio active Iodine. The gland will under normal conditions absorb any Iodine available and is unable to distinguish between natural Iodine and radio active Iodine. If the thyroid is saturated with natural iodine before exposure to radio active sources it is unable to absorb any further supplies and hence will remain free from radio active contamination.


  • To be effective KI must be taken before exposure to toxic radiation.
  • KI only protects against radio active Iodine. It will not provide protection from any other form of radiation toxin eg uranium, plutonium, strontium etc.
  • Consult your doctor before taking KI if you are pregnant, nursing or taking thyroid medication.
  • Don?t take KI if you are allergic to Iodine or shell fish.
  • Do not consume elemental Iodine as a substitute to KI because Iodine in this form is a poison.
  • For the same reason do not swallow Iodine water purification tablets or tincture of Iodine.

3. Protection by Edible Clays
Clay (zeolites) are well known for their ability to remove toxins and radio active contamination. The action of the zeolite is to chelate out heavy metals such as cesium, strontium, uranium and mercury. Such clays were put to good use in Chernobyl to trap and remove cesium 137, and strontium 90. Indeed clays are regularly used to pack and store spent nuclear waste in underground bunkers as an additional aid in preventing radioactivity.

Dietary clays include bentonite, kaolin, red clay, fuller?s earth, French green clay, montmorillonite etc. Although plentifully available care must be taken before consumption to establish it is low in aluminium as many clay sources are unacceptably high in this element.

4. Protection by The Clay Bath
Thisd is a simple and effective method of reducing radio active contamination levels. This method has an advantage in that since the product is not consumed the aluminium level of the individual zeolite is of no consequence. The action of the clay is such that not only does it remove radio active contamination on surface skin but it also has the ability to excrete internal cellular toxins through skin pores. Soaking in a tub for 20 mins is therefore recommended once/wk over a 6 to 8 week period. The evidence of detoxification efficacy is the appearance of a dark residue in the clay after use.

5. Protection by Vegetable Supplementation
After the Nagasaki bombing in 1945 people who ate a strict sea vegetable diet did not suffer from radiation effects even though they were within a mile of the blast epicenter. This protection was conferred upon them even though they had already been exposed and consequently KI tablets would be considered at that stage to be ineffective. Some other protection mechanism must be in play other than that obtained from Iodine. A review of three of the main sea vegetables may help us to better understand their individual mode of action.

i). Spirulina
Following the Chernbyl disaster of 1986 it was found that 5g of Spiulina /day over 45 days produced reduced radioactive contamination and enhanced T cell counts in children. Additionally these children had improved bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood, liver and white blood cell counts. It was noted that that there was rapid improvement in the Spirulina group when compared to the control group.

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It is possible that the high level of bioavailable Iron found in Spirulina aids recovery from anaemia. A significant portion of radiation sickness is associated with degraded blood quality and consequently any treatment boosting haemaglobin levels would be of significant benefit. 

ii). Chlorella
Not for nothing is Chlorella Japan?s most favoured food supplement. It has been shown to rebuild the immune system, detoxify heavy metals, normalize blood sugar and pressure, balance blood pH, protect against UV light damage, and act as a detoxifier of the liver.

It is postulated that its benefits are conferred from two factors
a). It high chlorophyll content which is a precursor for Vit A and of significance in reducing the effects of cancer. More recently Japanese doctors have discovered it can help prevent leucopoenia (a form of white blood cell cancer) which can often result as a side effect of medical radiation treatments.

b) It uniquely toughened cell wall which has an outstanding ability to detoxify much more efficiently then any other know plant. In particular its ability to detoxify heavy metals is well documented a characteristic which may well extend to radio active contamination.

iii). Seaweed
In 1986 Dr Skoryna of McGill University, Montreal discovered that seaweed could rid the body of radio active toxins, The key finding was the identification of sodium alginate found in Laniaarae (kelp), Fucus (bladderwordt and Ascophyllum (seaweed) as the binder for radio active toxins. Alginates have now become an essential ingredient of many heavy  metal detox programmes.

Additionally these vegetables have a high level of Iodine but it is only likely to be of benefit if taken as a precaution before exposure to radio active toxins.

Homeopathy & Radiation Protection
6. The Proof of Homeopathic Protection
Scientific studies have shown that homeopathy is effective for detoxing all kinds of radiation from the harmful effects of x-rays, mammograms, CT Scans, long-haul flights and radiation therapy to nuclear fallout itself. Homeopathics can be used before, during and after radiation therapy in order to mitigate side effects. Below is a summary of selected scientific trials

Khuda-Bukhsh, A.R., Banik, S. (1991a) "Assessment of Cytogenetic Damage in X-irradiated Mice and its Alteration by Oral Administration of Potentized Homeopathic Drug, Ginseng D200," Berlin Journal of Research in Homeopathy, 1,4/5:254.

German researchers exposed albino mice to sub-lethal doses of x-ray. Homeopathic Ginseng and Ruta graveolens were given to the mice before and after exposure. Their condition was evaluated at 24, 48, and 72 hours. When compared with mice given a placebo, the homeopathic mice had significantly less chromosomal and cellular damage.

Bildet, J.,Guyot, M., Bonini, F., et al. (1990) "Demonstrating the Effects of Apis mellifica and Apium virus Dilutions on Erythema Induced by U.V. Radiation on Guinea Pigs," Berlin Journal of Research in Homeopathy, 1:28.

German researchers exposed albino guinea pigs to X-rays until their skin reddened.  Studies showed that homeopathic Apis mellifica not only had a protective effect for the guinea pigs but also a curative effect of about 50 percent on the X-ray reddened skin.

Kassab S, Cummings M, Berkovitz S, van Haselen R, Fisher P. "Homeopathic Medicines for Adverse effects of Cancer Treatments." Cochrane Database Systematic Review. 2009 Apr 15;(2):CD004845.

Cochrane Reviews investigate the effects of interventions for prevention, or treatment of illness, or rehabilitation from illness, in a healthcare setting. Most Cochrane Reviews are based on overviews of randomized controlled trials and other forms of evidence that are deemed to be appropriate. This review was conducted to determine what, if any, evidence (in the opinion of the Cochrane reviewers) exists for the treatment by homeopathy of the effects of conventional cancer therapies. A search through numerous databases revealed 8 controlled trials involved in this area of study, 7 of which were placebo controlled and 1 of which was against an active treatment. In total, the trials covered the outcomes of 664 people who?d been variously suffering from the adverse effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy or breast cancer treatment. Of the 8, 2 trials exhibited beneficial effects from homeopathy. One of these involved a comparison between the effects of a topical corticosteroid and a homeopathic mother tincture of calendula for the prevention of dermatitis from radiotherapy where the calendula proved to be superior to the drug. The other involved the successful use of a homeopathic complex for stomatatitis caused by chemotherapy.

Kulkarni A, Nagarkar BM, Burde GS.  "Radiation protection by use of homoeopathic medicines." Proceedings from the 8th Conference of Radiation Oncologists of India, Bombay, December 1986, reported in Hahnemann Homoeopath Sand, 1988 Jan,12, 1, 20-3.

82 patients receiving radiotherapy were randomly assigned to receive placebo, Cobaltum 30C or Causticum 30C as a means of assessing the effects of these against dermatological reactions to the radiotherapy. The homeopathic medicines provided a significant reduction in the degree of radiation reactions when compared to placebo

Schlappack O. "Homeopathic treatment of radiation induced itching in breast cancer patients. A prospective observational study." Homeopathy, 2004, 93, 210-215.

25 women suffering from post-radiotherapy induced itching were treated at the University of Vienna's Department of Radiotherapy and Radiobiology using individualised homeopathic medicines. After assessment (1-27 days after beginning the treatment) it was found that homeopathic treatment had been successful in 21 of the women enrolled in the study.

7. The Practice of Homeopathic Protection
i) Mentals
Some may wonder at the wisdom of treating mentals when the patient faces such potential physically damaging effects. "Surely at such a time Homeopathic treatment should be directed towards the treatment of physical symptoms" is an oft repeated refrain. However, as is so often the case, the palliation of mentals is the start for total recovery. Freedom from tension and mental relaxation is as significant a part of any total cure as detoxification itself. Treatment of mentals does not render physical symptomatic treatment unnecessary. Rather both should be administered together in a complementary manner.

Situations in which mental remedies could be administered before or after radiation exposure include:-

  • As a general tonic to strengthen and help the mind in facing the harsh technological and environmental challenges of a modern world with hope and equanimity.
  • Both before and after exposure to radiation as a mental palliative.
  • When subjected to forces of geopathic stress, strong electromagnetic fields, or other forms of environmental toxicity.
  • To strengthen the immune system, particularly for those who are prone to allergies and chemical sensitivities, or other forms of immune dysfunction.
  • For those with pronounced sensitivities such as fear of large crowds, water, heights, air travel etc
  • During or after times of extreme stress, especially experiences which seem to shatter or tear apart the core sense of identity and integrity.

Remedies for Fear/ Anxiety/ Trauma
- Yarrow Environmental Solution 10M or 50M (Dr Westlake?s radiation remedy)
- Bach Flower 200C (Aspen, Cherry plum, Minulus, Rock rose)
- Bach Rescue 200C (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatients, Rock rose, Star of Bethlehem)

Single Remedies
Aconite (Acon) 10M
Argentum nitricum (Arg-n) 1M
Arnica (Arn) 1M
Avena sativa (Aven) 30C
Coffea (Coff) 30C
Gelsemium (Gels) 1M
Humulus lupus (Hum-l) 30C
Ignatia (Ign) 30C
Passiflora (Pass) 30C
Valeriana (Val) 30C

ii) General Detox (all in 30C or 200C)
Cadmium sulphate
Ceseium 137
Iodine 128/ 131/ 132
Plutonium nirticum
Radium bromatum
Strontium carbonate
Strontium 90
Uranium nitricum

iii) Organ & Fluid Detox (all in 6X)
Ferrum metallicum (Ferr)
Cuprum metallicum (Cupr)
Berberis (Berb)
Benzoic acid (Ben-ac)

Cardus Marianus (Card-m)
Cheledonium (Chel)

Natrum sulphuricum (Nat-s)
Causticum (Caust)

iv) Gastro Intestinal Symptoms (all in 30C or 200C)
Arsenicum album (Ars)
China (Chin)
Ipecac (Ipec)
Lycopodium (Lyc)
Phosphorus (Phos)

v) Skin
- Calendula (Calen) Q cream - Winner of independent Cochrane trial (2009) to study the effect of topical applications as a means of alleviating radiological burns following cancer treatment
- Calendula (Calen) Q + Hypericum (Hyper) Q cream - Combined healant and pain reduction

Rash/ Itch/ Pruritis
Sulphur (Sul) Q cream applied topically
+ Sulphur (Sul) 6X dosed orally bd for 28 days

Hepar sulphuris (Hep-s) Q cream applied topically
+ Myr 6X, Sil 6X dosed orally bd for 28 days

vi) Sarcodes (all in 30C to 50M)
Gall bladder
Lung bronchi
Lung tissue
Sinus tissue
Thyriod gland
Thymus gland

vii) For Convalescing
- Granite followed by Marble {See proving by Nuala Eising of Ireland)
- Diospyros kaki (Dios-k) (This was the only plant to survive the Nagasaki bomb blast)

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