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Oct 09
News & Views

Unmasking the sinister plot behind
the Voice of Young Science (VoYS )
attack on Homeopathy


Recently Homeopaths worldwide were surprised to read in newspapers and magazines an alleged statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) condemning the use of homeopathic treatments for diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and common flu.

However behind the announcement, which was widely publicised by the media, lies a more complex and obscure plot, not mentioned by the newspapers, magazines and TV stations, but needs to be brought to light.

The WHO statement was issued following a letter from The Voice of Young Science
(VoYS) a professional organisation in England which claims to promote scientific discussion in developing countries, claiming that the practice of the principles left by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is putting at risk many lives in these regions.
For details of the VoYS letter to the WHO click More below
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With the above letter leaked to the worldwide press the WHO felt obliged to reply which they did through statements from various Departmental Heads saying that they had no indication of effectiveness of homoeopathy in any of these areas. VoYS misrepresented this reply implying that it was now official WHO policy not to recommend homeopathy. The BBC also ran with the VoYS version of the story without checking source data. Later the BBC published the following retraction and apology for their misrepresentation.
 Many thanks for your e-mail. It became clear from correspondence that some readers found the original headline - WHO warns against homeopathy use - ambiguous, and this has been altered to reflect the fact that people are being urged not to rely on homeopathy We have since updated this report and it now includes two comments putting the case for homeopathy - one referring to treatment for diarrhoea - although we accept that it would have been desirable to have had these in the article earlier.
BBC News website

Meanwhile the VoYS emboldened by the initial (favourable to them) reaction of the BBC wrote a letter to the Health Ministers of every country represented at the UNO furthering their misrepresentation. For details of the VoYS letter to Health Minister's click More below.
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Needless to report such an attack against Homeopathy did not go unchallenged and a robust defense was filed with the WHO as well as all those countries and other detinations sent the wrong information by VoYS details of which may be read by clicking More below.
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However such a violent attack raised suspicions in more than one homeopath. And they were right, as it became evident that the Voice of Young Science manipulated the original response of some managers of the WHO expanding the reply with untrue concepts and convictions, so distorting their intended meaning and masquerading as an official statement. Their sinister plot was thus unmasked for the naked profiteering it was of the basest kind. The hand of Bigpharma was clearly stamped all over the scandalous misrepresentation of the VoYS.  The vista of Homeopathy curing the hitherto incurable continues to evoke fear and distrust amongst the big pharmaceutical laboratories and all those who put their own ambition and the striving for profit above good patient health.

So without fear Homeopathy must move forward united in purpose on the journey that Hahnemann began two centuries ago to search for that highest ideal of cure which is rapid, gentle and permanent.

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