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News & Views
"If you don't read the NEWSpaper you are uninformed,
if you do read the NEWSpapers you are misinformed"
1835 - 1910 Mark Twain
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Dec 13

H4H News & Views Reviews Dec 13
The six tips for a healthy Christmas include 1. The importance of keeping active. 2. The role of relaxation in health. 3. Healthy nutrition and how to still enjoy one's food. 4. Water its health role and function.  5. Sleep and techniques to combat common sleep problems 6. It all else fails there's always Homeopathy.

Aug 13

H4H News & Views Reviews Aug 13
1. Homeopathy for childhood diarrhea. Three double blind clinical trials of diarrhea in 242 children ages 6 months to 5 years were analyzed as 1 group. The Results from these studies confirm that individualized homeopathic treatment decreases the duration of acute childhood diarrhea from 4.1 days to 3.3 days
Four clinical trials including a total of 263 children diagnosed with ADHD treated with classical show that beneficial effect continues long after Homeopathic treatment has been completed. One and a half years later the children were still 63 % betterthan placebo controls. Their mood was more stable and they had improved short time memory.

May 13

H4H News & Views Reviews May 13
1. Emphasises the importance of the role of water and the necessity of remaining hydrated especially in summer time. The dangers of energy drinks are highlighted.
2. The second article outlines the main childhood afflictions experienced during summertime including strep sore throat, otitis externa, swimmers ear, enteroviral fever, coxsachie infections and eczema

Mar 13

H4H News & Reviews Mar 13
1) The role of Homeopathy in childrens springtime infections including
allergies, asthma, gastroenteritis, influenza, and skin complaints.
2) Statistics for the outpatient crisis in Irish hospitals.
3) Homeopathic treatment for burns and scalds
4) The role of Homeopathy in avoiding antibiotic resistance.

Jan 13

H4H News & Views Jan 13
1. A humours way to diet for the New Year 2013
2. A dietary tip for the New Year on how to avoid heart  attacks
3. Homeopathic cures (1) Cork 2012 - Infant constipation (chronic)
4. Homeopathic cures Cork (2) 2012 - Claustrophobia

Nov (2) 12

H4H News & Views Nov (2) 2012
1) The first article which is about Nadia Sawalha explains how after the birth of her first child she contracted hand eczema. It was so bad she was unable to pick up her baby. The medical establishment called it incurable. However within 48 hrs of Homeopathic treatment the condition visibly improved and today the condition has completely disappeared.
2) The second article is a reminder about the advent of winter and how homeopathy can assist with children's coughs/ colds/ colic symptoms especially as there are new restrictions on the use of paracetamol.

Nov 12

H4H News & Views Gonad Burners (Laptops)
The article outlines scientific research linking the risks associated with sperm damage and pregnancy from laptop radiation or electro magnetic radiation (EMR) . In this respect the dangers are similar to cell phones. In the case of sperm both number and motility were affected whilst in the case of pregnant women and foetus it was found that they were exposed to higher amounts of EMRs from laptops than experienced from high voltage power lines.

Oct 12

H4H News & Views Oct 2012
This issue contains two subjects 1. Warning signs for prescription painkillers including: usage increase, change in personality, social withdrawal, ongoing use, time spent obtaining prescription, change in daily habits, neglects responsibilities, blackouts & forgetfulness, defensiveness. 2. A Rome court ruled that Innocenti Marcolini got brain tumour as a result of using a mobile phone hand set. This legal decision is expected to open the flood gates for class action suits against cell phone manufacturers and network operators. Stricken Marcolini said People must be made aware of the dangers. Parents need to know their children are at rick to this illness

July 12

H4H News & Views July  2012
This issue contains 4 articles the first of which is from the 1.Times of India press release on Delhi zoo treating two lions and a Himalayan black bear for hind quarter paralysis together with a second black bear for bladder stones. 2. The second article is a Description of how constant rain can impact mental and physical health. 3. The third article is a summary of the Environmental Working Group's, (EWG) report on the pollution of vegetables and fruit produce. The dirty dozen is listed with apples being the most highly polluted. A clean 15is also listed of which organic onions is the most pollutant free. 4. Finally the organic solution to the problem of vegetable and fruit pollution is outlined together with a summary of the why reasons for the nutrient advantage of organic produce.

Jun (3) 12

H4H News & Views Jun (3) 2012
Details of the London Metropolitan police security alert reference to hotel key cards. Why the magnetic key cards are a potential security risk and how to combat this problem. How the humble fridge freezer magnet can assist the solution. The future possibility of near field communication (NFC) technology and iWallet phones are described as a permanent way of resolving the issue.

Jun (2) 12

H4H News & Views Jun (2) 2012
The article describes the special importance of drinking water in that it comprises 60% of body weight and outlines its physiologic role and significance including that of a lubricant, shock absorber, solvent for digestion and detoxification, electrolyte conductor and thermostat controller.

Jun 12

H4H News & Views Jun 2012

Articles about: 1). Homeopathic relief for sunburn including treatments and warnings concerning the inclusion of zinc and nanoparticles in some sunscreens. 2). Heat induced headaches, their causes and how to treat Homeopathically. 3). Holiday indigestion and heartburn, what they are and treatments Homeopathics.

Mar 12

H4H News & Views Mar 2012

Articles include 1) About seasonal allergic rhinitis (hayfever) How to prevent it by actions (things to do) dietary prevention and Homeopathic prevention. 2) Sugar drinks can be a killer.:Latest research shows a 20% rise in heart conditions with just 1 can of sugar drink/day. 3) The Banerji Homeopathic protocols for cancer treatment which is now available in some 70 countries around the world. 4) Archanus the new Homeopathic wine.

Jan 12

H4H News & Views Jan 2012
Articles on (1). Winter care for Seniors covering Dehydration, Hypothermia and Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) together with relevant Homeopathics.. (2). Swiss Government report on Homeopathy for 2006 (3). Homeopathy now legal in Sweden (4) Homeopathy 10X more effective for allergies as reported by the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

Nov 11

H4H News & Views Nov 2011 
Homeopathic articles about: 1) A review of seasonal infections including Colds, coughs, sore throat (laryngitis), and bronchitis plus treatment Homeopathics and their respective keywords. 2) An article entitled Sleep well and stay healthy defining, sleep, the disadvantages of sedatives and tranquilisers and the advantages and benefits of Homeopathic treatment

Aug 11

H4H News & Views Aug 2011 
Information is provided on: 1. Homeopathic remedies for anger, anxiety, aggression and destruction traits so evident in today's Western society so tragically reinforced by the recent Oslo slaughter as well as the street riots in London and elsewhere. 2. Summary of recent research on the benefits of Homeopathy on the Quality of Life (QoL) for cancer sufferers. 3. Brief description of Homeopathics for use in Post Surgery Convalescence situations. 4. The dangers of over use and reliance on the modern cellular phone.

May 11

H4H News & Views May 2011
Articles on:- Homeopathic research evidence for Musculoskeletal Wellness, Yoe Valley Organic goes Homeopathic with its Yoghurt, Barbecue first aid including Homeopathic treatments for burns, cuts, wounds, abrasions, bruises, mental distress, and finally Learning difficulties and its relationship with diet.

Mar (3) 11

H4H News & Views March (3) 2011
Summary of information on atomic radiation and its consequences covering what materials are radio active, how nuclear power plants work, body organs most susceptible to attack, symptomology following exposure as well as methods of protection from radiation exposure including  thyroid protection, KI, potassium iodide, edible clays, bath clays, spirulina, chlorella and kelp (seaweed). Finally there is a prcis of Homeopathic ways of radiation protection from the evidence of efficacy complete with research references to the treatment of mentals, detoxification, organ treatments of liver, lung, kidney, bladder, gastro intestinal tract, skin, rash, itch, purities, ulcers, the main organotherapeutic sarcodes and finally treatment for convalescence and recovery.

Mar (2) 11

H4H News & Views March (2) 2011
Beware of Calpol
There can be few parents who have not given their children Calpol for fevers, teething, pain, insomnia etc. However recent research suggests that far from being a safe blanket cure-all its use should be approached with great care and selectivity.

Mar 11

H4H News & Views March 2011
1. Conventional medicine's and Homeopathic approaches to the treatment of allergies compared and contrasted. 2. Summary of a second Nobel Laureate's support for the water memory activity of Homeopathy. 3. Details of the Homeopathy Awareness week 2011 on the theme Musculoskeletal Healing.

Jan 11

H4H News & Views January 2011
Summary of Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) its etiology, symptoms and Hoeopathic treatment.
Tips on how to survive the Big Freeze plus Homeopathic remedy suggestions.
Outline on the dangers of Flu vaccination with alternative Homeopathic side effect free remedies.

Nov 10

H4H News & Views November 2010
Details of a Holistic treatment for asthma which involves a reduction in the total environmental load that sufferers experience including food, chemical and environmental allergens, dietary inflammatory agents as well as stress factors. Report on Nobel Laureat Luc Montagnier's speech supporting the Homeopathic principle of water memory. Information regarding the rising popularity of Homeopathy including reference to some iconic supporters.

Sep 10

H4H News & Views September 2010
Articles containing news, views, facts & opinions on the benefits of mass Homeopathic vaccination in Cuba, Van Gogh's experiences with Homeopathy, the GlaxoSmithKline US Senate court case regarding the diabetic medication Avandia in which it is stated evidence of cardiac problems were covered up and survey data showing Homeopathy to be the treatment of choice for 64% of parents with ADHD children together with a summary of recent trial results.

Aug 10

H4H News & Views August 2010
Articles containing news, views facts & opinions on Homeopathic remedies for sprains & strains, travel sickness & sunstroke plus the latest research on the side effects of statins as reported in the
British Medical Journal.

Jun 10

H4H News & Views June 2010
Articles containing news, views facts & opinions on Homeopathic remedies for allergies, Homeopathy in Europe, Homeopathic treatments for anxiety due to volcanic activity and Using Homeopathy in the garden for the control of snails..

28th Oct 09

Unmasking the sinister plot behind the Voice of Young Science (VoYS ) attack on Homeopathy
Recently Homeopaths worldwide were surprised to read in newspapers and magazines an alleged statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) condemning the use of homeopathic treatments for diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and common flu.
However behind the announcement, which was widely publicised by the media, lies a more complex and obscure plot, not mentioned by the newspapers, magazines and TV stations, but needs to be brought to light.

6th Sep 09

H4H News & Views -Homeopathy 4 Health now syndicated with RSS
Do you wish to find out the all very latest additons to this web site (without having to trawl labourously through each knowledge base?) Now its possible through RSS. It only takes a click of the mouse to obtain a listing of Titles, Description and Hyperlink of each new posting in chronological order.

5th Sep 09
The HTML Companion has the advantage of viewing RSS without leaving the web site to go a Reader. The operation is very smooth and far more pleasurable without the down time and irritation of having to transfer to an outside Reader programme.
A further significant benefit of the HTML Companion is that notification of RSS feeds can given by EMail. In this way the subscriber knows exactly when a new feed has been posted without even being on the web or visiting their RSS Reader site.
2nd Sep 09
Dr Peter's Tabular Materia Medica containing details of remedy source, history, symptoms, mentals, generals, particulars, modalities, clinical uses, and constitutional prescribing. 
New Homeopathics include:- Aconite (Acon) Allium-cep (All-c), Ambra (Ambr), Anacacardium (Anac), Antimonium-tar (Ant-t), Lycopodium (Lyco), Argentum-nit (Arg-n), Arsenicum-alb (Ars), Aurum-met (Aur), Avena-sat (Aven-s), Passiflora (Pass), Baryta-carb (Bar-c), Belladonna (Bell), Bellis-per (Bell-p) , Bryonia (Bry), Bufo (Bufo), Calendula (Calen), Cantharis (Canth), China (Chin), Colchicum (Colch
China (Chin), Colchicum (Colch), Ferrum-phos (Ferr-p)
Aug 09

H4H News & Views - Zicam is not Homeopathic nor is it Homeopathy.
The Zicam story hit the headlines in the States last month and will not go away.
The following is an updated position acoount of the situation.

July 09

H4H News & Views - Could Dr. Rich's discovery of Orgone energy be the same as the Vital Force of the Organon?
The story of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of orgone is part of the censored science of the
20th century that has been expunged from textbooks, and about which conventional media>
refuses to accurately reprort.


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: Colchicum
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