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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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1. Description

Latin Name:
Daphne mezereon
Cortex mezerei, Cortex mezerei, officinarum, Cortex thymeleae, Cortex coccognidii, Cortex mezerei, Cortex thymeleae, Daphne, mezereon. Daphne mezereum,  Dwarf bay, February daphne, Flowering Spurge, Mezerei, Mezereon, Mezereon-bark; Mezerei cortex, Mezeryon, Paradise Plant, Spurge flax, Spurge Laurel, Spurge olive, Wild pepper.

2. Source & History

The shrub is about 4-5ft high with purple scented flowers which bloom in February/March and are later replaced with poisonous red berries. Its smooth leaves appear only after flowering and are attached to hairy branches which emanate from a stem which is covered with a light brown bark.
The tincture is prepared from the bark collected just before the flowers appear.

3. Mentals & Generals

The patient has a fearful miserable humour with anguish, depression, sadness and tears. They are indifferent to everyone and about everything. Their mind is weak, memory is weak, are easily confused, are slow to understand, have poor concentration, are very forgetful, even forgetting thoughts when speaking, exhibit mental torpor.
These subjects are chilly with cold hands and feet and have a desire for food not through hunger but because food comforts
their gastric anxiety.
Symptoms are always violent: violent pain, violent itch, violent hunger, violent burnings, violent cough, violent fever etc.
Often referred to as "vegetable mercury" (along with Phyt) because of the similar symptom range including bone pain, ear pain, tooth pain, throat affectations, neuralgia and skin disorders.

4. Particulars

Head eczema, psoriasis with thick oozing purulent crusts on scalp.
Splitting headache with neuralgic extentions to ears, eyes, teeth, gums, cheeks and even down to the shoulder region.
Painful dry hacking cough.
Anxious empty feeling in stomach which the patient assuages by food.
Long bone pains
Skin eruptions, itch & burning particularly behind ears, on nose, at elbows and knees as well as hands.

            <     5. Modalities     >

Touch & pressure
At envening & night
Cold, damp & Warmth incl. warmth of bed

Eating food
Breathing through mouth

6. Keywords

Crusty eruptions on head with painful ache aggr. by touch.
Caries of tooth root & gums (cf Merc caries of tooth crown). Better by drawing in air through open mouth.
Eczema with intollerable itch, worse with warmth of bed.
Inflammatory redness around long bones with pain in periosteum, worse at night.

7. Clinicals

Headache with neuralgia
Gastritis, peptic ulcer.
Eczema, psoriasis
Bone pain.

8. Constitutional Prescribing

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The use of Mez is usually restricted to symptomatic situations. However the torpid nature of the subject and preponderance of skin affectations closely resembles that of
Nebel's calcic constitution. 
As always it is the patient picture that is important especially the mental & general manifestations which are the key determinants for its Constitutional use.
High potency Constitutional prescription may be used as background together with a concurrent lower potency symptomatic remedy administered according to the Law of Similars in situations where two or more of the main symptoms occur together in the patient. For example
Headache and Long bone neralgia 
Anxiety hinger and Skin eruptions with itch

9. Relationships

up to 60days
Bry, Euph, Merc, Mur-ac, Nit-ac, Rhus-t, Sil, Verb.
Ars (eczema), Merc (bone pain), Nux-v (gastritis), Phyt (bone pain), Puls (gastritis) Rhus-t (eczema), Spig (headache),
Remedies that Follow Well
Calc-c, Caust, Ign, Lyc, Merc, Nux-v, Phos, Puls.-

10. Posology

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11. Further Information

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Sylvian Cazalet Homeopathe International Reversed Kent's Repertory
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Daphne mezereon
Daphne mezereon

Daphnme mezereon
Daphne mezereon

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Daphne mezereon
Common Name: Spurge Olive
: Mezereum


Getting the Best from 
Dr Peter's 
Tabular Materia Medica

Materia Medica (MM) is Latin for medical material. MMs are a listing of remedies together with their respective symptoms and differ from Repertories which are a listing of symptoms and illnesses.


This Tabular MM is not presented as an exhaustive comprehensive list of all that is known about a remedy. Rather the opposite. It is intended to be used only as an aid memoire to highlight the foundation upon which by further study and experience a fuller knowledge of homoeopathics can be obtained. Consider the Tabular MM as a word picture showing a black and white sketch of the remedys main essential characteristics upon which colour, shade and tone has still be painted.


Remember to rank case symptoms according to their hierarchy giving first priority to
Mentals & Generals when comparing the MM remedy picture of one remedy against another.

Further information on
The Hierarchy of Symptoms

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Remember also that you don't need to match everything listed under a remedy to benefit from the remedy. All that is required is to find the closest remedy match for those case  symptoms which rank the highest and are the most troublesome. The easiest way to find remedy matches is by Repertorisation. 


For more information on Repertorisation click 
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Once the main case symptoms have been captured in say 4 - 6  remedies fine tune the final remedy selection manually by refering to the MM, or clicking the Further Information tabs or looking up any other approriate reference manual.  


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