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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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1. Description

Latin Name:
Lycopodium clavatum
Alpha-onocerin, Clubmoss, Club-moss, Club moss, Fox tail, Muscus terrestris repens, Pes ursinus, Ground pine, Lamb's tail,Lyclavatol, Lyco, Lycopodine, Muscus terrestris repens,  Nankakurine, Pes ursinus, Running club moss, Stag's-horn, Wolf's claw

2. Source & History

Club moss is a spore-bearing vascular plant that grows along the ground. Many plants used in Homeopathy are natural poisons which have through potentisation been repolarised into healing remedies. It is surprising therefore that an inert innocuous little plant like club moss could become such a poycrest.
  Historically Lycopodium clavatum has been used in folk medicine to treat bladder and kidney disorders and as a diuretic.
When mature the plant bears spores of a light yellow colour which can float on water due to their high oil content. It is this characteristic which explodes when ignighted.
The tincture is produced from spores.

3. Mentals & Generals

Like its classification which falls between a moss and a fern the Licopodium type is of two minds. Although they sail along serenely most of the time they take offence easily, show anger if corrected, and may explode under provocation. Intellectually bright, consientious and orderly they find relief in activity.  Bullies to those they know; obsequius to superiors. Averse to undertaking anything new due to the possibility of failure. Indecisive, forgetful and little good at finance, mathematics or commerce.

4. Particulars

Wakes at night to eat - bulimia
Right sided problems/Sleeps on right
One foot or hand colder than the other
Craves sweets - Aversion to cold drink

            <     5. Modalities     >

On waking
Extreme hot or cold
3 - 7 PM or
4 - 8 PM

Open air

6. Keywords

Intellectually keen
Physically weak
Lacks  confidence 
Metabolic problems
Right sided
Dry skin (Palms)
One ftoot/hand colder

7. Clinicals

Headache (right sided)
Metabolic disorders
Pharyngitis/Tonsillitis (right sided)
Urinary infections

8. Constitutional Prescribing

Sinificant use as a Constitutional remedy for deep seated chronic situatuions of Nebel's carbonic type.
As in all Constitutional situations however it is the patient picture that is important especially the mental & general manifestations that are the key determinants for its Constitutional use.
High potency Constitutional prescription may be used as background together with a concurrent lower potency symptomatic remedy administered according to the Law of Similars.

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9. Relationships

up to 50 days
Acon, Agar, Alum, Ambr, Ang, Apis, Ars, Bry,
Calc-c, Canth, Caust, Cham, Chel, Chin, Cic, Con, Cupr, Euph, Graph, Hep-s, Ign, Iod, Kali, Lach, Led, Mang, Merc, Nat-mur, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Pet, Phos, Phos-ac, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep, Sil,
Iod, Lach, Puls.
after Sul
Remedies that Follow Well
Anac, Bell, Bry, Carb-v, Colch, Dulc, Graph, Hyos, Kali-c, Lach, Led, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Stram, Sep, Sil Therid, Verat.

10. Posology

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11. Further Information

Click More above for Classical information
Sylvian Cazalet Homeopathe International Reversed Kent's Repertory
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Pic Lycopodium
Kingdom Plant
Latin Name: Lycopodium clavatum
Common Name: Club Moss
: Lycopodium
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Tabular Materia Medica

Materia Medica (MM) is Latin for medical material. MMs are a listing of remedies together with their respective symptoms and differ from Repertories which are a listing of symptoms and illnesses.


This Tabular MM is not presented as an exhaustive comprehensive list of all that is known about a remedy. Rather the opposite. It is intended to be used only as an aid memoire to highlight the foundation upon which by further study and experience a fuller knowledge of homoeopathics can be obtained. Consider the Tabular MM as a word picture showing a black and white sketch of the remedys main essential characteristics upon which colour, shade and tone has still be painted.


Remember to rank case symptoms according to their hierarchy giving first priority to
Mentals & Generals when comparing the MM remedy picture of one remedy against another.

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The Hierarchy of Symptoms

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Remember also that you don't need to match everything listed under a remedy to benefit from the remedy. All that is required is to find the closest remedy match for those case  symptoms which rank the highest and are the most troublesome. The easiest way to find remedy matches is by Repertorisation. 


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Once the main case symptoms have been captured in say 4 - 6  remedies fine tune the final remedy selection manually by refering to the MM, or clicking the Further Information tabs or looking up any other approriate reference manual.  


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