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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















Sebum caseosa,
universal layers, insufficient, separation, inadequate defenses, low vital energy, overwhelmed,
unable to defend themself,
unprotected, insecurity, vulnerability, hypersensitive, disconnected, inadequate, boundaries.

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Universal Layers
Inspiring Homeopathy

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Abstracted by
Dr Peter Darashah
from the original by
Dr Tinus Smits

Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer
Sebum caseosa




Case Histories

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Inspiring Homeopathy's
Universal Layer
Sebum caseosa

The Source
The source of Sebum caseosa (Seb-c) which is also known as vernix is the waxy or cheese-like white substance found coating the skin of human babies. Seb-c is in fact baby's sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin. The sebum/ sebum caseosa/ vernix protects the unborn baby during birthing and it is logical that this substance would be appropriate to protect the patient against outside influences.

The Focus
The Focus of this remedy is low vitality leading to insufficient separation of the individual's energy from the energy fields of people in the outside world. 

For example a person in this state when meeting a grieving person can pick up on their sorrow because their inadequate defenses (due to a low vital energy) allow untrammeled entry of the stronger sorrowing vitality. Similarly the hate from a recent divorcee or anxiety from somebody who has to face a difficult situation or the restlessness and hurry from somebody who is late and nervous for their appointment or the complete exhaustion of someone out on their feet may all gain entry over the individuals existing weak vital force to ultimately become their ascendant and dominant source of energy.

Ways of avoiding the effect of unwanted energy fields usually involves two scenarios.

  • The person can either withdraw from the outside world and stay at home (ie live like a recluse) and thus avoid contact altogether or
  • Secondly the person can stay in contact with the outside world and be completely overwhelmed by outside energies just going with the flow, being swept along by them, unable to handle them, unaware as to what to do and without any expression of individuality.

Seb-c can be of wonderful help in situations where the patient has a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to defend themself. It empowers them to build up a natural separation between their own energy and the outside energy force. Thus Seb-c enables them to stay in contact with the outer world on all levels without being overwhelmed by it and to quantify their own emotions and those of others without mixing them up.

As the patient develops their constitution through Lac-m to the point of self realisation they start to complain about being overwhelmed and may feel they are drowning in their new experience. They are distracted with too many things to do and without time to rest they are unable to care for themselves and fulfill their own needs. At the same time they feel a strong concern with the problems of other people a process in which their own energy is replaced by the perturbations of others. Finally they are unable to distinguish between their own energies and those from outside. The consequence is that emotional instability sets in.

Seb-c allows the patient to stay open and become part of this world to participate in the whole scene of life and be responsible to a certain point as to what happens on the earth. The solution to the problem is not simply to go home and close the door but rather to stay fully conscious and in touch with the emotional charge of the world's, hate, suffering, sorrow and pain without being affected by it.

The feeling of being unaffected by the world is not a state of indifference even though the first reaction of patients taking Seb-c is often to describe it so. Rather the patient is enabled to consume both energies without being affected negatively. This is because any outside negative energy entering the patient is immediately surrounded and absorbed by the patient's own transcending high energy.

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Sebum caseosa

1. ESSENCE: LACK OF PROTECTION; VULNERABILITY and HYPERSENSIBILITY; insufficient protection against outer influences; strong feeling of insecurity; easily disturbed by anything. Sensation to be without skin, naked, vulnerable, experiencing the outer world as threatening. Energies enter too strongly. Outside events are felt too intensely, there is oversensitivity to everything

2. FEELING OF INSECURITY, causing a lot of physical and emotional tension; difficult contact with other people, loses energy and feels disoriented in crowded places

3. HYPERSENSITIVE to noise, odors, wind and touch, all kind off signals

4. FULNESS OF HEAD; cannot stop worrying, thinking, busy head.

, not centered, the centre is in the outer world.

6. TOO STRONG INVOLVEMENT with the sufferings and problems of other people, with the world in general. Cannot take sufficient distance. Sympathetic; Meddlesome.

7. UNAWARE OF SELF, feeling of having lost self; not in contact with Self

8.FEELING OF NOT BEING PROTECTED SUFFICIENTLY, lot of anxieties; the outer world is full of danger; feeling of frailty; tendency to protect himself by avoiding company, staying home, seeking for tranquility and rest; wants to go home after a few days when on holiday

9. FEAR in the dark

10. UNAWARE OF HIS OWN BOUNDARIES; feels unprotected, porous; everything enters directly to strongly, sound, odors, energy and feelings of other people; worried by the problems of others


does not know what he wants

13. FEELING OF GUILT, especially because of the feeling that not enough is done for other people. Cannot refuse anything

14. SLEEPLESSNESS; difficulty to catch sleep because of to many impressions, energies of others during the day

15. WEARINESS; not able to keep ones energy in good condition; the energy leaks away and is polluted by disharmonious energies

16. OVER REACTION; easily misjudging a situation,

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Case Histories
Sebum caseosa

Case 1
This case is a continuation of Case 6 Lac-m when after some time on the remedy with rising energy levels and reducing anxiety she developed a strong sensation to:- be warmly enwrapped, avoid company, be afraid of people talking to her or when she had to say anything. She felt frail, timid and uncertain, chilly and wanted to be held. When I asked her what the Lac-m did for her she said: "I feel more energy but now I cannot go outside, I am too small, too frail, I need to be held to prevent myself from falling."

Prescription: Seb-c every 2 weeks or more frequently if necessary

Results: Six weeks later she told me: "The first days after the remedy I felt resistance against what the remedy provoked in me; it made me weary, irritated and short-tempered, which made me feel guilty toward my husband and children. Then I felt good for some days and in the end I felt a kind of emptiness again and I started to shout to be heard. I felt angry because my mother never enveloped me as a little child."

The treatment with Seb-c was continued. This is a good example of the closeness between Lac-m and Seb-c layers.

The patient was later treated with the Anacardium layer and her continued history may be followed under Anac case1.

Case 2
Sven, a 7 year old boy, had severe problems from his early days with vomiting whenever there was a little bit of stress in his life. His parents were desperate with this behavior. I eventually understood that he was unable to separate his own emotions with those of others and fantasy from realty. He was completely unprotected. This caused so much stress that he was vomiting at the least problem he met.

Prescription: Seb-c

Results: With Seb-c he became relaxed and anxieties took normal proportions. He is again a normal child. 

Case Footnote: It took 2 years for the physician to arrive at the conclusion that it was a case of the Seb-c layer. Previously he had been treated with Sacc, Carc, Choc,
Cupr-ar and Ars.

Case 3
This forty years old lady complained that after four months of CCC 30K her emotions became so strong that conflicts entered directly into her solar plexus causing a lot of tension. She became hypersensitive to noise and all the restlessness around her entered directly in her energy.

Prescription: Seb-c 30C once a week

Results: Her first reaction to this remedy showed clearly what Seb-c could achieve. She now felt very strong willed knew exactly what she wanted and what she didn't want. She stopped the relation with her friend right away. She never had the feeling before of deciding things for herself or of taking and making her own space. She felt that she needed time for herself and took it. She realised that previously she had taken too much on board.

Case 4
This 46 year old lady, mother of two children, had previously been treated with Carc and Lac-m but on the 10M Lac-m she started to complain of being very restless in company, not having enough space and that that people's attention aggravated her.  When she was in town she crossed the road where there were less people. She is unable to protect herself against the tension of other people. She felt oppressed by them. She could hardly watch TV and dreamed of a house in the country with hardly any neighbours; somewhere she could be creative and work with her hands. This was a typical Seb-c state.

Prescription: Seb-c 30C weekly

Result: All the specific Seb-c problems disappeared as snow in the sun. Her eczema also disappeared because it was related to her energy and lack of protection.

Case 5
This 54 year old man lived in a difficult relationship. Some years ago he suffered from severe overstrain mainly due to problems with his wife. He had fallen in love with another woman an issue he felt unable to confront his wife with. He decided not to divorce but to start counseling therapy. He felt that his wife did not allow him to be himself and was heaping constant accusations on him. He was afraid of her and felt vulnerable

Over the last two weeks he suffered from severe rash with an intolerable itching over his whole body. The itching was aggravated during the night and better after a hot shower. He felt less tense since the rash commenced

Prescription: Seb-c

Results: His vulnerability from the threatening attitude of his wife is cured within a few days as is the rash. 

Case 6
Wouter is 9 years old had the tendency to let others exploit him and was dominated by his older brother. He suffered from night anxiety when going to bed. He felt responsible for his younger sister and was easily moved by the grief of others. He was helpful and attentive, abhored disharmony, was irritated by noise and had an acute smell. He is quite sensual and liked to cuddle with his mother in a sensual way.

Perscription: Seb-c 200C and later 1M

Results: He was more independent, answered back, didn't let others exploit him so much and was able to stay within his own energy boundaries. However during the night he still didn't like to be alone and sought refuge in his parent's bed.

Case 7
This 55 years old lady experienced treatment for the Carc and Lac-m layers with a lot of benefit. Her climacteric complaints, palpitations and tiredness disappeared and Lac-m made her more powerful and  freer to express more what she felt and thought. She now complained of feeling invaded by too many things and that she was worrying about other's problems.

Perscription: Seb-c 30C weekly

Results: After 3 weeks she complained "I am depressed from being too self-centred. I have become indifferent to others and feel guilty about suiting myself.  Such an attitude disturbs me."  She was educated with the idea that you had to be there always for other people. Everything you wanted for yourself was considered as egoism. She was unable to choose for herself and to receive for herself all her lifetime. She always was afraid that she didn't give enough to her husband and children. With the Seb-c there was now a strong feeling to choose for herself. Such a feeling was against all she had been taught. This conflict made her uncomfortable.

Of course the Seb-c was continued in the same potency but less frequent to give her more time to adapt at the new situation. Three months later she felt much more comfortable and had the impression of being better protected.

Prescription: The 30K was continued for a further three months after which 200K was prescribed.

Results: She again had quite a strong reaction and felt torn between expressing her opinion or keeping it to herself. When she did the latter her throat swelled and she felt a lump on swallowing. She still had difficulties in not getting involved with her daughter's wedding plans. It would probably take another year or two going through the 1M and 10M stages before this aspect of her personality would be completely in harmony


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Sebum remnants on face of new born
Sebum remnants on face of newborn

Sebum remnants on legs of newborn
Sebum remnants on legs of newborn

Sebum sac of pre natalinfant
Sebum sac of
pre natal twins

Sebum sac of full term pre natal infant
Sebum sac of full term pre natal infant

Sebun remnants on face of new born
Sebum remnants on face of newborn


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