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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.




















Rhus toxicodendron, rhus-t,
universal layer, abused,
powerless, imprisonment, humiliation, suppressed anger, violent anger, unjustly treated, revenge,
helpless, despondency.


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Universal Layers
Inspiring Homeopathy

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Abstracted by
Dr Peter Darashah
from the original by
Dr Tinus Smits

Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer
Rhus toxicodendron




Case Histories

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The focus of Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t) is anger, resentment, hate, suspicions as a result of grave trauma (ie incest, sexual abuse, torture, imprisonment or any threatening situation) This is a suppressed emotion which the patient was forced to endure against their will. A situation in which they were powerless to resist and as a consequence have had to suffer all that was imposed upon them against their will.

The causation is severe trauma with the impossibility to defend or to escape. That is why the Rhus-t patient has so often the desire to escape and the need to walk outside in order to feel better. They desire to be free and escape their entrapped vulnerability. This state of being locked up or imprisoned can last a long time and can accompany a patient for most of their life. The state is one in which they are not really able to engage in a durable relationship or have a stable regular job, trying all the time to unconsciously escape and get free from their imprisonment.

When after prolonged suppression the anger of the Rhus-t patient finally emerges they can break the whole house down. The anger can turn to extreme violence. Chairs may be broken windows or whatever comes their way. This is because the anger of Rhus-t is an anger that is not ready to forgive and has a deep seated feeling of victimisation and revenge. They can also have fantasies of killing, of destroying things, of harming people and be full of hate.

Deep suspicion is also a characteristic of the Rhus-t state. They may look under their bed and in their suitcases to be sure that there are no drugs hidden as a result of which the authorities may put them into jail. They are suspicious of everybody. They are unable to read a newspaper or to watch TV because they believe that all the misery in the world will descend upon them. There may also be a tremendous fear of travel especially by plane.

Relationship to Straphisagria (Staph)
Staphisagria is also a remedy with a great reputation in the sphere of suppressed anger. However it differs from Rhus-t in the following respects

  • The Staph individuals anger is as a result of a voluntary decision to subjugate themselves and endure trauma as a means of avoiding problems or issues. They are not forced to endure trauma against their will as with Rhus-t.
  • The Staph individuals thoughts are pleasant and non threatening whilst those of the Rhus-t constitution are an acute feeling of victimisation and revenge.
  • The Staph anger is harmless; just shouting and hot air. They can even lose their voice, throw insults and tremble without violence. But be careful when Rhus-t patients expresses his anger. They can display a wholly violent streak and be very destructive. Murder and mayhem is not beyond them in such moods.
  • The Rhus-t individual feels locked up, imprisoned, handcuffed and chained up and desires to escape. The Staph individual is one of forbearance and endurance.
  • Staph is a weak type that has suppressed his anger because he accepts his situation of suppression easily. He feels weak before authorities and he cannot confront anybody and stand up for his own rights. The Rhus-t person is continuously restless longing for the time he will be able to wreak revenge upon those inflicting the trauma.
  • The Rhus-t personality is unwilling to forgive, harbours resentment and is bitter and irritable as a consequence whilst the Staph individual has nothing to forgive since theirs is a voluntary acceptance and consequently displays placid emotions.

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Rhus toxicodendron

in childhood or past lives and where hate, anger, the feeling of being a victim and suspiciousness are deeply buried in the unconscious mind, or still at the surface when severe traumas took place in the childhood or recent past.. Often even these painful experiences are swept out of memory and have to be released gradually.

2. CAUSATION: History of being threatened and/or abused (physically, emotionally, sexually) with strongly suppressed anger, often by a family member or close person resulting in a sense of powerlessness; incest, sexual abuse, torture, imprisonment, repeated humiliation or any threatening situation

3. SUPPRESSED ANGER; fear that anger comes out; unawareness of deep anger, not in contact with this anger any more; all kind of joint problems from suppressed anger

4. VIOLENT ANGER, very aggressive; no consideration for anybody, has to express his anger to have rest

5. ANGER WHEN UNJUSTLY TREATED; has a very accurate feeling for what is righteous and what is not; hyper-sensitive to injustice

6. HATE toward aggressor, desire to kill; cannot forgive or forget.

7 .CURSING AND SWEARING, even at night, during sleep

8. SUSPICIOUS; feeling that some one is behind him and feels threatened; fears that ghosts are
looming up in the dark

9. SUICIDAL MANIA:(desires to jump into the water, but lacks the courage to commit suicide because of his fear of death; weary of life but fear of death; suicidal because of the feeling that life is useless to be lived and has no meaning, because of the feeling that there is no way out or that the deep wounds can never be healed any more

10. DELUSIONS: of being dirty especially in cases of sexual abuse

11. ANXIETY in twilight, in the evening, in bed

12. THOUGHTS: haunted by unpleasant thoughts of a persistent nature

13. THOUGHTS: of past disagreeable events, especially at night after midnight

14. DREAMS: of violence with blood

15. WEEPS without knowing why

16. SENSATION of being locked up and that there is no way out, no escape, strong desire to escape.

17. SENSATION: Sadness, anguish, in twilight, evening, night, with a wish for privacy and an inclination to weep; aversion to company; attempts to escape, to run away; sadness from suppressed anger

18. SENSATION: of loneliness.

19. SENSATION: helplessness and despondency.


  • Stiffness in the morning on rising, on beginning to move, after exertion, after walking; rheumatic stiffness in joints
  • Frequent urination, daytime and night; cystitis

21. AMELIORATION: Going out of the house or threatening place, walking, bicycling, driving, horse riding etc. Open air activities,

22. AMELIORATION.: continuing motion; physical exertion; open air; walking in open air

23. AGGRAVATION: On beginning of movement, cold, wet weather; overexertion; twilight, evening, night, after midnight


Case Histories
Rhus toxicodendron

Case 1:
A 41 year old lady had 2 children, 19 and 21 years old, was working as  a home help, and had received regular  treatment over a six year period At that stage she was referred to Tinus Smits by a psychotherapist.

The patient had had a dramatic childhood suffering incest, rape and all kind of violence. She described clearly how she left her body during the rape She was the third child of ten and all her sisters were sexually abused also at a very young age. She nearly drowned twice. Her mother was unable to handle the dramatic family situation and fainted regularly a condition for which she had received electroshock treatment.

At five she was hospitalized with heavy vaginal loss of blood and after this event her father never touched her again and stopped beating her. At 18 and 21 she saw her father abuse her younger sister in the presence of her mother. She had suppressed these memories completely but it came to the surface during the psychotherapy.

She married at 19 and discovered after one year of marriage that he was homosexual.
She still continued to live with him for 7 years but left when he beat her for the first time. She married again and now has two children.

She was referred because her anger did not surface and she was unable to weep in spite of the intensive therapy. At the time of her consultation she slo suffered from headache and hemorrhoids. There was also a lot of tension on her chest with stitching pain and pain around her navel. She sweated a lot during the night and was always hungry, drank a lot of water and tea and loves licorice.

1st Prescription:  Sacc 30C, once a week, just to see how see reacted on homeopathy and to prepare her for more profound treatment with Rhus-t as I feared it would produce too violent a reaction. There were anyway several indicators to start with Sacc.

Results: She is did well on Sacc and went rather quickly through the different potencies from 30K to 10M in under a year. Her energy increased, her headache almost went, her hemorrhoids were much better and she was much happier. During her psychotherapy there was more progress and she felt less anxious but her emotions and anger are still obstructed. It was clear that the treatment was only superficial and that we had to go deeper for healing. In my experience this could only be achieved with Rhus-t. However now that I know her better I felt more confident in being able to start this treatment with a low potency in order to avoid the possibility of  over compensation and psychiatric hospitalisation.

2nd Prescription: Rhus-t LM6, once a day.

Results: After two months she is fine. Her energy improbved further, the hemorrhoids went completely and she was more assertive. For the first time she expressed her anger towards her parents during psychotherapy. The deep action of Rhus-t was revealed by the appearance of burning, itchy eruptions on her lower abdomen, groins, labia, and the inside of her thighs accompanied with a lot of sweat.

3rd Prescription: Continue with Rhus-t LM6

Results and Further Prescriptions: In two months the eruptions slowly disappeared. After six months see started the LM12. On the LM18 she was finally able to express her deep anger towards her father without feeling anxious and past through M24 and LM30 without too many aggravations. Her anxiety was much reduced and she was able to express her dislikes unreservedly. Her had good energy levels and life felt lighter.

After two and a half years on LM-potencies she was started on C-potencies commencing with 30C up to 10M over a one and a half year period  at the end of which she was back at work with her own clients and felt good.

Then very slowly she began to have doubts about her capabilities which because she tried to handle her insecurity by excessive planning, rules and control brought her to the CCC level. With this remedy she felt stronger and more capable to treat her clients.

Discussion: The reason that there were relatively few strong aggravations during her healing process has different reasons including 

  • During the whole of the Homeopathic treatment she received psychotherapy from a very skillful practitioner.
  • The Homeopathic treatment was introduced carefully, not immediately starting with Rhus-t. 30C The use of LM-potencies was smooth enough to make it possible for her to handle the whole situation and to prepared her to adjust to the great healing process.
  • She herself was quite positive in her reaction in that she was able to throw her deep traumas out by means of a skin eruption.
  • Finally she had the courage to face her fears and anger and to turn the coin into a positive experience which she used to help other traumatised human beings.


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Rhus toxicodendron - Summer foliage
Kingdom:n Plant
Latin Name: Rhus toxicodendron
Common Name: Poison Ivy
: Rhus tox

Rhus toxicodendron - Summer foliage
Summer foliage

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Autumn fall

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