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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















universal layers, incarnation, constitutional development,
self realisation,
weak defense,
no protection,
lack of focus, boundaries,
no frontiers,
flights of fancy, disassociation.

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Universal Layers
Inspiring Homeopathy

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Abstracted by
Dr Peter Darashah
from the original by
Dr Tinus Smits

Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer
Lac Maternum




Case Histories


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Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer
Lac Maternum


The Focus of Lac maternum (Lac-m) is mother earth and the function of development of ones "incarnation". (Dr Tinus Smuts term).

Dr Peter prefers to substitute the term "constitutional development" instead of "incarnation" where  Constitution refers to the environmental nurturing of the individual's genetic make up in such a way as to exploit the individual's desirable characteristics whilst at the same time diminishing their undesirable ones.


  • Anxiety from not accepting one's individual state
  • Unawareness of one's identity
  • Unaware of one's constitutional needs and requirements.
  • If aware then without knowledge of how to proceed to achieve those needs/ requirements.
  • If knowledgeable as to how to proceed then so overcome by the enormity of the task.
    Parental rejection
  • Homesickness for the ethereal (ie floating/ disassociation of body and spirit/ the flights of fancy etc).
  • Not being grounded or anchored.
  • Easily disturbed by the energy of other people/ no defense/ no protection
  • Lack of clarity/ lack of focus/ muddled thinking

The Lac-m remedy helps to:

  • Focus and identify their constitutional requirements/ goals/ objectives. This focusing provides in turn grounding/ foundation/ an anchor and firm basis for development. No longer is it necessary to engage in flights of fancy/ disassociation in search of the elusive answer to self realisation.
  • Create awareness of boundaries and frontiers. Patients reported not only that the floating sensation, the dizziness, the muddled thinking, the fainting, the unreal feeling etc. were gone, but also that they became more conscious of their own needs, more able to say "no" to other people and were no longer willing to be used as a drudge.

    It may be thought that achieving the focus of self realisation would the sole essence of
    Lac-m and that becoming aware of one's energy and frontiers was that of another remedy
    (Seb-c). In reality however both the focus of realisation and protection appeared to be part of the same remedy.


  • I feel happier, more confident, less negative, more positive, stronger
  • I can distinguish between my own energy vibrations and those unwanted ones of other
    people. I can identify my boundaries. I can participate in the world without just drifting along in the flow. There is a desire to live.
  • I feel more open, less anxious, able to get on and do what I desire without procrastination. I am more easy going, less tense and fastidious.
  • I feel more adult more able to take charge of my life. I am able to tell people that I must live my life so dont interfere.


Lac maternum

Lac Maternum is made from the milk of nine women, milk from three days (colostrum) to 10 months after parturition. The different potencies were lege artis made by Dolisos Holland in the spring of 1994.
Often following Saccharum officinale, often followed or preceded by Rhus toxicodendron

: lack of constitutional development

: anxiety to incarnate in the physical world

- out-of-body experiences; out of reality; living in the past; weak and strange feeling as if not belonging to one's body; as if looking down on to one's body; as if everything is far away, different; as if one hears oneself speaking, as if someone else is talking; feeling that mind and body are separated; not feeling one's body any more; as if watching life, not participating; as if invisible to other people

; dizzy feeling; feeling as if having no legs, soft legs; empty feeling in the head; feeling of absence; feeling of cotton-wool in the head, foggy sensation in the head; stuffed-up feeling in the head, as if head too large

; fear of fainting, fainting

; clouded thinking; absent-mindedness; difficulty in concentration; mistakes in speech, saying wrong words; difficult word-finding

; bumping into things; hurting oneself; knocking things over; falling; unobservant

8. INEFFECTIVE; tendency to procrastinate; having to force oneself to realize one's dreams or to effectuate one's daily occupations; lack of responsibility

; weakness, lack of courage

10. SADNESS; LACK OF JOY IN LIFE; sudden changes in mood; laughing alternating with weeping, joyfulness alternating with weeping, irritability and quarrelsomeness; fits of weeping

, not being able to face life alone or fear of having to face life alone; Symbiotic relationship with parents, partner, children; humour easily influenced by the emotional state of others; very dependent on others

12. LACK OF AWARENESS OF ONE'S OWN IDENTITY; questioning the meaning of life; chaotic inner feeling

13.LACK OF AWARENESS OF ONE'S SURROUNDINGS, as if perception is only general and not in detail; as if things do not penetrate; everything looks strange

, reading giving the possibility of escaping from reality and living in an imaginary world; completely absorbed during reading, not answering when spoken to; pursuing studies to be in another world, fear of completing studies and having to perform; reading impossible owing to lack of concentration

15. UNAWARE OF ONE'S OWN BOUNDARIES, feels unprotected, porous; everything enters directly too strongly, sound, smell (nausea), energy and feelings of other people; won't stand up for oneself; lack of self respect; lack of care for oneself, caring for others, worried by the problems of others; abused by other people, always caring for others; desire to be taken care of (this symptom is already part of the next layer Seb-c, but is so connected with the lack of development that often this symptom ameliorates during treatment with Lac-m).

16. ANGER; irritability at trifles; throwing things away

, not feeling well at home (the house being the symbol of the body); not being really aware of one's territory, letting others invade one's space/energy; absence of real feeling of being the master at home, with the garden not being fenced-in. Unlike Carcinosinum this is not because the lack of self-confidence makes one unable to resist others but because of unawareness of the existance one's own space, identity or boundary. Thus the 'home' is unconsciously shared with others with the result that the sufferer is unable to be fully themself; to have their own place at home, to be alone, to have time for themself.They also fear to go outside, because of the feeling to being unprotected, requiring the house as an extra protection.

18. UNFEELING; INDIFFERENCE; doesn't care about oneself and the household

19. UNTIDINESS; unable to tidy up at home

; sees ghosts, telling one a lot of things; sees movements out of the corner of the eye; sees aura of people and trees; fear of ghosts

; diarrhoea from anticipation

; neglect of oneself; feeling of not fulfilling the expectations of life, of others, her husband/his wife; feeling of not being considered, of no longer being physically attractive; trying to fulfil the expectations of others; never angry, avoiding conflicts

: weak libido; wants to be held, to be caressed, but aversion to sex

24.DESIRES: sweets

25.SKIN: eczema; eczema with thick, brown-yellow crusts with dreadful itching all over the body; itching skin; circumscribed eczema with red border, molluscae; psoriasis

26.FALLING-OUT OF HAIR; dry hair; grey hair

27. HEADACHE; migraine with vomiting

28. CHILLINESS; icy coldness until the bones, sometimes alternating with heat; COLDNESS of feet, hands, nose

29. FLUSHES during/after menopause; flushes from exertion, mental or physical

30. UNREFRESHED SLEEP; restless sleep; shouting during sleep; frequent waking owing to worries; difficulty in falling asleep 

wants to be a baby and be held constantly by the mother; very dependent on the mother, wants the mother to do everything for him: dressing, feeding him, taking him out of bed in the morning etc.

2. FORSAKEN FEELING; weeping all the time when not with the mother; abhors going to school, wants to stay with the mother (like Sacc.)

3. DESIRE FOR CONTACT; to be cuddled; desire to be enveloped by soft and tight tissues, remembering the uterine state

4. FANTASIES; Unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy; fantasising, living in both worlds at the same time; no idea of time

, always behind

6. ADRENILIN REQUIREMENT; Need for challenges, does dangerous things, stealing, smoking hashish, does things surreptitiously to feel he is alive

7. PROCRASTINATING; putting things off, not inclined to undertake things; lack of ambition; not attached to material things, can easily share things; dreamy, slow to react; begins a lot of things, but finishes nothing


Case Histories
Lac maternum
(Cases 1 to 3 relate to patients presenting initially with the Lac-m layer.)

Manon is seven years old and her mother complains that she is slow and that her concentration is poor. She is a sleepy child who sometimes stares. Things do not penetrate and she often does not respond when spoken to. She is always behind. When her mother tried to bring her to reality she often has nightmares. The pregnancy was uncomplicated but birthing was induced. The first three months she was too weak to suck the breast and was bottle fed. She slept almost all the time and had to be woken up before every feed. She never cried and was an easy child. Her mother had to stop working at seven months because she stopped growing. She teethed late and she walked only at 22 months. She was potty trained at two-and-a-half and even today sucks her thumb when playing with her dolls. She is dreamy, absent-minded, considerate to other people, not at all assertive and has no fears at all but needs stimulating to be alert.

Prescription: Lac-m 200K every two weeks.

Results: From the first dose she improved. Her day-dreaming and staring fits disappeared, her slowness is less marked, she is ready on time, is more alert intellectually and her concentration at school is much improved. She is still too unassertive says her mother.

Prescription: The treatment is continued with Lac-m 1M every three weeks.

Case 2:
This 39-year-old single and unemployed man is another case of lack of development and weak boundaries. I first saw him in April 1996. He lived in a community with eight other persons and had difficulty setting his boundaries and making choices. He feelt tired easily in company and was hypersensitive to disturbing elements in his surroundings such as strip lightning, TV etc. He was breast-fed for just a fortnight as his mother's milk was not rich enough. His parents had a bad relationship and often threatened to leave home and put their coats on. This created a very dependent relationship with his mother who was not at all affectionate and later wrecked all his relationships in a subtle way because of her jealousy. He is a thinker, not a doer. His life in a community can be seen as an expression of his lack of boundaries, he is losing himself in such a place and now feels the need to have his own house where he can retire if he wants.

Prescription: Lac-m 30K once a week  .

Results: He sets his own boundaries more clearly in relationships. His weight is increasing spontaneously, his body feels better, stronger, with both feet on the ground. The stitching pain and exploding feeling in his head are gone. Another half-year later he has been through the 200 and MK and has moved to his own home. He feels clearly that he is descending into his body, he really feels his feet on the ground. The tension in his eyes has gone and he has much more energy. He now has a job as a nature guide.

Case 3:
This 47- year-old lady complained of languor as if she could no longer feel her body;  as if she has no legs or arms; a kind of absence and that people seem not to see her which gives her a feeling of loneliness. She also takes over the feelings of other people; she feels discouraged, as if it is useless to do anything with her life, useless to fight. She has the feeling that her mind is separated from her body. As a child already she rose up out of her body and looked down at herself playing from the ceiling. She feels chilly and has cramps.

Prescription: Lac-m 30K every week

Results: After two years of treatment with Lac-m 30K, 200K, LM6. "I feel fantastic. I take the LM6 only once a week. The cramps are gone, I feel refreshed in the morning and sleep soundly; I am increasingly able not to absorb the feelings of other people; I have the feeling of being really among  people and not at a safe distance. I can make contact more easily. I have become myself again and my sense of humour has returned. I am able to face problems. I am no longer absent, I am there and I can easily open up to impressions without becoming disturbed. I feel relaxed and my chilliness is gone. My mind is again united with my body and people see me again. I feel relaxed."

(The following cases 4 10 reveal Lac-m only after resolution of another layer.
Invariably this new Lac-m layer is revealed by specific symptoms
indicating lack of growth and development.)

Case 4
This 48-year-old man was treated for two years for lack of self-confidence with Carcinosinum cum Cuprum 30K and 200K before he was given his first Lac maternum. He was very concerned that his life was not under control and he was very fastidious. The CCC stopped him from losing self-confidence when he made mistakes, lowered his stress and irritation, enabled him to sleep relaxed and to accept that life is uncontrollable. Then he started complaining that things were not really affecting him, that life was passing him by, experiencing a kind of absence, as if he were not sufficiently awake. He felt unassertive and too closed in himself
Prescription: Lac-m 30K once a week

Results: Two months later: "I dont feel the need to defend myself so much, but I say more clearly what I think. I am much more aware of the world around me and that I have come out of my own private world. The noises in my ears have almost completely disappeared. I satisfy my own needs much more and refuse to allow things to overwhelm me. I am able to say: "I dont want that to happen to me". I feel tired in the evening and sleep soundly".

Case 5
This 47 year old lady came into her Lac-m state after a one and a half years treatment with Carc. and CCC. She complained now of feeling responsible for everybody and of an over sensitivity to remarks by other people. She avoided every conflict. She was oversensitive to other people's energy; couldn't make people understand that she had heard enough of their misery. She said: 'I cannot stop this when I feel overwhelmed by it.' She had an enormous need for affection and tenderness, but not for sex and this made her feel guilty.

Prescription: Lac-m 30K every two weeks initially and then LM6

Results: She received a one year of treatment with 30K and LM6. After two months of being on the 30K she felt very negative, saw only things at home that were not good and she felt a tremendous need to tidy her house. In the evening she felt tired, but in the morning refreshed and was no longer stiff. She felt both resigned and irritable. She was still very influenced by others. She was then changed to LM6 every two days or more to smooth the change after which she slowly improved. No anxiety for what is coming, more able to release things and keep her distance, things affect her less without making her distant. She took good care of herself. No feeling of guilt any more, she was able to read in the morning before finishing her work and was able to say "no". There was no alternating mood or irritability before her menses. She had more energy in the evening, her concentration was much better and she could read again. She arranged a room for herself at home to which she could retire to rest. 

Case 6
This 36 year old lady came to her Lac-m state after eight months of treatment with CCC 30K. She complained now of restlessness, tiredness and a feeling of having lost herself. She feels vulnerable and powerless. She had the feeling of not being seen, that she was not there, that she had to shout to be heard. She couldn't settle or find herself nor could she accept her present state having the feeling that she had to search still deeper.

Prescription: Lac-m 30K every week.

Results: After two months "I am more positive when people dont see me and that they walk over me and don't listen to me. In the past I was apathetic and inert, I thought it was me, but now I am alert and sharp and that gives me energy. I feel more at ease among people. I always felt in the past insecure, as if everybody could take me over. I felt like a bus full of mud. I was an easy target for teasing, so my feelings were easily injured."

However two months later with her energy still increasing and her anxiety lessening, she had a strong desire to be warmly enwrapped. She avoided company and was afraid when people talked to her or to say anything in company. She felt frail, timid and uncertain. She was entering the Seb-c layer. (For a continuation of this case see under Case 1 of Seb-c.)

Case 7
Vincent, an African boy, was adopted at seven months as his mother had died probably as a consequence of Aids. At two years he showed retarded development, was incapable of standing up for himself and had difficulty expressing his emotions and communicating with his (adoptive) mother. He completely recovered following Sacc treatment, opened up to other people and felt freer.

However he then became autistic, talked only with difficulty and had an absent look. He refused to swallow his food and stumbled about exhibiting a spasmodic gait. He was very awkward and was not aware of his own limitations and physical capabilities. He showed no signs of hunger and sometimes seemed to be afraid of his adoptive mother. The Sacc no longer seemed to help.

Prescription: Lac-m 200K every two weeks.

Results: After one year (now five years old). His adoptive mother was delighted about the changes of her son. He could express his emotions better, could be happy or sad and when his mother grumbled at him he was not completely lost. He reacted more appropriately to his surroundings and was less timid, more social and played with other children. He could verbalise his emotions and showed that he was hungry for the first time in his life. The nocturnal perspiration had disappeared, as had the profuse salivation. He seemed to be stable on his feet and his awkwardness was much reduced. He talked a lot and sung the whole day. He seems to enjoy life and the autistic tendency was completely gone. Every morning he started his day happily and with tremendous energy.

Case 8
The treatment of this 41-year old lady started in the spring of 1994 with Sacc and continued for a year during which period she was able to work out the relationship with her mother and experience a more deep-going contact with people. "I am more in touch with reality again", see said. She had more energy and she again undertook a variety of things. Her fits of excessive eating went. She was now able to release her daughter and this had completely changed their relationship.

She then complained that she had become too involved with other people and lost herself. She felt that she needed to protect herself and keep a safe distance. She also complained of pain in her throat that extended to the ears which was relieved by cold drinks; all symptoms of Lac caninum.

Prescription: Lac-m 30K in water every hour. followed by weekly administration.

Results: Her sore throat was completely cured within days after which the Lac-m 30K was continued weekly. This cured her stress-related urine incontinence and the heartburn, especially during the night, also gradually disappeared. Big changes occurred on the emotional/mental level.
"I am able to look inside myself", she said, "I am more at one with myself. Without the Lac-m I focus on other people and I start to grumble again. Now with the Lac-m I feel free and have the feeling that everything comes out of my deeper self, with force and purity. I am able to adopt an invulnerable attitude, to stay with myself, to be in my belly instead of in my throat and to have real feelings. I can let other people come close to me without feeling threatened and consequently I can feel what they feel. I feel the equal of other people, also of my children and this leads to meaningful conversations. I feel united and complete. The empty feeling inside is gone. I can stay home alone now and enjoy its tranquility. On waking in the morning I feel refreshed and I feel that I can cope with the world. I no longer feel the need to judge people. My affinity with my body has been strengthened; I feel that my throat is allied to anxiety, my stomach to sorrow and my lower abdomen to desire. I feel that I am a real human being"

Case 9
Walter is a three-year-old boy with regressive tendencies who liked to be a little baby. He constantly played at being in his mothers womb and being born or at being a little bird coming out of the egg. He made very close contact with his mother and making himself small with his head pressed between mother,s breasts with whom he was extremely loving. If she was not there he played a kind of game with his little sister or with his girl friend. He had a fear of being abandoned by his mother. He had abdominal pain at dinner time, loved meat and sweets and abhored cooked vegetables preferring everything raw. In the morning he was full of energy but by the evening he tired and was very moody. He could wake in the middle of the night in complete panic, screaming for his mother. Sacc. 1M gave some relief for his feeling of being forsaken, but eventually proved to be too superficial.

Prescription: Lac-m 200K every two weeks.

Results: Big changes. During the first aggravation he assumed the position of a foetus and weept pitifully and stopped playing at being born. He no longer weept when his mother left him at the kindergarten; for the previous year he wept on each occasion. He now dressed himself and went to the lavatory alone and wanted to be called "Walter" instead of "little Walter". The contact with his mother was much more relaxed and he was making real contact with other children. He acted his age and was no longer baby like. He volunteered the high-chair to his younger sister and sat down on a normal seat himself. A new child was born!

Case 10
Rieneke was a ten-year-old girl who was treated for about 2 years for fear of abandonment. She then started hearing voices and seeing strange creatures. She had a lot of strange feelings and didnt feel her own body any more. Her anxiety about leaving her mother when she had to go to school was enormous. She abhorred school and was not functioning well there. Easy to manipulate, she did what others told her.
Prescription: Lac-m 200K every two weeks.

Results: She became more amiable and gentle and expressed her emotions better. With Lac-m the out-of-body sensation disappeared completely This sensation was only the first sign that she had to continue to take the remedy for complete freedom. The voices and the strange creatures then disappeared. Her relationship with her mother considerably improved and she enjoyed going to school now; her fear was gone.


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