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Universal Layers
Inspiring Homeopathy

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Abstracted by
Dr Peter Darashah
from the original by
Dr Tinus Smits

Inspiring Homeopathy
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Case Histories

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Hydrogenium (Hydr) is the basic element of our universe with one proton and one electron. Eighty percent of the universe is the element Hydrogenium and the fusion of Hydrogenium procures us all the other elements. It is the basic constructive element. It expresses the Harmony of the universe. Thus all the different expressions and manifestations in the universe originated from and are united by Hydrogenium into one Totality of Harmony. 

The Focus of Hydr is on the establishment of Totality of Harmony between that of the individual self (ie mind, emotion and body) with their natural environment (ie people, creation and things). The actual Hydr state is therefore one of separation of self from environment a situation from which the patient wishes to emerge fully connected with their ultimate fulfilling sate of Totality of Harmony. These are patients who having established self harmony within themselves by transitioning through the various stages of self development including getting grounded (Lac-m), abandonment (Sacc), low vitality (Sec-c), low self confidence & esteem (Carc/Cupr), anger & victimisation (Rhus-t) and duality (Anac) and are now ready to connect with the environment of the world outside themselves to become part of the Totality of Harmony in the material universe. To reiterate the Hydr state is not the state of Totality of Harmony, but the feeling of  separation and the subsequent process of reconnection with the Totality of Harmony  between their inner self (mind emotions and body) and the outer material world (people, creation and things).

The painful process of transitional growth through the various stages of self development cannot be done without. This experience is a necessary part of lifes learning and maturing process. For example to become conscious of love we have to experience hate, to become conscious of light we have to experience darkness because only the experience of darkness can give us the appreciation of what light is. Thus to become aware of the Totality of Harmony (ie the inner self + outer environment) we have first to experience Disharmony, Disunity, Separation or Duality. Wanting to avoid the transitional experiences by trying to immediately achieve a state of Totality of Harmony is like wanting to dry you body with a towel before you have taken the bath.

Thus Hydr is not a birth state remedy but the state of a soul who having gone through the challenges of life and having emerged with the prize of self harmony now realises that they are in a state of separation from their material environment. Hydr represents a person with a strong desire to resolve the trauma of separation and to connect into a state of Totality of Harmony thus finding a full realisation of both their inner self and their outer material environment.

Hydr should be given as a last remedy after all the others. It is in some way the crown on the work of Inspiring Homeopathy. To be healed by Hydrogenium does not result in being taken out of the reality of this physical material world. Rather it results in a quickening of appreciation for it and a realisation for a requirement to attain a Totality of Harmony between our own soul and that of the material environment.

The Hydroginium States

The Disconnected State
One way of arriving at the Hydr state is from following a progressive development through the universal layers at the end of which the individual finds self harmony. At this point they also discover that their journey is still not complete as they are in a state of separation from their outer material environment; a state which they need to remedy. The desire to progress further from a state of inner self harmony to that of a Totality of Harmony with ones outside material environment confirms the Hydr state of the individual

The symptoms of The Disconnected Hydrogenium State are feelings:- of separation with the material world and everybody, of a lack of love for others, of a lack of empathy, of a lack of affection for creatures and nature, of a strong requirement to remain separate from others, of being different, of a requirement to be alone

The Exalted State
There is another Hydrogenium state which is caused by the refusal to accept the experience of this material world. Instead they try to connect with an ethereal world beyond that of the material. In this exalted state of transition physical life is a burden and needs to be avoided as much as possible. Total abstinence becomes the order of the day with no sex, no pleasure of the table, no beautiful clothes, no possessions, no sin, just meditation as a way of harminisation. This is an experience perhaps that many people are trying to achieve - that of transcendence from their physical boundaries into an ethereal and spiritual realm. Ultimately such exalted striving can result in a loss of control of physical reality accompanied with mental imbalance, distortion and breakdown. Hydr healing in such cases returns them to reality and results in a restoration of balance with their material environment so that the individual can reconnect to enjoy the pleasures life and thereby establish a Totality of Harmony.

The symptoms of The Exalted Hydrogenium State is essentially one of a multiplicity of delusions:- of being in another (third) dimension, of being in contact with higher spirits, of connecting with God who reveals eternal truths to them, of being Gods special chosen messenger, of being a chosen teacher, of being superhuman, of being out of reality, spaced out, out of their body, as if in a dream. Much time and many hours are spent in meditation, reading esoteric literature and thinking about how to make positive and creative solutions in his life and the lives of others.

The Cured Hydroginium State
The cured Hydr state typically results in:- improved memory; more charitable and sympathetic behaviour, a feeling of  relaxed calm, of strength, of a positive and adventurous disposition, of less impatience, hurry and irritableness; empathy that is more in touch with people, sensations which are more sympathetic to the rest of the world, feelings of more understanding, etc.

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The Disconnected State
1. ESSENCE: Lack of connection with the outer material world. A feeling of disconnectedness but accompanied with a strong desire for Totality of Harmony.

2.CAUSATION: Tunnel vision, too single minded, too narrow a focus on own career, or money, or house and possessions, or wife, or husband, or partner, or family, or on high status, or of having lots of friends, or being thought well of, or engaging in over activity, or activity for the sake of it, or too many thoughts resulting in over mentalisation, of being lost in himself etc.;

3. LOSS OF FOCUS: from too much to do.

4. LOSS OF INTEREST in life, no liveliness, no real desire to live intensely not really going for anything.


with himself, reproaches himself, internal anger; (DS) anger because he feels unlucky, believes he gets no breaks; anger with the world.

7. MENTAL INTROVERSION, silent, morose (DS); sad, depressed, desperate, hopeless (DS)

8. MENTAL IRRESOLUTION doesnt know which way to choose in life, what is important enough to put his energy into; fears to make wrong choices; looks at others to make his own choices


10. CONFUSION of right and left; confusion about sexuality; difficult concentration; forgetful; absent minded; difficult word finding; tendency to lose things; mistakes in writing and spelling (DS)

11. SENSATION: of loneliness (DS); desire to be alone (DS)

12. SENSATION of disillusionment, ineffectiveness, feels mentally unable to do his every day chores like cleaning, dressing, washing, etc.

13. SENSATION as if betrayed, deceived; forsaken feeling, sensation of isolation; 14. DELUSIONS of being despised disgraced

15. SENSATIONOF UNACCEPTEDNESS by others and the world

16. SENSATION OF SEPARATION and distance from things and people

17. SENSATION OF HOSTILITY with the world; that the whole world is against them; the world holds no attraction

18. SENSATION OF VULNERABILITY and helplessness when the outer focus disappears; when the husband or wife dies, when the partner suddenly chooses to love another and leaves; (DS); hopelessness.

The Exalted State

1. ESSENCE: Rejection of the outer material world accompanied with a strong desire for ethereal harmony and union.

2. DELUSIONS: of altered state of consciousness; of being in another dimension (DS) or time zone.

3. DELUSIONS: of being in direct communication with God

4. DELUSIONS of being superhuman

5. DELUSIONS: of being on a unique divine mission.

6. DELUSIONS of being Gods specially chosen teacher and servant.

7. DELUSIONS of all kind of relationships between people and objects that dont really exist.

8. DELUSIONS that the concept of time has changed, that it does not exist.

9. DELUSIONS that nothing is real, everything is existential.

10. MENTALLY FULL: of thoughts, plans, designs

11. MENTALLY EXCITED unable to stop the ceaseless flow of thoughts which come to them quicker than they can be written down.

12. SLEEPLESS from excitement

13. SENSATION of being out of reality, spaced out, out of body, as if in a dream


14. SENSATION of feeling as if body and soul are separated (JS, DS)

15. SENSATION of paranoia, mistrust; suspicion; betrayal.


Case Histories

Case 1:
This 56-year-old lady is a perfect example of how we can lose our center and was referred to me by a psychiatrist because she seemed unable to stand up for herself and get out of her negativity and helplessness.

The patient had been married for 35 years when her husband left her suddenly for a younger woman. She was torn by a mixture of feelings ranging from the deep sadness and hopelessness to feelings of hatred and rejection. How could he throw her away like litter? She had dedicated her whole life to him, serving him, being at his side whenever he needed, loving him as much as she could. She had completely lost her self-respect.

1st to 3rd Prescription: Ign, Staph, Rhus-t and Sacc

Results: None of the remedies helped her. She continued to feel victimized. How could she build up a new life at her age? And how she could ever cope with her loneliness since she was used to living with her husband? Her healing process really started when I understood that her center was not in herself. Rather her husband had played this role all the time. Unconsciously he had become the center of her world and when he disappeared she felt completely lost, roaming around without purpose

4th Prescription: Hydr 30K every week

Results: This had a miraculous effect. After three months she felt completely renewed. She was ready to pick up her life again and started to organize it as she wanted it to be. She enrolled in a painting course, something she had always wanted to do but never did because she didnt want her husband to be alone at home. She didnt feel lonely anymore and her mood swings disappeared. She also stopped reproaching her husband for all that he had done. She strongly felt the need to make something special of her life. She found her soul again.

5th Prescription: Hydr 200C and then 1M

Results: The 200C did not produce further improvement but there was a break through when the potency was raised to 1M. She made an appointment with her ex. Her first idea was to tell him how much she had suffered and to show him her anger, but after a week of deep transformation she thanked him for the pain, for the awareness she got back because of him. She was able to forgive him and to forgive herself. In the end, she wished him all the best and felt free to close this chapter with her ex-husband. She realized how much she had lost in this long-lasting relationship and that she would never have had the courage to step out of it on her own.

Case 2:
A 22 year old young man with mainly mental emotional problems wqith wide interests and great potential was so spoiled for choice that he was confused and didnt know what to choose in life. Even with girlfriends he had this problem. He was always asking himself why he should choose one over the other who was also so nice and expressed different qualities he liked as well. He didnt know what he was really interested in with so many things to consider.

Once he had made up his mind he lacked the discipline to stay with his choice. He started doubting and regretting all the other possibilities he would now have to abandon. He had no physical problems. It was clear that he lacked focus and that he was not really connected with his center. He just jumped from one possibility to another.

Prescription: Hydr 30C weekly

Results: Hydroginium is the remedy that can cure this situation and it did. After 3 months he gradually developed more confidence that everything would turn out all right. He became more motivated to undertake things. He realized now that very often he looked to other people to clarify his own point of view and make his choices. Now he just looked inside himself to know. His fear of making wrong choices has gone and he no longer has difficulties arranging his life; he just makes up his mind and is confident that it will turn out well. He also stood up more for himself. His anxiety about not knowing how to cope with others was gone. He noticed that people were reacting differently to him also. He still had not made the major decision as to what he would do for work in life, but he was confident he would eventually and had ceased to be worried about non decision with regard to future matters.


Logo of Universal Layers of Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layers

Hydrogen Gas molecule
Hydrogen Gas
(Symbol:- H
Atomic weight:- 1.0
Atonic Number:- 1.0)

Eagle Nebulae
The Eagle Nebula.

By weight, 75% of the visible universe is hydrogen, a colorless gas. In space, vast quantities interact with starlight to create spectacular sights such as the Eagle Nebula (seen by the Hubble Space Telescope).


The sun
The Sun
The sun contains 75% Hydrogern by weight and hence is a good example of the element in nature.


Hydrogen Bomb
Hydrogen Bomb
(Mushroom cloud effect)

Hydrogen Bomb - Turoidal cloud
Hydrogen Bomb
(Toroidal cloud effect )

Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Bottle of home made Hydrogen
Bottle of home made Hydrogen
(Produced from two batteries, two paper clips, and a cup of salt water)


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