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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















Carcinosinum (15T) 
Cuprum metallicum
universal layers 

low self confidence, low self esteem, obstinate,
feeling of guilt, workaholic,
wants to hide, cannot stand criticism,
exhaustion from overwork, exhaustion from want of relaxation.


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Universal Layers
Inspiring Homeopathy

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Abstracted by
Dr Peter Darashah
from the original by
Dr Tinus Smits

Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer
Carcinosinum (15T)
Cuprum metallicum




Case Histories

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Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer
Carcinosinum (15T)
Cuprum metallicum


Carcinosinum cum Cuprum (CCC) is a mixture of the lowest available dynamisation (5CH) of Carcinosinum 15T with the same potency of Cuprum metallicum (5CH). This mixture was potentised together up to over 30K as required and also in LM potency from LM 6 (about 18C).

The idea of mixing Cars cum Cupr came to Dr Smits from the observation of a curious phenomenon namely that a lot of Cars patients also had a definite Cuprum side. This resulted in a situation of choosing between the two remedies without any clear indication as to which remedy should be administered first. To give these remedies following each other was not an appealing solution. So the idea of combining them into a single entity came about. The experiment proved successful and thus the way was paved to treat the whole of the patients requirements with a combined remedial preparation rather than by means of two separate remedies administrated consecutively.

The focus for CCC is the sum of its separate entities (Cars cum Cupr) which is similar for both Ie low self esteem and low self confidence. What is different is the entirely different response evoked by the two remedies.

The Cars subject will endeavour to cope with low self esteem by avoiding disapprobation. To this end they will try to please, be a model example, make no errors so as not to draw attention upon themselves, adapting to the demands of others so as not to make a show he fails to stand up for himself.

The Cupr patient however endeavours to prove themselves worthy and that the opinion of others is wrong about him. As a consequence they put tremendous energy into achieving success. They have a strong determination and never give up for that would be to admit failure. The Cupr constitution therefore aspires and can be found in the highest echelons of society.
Thus these two remedies are polar opposite in characteristics. Cars is essentially a weak personality whereas Cupr is essentially strong. How can both traits exist in the one individual? The answer is because both characteristics are the result of a charade or play acting. The traits cannot be constantly maintained. The individual has to relax sometime. Thus in the case of Cars (who they are always trying to please) when they are in the stillness of their own home where only their own family is present (ie no prying outside eyes) they relax by being untidy, disorganised, casual, unreliable, offhand, unresponsive etc. Conversely with Cupr (who always try to portray success, high aspirations and determination) when likewise they are in the stillness of their own home where only their own family is present (ie no prying outside eyes) they relax by becoming pliant, acquiescent, non confrontational adapting to the needs of others etc The phrase road angel and home devil comes to mind as a way to describe a personality with two opposing attributes.

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Carcinosinum (15T)
Cuprum metallicum

Common Symptoms
Carc Want of confidence, fear of failure
Cupr Want of self esteem

Carc: Cancer
Cupr: Cardiovascular complaintsof cancer or heart disease

Carc.: because of uncertainty
Cupr:: Because an admission of wrong would undermine the purpose of life which is to prove oneself they feel that they have to be strong and willful to achieve their goal and never give up.

Carc.: They are fastidious at his work to avoid being criticised; for the same reason they will be on time and anxious if late. However they may be untidy in private life.
Cupr: They become irritable or angry when others are late because it disturbs their planning and because they want everybody to follow the rules, otherwise their own capacity for controlling every situation is undermined; it is easier for them to make mistakes if it does not jeopardize their final goal.

Carc.: feeling of guilt when taking a rest without having finished all the work; even when sitting he has the feeling that he must do something: reading, knitting, crocheting, etc.
Cupr: he is a workaholic because he has to perform in life; he has to finish his work because he has planned it for that day; he has high expectations of himself

Carc.: because they wants to hide their uncertainty
Cupr: because they cannot stand contradiction, they do not want to be weakened by criticisism.

Carc.: They have fear of failure, they feel uncertain; they are anxious when people are late, because of emotional dependence; anxiety about others
Cupr: They have anticipation because they cannot control the situation, especially in new, unknown situations; they will try to inform themself as much as possible about the situation and organize things in advance

because of overwork, of too much pressure; they try desperately to answer the expectations of others and those who impose on them

Cupr: because they have only one purpose in life, to prove they can make it therefore they are unable to relax and worktwice as hard. Eventually they become overworked completely burnt-out.

Specific Symptoms of Carc
1. WEAK DEFENSE MECHANISMS on the mental, emotional and physical plane

2. LACK OF REACTIVITY; no fever for a very long time

3. INABILITY TO REFUSE ANYTHING; wants always tp please, feeling of guilt when refusing anything; occupied with the needs of others, but completely unaware of his own; permits others to overstep his own boundaries

4. SLEEPLESSNESS: difficulty falling asleep, overactive ideas, needs several hours to fall asleep; wakens at 4 a.m.; sleepless during a large part of the night; unrefreshing sleep; sleepless after 4 a.m.; ameliorated by a short sleep during the day

5. EXHAUSTION: from overwork, too much pressure

6. SYMPATHETIC; anxiety about others

7. SENSITIVE TO ANGUISH: Horrible things affect them profoundly; cannot watch murder, suffering, cruelties, surgery, etc., on TV

8. SENSITIVE to music; weeps from music

9. FEAR of cancer; in a crowd; in narrow places; in high places; spiders, mice, snakes; failure in examinations; failure; thunderstorms

10. DESIRES dancing, marked sense of rhythm

11. DESIRES: to read but finds it impossibile because of difficult concentration or mental exhaustion, difficulty due to dysexia

12. DESIRES: to travel

13. DESIRES: animals, loves nature, sea, thunderstorms, storms.

14. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Hay fever; chronic, long continued coryza; chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis; infectious mononeucleosis, acne; fibromas, ovarian cysts; sterility; warts on soles and palms of hands; acne, pustules on the back; severe acne; molluscum contagiosum

15. AGGRAVATION:before menses: aggressiveness, sadness, irritability, industriousness, swelling of mammae, painful mammae

16. AMELIORATION: short sleep; occupation

Specific Symptoms of Cupr
mentally and physically, strong willed., lack of flexibility


; closed mind, suppressed feelings

4. METHODICAL: Very organized; planning everything; likes to have an overview of the entire situation; likes to have everything under his control
Very respectful of rules angry when others do not follow them

5. TENSION & CRAMP on the mental, emotional and physical leves; mental

6. AMBITIOUS; to be the best

7. SENSITIVE: to injustice

8. DEMENOUR: Hard worker, very active, never has time to rest or to relax; has many activities, very organized; other people can hardly believe that one person can do so many things; works so hard yet does not feel fatigue; he plans the whole day; strong desire to finish the task at hand.

9. DEMENOUR respectful of rules

10. DEMENOUR: Perseveres, never gives up

11. DEMENOUR: Critical of himself and of others

12. DEMENOUR: Dictatorial

13. DEMENOUR: Requires being independent

14. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Muscular tensions, convulsions, migraine, asthma, angina pectoris, hypertension, spastic colon, cramps or tension in muscles, trembling, twitching, Raynauds, coldness of extremities, icy coldness; coldness of hands, of fingers (Raynaud's), cold feet

15. AGGRAVATION: mental or physical overwork, touch, before menses; suppression, suppressed foot sweat


  • occupation; cold drinks (cough, nausea, vomiting, hiccoughs and spasms); perspiration
  • Likes strong physical exertion that requires endurance: running, swimming, bicycling; wants to win and goes to the limit; feels much better after strong physical exertion.


Case Histories
Carcinosinum (15T)
Cuprum metallicum

Case 1
A 50 year old lady had a dry cough for about ten years with retching and sometimes vomiting. The hospital had diagnosed a tear in her diaphragm as the cause of her chronic cough which she understood she had to live with. She coughed day and night, had a dry mouth and was better for drinking sips of water. If awakened from coughing  she lay on her right side. The source of her cough and vomiting was a cramp behind her sternum which was aggravated by emotional stress. (She worked as a maternity assistant and had a tendency to take the problems of the patients with her.) Her cough was also aggravated by physical exertion as well as breadcrumbs and spicy food. If she had too much work there was a tension in her shoulders which she relaxed by reading, sleeping and swimming.  She felt an itch in her right throat and larynx, always had cold hands, feet and legs. Even in the summer and she disliked swimming in cold water. Her hobbies were walking, reading (from childhood) and gardening. She loved nature and the sea. When she had more time she knitted and sewed a lot. She disliked crowds and had fear of high places, was afraid of snakes and described herself as yielding, easygoing, not easily saying no. She has a caring character and wanted to be perfect. In her work she was tidy, but for the rest rather untidy. She was never late to work or for important appointments. She got emotional from music, a book or movie, and she liked dancing. Her sclerae were blue.

From the forgoing it is obvious that she has many |Carc symptoms. (ie sympathic anxiety, sensitivity to anguish, emotional to music, inability to refuse, desires to read etc) although her cough, cramps and tension provide some hints of Cupr. Other Cupr indicators include her determination (once a course of action is decided it will be carried out even years later) she never gives up, gets angry easily from injustice done to herself and others, respects the rules of the road and can wait alone with her bicycle for traffic lights to change while other cyclists pass by. If she sits in a car with someone else she is as attentive as the driver himself.

1st Prescription: Cars + Cupr (CCC) 30C weekly

Results: Two months later she experiences angina after every dose with pains and stiffness in her arms and shoulders. Her cough is unchanged but she now has expectoration but the vomiting has disappeared.

2nd Prescription: Continue CCC 30C weekly

Results: After a further ten weeks the shoulders and arm pain and stiffness remained as did the cough but the expectoration had disappeared.

3rd Prescription: Continue CCC 30C weekly

Results: Her cough had reduced and seemed to be not so deep. Her mouth was less dry and she felt quieter, less pushed around, had more energy, her hands were warmer although her legs and feet are still cold. She decided to work less and to take more time for herself and was amazed to discover that people she liked for years now appeared not nice. (ie she had deeper insight). She was now able to see things more clearly in a more detached way as a consequence of which she reacted more appropriately. By the end of the week she felt restless and bothered and needed the next CCC dose.

4th Prescription: Continue CCC 30K every week.

Results: Three months later she felt fine. She only coughed when eating, teeth brushing, in a smoky rooms and when in a hurry. She said: I feel much happier now, better in my skin. Before I believed that I had to please everybody, but that is not the case any more.

5th Prescriuption: CCC 200Kevery two weeks.

Results: Three months later she still progressed. She felt her lungs more open and could breathe easier. Her cough was almost completely gone. She felt quiet and had good energy.
A further four months and she reported that her feet and legs were now warm, but she still coughed a little bit and still has a dry mouth. Emotionally, she hadnt felt this good in years.

6th Prescription: CCC 1M every three week.

Results: Three months later the shoulder tension had gone, her humor was much better and she felt happy There was still a little cough although it was becoming very gradually less and less.

Case 2:
CCC is frequently used as a general remedy in cancer cases along with a tumor specific remedy. However this Materia Medica is not the place to explain extensively my approach (Dr Tinus Smitss) to cancer this case is interesting because two layer remedies were used at the same time to treat this 62-year-old man of colon cancer. For now I will only lift a corner of the veil. CCC or Carc are used for the basic treatment of every cancer patient to restore reactivity at the physical, emotional and mental levels and to train the immune system to function again. The choice between CCC and Carc is done on symptoms and, in general, it is easy to differentiate between the two. Cancer treatment has to be intensive and multidisciplinary. Thats why I use also orthomolecular supplements and tumor refraining substances along with healthy diet and healthy life style, etc.

The man came to see me after an operation for colon cancer with metastasis in the abdominal lymph nodes, in the liver and in the right lower lobe of his lungs, just above his liver. The surgeo proposed  operating on his liver and after that to commence chemo. However many things went wrong in the hospital, and the patient felt as if there was no real interest taken in him. So he said to the doctor: I believe I am here more for you than you for me and he left without any further treatment.

Then he came to me five years after this operation. In the intermitting period he lived at home like a zombie, had a complete breakdown and survived a heart attack. Considering his history he was still in very good condition. His sleep, appetite and energy were good.

He was one of three children and had an unhappy childhood. When three he got diphtheria and was placed in quarantine for weeks. The first night he was in the same room as an 18-year-old young man who died that very night. As a result of this he developed a fear of abandonment and felt forsaken. His parents didnt come to see him, because all the same they could not talk with him. His mother was a victimof his father, he said and his father was very dictatorial and demanding. At age eleven he went to attend a seminary but was sent home after three years because he associated with a girl while ice-skating.

 He was a failure in the eyes of his father who sent him to work. Unconsciously, he lived the life of his father and signed up for six years of military service when he was eighteen years old. He just did it to be accepted by his father and his friends. The age was a period of women and alcohol. It was a macho culture where I didnt belong, he says now, and I knew that I made the wrong decision by signing. It has damaged my soul. Later he started a career in business, working for money and prestige. Finally, he became director of a hospital service with 130 employees. This was a step too far, and he collapsed. After recovering he commenced training in psychoanalysis.

On the financial level he was very skillful; he was able to sell whatever he wanted. He was a perfectionist and go-getter. He was always on time and very organized in his work, but chaotic at home. He had everything under his control. He disliked rules because they hinded him from getting what he wanted. He can become very angry about injustice and when people dont keep their promises or hold things in confidence. He was afraid of pain, poverty, violence, high places, spiders, mice and insects. He liked very much to listen to music. Now he is thinking deeply about death and preparing himself, because he wants to pass in love, as beautifully as possible, he says.

It was obvious that he has had two big traumas in his life: his hospitalistion which was definitely a mother problem; and the problems he had with his father which resulted in him spending much of his life trying to excel his father and to prove that he was the better

1st Prescription: CCC 30K 4 days in even weeks and Sacc 30K 4 days in uneven weeks.
He got also Chelidonium, Cholesterinum, Berberis and Solidago, all in 6X, one tablet every day to drain his liver, kidneys and digestive system.

Results: Two months later he felt fine, was happier, had no pain and had a better stool.

2nd Prescription: Because of his low erythrocyte zinc level (140 mcg/mol instead of 180-200) he was given extra zinc, Vitamin B6, MSM 1000mg, L-Glutamine 500mg all twice a day and L-Cysteine 500mg once a day whilst Glutathione was reduced to 300mg twice a day.

Results: Three and a half months later he felt formidable. He said "Life is like a festival". He is traveling around the world, and made 14 air journeys last year. "I am ready. I have prepared everything: my own mortuary card, the mourning card and I have visited different churches and graveyards and made my choice. Now I am ready for life. I just have fear of pain; that is all."

3rd Prescription: CCC 200K and Sacc200K, both 4 days/wk alternate wks. followed by 1M after a further five months. . 

Results: It is now eighteen months after the commencement of Homeopathic treatment. He lives intensively he lets life flow and cancer is out of his mind. He feels great. "I am not interested in a diagnosis now; I dont have to know if my cancer is still there. I am ready to die. If it is tomorrow it is OK. If it is in ten years it is OK also. Every day is a gift and I enjoy it fully."


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Universal Layers
Carcinosinum (15T)
Cuprum metallicum

CCC = Carbon Copy Cloner
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CCC = Cork County Cricket
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(on  the Mardyke)

CCC = Cork County Council
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(Statio bene fida caninis
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Corpus Christi College
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