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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.




















Anacardium orientale,
universal layers, dichotomy of mind, emotion and physical action,
split personality, lack of singleness of purpose,
two divergent wills, someone else takes possession,
under someone elses control, dominated, delusions,


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Universal Layers
Inspiring Homeopathy

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Abstracted by
Dr Peter Darashah
from the original by
Dr Tinus Smits

Inspiring Homeopathy
Universal Layer

Anacardium orientale




Case Histories

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The focus of Anacardium orientale (Anac) is on duality when typically there are contradictory energies in a person. We have all heard of people who have twin personalities, of individuals struggling between good and evil, of Dr Jekyll and Hyde characters, of constitutions constantly oscillating between two extremes (ie love & hate, anger & peace, joy & sadness) or of people who suffer from bipolar emotions. In such circumstances patients often describe themselves as feeling as if they are two people at the same time.

Another type of duality exists when a person finds themselves in a situation in which they cannot live as they would wish. This is an imposed duality in which their own will is supplanted by the will of someone else, This can happen when parents are over strict a situation which can lead to a Carc state. Other typical situations where imposed duality situations can arise are in a marriage or at work. In such situations the prime will of the individual is subjugated to a secondary position whilst the imposed will of the outside influence gains precedence (or takes over) and for all intents and purposes becomes the prime will of the individual. Descriptions in the Homeopathic materia medica for this phenomenon include, as if being possessed, as if having two wills or as if a devil is sitting on his back.

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Anacardium orientale

Split personality as a result of alternating emotional states. The individual lacks unity or singleness of purpose of mind, emotion and physical actions and is permanently confused, muddled and unclear.

: Severe emotional trauma from someone else taking possession of them with strong domination, leading to the imposition of the dominator's will on the individual. This possession results in the existence of two diverging wills within the possessed person (ie a dualistic situation); the dominant will of the possessor and the subservient will of the possessed. There is thus a dichotomy of mind, emotion and physical action which becomes apparent as a lack of integration, and singleness of purpose with a strong tendency to pick up the energy or entity of other persons.

3. PROFOUND MELANCHOLY/ HYPOCHONDRIASIS; delusion that they are not allowed to enjoy life on account of some outer force, or be what they are meant to be, to do what they should do, etc They feel that there is no direction in life; everything seems to go wrong; there is no progression because of contradictory forces, the whole of life seems to be a big struggle without any outcome, The situation could be compared to a car stuck in the mud with people pushing from all four sides in an attempt of extrication. Anacardium puts everybody behind the car pushing in a single direction.

5. NEURASTHENIC; physical and mental. Lack of power.

6. LOSS OF MEMORY, for proper names, for everything that he has seen, for words; deafness with loss of memory

7. DELUSIONS: when walking as if someone were in pursuit,  hears voices and is suspicious of everything.

8. DELUSIONS: hears voices from far away or of dead persons; suffers from hallucinations.

9. THOUGHTS: of being two people. They often describe their state as "My situation is so double" or "Its like I am two different persons". These patients think as if their father, mother, brother, teacher, director, etc. is still looking over their shoulder and judging and deciding what is best for them to do. They are still dependent upon persons who manipulated or dominated them in the past.

10. THOUGHTS: that are filled with hatred; cruelty; maliciousness, wicked disposition; mischievousness; suspicion; want of moral sentiment; unsocial.

11. FEARS: of examinations in students, stage-fright, nervous exhaustion from over-study; loss of confidence

12. SENSATION of being under the control of someone else, who is stronger than them, who cannot be resisted and that they are under the control of a super-human

13. SENSATION: of being disconnected emotionally, mentally and physically

14.CONFLICT OF WILL, saying things opposed to his intention; in continuous conflict with himself; confusion, sense of duality; weakness of will; loss of will after apoplexy; delusion that mind and body are separated, that he is double, that he is separated from the world; symptoms on one side, one good side, one bad side

15. CONFUSION: as to what is part of themselves and what is part of someone else

16. CONFUSION: laughs at serious matters; serious over laughable things

17. CONFUSION: especially in an action of good or evil; he cannot settle between doing this or that, he hesitates and often does nothing

18. CONFUSION: everything appears as if in a dream, there is no reality

19. LACK OF ESTEEM: feels worthless

20. SENSITIVE: easily offended, takes everything in bad part

21. DESIRES: to curse and swear.


  • Chillines  and great sensitivity to cold and currents of air.
  • Pressing or penetrating pain as from a PLUG in various parts: eyes, rectum, bladder, etc.
  • Sensation of band or hoop around the part
  • Inactive bowels; ineffectual urging and straining; rectum seems powerless, as if plugged up; even soft stool passes with difficulty; urging for stool, great desire passes away with effort
  • Skin symptoms with excessive itching, like Rhus-t
  • Sleeplessness every other day; spells of sleeplessness lasting for several nights

    23. AMELIORATION: eating (gastric symptoms, headache, etc., even cheerful during eating, symptoms recur two hours after eating, when stomach is empty); warmth

    24. AGGRAVATION: beginning motion, morning, evening to midnight; application of hot water


Case Histories
Anacardium orientale

Case 1:
This is a follow up case from a patient who went through the layers of  Seb-c and Sacc and has now arrived at the Rhus-t level from whence she will pass to Anac before finally returning to Rhus-t.

As a child she was tremendously anxious even when nothing had happened to cause such anxiety. She was easily panicked in a crowd. Whenever she took a train she always had the feeling that she had been bad and had to be punished. As a child she had the feeling that she had to save her mother, but that she was incapable of doing it. She had also an inborn fear of needles with a tendency to faint. During these sensations she experienced a strong disgusting smell. She also remembered that she was pointed at to be gassed and that she was gassed under a shower. I considered Acidum Hydrocianicum, the gas that was used by the Germans to gas the Jews, but eventually decided otherwise

1st Prescription: Rhus-t LM6 once a day.

Results: Six weeks later she was emotionally disturbed and couldn't function normally. She felt incapable of living: "I dont feel any connection with this life. I feel insecure around people and I am losing myself with the Rhus-t. I have more and more feelings about that earlier life. My mother was a Russian Jew; she was so beautiful but quite dictatorial. I was her only child, but I could not save her."

2nd Prescription: Continue Rhus-t LM6 once every 3 days.

Result: Failure to recover. She had bouts of anger towards her own children and herself after which she felt guilty. She had the feeling that Rhus-t brought her from pain and sorrow to anger. Two and a half months after the start of Rhus tox LM6 she is still in a very difficult situation.
She felt exasperated and had the impression that life only became more difficult. There was a tremendous anxiety about living with a strong tendency to punish herself which gave her a sense of being alive. She developed a strong feeling of guilt, a feeling that she had to pray and do penance for her sins and that she had been very bad. In the evening while in bed she saw spontaneous images of herself as a Jew being transported in a train and finally gassed as a result of which she was very afraid until they disappeared. She also has the delusion that she was not allowed to undertake anything and that she would be punished for whatever she did. She felt as if there was a monster in her head that would punish her if she got angry. The monster oppressed her and prevented her from living. She was not capable of fighting this monster; it was always there. "It is my mother from that earlier life," she confessed finally. "I have to fight, but I am scared and so tired. If I fight she is manifesting herself and pushes me under; I have to stay apathetic and cannot breathe deeply. She always wins."

3rd Prescription: Anac 30K once a week.

Results: The situation was too threatening and she cooldnt handle the situation. This also seemed to be a perfect Anac state to me. Subsequently she felt much better. Her anxiety disappeared as does the monster. She was still very tired, had pain in her muscles and still had a strong feeling of not wanting to live here on earth.

4th Prescription: After one month  on 30K the prescription id increased to Anac 200K once every 2 weeks.

Results: Again she is better. She became more active and was able to undertake responsibilities. Some days she was extremely angry but her fatigue was less and her will power increased and she could breath deeply as well. The monster was still there from time to time especially if she enjoyed life: "I have not the right to enjoy," she said. Sometimes she had a tendency to hurt others, as if this made her own pain less. She had a tendency to attract people who would trample on her feelings. She relapsed still from time to time but mainly progresses steadily on the 1M and 10M potencies. Her desire to participate in life increased and she felt human. She said: "I am able now to connect with people as they are here on earth. I have always experienced life as a punishment, but I want to say yes to life now."

5th Prescription: Anac 50M is given every 3 wks.

Results: After one and a half years all her problems were not resolved but she was participating fully in life. She still had some apprehension about being with other people but it is not hindering her from going out anymore. The monster had completely disappeared.

6th Prescription: Rhus-t

Results:  She was now able to handle this remedy which helped her a lot in overcoming her anger bouts.


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