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Story of V.D. Kaviraj 
Pioneer in Agro-Homeopathy

V.D. Kaviraj is a Dutch homeopath, author, researcher and pioneer in
Agro-homeopathy. This story is told in his own words.
Its about discovery, jealously, intrigue, kidnap, arson and finally government banishment.

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As for what happened with those apple trees, well, here it is. Friends of mine from Arau Switzerland had a very nice house with a very large garden to the south. When their apple trees got rust, they asked me if it was also possible to treat plants with homeopathy. 'Sure', I said, 'but I know nothing about it'.
So we went outside and I saw these trees, with hanging leaves and all those red spots on the leaves, the twigs and branches and the trunks. So I asked her how long had they had this problem and she answered that it had begun three days before, with the frost and now all of them had it. Then I wanted to know if they were thirsty and she told me she watered them thrice daily, after which the leaves went up for a few hours, to then drop again.
To me that seemed like a case of 'scarlet fever' - fast, furious, dark red spots and very thirsty. So I immediately thought that Belladonna might be able to do something at least. All I had were a few pills in the 200X and we dissolved about 10 in 20 litres of water and watered the trees with that. Three days later, the rust was all gone and the plants looked healthy again. It was in the fall - around the end of September and the apples were fall ripening. The first apples had tasted very sourly-bitter, when the rust was infecting the trees and after the rust had gone, they tasted so sweet and were so juicy, unbelievable! So I was completely surprised. How had this happened??!!!I was quite flabbergasted by this success and then thought that maybe there was a way to develop this for plants too. At that time I was living in Amsterdam and had no garden so I started with pot-plants, meaning plants in pots as well as marihuana - legal to grow there - and prone to mildews, in the Dutch wet climate. I also tried to do something in public parks, but it was altogether quite a puzzle - diagnosis, provings and clinical observations were to be developed first. When I then went to Australia in 1990, I had better options - a house with a 1 hectare garden and plenty of possibilities.
The first large success came with Helix tosta, which kept snails out of the garden as if by magic. If I did not spray the weeds, they were forced to eat those, or move on - to the neighbour. That was 2 birds with one stone - or actually three. No snails on my crops, get them to work for me and a neighbour that needed something to get rid of snails. Soon the whole street was using the remedy and from there I started to write to growers clubs, offering my snail remedy. In six months time, I had the entire city of Perth using this remedy. That is when Monsanto began to make trouble for me, but that is another story altogether. After I got the snail remedy Helix tosta worked out, Monsanto and their mates began to get jittery. Imagine you loose an entire market in one city due to a competing product. If you consider that Perth has 200,000 gardens, and they sell snail pellets like they are going out of fashion - which they were - then their getting jittery was not entirely unexpected. A market share of 2 million turnover per year, for them, is nothing to sneeze at. So they decided to get me out of the way, by hook or by crook.
They sent the NRA - the National Registration Authority - after me, to get me to pay a heavy fine for not having registered my product. I explained to them the remedy was registered already with the TGA - the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The NRA told me it was illegal to sell the product without registration. I explained that on private gardens one is allowed to use anything without registration. He argued if I sell, it is an agricultural chemical and therefore requires registration. So I gave him a bottle and told him to test it for chemical content.
They next took me to court for swindle - it was only distilled water, they said. Hence it was worse than snake-oil. The judge wanted to know how I could sell it and apparently be successful. I had brought testimonies from happy clients and gave them to the judge. Then I said that the NRA may think I am able to fool people with placebo. Even animals might so be fooled, if you consider they react positively to attempts at help. But if the NRA thought I could fool plants with placebo, then they were more superstitious than we with our so-called moonshine medicine, which supposedly does not contain anything but water. And if water is an agricultural chemical, they should sue the clouds for raining water on the land without registration. The judge told them not to waste the court's time with trivialities.
The next attempt was through kidnap. In Australia, when you have car trouble, you simply open the hood and everyone will stop to help - one is often miles from the first garage or even town and thus one helps those with trouble. So one day I passed a car in obvious trouble, stopped and got out to help. They acted as if they had no idea of the problem and as I ducked under the hood to look, I was hit with a sock filled with sand and passed out. When I came to, I found myself bound and in the boot of a car, underway to God knows where. Since I did a lot of yoga when younger and am very flexible, I managed to get my arms in front of me and with my teeth undid the knots. Then I freed my ankles and pushed the backrest of the seat forward, to find out if I could discover what they planned. These guys were amateurs and decided to bring me into the desert for about 100kms, to let me walk back - if I made it without water and food. If they had succeeded, I wonder if anyone would have found my bleeched bones yet today.
They stopped somewhere at a gas station for food and I could have escaped then and there, but I decided to find out who ordered the kidnap and why. As they checked the boot, I kicked it open. The idiot who opened it had his finger through the key ring and it nearly got ripped off and was badly broken. The other fellow was so surprised I was able to eliminate his fighting capacity too. I have a black belt in judo, which came in very handy. I used the car jack to threaten them and made the healthy one tie up the damaged finger dude. Then I sat down with them to find out why and wherefore.
It appeared the foreman had ordered them to do the kidnap, against a royal fee of 10 grand per person, to force me to stop producing. I brought them to the nearest copshop and they sued me for assault, which I countersued for the same. I pleaded self-defense and got away with it.
Then they tried arson and lit up my factory, which was in a weatherboard shed in the industrial area. The fire department was close by so they could extinguish the fire, before my alcohol stock went up. I moved to a steel and brick shed after. Then they tried my representatives, by beating them up and putting them in hospital. Finally I got to know the publisher of Australian Mining Monthly, a mag about the benefits of mining, whose publisher wanted to do something ecological with his dosh. I offered to help the mining industry with rehabilitation of the old mines that were no longer in use and which must be brought back in original state after they close. I also told him he might throw his money away, given the efforts by agribusiness to eliminate the competition. He told me not to worry, mining and agribusiness are like four hands on one belly, and he would make sure they stopped. They did.
Meanwhile, the NRA increased their fees and made laws to be passed requiring registration for my products. It went from A$20 to A$200, to A$2000, every two years. Finally in 1999 they screwed it up to A$20,000. I was finished, because for 30 products this amounted to A$600,000. per year. At 2.5 million turnover, we could no longer afford it and had to close down the business. In 2000 I left Australia to try my luck elsewhere.  
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Photo of V.D.Kaviraj


Photo of book by VD Kaviraj

Homeopathy for Farm and Garden
V.D. Kaviraj
Published by
Homeopathic Educational Services
The FIRST book of its type: this is a book that will teach you how to use homeopathics in treating your farm or garden plants and trees. Written by a homeopath who has specialized in treating plants for 20 years.

For al, those confused about the identity of the author of Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden,
my legal name is Ben Rozendal with a z and my author name is Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj - anyone ever heard of writing under pseudonym? Mark Twain is a good example.
For those that want my email,
Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.

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