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Materia Medica

Sumbul ferula or musk root is of the umbelliferous genus which includes Ferula asafoetida that yields pungent oils and resins. They were used formerly as carminatives and now as cat and dog repellents along with the related plant Ferula galbanum. Today the use of musk is mainly as a component of fragrances, as a fixative in perfumes and as a class of aromatic substance commonly used as base notes in perfumery.

1. Uses
1a. Respiratory
Asthma (cardiac or spasmodic), Catarrh (throat), Coryza, Cough (hacking), Hoarseness, Throat spasm,

1b. Cardiological
Angina, Arrhythmia, Arteriosclerosis, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Neuralgia (heart affectations), Palpitations,

1c. Other
Epilepsy, Hysteria, Insomnia (alcoholic), Menses (early, scanty, flushing at climax), Porrigo capitis (dermatitis of the scalp), Neuralgic pain (breasts, chest, face, ovary, uterus), Worms (abdominal ascarides)

2. Materia Medica
2a. Mentals
Mainly of happy, smiling, cheerful carefree disposition but as with all Sumbul mentals the opposite can also be the case (ie depressed, irritable, anxious, fidgety, disagreeable) Such opposing symptomology is because of the prevailing modality of aggravation in the morning with amelioration at night. Similarly thinking, concentration, fear and anxiety, hysteria, excitability, ability to write and calculate are all poor in the morning with the converse towards evening and night.

2b. Generals
Mainly left sided
Chorea and constant jerking of head and extensors
Sensation of falling forwards (Epilepsy)
Hysteria with inclination to faint at the least cause
Neuralgic pain (breasts, chest, face, ovary, uterus)
Constantly cold with an inability to keep warm. There is a numbness of extremities on getting cold particularly on the left side. The subject feels the least draft down the back & spine. Skin and body feels cold to touch.

2c. Head
Great feeling of cold in the head with ebullitions accompanied with lightness and exhilaration. Makes frequent mistakes in writing and calculating. Porrigo capitis particularly on the left scalp of infants. 

2d. Respiratory
Nose - cold with coryza and full of tenacious yellow mucus, worse left nostril. Picks nose (ie worms)
Throat - Burning heat and rawness. Hoarseness. Catarrh with nervous irritation and spasms of choking hacking cough. Constant swallowing. Tenacious mucus in throat.
Chest - Asthmatic (spasmodic) respiration with knife like chest pains on inspiration
Tensive and/or knife like pain particularly in left breast

2e. Cardiac
Strong jerky, irregular pulse
Nervous affectations in hysterical subjects.
Ebullitions extending from the heart up the back and neck
Inelastic heart vessels causing a tightness in the area of the heart and chest
Sensation of heaviness under the sternum.

2f. Gastro Intestinal Tract
- Stomach
Large appetite with nausea
- Abdomen
Painful, tight, drum like distension.
Pain in right hypochondrium.
- Excretory
Constipation. Rectum protrudes. Heamorrhoids.
Oily pellicle (thin surface coating) over urine.

2g. Extremities
Left arm numb, with shooting pain in the fingers
Rheumatic legs, trembling feet

2h. Sexual
Male - Loss of libido
Female - Menses (early, scanty, flushing at climax). Corkscrew pain in left uterus

2i. Sleep
Sleepy during day, sleepless at night
Interrupted sleep with dreams and restless jerky limbs.

2j. Modalities
- Aggravation
Thinking about/ paying attention to symptoms (particularly cardiac affectations)

- Amelioration
Evening/ night

3.Sumbul as Similimum
Like every homoeopathic remedy Sumbul is useful when indicated. It will disappoint
when the symptoms are not covered in totality. In particular there needs to be a predominance of the mentals, generals and modalities. Where this is the case nothing can excel it in efficiency.

The wide scope of its effectiveness is evidenced from its uses. Recent evidence suggests that Sumbul has a pleiotrophic effect that may largely account for this phenomenon. (A pleiotrophic effect is when multiple, often seemingly unrelated, physical effects occur as the result of a single altered gene. Such genes which influence multiple characteristics are called pleiotrophic genes. This is in contradistinction to normal genes which are specific for a single characteristic. It is therefore thought that Sumbul excercises its wide ranging effects by targeting pleiotrophic genes.)

4. Mode of Action
Time and again, homoeopaths are questioned about the modes of action of our remedies on the cellular plane. The department of Homoeopathic Cardiology of The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India, after proving the above-mentioned drug, has proposed the following hypothesis of action for Sumbul as summarised follows-

4a. Endothelial Function
The Endothelium is the inner lining of blood vessels within which exist specialised function cells. These function cells release vital hormones into the blood stream which modulate both vascular tone as well as the process of inflammation and thereby influence the formation of atherosclerosis. Its well established that Endothelial Dysfunction is the first step of the chain of atherosclerosis and vascular disease. Central to the dysfunction is the deregulation of endothelial derived Nitric Oxide. This chemical plays a major role in endothelial function. Sumbul brings about a reversal of epithelial dysfunction by increasing the bioavailability of nitric oxide which in turn prevents the pile up of cholesterol and other vascular debris. 

4b. Inflammation
Inflammatory processes are early signs of atherosclerosis and the establishment of atherosclerotic plaque. A number of clinical studies have shown a clear correlation between the reduction in inflammation and a positive clinical outcome. Sumbul is believed to inhibit this process of local inflammation.

4c. Plaque Stability
Artherosclerotic plaque is complex being composed of cholesterol, fibrous and smooth muscle cells , macrophages with associated T-cells, inflammatory cells as well as various mineral deposits. At the same time within the plaque itself there is dynamic interaction between each component. Sometimes this interaction results in plaque rupture leading to an acute coronary situation.  Sumbul helps to stabilise the plaque thereby preventing rupture and episodes of ischemia.

4d. Smooth Cell Proliferation
Studies at the Homoeopathic Cardiology department of The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India, Academy suggest that by controlling smooth muscle proliferation, Sumbul may modulate cellular proliferation of the arterial wall of proliferative atherosclerotic lesions.

4e. Vasculogenesis
Sumbul promotes cellular vasculogenesis and thus contributes in reducing the recurrence of coronary vascular events.

Sumbul has been shown to stabilise unstable plaques, improve vascular relaxation and promote vasculogenesis at the cellular level. The clinical relevance of these effects is now a reality.





Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Ferula sumbul 
Common Name: Musk root 
Homeopahtic: Sumbul  

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