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The mineral Sulphur is found in every cell of the body. Sulphur is especially concentrated in the hair, skin and nails.

Sulphur is an extremely important homeopathic remedy. Sulphur has deep action on many systems of the body. Homeopathic Sulphur is not the same as sulfa drugs or sulphur caused allergies. Sulphur is a polycrest remedy meaning it can be used for various problems and effects various systems in the body. Sulphur is a common homeopathic remedy for seasonal, constitutional, and chronic health concerns. Sulphur can help when well selected remedies have failed to act.

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#1 Skin Remedy: unhealthy looking skin, dirty looking skin, red, exzema that is dry, hot, scaly, burning, itchy. Acne with rough, hard, red and irritated skin. Sulphur is especially concentrated in the hair, skin and nails and is a useful remedy for unhealthy skin and hair, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. Dry or scaly skin that feels worse with heat and water. Dry itchy scalp. 

Useful for: Key Symptoms:
UNHEALTHY Burning heat, especially soles of feet
SKIN Offensive sweat
Itching, dry & burning skin, made worse by bathing or scratching
Every little injury becomes infected
All orifices red: lips, eyelids, nose, anus
Aversion to bathing
ECZEMA Dry, scaly, flaking skin eruptions
Burning pain with much itching
ACNE Itching, burning
Rough, hard, scaly skin
STYES Chronically inflamed eyelids
Eyelids burn & itch, made worse by heat
CONJUNCTIVITIS Red-rimmed, burning or ulcerated eyelids
COLDS Nose stuffed indoors
Red, scabby eruptions about nose
Dry scabs in nose, bleed easily
DIGESTIVE DISORDERS Drinks much; eats little
Craves sweets & fats
Milk disagrees
Loves fats
"All gone" sensation about 11:00a.m.; must eat
NAUSEA Of pregnancy
CONSTIPATION Burning anus with itching
Stools dry, bard & dark
Stool large & painful, held back because of pain
Pain from rectal fissure: feeling of "something left behind"
Ineffectual urging alternating with diarrhea
HEMORRHOIDS Burning & itching
DIARRHEA Alternating with constipation
Changeable stools: one yellow & watery, the next with slimy undigested food
Morning diarrhea drives patient out of bed
SHORTNESS OF BREATH In middle of night
Relieved by sitting up
Sensation of a load on chest
Better from: Dry, warm weather , Lying on right side,
Atmospheric changes, Standing
Worse from: Bathing, Warmth of bed, Drawing up affected limbs,
Sweating, Open air, Motion

Take 10 question self-quiz for quick insight on if Sulphur suits you.
1 Do you have a tendency to catch colds easily?
2 Are you starved all of a sudden at 11 a.m.?
3 Do your feet smell, do you have offensive flatuence and sweat?
4 Do you have red scabby eruptions about the nose with your colds?
5 Do you have nightime shortness of breath, feel like pressure on your chest, better sitting up?
6 Do you experience constipation with burning, itching, ineffective straining?
7 Do you suffer from eye problems? Red eyelids, styes, itchy eyes?
8 Would you just as soon not bother with washing, bathing?
9 Are you symptoms worse from cold, dampness, a hot bed, sweating, bathing?
10 Are your symptoms better from lying on the right side, drinking water, and from fresh warm air?

Your "YES" answers on the survey indicate symptoms that can be helped with Sulphur.
Keynotes with ailments helped with Sulphur are:
symptoms of redness, itching, and burning. Sulphur may be helpful for burning or itchy skin, hangnails, hemorrhoids.
Better from: Dry, warm weather , Lying on right side, Atmospheric changes, Standing
Worse from: Bathing, Dislike of bathing, Warmth of bed, Drawing up affected
limbs, Sweating, Open air, Motion


Photo Sulphur
Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Sulphurus
Common Name: Brimstone
: Sulphur
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Remedy Headers
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Decachords by
Gladstone Clarke


1. Scrofulous, plethoric persons with very red lips ; subject to skin eruptions especially acne ; hasty in temper and motion ; often untidy and dirty - "ragged philosopher" - spare, stoop-shouldered, slack, shiftless, sensitive, sedentary. Emaciated children with big bellies, intolerant of bathing and covering ; often dirty habits.

2. Mental and physical inertia ; selfish, self-important, obstinate ; chronic grumbler ; melancholy yet often full of daydreams (even illusions) producing a foolish kind of happiness ; lack of concentration ; weak memory especially for names and recent events ; over sensitiveness to bad odours.

3. Burnings everywhere, especially vertex, palms and soles at night ; puts feet out of bed ; > cold.

4. All discharges burning, excoriating and generally offensive.

5. Local congestions especially at climaxis ; flashes of heat, faintness followed by sweating (Sepia, Lachesis) ; often assoc. with sinking, all-gone sensation in the forenoon (Phosphorus, Sepia).

6. Gastro-intestinal disorders ; marked hunger and thirst yet stays thin ; or drinks much, eats little ; much flatulence with borborygmus and emissions of gas ; < milk ; liking for sweet things ; usually constipation with piles ; stools large and painful (makes child afraid to go to stool) ; acute attacks of diarrhoea especially in the morning ; urgent, driving out of bed (Aloe).

7. Skin dirty, diseased ; every injury suppurates ; eruptions of every kind especially pustular ; < warmth, especially of bed at night, washing ; must scratch but leaves burning ; boils in crops ; chronic ailments with history of suppressed eruptions.

8. Catnap sleep ; slightest noise awakens then difficulty in getting to sleep again ; sleepy yet always wakes up unrefreshed.

9. Complaints constantly relapsing ; also arouses defective reaction especially in acute diseases ; facilitates absorption of serous and inflammatory exudations ; when paucity of symptoms often serves to bring out the true drug picture.

10. Modalities ; < heat (except headache) must have air yet may be sensitive to cold ; < warmth of bed ; slightest change of temperature especially skin symptoms ; midday and midnight ; standing still ; bathing.

Notes : Chronic of Aconite.Most used remedy in dark-skinned races.
Prescribe with caution in phthisical patients.
Sulphur and Lycopodium do not follow one another well ; remember Sulphur, Calcarea carbonica, Lycopodium order. 

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