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DELUSION alone, she is always
DELUSION alone wilderness, being a. in a
DELUSION animals persons are.
DELUSION cut through, he is
DELUSION devoured by animals, of being
DELUSION dogs others are, barks at them to be understood
DELUSION dogs attack him
DELUSION dogs, biting his chest
DELUSION executioner, visions of an
DELUSION house surrounded, is
DELUSION murdered, roasted and eaten, he was
DELUSION wolves, of
FEAR delusions, f. from
FEAR devoured by animals, of being
FEAR tunnel, of

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The above symptoms help us to understand Stramonium mind state. Stramonium persons need constant support from their social environment. They are persons that grew up dependent on an overprotective mother, who often feels ambivalent about her parental role. Therefore these persons have not developed the adaptability needed to confront the stress of their environment.
They need support to bear any external change. They behave like babies rather than like grown-ups. Babies are attached to their mothers and if left alone, they feel lonely and helpless. They need their mothers to satisfy every need they have. This is the situation corresponding to this remedy.
Of course being an adult and having the emotional needs of a baby causes problems. It is difficult to provide constant support to persons who considering their biological and social standards should be independent. Thus these persons experience constant frustrations that provoke an intense aggressiveness. It is the aggressiveness babies feel towards a bad breast, because it does not satisfy their needs.

Expression of aggressiveness however is not the rule in this remedy. These persons show their aggressiveness further and the environment becomes a threat. Therefore not only they feel abandoned but threatened as well. They feel like being a man of the city lost in the jungle. Behind every foliation movement there might be a wild animal ready to tear them into pieces illusion of being alone in a wild place. Thus they adapt a frightened attitude.
The illusions mentioned above, related to this remedy about dogs and fear of being bitten and torn into pieces, have to do with expression of the persons own aggressiveness towards other people who deny their support. Various fears in Stramonium persons such as fear of darkness, of tunnels, of water, of shiny items e.t.c have to do with their aggressive impulses too.

Stramonium person has an inadequately constituted Ego; this is a syphilitic characteristic. An inadequately constituted Ego, as it is the case with propsychotic personality, maintain a certain confusion concerning his dissociation from the environment. This happens because there is a fluidity of the Ego boundaries (destruction of structure), which allows the syphilitic person to attribute some of his own thoughts, intentions, qualities to other persons and vice-versa through constant and primordial.

Identifications without demarcation from reality facilitate segmental projection and introjection of various elements; as a result of that a Stramonium personality may show contrasting qualities at a certain time. The contrasting elements make the person take a position with ambivalence on various subjects. There is a fluidity of the Ego boundaries, there is no basic framework on which basic information will be built and elaborated. A person like that has doubts about his very own existence, he doubts his identity.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:
CONFUSION identity, as to his
CONFUSION identity, duality, sense of
DELUSION body alive on one side, buried on the other
DELUSION body is divided
DELUSION body scattered about bed, tossed about to get the pieces together
DELUSION cut through, in two
DELUSION divided into two parts
DELUSION divided, cut in two parts, or
DELUSION identity, errors of personal
DELUSION light incorporeal, he is
DELUSION side, he is alive on one and buried on the other
DELUSION feet separated from body, are
DELUSION hand separated from body, is
DELUSION hat is a pair of trousers which he tries to put on

Stramonium persons also show great narcissism. They have difficulty in investing love in any other person but themselves. They have not developed a social feeling, they offer nothing of themselves to society and to its laws, e.g. they refuse to do their military service or to make family or to engage themselves into an emotional relationship. When in a love affair, they have difficulty in having a complete, mature contact. Sometimes they think to much of themselves. Behind this however there is a deep sense of incompetence. They often demand of other people money, work, love e.t.c. so they get attached to persons who seem powerful and constantly of them to satisfy their needs. We remark again the behavior of a baby, who constantly needs to be given things but is unable to give. They also have the omnipotence of a baby, who can have control over everybody else.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:
CHILDISH behavior
DELUSION beautiful, she is b. and wants to be
DELUSIONS statue, poses as, to be admired
DELUSION enlarged, body, parts of
DELUSION enlarged tall, is very
DELUSION large himself seems too
DELUSION large parts of body seem too
DELUSION mice, sees
DELUSION tall he is
DELUSION tall she is very
DELUSION small, things appear

Stramonium persons, besides an intense narcissism, also show a magical thinking and a tendency to omnipotence. They tend to engage themselves into mysticism. They like mysterious situations and are afraid of them at the same time. At times they tend to engage dogmatically into religious matters. They may come to extreme situations of dogmatism, where one reads the Bible all day long. They see evil everywhere. They concern themselves with other peoples lives.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:
DELUSION divine, being
DELUSION devils, he is a d.
DELUSIONS devils, possessed of a devil is
DELUSION devils, sees
DELUSION God communication with, he is in
DELUSION influence, is under a powerful
DELUSION power over all disease, has
DELUSION talking dead people, with
DELUSION talking with spirits
EXALTATION religious

This kind of persons are easily offended and injured by their first frustration of their wishes. Thus they withdraw quickly from displeasing stimulations as an act of defense. They create then an imaginary world and live in it. In their fantasy they create love affairs, friends, family, a spouse. They fantasize about people supporting them. They spend hours in making imaginary stories and monologues.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:
CHASES imaginary objects
DELUSION talking inanimate objects with names, t. to; but observes no one standing by him
DELUSION people sees
converses with absent
FANCIES strange
FANCIES exaltation of
FANCIES exaltation frightful
FANCIES lascivious
FANCIES pleasant
FANCIES vivid, lively
TALKS with absent persons


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: Stram
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Pentachords by
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1. Young plethoric persons who desire light and company, dread the dark and solitude.

2. Acute manias and deliriums, great terror, attempts to escape, hallucinations especially of terrible animals ; great rage with screaming, biting and scratching ; loquacity, constant praying and entreating ; staring, brilliant eyes, widely dilated pupils ; strange imaginations, e.g. of double personality, of scattered limbs, etc.

3. Spasmodic complaints ; convulsions, chorea (facial muscles chiefly affected), epilepsies ; from fright, renewed by bright light, sight of brilliant objects, at attempts to swallow liquids ; strabismus, stammering, hydrophobia.

4. Painlessness with most complaints but intense pain of suppuration particularly in abscess of left hip joint or in panaritum.

5. In fevers with intense, bright scarlet-red rash over whole body, and often suppression of all secretions and excretions.

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