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Plumbum metallicum

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Plumbum metallicum


The discovery of lead goes back to time immemorial when it was found free in nature as a lead ore called galena which is the natural mineral form of lead sulfide . It was one of the earliest metals discovered by the human race and was in use by 3000 B.C. The name is derived from the Anglo Saxon leaden. The plumber who joins and mends pipes takes his name from the Latin word plumbum, meaning lead. Plumbum too is the origin of the terms 'plumb bob and  plumb line used in surveying. Finally the chemical symbol Pb also comes from the Latin Plumbum.

Lead has a heavy, dull grey, lifeless appearance. To touch it is softer than would be expected of a metal hence its use as a writing medium in pencils. It is singularly non reactive to water, is not corrosive, does not get eaten away or require protection from the atmosphere by painting. Because of these properties the Romans used it for water pipes and for lining baths. It is also resistant to X-rays and other forms of radiation hence its use as a storage medium for radioactive materials.


Unlike iron and steel it does not need protection by painting but forms a self protecting surface film coating with atmospheric oxygen resulting in its dull lifeless appearance. Underneath the film coating lead is a bright, shiny bluish-white metal. It is this surface coating which provides the non reactive characteristic to water a property which the Romans exploited in wine making. When boiling crushed grapes, Roman vintners insisted on using lead pots or lead-lined copper kettles. "For, in the boiling," wrote Roman winemaker Columella, "brazen vessels throw off copper rust which has a disagreeable flavor." Leads sweet overtones, by contrast, were thought to add complementary flavors to wine and to food as well


Eventually, as a host of mysterious maladies became more common, some Romans began to suspect a connection between the metal and these illnesses. But the cultures habits never changed, and some historians believe that many among the Roman aristocracy suffered from lead poisoning.

Julius Caesar for example managed to father only one child, even though he enjoyed women as much as he enjoyed wine. His successor, Caesar Augustus, was reported to be completely sterile. Some scholars suggest that lead could have been the culprit for the condition of both men and a contributing factor to the fall of the Roman Empire.

A form of lead intoxication known as saturnine gout takes its name from ancient Rome. Saturn was a demonic god, a gloomy and sluggish figure who ate his own children. The Romans noticed similarities between symptoms of this disorder and the irritable god, and named the disease after him. Scientists have since learned that while there are similarities between saturnine gout and primary gout, such as elevated blood uric acid levels, these are in fact two distinct diseases.

In contradistinction of ordinary lead finely powdered lead is extremely reactive to atmospheric oxygen and bursts into flame to form various lead salts unless maintained under vacuum. There is therefore a highly excitable characteristic to lifeless lead. We shall explore this further in symptomology.


Today its uses extend to roofing, coffins, cisterns, tanks, gutters, statues, ornaments, pewter, paint, lead glazes for pottery, lead crystal, for the strips joining the pieces of coloured glass in church windows, car batteries and as an additive to raise the octane level of petrol.



Saturn is the furthest planet in the solar system that can be seen with the naked eye. For the more distant planets we need a telescope. The planet Saturn has a prominent system of rings, consisting of sixty-one known moons which orbit the planet not counting hundreds of "moonlets" within the rings of which Titan is Saturn's largest moon. These two facts ensure that astrologically Saturn is regarded as a boundary-planet establishing the boundaries, borders and limits for humanity.

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Astrologically sees Saturn is connected with 'heavy' matters like moral, conscience, law and order, organization, restriction, limitation, forms, contracts, structures, quality, dogma, tradition, social status, fixation, hardening, freezing, death, soberness and efficiency. Because of this in astrology the heavy metal Plumbum is linked with the planet Saturn.

Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) was the major Roman god of agriculture and justice. He held a sickle in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right. It was foretold that one day a mighty son of his would overthrow him so he devoured all of his children when they were born to prevent this. Saturn's wife Ops hid her sixth child, Zeus, on the island of Crete, and offered Saturn a large stone wrapped in swaddling clothes in his place which Saturn promptly devoured. Thus Zeus survived and in time overthrew his father Saturn to become the new supreme ruler of the cosmos.

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A Plumbum person is suspicious, afraid of being poisoned and afraid of being persecuted by friends, the police, the law, etc. They think that everyone is against them and trust no one. They are often sleepless because of the constant exertion of thinking and plotting for their survival and the maintenance of power. In their restlessness they keep on walking and in their frustration lash out at anything devouring all in their path.


The main mental characteristics of Pb are encapsulated by the following three rubrics



Delusions sees castle and palaces

Symbols of material wealth

Delusions thinks he is working a machine

Productivity with efficiency

Delusions people appear like dolls

An object that is lifeless and worthless

The Pb person is someone who seeks wealth and money. He is a materialist. His dream is to become rich. Moral values and ideals do not mean much to him. He uses everyone with the intention of achieving his objective. . One does not have to be rich however to be a Pb. One can be obsessed with the making of money and never make it. Such people may still be regarded as plumbum constitutions.

Professions such as industrialists, constructionists, dealer/ wheelers, the sex industry etc have more than their fair share of plumbum constitutions. The scientists may, as a career goal, specialise in the most profitable branch of his profession purely for wealth reasons. For example a doctor may become a cosmetic surgeon, an IT scientist a communications technologists, a geologist an oil technician, a business administrator a management consultant etc. Such people charge their customers well for their services which do not come cheaply. There are no discount rates for poor people or those less well off At the same time they borrow left right and centre from their relations, business associates, the rich society in their community and financial lending institutions in order to rise up financially. They tangle with financial investment in the stock market and may indulge in gambling or games of chance The Lotto slip is filled in systematically every week and from morning to evening they seek to find the perfect combination system that will secure them their fortune in order to build their dream palace. Such overindulgence should make the Homeoapth think of Pb.


The Pb parent shows little feelings for their children. They are indifferent to them and treat them like dolls. They educate them without sentiment. They dont teach their offspring to empathise and to help others less fortunate. They are only encouraged to make money. Their sexuality is devoid of sentiment. A sexual companion is nothing but an object. They use other people as pleasure dolls in order to achieve sexual release.

How does such a lifestyle end up? In the main such an avaricious lifestyle leads to a hostile attitude towards others. He thinks that others want to spoil his plans. He sees nothing but enemies. He tries in vain to find a single friend. He reaches the conclusion Everyone is only after money. There are no friends these days because everyone is using each other simply as a means to further their own purposes...."


Sometimes the Pb constitution can be close to paranoia. Their suspicion is very intense. The basic symptom is one of a disturbed conscience. They are in a state of confusion. They think that they are being chased and that their enemies have sent the police to arrest him. He thinks that they are trying to kill him and his family. They are obsessed by the delusions frightening images and pictures. They think that someone is after them; or that someone wants to kill them and their family, or that invisible people have entered their room trying to kidnap their children and wife; or that demons are trying to harm them. Obsessed with these fears they jump out of bed or even the window trying to escape, or they just run up and down, biting, hitting, spitting, kicking, attacking people violently who happen their way. The following rubrics are indicative of the foregoing scenario.

Company, desire to have a friend
Delusions, danger of his life
Delusions, is about to be arrested.
Delusions, see corpses of killed brother, child, wife
Delusions, see corpses of husband
Delusions, that everyone is a murderer
Delusions that he is pursued by friends
Delusions, that there are conspiracies against him
Delusions, that he was about tot be poisoned
Delusions, that he was pursued
Delusions, that he was about to be murdered
Delusions, that he was about to be poisoned
Delusions, that hw was pursued by soldiers.

Thus the Pb constitution ends up as a depressive or even manic person to which the syphilitic miasm also predisposes towards.  


The psychic trend of our times is towards syphilitic constitutions. Pb is a syphilitic remedy par excellence. The main disturbance of the syphilitic miasm is towards that of conquest. In Pb we see the strong tendency for the conquest of money and material things in general.


In contradistinction to the above hyper emotional psychology there may be a mentally sluggish side, indifferent, depressed, melancholy, slow in perception, an impaired memory with an inability to recall the correct word.



Anaemic, cachectic and ashen appearance. The skin is drawn tight over the bones with a shriveled look. Marked emaciation.
The expression is one of marked anxiety.
Cold hands, feet, and cold tongue.
Abdomen retracted and scaphoid but in children may be distended.
Excessive desire for cold water.
Greasy skin, offensive body odour, smelly feet, but no perspiration.
Sleepy by day but sleepless at night.

Cramping, constricting ore radiating pains occur in various parts of the body and may be accompanied by trembling and shuddering.

Wrist drop and other paralytic symptoms evident.


The first symptom of lead toxicity and one that has proved to be very characteristic and has pointed to its successful administration for different diseases is the retraction or a sensation of retraction of the abdomen towards the spine as if drawn by a string thus making the abdomen concave rather than convex. Great pain accompanies the retraction which may be gastric or menstrual in origin. Lead colic consists of horrible griping cramp-pains, with retraction of the abdominal walls, making the abdomen concave rather than convex. There is spasms of the muscles as these are contracted and abdominal walls in. Pain radiates in all directions, generally following the course of the nerves, sometimes causing delirium when extending to the brain, dyspnoea when involving the chest, retraction of the testicles when extending to the groin, and violent cramps in the legs when reaching the nerves there.

With this colic there is obstinate constipation, and in some cases vomiting Plb is of service in constipation when retraction of the abdomen is present and when there is marked spasm or contraction of the sphincter ani. There is urging to stool, but the patient complains of a sensation as though a string were drawing the anus up into the rectum.

The second characteristic symptom is wrist-drop from paralysis of the extensor muscles of the wrist This paralysis extends to other parts of the body always involving extensor muscles in preference to flexors.with atrophy of the affected parts Thus Plumbum is indicated in paralysis of organic origin when the nervous structure has undergone fatty degeneration or sclerosis.

Plumbum can be of service in epilepsy when characterised by a paralysis followed by a prolonged snoring sleep afterwards. It is especially indicated in convulsions from cerebral sclerosis or tumour the characteristic symptoms of which are an almost paralytic heaviness of the legs before the attack, and paralysis and prolonged snoring sleep afterwards.
Plumbum can be an effective remedy for multiple cerebrospinal sclerosis (MS) where tremor is followed by paralysis. Other situations include Paralysis with contracture and Progressive muscular atrophy.

A third symptom of lead toxicity is an appearance on the border of the gums of a blue line, known as the gingival line. It is caused by the sulphur in the tartar on the teeth combining with the lead in the blood vessels and forming an insoluble deposit of lead sulphide.

There is s
ometimes a delirium in Plumbum in which the patient bites and strikes at those neaby There are two peculiar characteristics associated with Plumbum delirium. Firstly there is always an accompanying  tremor of the head and hands and secondly the delirium alternates with colic. That is when there is delirium there is no colic and vice versa.

Other cerebral disturbances from lead-poisoning are not common, but still the following may be encountered: Insomnia, severe headache, either occipital or frontal, with or without vertigo; noises in ears; disordered vision ; diplopia; amaurosis; contraction of pharynx, though liquids are swallowed in gulps and greedily; mind weak, morose, and sad ; preceded by albuminous urine.

Amenorrhoea, metrorrhagia

Lead tends to produce non-development of the uterus in cases of miscarriage. The foetus in the uterus grows, but the muscular fibres of the uterus do not develop in proportion, hence the uterus is no longer able to accommodate the growing foetus and abortion ensues.

Indurated testes

H. N. Guernsey claimed great powers for it in jaundice where the whites of the eyes, skin, stool and urine all are very yellow.



At night
Crowded room,

Mental exertion
Touch & movement


Massage & firm pressure
Lying down


Multiple sclerosis
Gastritis (colic)
Metrorrhagia, amenorrhoea


Lead metal
Lead metal

Lead crystal
Lead crystal

Kingdom: Metal
Latin Name: Plumbum metallicum 
Common Name: Lead
Homeopahtic: Plumbum metallicum


















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Saturn - The Planet



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