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Picricum acidcum

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Materia Medica

Symptoms usually start as an occipital headache in the occipito-cervical region. and extend both forward through the vertex to the forehead as well as downward through the cervical region to the spine. Headache characteristics are dull throbbing, heavy feeling, worse from study, or movement of eyes. Better from rest, open air, binding head tightly. Headaches of overworked business men; or when grief or depressing emotions have resulted in nervous exhaustion. Brain fag of literary or business people; slightest excitement mental exertion or overwork brings on headache.

Neurasthenic Weakness
The next set of symptoms are characterized by a feeling of tiredness on least exertion, all over the body; with heaviness; excessive languor; no desire to talk or do anything; indifference to everything; desires to lie down; difficult to move limbs; great muscular debility; readily winded by walking up hill; inclined to day sleepiness; poor appetite; general sense of torpidity. There is great heaviness of the legs, can hardly lift them from the ground, tired, aching feeling in the back.
On awaking from a sleep the patient has a tired aching in the lumbar region. The legs are heavy and at the same time, weak. Sometimes there is numbness and crawling in the legs, with trembling and pricking as if from needles.
This weariness progresses from a slight feeling of fatigue on motion to complete paralysis particularly of the lower extremities accompanied with slow breathing and great muscular weakness.

Mental Exhaustion (Brain Fag/ Burnt out)
The physical weakness quickly progresses into mental exhaustion and brain fag/ burnt out in which there is a malaise and disinclination for mental activity and a desires to sit still without taking any interest in surroundings. This mental phthisis is generally accompanied with corresponding weakness of mind, indifference, and want of will power, prostration with a desire to lie down. Unable to concentrate and read for more than a few minutes at a time. Confused and unable to take on projects.

Other Symptoms
Accompanying the congestion of the head is nose-bleed. The nose is full of mucus. The patient can breathe only when the mouth is open.
The saliva is either frothy or stringy. The taste in the mouth is like that of the acid itself, sour and bitter.
The throat feels rough and scraped, better from eating and worse from empty swallowing and worse after sleep. There is thick, white mucus on the tonsils. On swallowing, the throat feels so sore that it almost seems as if it would split. Sour eructations may accompany the frontal headache.
Gastric symptoms may accompany the brain fag of sour eructation  with nausea, which is worse about five o'clock in the morning and worse when attempting to rise. There is also pressure and weight about the stomach. Not enough energy to even belch.
The irritating effect of the drug is further shown by diarrhoea with stools which are thin, yellow and sometimes oily, with a great deal of burning and smarting at the anus with prostration and unsuccessful urging to stool.
 The kidneys are congested. The urine has an abnormally high specific gravity and contains sugar. It is also albuminous.
Very strong erections with pain in testicles and up chord. Emission profuse. Priaprism
Pain in left ovary.
The conjunctivas are yellow, just as you find in jaundice.
Papules appear on the face and turn into small boils.
The feet are apt to be cold.

5 am
Mental exertion
Heat, wet weather
Strong light

Rest and lying down
Cold, open air
Tight pressure

Special Characteristics
There is the distinctive symptom of burning all along the spine and hot sensations in the lower dorsal region with aching and dragging in the lumbar region, which is worse from motion.
On awaking from a sleep the patient has a tired aching in the lumbar region. The legs are heavy and at the same time, weak with occasional numbness and crawling. .
Everything in Picric acid is worse from study, its great characteristic; this applies not only to the pains of the spine, but also those of joints.

Related Remedies
PHOSPHORUS like Pic-ac causes fatty changes in the blood, kidneys, brain and spinal cord. Both remedies meet in sexual excesses and priapism and both may be indicated in brain fag ; both have congestive vertigo and crawling and tingling sensations here and there over the body. However Phosphorus has sensitiveness to all external impressions. (Pic-ac indifferent malaise). Phosphorus has burning spots in the back better on rubbing. (Pic-ac only rest improves).

PHOSPHORIC ACID suits cerebro-spinal exhaustion from over-work. The least attempt to study causes heaviness, not only in the head but in the limbs.

NUX VOMICA resembles Pic-ac in the brain fag and in the gastric symptoms, in the sour eructations, in the aggravation towards morning and in the inability to study.

OXALIC ACID resembles Pic-ac in the extreme picture of spinal softening. There are weakness about the loins and hips, of course, extending down the legs, and numbness in the back in both remedies. However Pic-ac has more heaviness and Ox-ac more numbness. In Ox-ac also the legs are apt to be bluish and coldwith pains coming in small spots and greatly aggravated on thinking of them.

SULPHUR causes congestion of the lumbar spine so intense that paraplegia results. There is retention of urine.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM has backache worse when first rising which improves qwith movement.

ALUMINA is indicated in cases somewhat like those calling for Pic-ac but is distinguished by the pains in the spine which are as though a hot iron had been thrust into the part. The patient staggers when walking in the dark. He also has painful feeling about the soles of the feet.

SILICEA is quite similar to Pic-ac and is useful in nervous exhaustion where the patient dreads any exertion either of body or mind. However in Sil when he is warmed up to his work he can get along pretty well. He also has numbness in the toes, fingers and bac as well as the typical Sil constipation. 


Headache, Ear boils, CFS, Brain fag, Back pain, lumbago, Paralysis of legs, arms & wrist
Rheumatoid arthritis especially of the fingers, Diabetes, Priapism.

Doctrine of Signatuires
Pic-ac is bright yellow in color and in accordance with the doctrine of signatures it should be considered as a potential remedy when any yellow symptom is evident such as jaundice (ie skin, eyes, tongue yellow jaundice appearance).

Pic-ac is first choice for post jaundice therapy especially when there is continued loss of appetite

Pic-ac has an intensely bitter taste and demands consideration especially when combined with a yellowish tongue.

Pic-ac is first call for burns especially with painless burns. Burns which are not painful are far more serious because lack of pain is an indication that nerve tissue has been incinerated.

Pic-ac is highly recommended for burn out and is different to fag or fatigue. Burn out is associated in athletes with overtraining or in the case of students with too much study or in the case of businessmen with continued overwork. In other words Burn out is associated with over performance following a sudden explosion of work related activity.

Pic-ac is also good for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Most texts mention the opposite situation of priapism but it should also be considered along side of Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis, and Levitra. The advantage of Pic-ac is that once it works the results are permanent and constant dosing at the critical moment becomes a thing of the past.



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