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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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In appearance the Phy subject is usually lean with little excess fat. The face is pale (may become flushed after food), their pupils are small and the skin is dull and dry.

Coldness predominates with internal shivers. Any presenting fever is mostly in the head and face while the body and limbs are cool. There is a sore, aching, bruised feeling all over, greatly aggravated by movement causing the patient to groan. As a result of their chilliness and bruised feeling their sleep is fitful and unrefreshing.

The general malaise results in them rising in the morning feeling wretched, miserable, weak and tired, worn out before the day starts. Sitting down makes for a dizzy faint feeling as a result of which there is a desire to return to bed immediately. Their mind set is pessimistic and gloomy and is accompanied with an imminent expectation of death.

There is great indifference to everything (except themselves). The indifference extends even to personal delicacy and decorum as a consequence of which they may shamelessly expose themselves.

Loss of weight and body condition

Dentition is retarded with an irresistible habit of biting the teeth together.

Laterality is mainly right sided

Various sensations have been observed. The brain feels bruised. The body feels bruised. The eyes feel too large. The eyes are full of sand. The nose feels as if it is tickled from the inside. The tongue feels scalded. The throat feels chocked as if by anapple core or that a red hot ball is lodged inside. The chest feels hollow like a cask.

The remedy acts best when administered during the wane of the moon. It is well known that certain illnesses have their aggravations during particular phases of the moon. What is less well appreciated is the certain remedies are more efficacious during particular moon phases. Phy is one such remedy.

Vertigo on rising and in a sitting position. Brain feels sore and bruised. Dull frontal pain worse on walking and in wet stormy weather.

A dull ache in the eyeball is aggravated by movement, bright light and reading. There is a feeling of sand under eye lids which become stuck in the morning. Much smarting and burning with profuse lacrymation.

Coryza associated with pain at the root of the nose. The inside of the nostril is itchy with one nostril blocked whilst the other discharges excoriating mucus. Alternatively both nostril may become blocked necessitating mouth breathing.

Teething children with irresistible desire to bite the teeth together. Teeth clenched; lower lip drawn down; lips everted; jaws firmly set; chin drawn down on sternum. Tongue red tip, feels rough and scalded; bleeding from mouth; blisters on side. Mapped, indented, fissured, with yellow patch down center. Much stringy saliva.

One of our most valuable remedies for sore throat. The throat becomes generally inflamed and feels burning hot. The tonsils swell especially the right and become very red at first and then latterly white spots appear which soon spread and coalesce and form patches of a diphtheritic appearance.
There is a feeling of chocking fullness with a raw roughness and a desire to cough. The patient cannot swallow anything hot. There is much pain at the root of the tongue with extending sharp pains running up to one (mainly the right) or both ears.

Enlarged and indurated lymph glands.

The breasts are very hard, greatly swollen, hot, painful and very sensitive. Think of Phyt for nursing problems especially when the act of nursing results in radiating pain all over the body. Consider also in cases of breast tumour, enlarged axillary glands, breast cancer, cracks and fissures of the nipple as well as hyperlactation (oversupply of milk).

Gastro Intestinal Tract
After a meal the stomach feels as if it was contracting with a sore bruised spot in the right hypochondria, cutting pains in the epigastria, eructation, nausea and vomiting. These liver symptoms are aggravated by lying on the right and ameliorated by warm drink. Such abdominal discomfort may be associated with cancer or gastric ulcer. There can also be burning, griping navel colic and nightly neuralgic pains in the rectum and anus. A constant tenesmus results in passing of only a small amount of flatus. In aged patients there can be constipation with rectal bleeding.

Feeling as if heart leaped into throat. Shock of pain in cardiac region alternating with pain in right arm.

Aphonia. Difficult breathing; dry hacking, tickling cough; worse at night. Aching pains in chest, through mid-sternum; with cough. Rheumatism of lower intercostals.

Aching pains in lumbar region; pains streaking up and down spine into sacrum. Weakness and dull pain in region of kidneys. Back stiff, especially in morning on rising and during damp weather.

Shooting pain in right shoulder, with stiffness and inability to raise arm. Rheumatic pains worse in morning. Pains fly like electric shocks, shooting, lancinating, shifting rapidly. Pain under side of thighs (sciatica). Shock like pain in legs, patient dreads to get up. Aching of heels; relieved by elevating feet. Puffed and painful ankles and feet.

Scanty, suppressed, with pain in kidney region. Nephritis.

Metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea

Painful indurations of testicles. Shooting along perineum to penis
High fever, alternating with chilliness and great prostration
Dry, shrunken, pale with an itch which is aggravated by the heat of the bed. Most useful in early stages of cutaneous diseases. Papular and pustular eruptions, boils, indurations, rashes, warts and moles
Weather changes. Effects of a wetting, when it rains, exposure to damp, night, exposure, motion, right side.

Warmth, dry weather, rest.

Sore throat:- Arum-t, Kali-h, Merc-v, Rhus-t, Sang
Milk fever (Swollen breasts):- Bry
Breast Ulcers:- Hep, Sil
Nursing pains:- Crot-t, Phel, Pul
Hyperlactation:- Lac-c




Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Phytolacca decandra 
Common Name: Poke root
Homeopahtic: Phytolacca


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