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Phosphorus is from the element. It is a major mineral is our body and is found in bones, teeth, DNA,body fluids etc. Phosphorus is flammable used in fireworks and is also the element used on match heads.
Homeopathic Phosphorus is made from the phosphorus in bone ash. And is an important remedy for basic constitutional treatment, first aid treatment in nosebleeds, coughs and colds, chronic conditions such as anxiety, nervousness, and digestive problems, respiratory conditions of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tightness in chest, dry lingering coughs.

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Phosphorus is a common remedy for children and adults. They are generally pleasant and easy to get along with. They are good dressers, even the men like to wear colors and be flamboyant. Hair often has a lot of red highlights. They are honest and enjoy a variety of talents. Optimistic and enjoy life these types are happy pleasant, sociable, yet can be happy on their own. They make their choices and decisions easily, when those around them are being indecisive.

Watch out if they are over irritated, since they'll ignite and show their anger. They may strike out or fizzle and sulk. Phosphorus types are like a match head, in being happy to be with others, getting along with others, can be lively. They can also without warning ignite and be agitated or upset. And like a burned out match they fizzle without sufficient health care or rest. When out of balance they can flare up instantly. The emotional balance is often the missing element. Phosphorus need balance, plenty of rest, and stress kept at a minimum. When ill they are better around others and with attention.

Weak areas are digestive system, skin, left side, respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system. They are pale in skin coloring and are often the palest in the family photo. Phosphorus children may look especially pale and have dark circles under the eyes. When ill, it may not be apparent how really ill they are. Skin problems and rashes can become chronic and take a long time to heal.

Likes include spicy foods, cold foods, especially ice creams, cheese. Better as the day goes on, fresh air, better after a meal, much improvement after a rest.
Dislikes include milk and fish which can upset their stomach. They often do not like thunderstorms, the dark and fear being ill.

Vomit as soon as cold food warms in the stomach.
Bleeding- nose bleeds, bleeding gums, heavy menstrual flow.
Burning pains- heartburn, sore throats, ulcers.
Worse from mental and physical exertion, temperature or weather changes.


Useful for: Key Symptoms:
Fearful, especially of the dark, ghosts
BLEEDING Profuse bleeding anywhere
Usually bright red
Dental hemorrhage
Postoperative bleeding
PALLOR Pale, sickly complexion
May have circumscribed redness in one or both cheeks
Often appears less ill than really is
HOARSENESS May lose voice
LARYNGITIS Painful on speaking
Throat raw, sore, furry
Violent tickling in throat while speaking;
sore throat from overuse
COLDS Descend into chest
COUGHS Hard, dry, tickling cough
Racking cough with trembling
Cough increases when talking or breathing cold air
Cough hurts throat
Sensation of heavy weight in chest
Burning pains in stomach and bowels
Night sweats
INDIGESTION Weak, empty, gone sensation in whole abdominal cavity
Craves cold food & drink
Pain in stomach, relieved by cold food & ices
Regurgitates mouthfuls
NAUSEA From placing hands in warm water
Nausea of pregnancy
VOMITING Of food scarcely swallowed
Vomits as soon as water becomes warm in stomach
Sour taste and belching
DIARRHEA Painless, profuse, debilitating
Watery, "pouring away as if from a hydrant"
Morning diarrhea of old people
Chronic loose stool
CONSTIPATION Stool slender, long, hard, difficult to pass, like a dog's stool
Better from: Open air, Rubbing, Cold food or drink
Worse from: Lying on painful side, Physical or mental exertion,
Thunderstorms , Change of weather,
Getting wet in hot weather, Warm food, Touch,
Craves open air
Thirstless with nearly all complaints

Take 10 question self-quiz for quick insight on if Phosphorus suits you.

1 Do you love ice water and cold drinks? (may even throw up after warmed up in stomach.)
2 Are you breathless and have palpitations from slight exertion?
3 Is your cough worse in the evening and at night?
4 Do your fears include the dark, ghosts, sleeping alone, thunderstorms?
5 Is your complexion pale?
6 Are your symtoms worse on the left side and laying on the left side?
7 Do your hands crack, burn, slow to heal?
8 Is your cough hard, dry, hurts in the chest?
9 Are your symptoms worse from seasonal changes, after chilled or wet?
10 Are your symptoms better from deep rubs, cold food and drinks?

Your "YES" answers on the survey indicate symptoms that can be helped with Phosphorus.

Photo Matches
Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Phosphorica
Common Name: Matches
: Phosphorus
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Remedy Headers
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Decachords by
Gladstone Clarke


1. Tall, slender subjects ; fair or red hair ; sometimes complexion pale, lemon-yellow tint ; quick, lively, sensitive temperament. Young people who grow too rapidly ; narrow-chested, inclined to stoop ; especially if anaemic or tuberculosis tendency ; blue rings and much puff ness around the eyes.

2. Indifference (even towards family) ; talks little or only in monosyllables ; occasional fits of excitement and enthusiasm ; disinclined to mental and physical exertion ; slow ; depressed, weary of life, full of fears especially < alone, dark and thunder ; gloomy forebodings ; craves sympathy.

3. Neurasthenic condition ; weakness and weariness with trembling, often from loss of vital fluids ; general restlessness and fidgetiness ; hypersensitiveness to all external stimuli and to psychical influences.

4. Burning sensations in spots, especially dorsal region of spine ; intense heat running up the back into head (rev. Picricum acidum).

5. Hemorrhages, bright-red blood ; hemophilia ; patient bruises easily ; purpura with abdominal symptoms.

6. Emptiness (weakness) in various localities ; especially of entire abdomen about 11 a.m. which < all other symptoms ; fear, sudden noises, etc. "strike patient in the stomach."

7. Gastric symptoms ; hunger, must eat often especially during night ; craves salt, cold food and drink ; great thirst but water vomited soon as warm in the stomach ; unchanged food regurgitated in mouthfuls ; nausea from putting hands in hot water.

8. Diarrhoeas ; very forcible ; as soon as anything enters rectum ; gen. painless but debilitating ; stool contains white, sago-like particles ; anus feels open ; involuntary oozing. Constipation ; long, slender, hard stools.

9. Wide use in acute and chronic diseases of respiratory tract ; much tightness or rawness ; oppression as of heavy weight on the chest ; coughs < going from warm into cold air, using the voice, eating, drinking, etc. ; lying left side. Right-sided lobar pneumonias.

10. Modalities ; < cold (except stomach and head symptoms) ; < every-change of weather ; during thunder ; twilight to midnight ; > lying down but < lying left side ; > sleep.

Notes : Incompatible with Causticum.

Long and deep acting remedy but often "hangs fire" at first.

Checks post-anaesthetic vomiting : best given twelve hours before.

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