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Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, San Francisco, California.


The summary below is a prcis by Dr Peter of a recent proving carried out on Petroleum
by Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, San Francisco, California.

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Aggression, violence, intense anger, face feels hot & bothered, a feeling of being attacked, of hostility, confrontation, a sense of violence and conflict, ultimately leading to death and murder.

Likes to be in control and focused. Gets irritable when authority questioned.
A strong feeling of things happening fast, rapidly, suddenly, especially a feeling of waking very quickly.  A feeling that events and things can easily get out of control.

Sharp, shooting stabbing pains/ behind the knee, behind the eye,
in the head, teeth, ovaries, lumbar, and hand.
Stabbing pains, like knives, and sharp, shooting, stitching sensations all over the body

There were intense sensations of burning, heat, rawness, dryness and itching all over body but there was no redness or heat. The mouth, skin and mucous membranes, eyes were strongly affected.

Alcohol/Food/Hunger/Thirst/Increased Desire
A relationship with alcohol was clearly expressed,  with a feeling that ones capacity for its consumption had increased and there was an increased hunger for food and liquids in general.

General sense of fragmentation not aware of body except for pain.
Feels isolated in a crowd,  did not feel like making any attempts of socialize

Wakes up startled and disoriented to the time or what day it is, with a feeling of being late even thopugh it is extremely early. Needs to find out what day and time it is.

Feeling of lightness, of being blas, of being light and high, light hearted, optimistic, nonchalant.

Absolutely clear, focused, great clarity early work day, attended a meeting and understanding and digesting all the conversation was effortless, very clear headed, ability to focus in the moment, lots of energy the whole day.

Feeling kind of lost, driving in circles, dont really mind.
Dullness, confusion, a feeling of being lost, disoriented and feeling slow
Very strong state of confusion and disconnection, couldnt express or think of how to describe anything. Had no idea where I was, forgot the way to the grocery store. Dull, tired and forgetful

No mental energy to function today. Doesnt talk at lunch time. Just sat quietly. Didnt feel like exertion any energy today. Not much energy to do things. Upon standing up felt weakness in lower back.  Almost like I could collapse. Felt like lying down.  Heavy eye lids. Sleepy all day.

About Petroleum Products
All I could smell was an oil/gasoline smell. I keep smelling an oil like smell. Smells like car oil.

Has recurring dream of going through beautiful buildings, that I was leasing a commercial property, that  I was in an apartment house similar to that of my parents, that I was moving to a small town with my son, dreams of lots of building, brick and stone.

I felt I really wanted to downsize instantly
Always feel better outside. Inside is heavy and tight
 Unable to tolerate any constriction from others.
Tightness in neck, lungs, hamstring

Feeling extremely fat, especially in abdomen area, enlarged abdomen,  trapped gas, stomach distended and very painful


Photo Oil drop
Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Oleum
Common Name: Oil
: Petroleum
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Remedy Headers
Brought to you by:
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1. Adapted to persons with light hair and skin; irritable, quarrelsome disposition ( Nux ); easily offended at trifles ( Ign. , Med. ); vexed at everything.

2. Ailments: from riding in a carriage, railroad car, or in a ship ( Coc. , Sanic. ).

3. Ailments which are worse before and during a thunderstorm ( Nat. c. , Phos. , Psor. ).

4. Symptoms appear and disappear rapidly ( Bell. , Mag. p. - reverse of Plat. , Stan. ).

5. During sleep or delirium: imagines that one leg is double; that another person lies alongside of him in same bed; that there are two babies in the bed ( Val. ).

6. Vertigo on rising ( Bry. ); in occiput; as if intoxicated; like seasickness ( Coc. ).

7. Headache: in occiput, which is as heavy as lead; pressing, pulsating pain; as if everything in the head were alive; numb, bruised, as if made of wood.

8. Gastralgia: of pregnancy; with pressing, drawing pains; whenever stomach is empty; relieved by constant eating ( Anac. , Chel. , Sep. ).

9. Diarrhoea: yellow, watery, gushing; after cabbage, sour krout; during pregnancy, stormy weather; always in the daytime.

10. Painful sensitiveness of skin of whole body; all clothing is painful; slight injury suppurates ( Hep. ).

11. Skin of hands rough, cracked, tips of fingers rough, cracked, fissured, every winter; tenderness of the feet, which are bathed in foul-smelling sweat ( Graph. , Sanic. , Sil. ).

12. Herpes: of genital organs extending to perineum and thighs; itching, redness; skin cracked, rough, bleeding; dry or moist.

13. Heat and burning of soles of feet and palms of hands ( Sang. , Sulph. ).

14. Sweat and moisture of external genitals, both sexes.

15. Painful, itching chilblains and chapped hands < in cold weather; decubitus.

16. Sensation of coldness about the heart ( Carbo an. , [Kali m.], Nat. m. ).

17. Relations. - One of our best antidotes for lead poisoning.

18. The skin symptoms are worse in winter, better in summer ( Alum. ); if suppressed, causes diarrhoea.

19. Aggravation. - Carriage riding ( Coc. , Sanic. ); during a thunderstorm; in winter ( Alum. ).


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