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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Daphne mezereum is very toxic because of the daphnetoxin present especially in the berries and twigs. If poisoned, victims experience a choking sensation. Even handling the fresh twigs can cause rashes and eczema in sensitive individuals. The plant has an attractive flower, blooms at a time of year there are few other flowers about, emits a fragrant perfume and altogether makes for a handsome ornamental shrub. Despite these advantages largely because of its toxic properties it is not commonly found in gardens nor is it readily available for sale in graden centres.

Originally herbalists used to strip the bark of the plant before blooming to treat skin disorders as a poultice or compress but modern herbalists regard the plant far too toxic an irritant to use with safety and its only medicinal use nowadays is confined to Homeopathy.

Mentals & Generals
Absent minded/ forgetful/ lack of concentration/ confused/ disconnected/ weakness of mind and memory/ weary/ torpid/ lacks determination to work/ tranquil indolence / takes no pleasure in anything/ indifferent to everything and everybody/ nothing makes an impression/ everything seems purposeless/ displeased/ dissatisfied with everything.

Constant anxiety/ anxious about being alone/ anxious about health/ religious anxiety/ anxious about life and living/ even though there is a dislike to being alone and a desire for company there is an indisposition to talk/ replies are in mono syllables/ when they do speak their mind is so weak that they may lose the thread of what they were talking about/ they prefer to just sit and thinks introspectively/ brooding melancholy/ become oblivious to surroundings/ anxious feeling of empty goneness in stomach with a fear that something ill is about to happen resulting in a mournful, sad and tearful humour.

Gets over-anxious about minor matters/ angry/ irritable/ irascible about trifles/ little things of no consequence/ reproaches others over transient concerns of an ephemeral nature.

Food is the only modality which ameliorates their symptoms/ cheerful and even excited for a short time after eating/ happy singing with mirth and liveliness/ may even engage in sudden activity. They eat not because of hunger but to assuage their symptoms.

There is violence about all the symptoms ie: violent headache, violent neuralgia, violent tooth ache, violent bone pain, violent cough, violent afternoon fever, violent skin eruptions, violent inflammations and especially violent itching etc.

The patient is always chilly, even in a warm room and especially suffers from cold feet and hands.

Symptoms are predominantly right sided or from right to left.

Violent HEADACHE which is painful to the slightest touch (even a jolt or jar) or contact (hat or cap). Very sensitive to cold, worse for motion and in the evening. The pain extends from root of nose into forehead and feels as if everything would split asunder. On pressing frontal bone the pains draws down to the feet. Heat and perspiration on head.

Violent itching and burning of the SCALP which is covered with  thick leathery scabby crusts, under which an offensive pus collects that slowly exudates causing the hair to mat and creating ideal conditions for breeding parasites.

EYES are red with a sensation of extreme dryness creating a desire for them to be rubbed. Obstinate twitching of the muscles of left upper lid. Eczema on eye lids.

The EARS are associated with deafness and tinnitus accompanied by a sensation of air impacting the meatus resulting in a desire to bore the fingers into it. Ears feel as if they were too open, and as if air was pouring into them; or as if the tympanum was exposed to cold air.
Moist itching eruptions behind ears

There is fluent excoriating coryza, from the NOSE with scabs forming inside.

Violent pain in root of TEETH as if tooth was being lifted out of socket (cf Merc which is in the tooth crown) Decaying roots with burning pains in gum and mouth. Teeth decay suddenly above gums but crowns remain intact.

Burning in whole MOUTH as from pepper the intensity of which can to some extent be relieved by drawing cold air in through an open mouth.

The NOSE is extremely dry and burning with yellow excoriating discharge impairing smell.

The THROAT is also extremely dry and burning with violent hacking cough. Beer tastes exceptionally bitter which as a consequence is vomited.

The CHEST can be painful following inspiration resulting in a desire for deep breaths. Intercostal neuralgia.

Gastrointestinal Tract
Desire for ham fat, coffee, wine but not beer which tastes bitter and causes vomiting.
Burning, corroding pains in stomach, as if it were raw inside. Stomach (peptic) ulcer
Eating aggravates the cough which becomes particularly severe and only abates with vomiting.
Stools hard as a stone and large; as if they would split anus with white glistening grains in brown faeces.

Violent pains in the periosteum of the long BONES especially the tibia bone which feels as if beaten or as if periosteum were torn off. Pains worse at night in bed. The least touch is intolerable. Worse in damp weather. Inflammation and swelling around the shafts of long bones.
Leg, from knee to instep, covered with thick yellow scab, from cracks of which thick, yellow matter oozes on pressure. Scabs fall off in pieces, leaving skin deep-red, sore, itching violently and exuding a thin, clear, fluid, forming a thin scab under which pus again collects; skin round scabs dark-red, tense, hot, itching. At night intolerable itching and burning in eruption. Foul odour
Limbs feel as if shortened. Right hand cold, left warm; or both cold. Paralysis of flexors of fingers; finger-ends powerless, cannot hold anything.

Scroll right for pictures of Long Bones >>>>>>>>>

Intolerable violent itching with neuralgia, burning inflammatory redness on facial SKIN of face Scratching becomes continuous resulting in the cheeks being covered with blood. In the morning the bed is found covered with blood also. The child keeps constantly tearing off the facial scab and on the spots thus left raw large pustules form under which thick yellow pus collects. Vesicles appear around the ulcers, itching, violently and burning like fire. After eight days these vesicles dry up, leaving scabs, the tearing off of which causes great pain and perpetuates the cycle.

As if drunk.
As if upper part of head were pithy.
As if skull would split.
As if top of head were gone.
As if eyes drawn backward.
As if ears were open.
As if teeth were too long.
As if there were pains in the hollow of his teeth.
As if ants were running over chest.
As if millions of insects crawling on him.
As if the periosteum was torn off
As if the limbs were too short.
As if his bones were distended.
As if needles were sticking into him.
As if fire was darting through his muscles.
As if the throat, stomach and anus was tightly constricted.
As if stools would split anus.
As if the chest was too tight.
As if the throat was too narrow.
As if his anus were prolapsed.

Cold, damp & draughts
Warmth incl. warmth of bed.
Sudden changes of weather
Touch & pressure
Evening & night
Lying down

Breathing through an open mouth (toothache)

Skin eruptions
particularly those with a crusty scabby encrustation.

Skin eruption which have been suppressed by the application of creams or ointments.

Interigio (skin eruptions in body fold areas) when it is particularly useful for those who tend to scratch the affected skin which worsens the condition causing painful red patches.

Impetigo (a streptococcus or staphylococcus skin affectation) particularly the bullous type with encrusted vesicles exuding honey like fluid.
Scroll right for picture of Sinuses  >>>>>>>>>

Sinusitis particularly the two maxillary sinus situated behind each cheekbone. When accompanied with a chronic cough and late afternoon fever it is a specific. These sinuses are sensitive to the earths magnetic field emissions and provide migratory birds with a sense of direction and orientation. Mez has a particular affinity for this region. Examine the sinuses of anyone who is feeling airy and experiencing disorientation or disconnection. In cases where both sinuses are blocked Mez is a sure cure. Two doses of 15C over 48 hrs have cured in cases which have been resistant to 2wks antibiotic treatment. If only the right sinus blocked choose Lyc and if only the left prefer Lach.

Headaches particularly when accompanied with facial neuralgia.

Facial neuralgia particularly involving abdominally felt anxiety

Toothache particularly of the root. (Merc for the crown)

Gastritis particularly when anxiety is felt in the region of the solar plexus.

Long Bone pains deep in the perioseum,worse at night and sensitive to touch.




























Daphne mezereon
Daphne mezereon

Daphnme mezereon
Daphne mezereon

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Daphne mezereon
Common Name: Spurge Olive
: Mezereum





































Leg Bones
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Arm Bones
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Paranasal sinuses. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Para-nasal Sinuses
(click to enlarge)

    Para-nasal Sinuses
1. Frontal: One located each side above the eyes in the forehead
2. Maxillary: One located in each cheekbone under the eyes
3. Ethmoid: 6 - 12 sinuses per side located between the eyes & nose. 


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