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Ledum palustre

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Ledum palustre

Mentals & Generals
The Ledum plant is a member of the Ericaceae family and as such it exhibits a need for change from one place to another, or to wander or to creep.  This interestingly provides us with a good description of the patients mental state which has been variously described as changeable from subdued timidity to vehement anger for no apparent reason. There is a restlessness which stems from a mental dissatisfaction of all things and people. He is unable to find satisfaction and finds that people contact puts him in a cross and surly humour. As a result he prefers a place of solitude where he can be impervious to his fellow beings and pursue uninterrupted his morose and peevish thoughts.

The remedy is ideal for people who feel cold all the time even in a warm house.
Skin and body feel universally cold with a total lack of animal heat. Despite apparent coldness there is an aversion to bed clothes at night or to wearing too much clothing by day. Symptomatic complaints are relived by cold applications particularly when the feet are placed in a bowl of iced water.

From the above it is evident that Led acts on the capillary circulation, and particularly in the extremities and the external surface of the body. This is manifest by the coldness to the touch especially of the ends of the extremities, which characterises the fever of Ledum. However the coldness does not extend to the internal organs and other parts of the evidenced by the fact that the patient desires no bed coverings even though the skin and outer body is cold to the touch.

Arthritic, rheumatic pains described as tearing, pulling, stabbing travel from below upwards. The small joints in particularly are affected (toes & fingers). Gout starts in the feet and travels to the hands. Oedematous hard, tensive swellings of the whole body with dry skin and lack of perspiration.

The muscles and joints of the whole body feel inordinately stiff and are relieved only with a cold shower.

The whole head feels sore with a feeling of pressure in the forehead which gradually suffuses over the entire head.making for a heavy weighed down feeling. Any pressure on the head  from a covering or hat or pressure is unbearable.

Tensive pain from inflammation resulting in suppuration and agglutination of the lids. Sight may be diminished, pupils are dilated and lachrymation is acrid.

A peculiar type of muffled hearing as if sound was being reduced through a filter.

Very tender to touch with internal burning pain.

Violent neuralgic pain at night on the side of the face with shooting pain into the teeth, upwards into the head and downwards into the neck. The mandibular gland is swollen.

Sore with sticking pain as if blocked.

There is an unquenchable morning thirst for cold water. accompanied with a violent, shuddering, shivering cold fever.
Griping and drawing pain in hypogastria
Stool contains blood
Frequent desire to urinate with little emission.

Fatiguing, spasmodic cough resulting in dyspnoea  with morning and evening aggravation and yellow expectoration. (Led was originally used as a whooping couch remedy)
The chest is constricted, oppressed and painful with double inspiration (ie as if after sobbing).

Rheumatic  and arthritic pains in all joints (gout in toesd and elbows)
Pressive pain in shoulder and hip worse on movement like the pain of dislocation.

Dark almost black ecchymosis remaining a long time after pain and inflammation has subsided.
Skin pale, cold, dry. itchy worse from scratching

Nocturnal sleeplessness with much restlessness, jerkins and vivid anxious dreams followed by a great desire to sleep during the day.

Heat particularly heat from bed.

Cold applications particularly from putting feet in ice water

Puncture Wounds
Knife incisions, cuts, puncture wounds, post operation healing & wound pain, stings, bites.

In contradistinction to its salient characteristics of paleness and cold it is most effective in treating small red pimples which are extremely itchy by day  occurring anywhere on the body including the forehead the arm pits and soles of the feet. Scratching relieves for a short time only after which itching gets more violent

Particul;arly in cases of podagra, the knees and feet more especially when symptoms are ascending and accompanied by rheumatism.

Contusion of the Eye
Superior to Arn

Especially of value when symptoms ascend from the legs upwards, when there is is ameliorated by cold applications and when symptoms are worse at night and from the heat of the bed.

Particularly useful for pressure bruises that remain visible long after the pain and main symptoms of then original complaint have disappeared

Reduces the desire

Lyme Disease
Stephen Tobin a veterinary surgeon in Connecticut (where Lyme disease was first diagnosed) has developed a therapeutic protocol in animals. He has successfully treated dogs, cats and horses with Ledum 1M and believes that positive results (based on titre readings) are obtained regardless of whether the condition is of short or long standing. He has also developed a prophylactic protocol based on a nosode of Borellia burgdorferi at 60X. Some human homeoapths in the area have followed his lead with equally promising results.

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Ledum paltustre
Ledum palustre

Ledum palustre
Ledum palustre

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Ledum palustre
Common Name: Wild rosematy
: Ledum


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