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Lac Caninum.
Dogs Milk. 

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, & Robert Ullman
 The Healing Power
 Dogs Milk. 

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Lac Caninum
Dogs Milk 

For nervous, restless, highly sensitive organisms.

Erratic, pains constantly flying from one part to another ( Kali bi. , Puls. );
changing from side to side every few hours or days.

Very forgetful, absent-minded; makes purchases and walks away without them ( Agnus , Anac. , Caust. , Nat. ).
In writing, uses too many words or not the right ones;
omits final letter or letters in a word;
cannot concentrate the mind to read or study; very nervous
( Bov. , Graph. , Lach. , Nat. c. , Sep. ).
Despondent, hopeless; thinks her disease incurable;
has not a friend living; nothing worth living for; could weep at any moment
( Act. , Aur. , Cal. , Lach. ).
Cross, irritable; child cries and screams all the time,
especially at night ( Jal. , Nux , Psor. ).
Fears to be alone ( Kali c. ); of dying ( Ars. ); of becoming insane ( Lil. );
of falling down stairs ( Bor. ).
Chronic "blue" condition; everything seems so dark that it can grow no darker ( Lyc. , Puls. ).
Attacks of rage, cursing and swearing at slightest provocation ( Lil. , Nit. ac. );
intense ugliness; hateful.

Coryza, with discharge of thick, white mucus.
One nostril stuffed up, the other free and discharging;
these conditions alternate; discharge acrid, nose and lip raw ( Arum , Cepa ).

Diphtheria and tonsillitis; symptoms change repeatedly from side to side.
Sore throats and cough are apt to begin and end with menstruation;
yellow or white patches; pains shoot to ear.
Throat: sensitive to touch externally ( Lach. );
< by empty swallowing ( Ign. );
constant inclination to swallow, painful, almost impossible ( Mer. );
pains extend to ears ( Hep. , Kali bi. ); begins on left side ( Lach. ).
Shining, glazed appearance of diphtheritic deposit, chancres and ulcers.

Very hungry, cannot eat enough to satisfy;
as hungry after eating as before ( Casc. , Cal. , Cina , Lyc. , Stront. ).
Sinking in epigastrium; faintness in stomach.

Menses; too early; too profuse;
flow in gushes bright red, viscid and stringy (dark, black, stringy, Croc. );
breasts swollen, painful, sensitive before and during ( Con. ).
Discharge of flatus from vagina ( Brom. , Lyc. , Nux m. , Sang. ).

Breasts: inflamed, painful; < by least jar and towards evening;
must hold them firmly when going up or down stairs ( Bry. ).
 Loss of milk while nursing, without any known cause ( Asaf. )
Serviceable in almost all cases when it is required to dry up milk
(Asaf. - to bring back or increase it, Lac d. ).

Sensation as if breath would leave her when lying down;
must get up and walk ( Am. c. , [Grind.], Lach. ).
Palpitation violent when lying on left side > turning on right ( Tab. ).

Sexual organs easily excited, from touch, pressure on sitting,
or friction by walking ( Cinn. , Coff. , Mur. , Plat. ).

When walking, seems to be walking on air;
when lying, does not seem to touch the bed ( Asar. ).

Backache: intense, unbearable, cross super-sacral region,
extending to right natis and right sciatic nerve;
< by rest and on first moving ( Rhus );
spine aches from base of brain to coccyx,
very sensitive to touch or pressure ([Chin. s.] Phos. , Zinc. ).

Relations. - Similar: to, Apis , Con. , Murex , Lach. , Kali bi. , Puls. , Sep. , Sulph.
It generally acts best in single dose.

Probably no remedy in the Materia Medica presents a more valuable pathogenesis in symptoms of the throat, or one that will better repay a careful study.
Like Lachesis , this remedy has met with the most violent opposition from prejudice and ignorance, which its wonderful therapeutic powers have slowly, yet surely overcome. It was successfully used by Dioscorides, Pliny, and Sextus in ancient times, and revived in New York by Reisig, Bayard and Swan in the treatment of diphtheria. Reisig was the first to potentize it.

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, Robert Ullman
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Oct, 2001

 The Healing Power
Dogs Milk. 

The principal theme of humans needing Lac caninum is that of being the underdog. These individuals develop a feeling of worthlessness and inferiority epitomized by an image of being looked down upon or even despised.

Also prominent in this remedy, as well as in some other animal medicines, is a sense of disgust with oneself and of dirtiness. This state may arise after a child has been sexually abused, mistreated, unfavorably compared, or rejected or repudiated by her parents. She begins to feel unlovable, less than, and of little consequence. As you can well imagine, this can be a setup for codependent relationships, addictions, or chronic depression. The image of being dirty or disgusting may be represented by dreams of snakes, urinating, or vermin.

The circumstances may seem so unbearable that the individual escapes through dissociation, leading to the sensation of floating - common to those needing Lac caninum.

Other common characteristics are breast problems, (we used this medicine successfully with a wo man who lost her child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and wanted her breast milk to dry up quickly), a strong desire for pungent condiments such as pepper or mustard, and an affinity for or an aversion to dogs and/or cats. Those needing this medicine can demonstrate a more aggressive, amoral, malicious, rude demeanor, however we have mainly seen the milder, self-deprecating side.

What we have seen most commonly in patients responding favorably to Lac caninum is a profound increase, even transformation, in self-esteem.


Kingdom: Animal
Latin Name: Lac canium
Common Name: Dog milk
: Lac-canium
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Remedy Headers 
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1. Symptoms alternate latterally or daily.

2. History of neglect & abuse. Treated like a dog. 

3. Feeling of worthlessness, inferiority & low self esteeem

4. Requirement for being loved like a dog

5. History of self abuse (drug addict)

6. Floating sensation when walking or asleep.

7. Angers easily

8. Sleeps in culed up position- like a dog.

9. Desire to constantly urinate - like a dog

10. Ovarian pain

11. Fibrositic breasts



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