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Common  Name
Beechwood Kresote
It is a m
ixture of phenols obtained from distillation.  

Psoric/ Syphilitic.

Typical Subjects
Infants in the cradle. 
Teething children. 
Children who are old-looking and wrinkled (Abrot.). 
Overgrown, poorly developed children very tall for her age (Phos).
Women of  leucophlegamatic temperament. 
Diseases of woman during menopause (Lach.). 
Pregnant women.
Tuberculous diathesis. 
Premature ageing

3. PROFUSE BLEEDING FROM SMALL WOUNDS - even a prick of pin will cause the oozing of bright red blood.

Notes on Features
(i). Decay. 
Teeth decay almost as soon as they appear. Such condition of teeth may be associated with spongy, bleeding gums, and foul odour from mouth. 

(ii). Emciation 
Emaciation; at times rapid emaciation.  Teething children emaciated and constipated. Dwindling away of mammae, with small, hard, painful lumps. 

(iii) Putrid, Offensive.  Hot.  Burning.  Excoriation
Here are a numbr of co-related characteristic instances of the remedy. 
Hot  gums with much thirst during dentition.
Burning and corrosive tears. Foul breath.
Discharges, excretions, sputum, eructations which display some of the three features enumerated above. Putrid leucorrhoea, causing swelling and excorition of parts, associated with itching and biting.  Leucorrhoea very foetid and exhausting. 
Urine fetid and colourless.  Burning, corrosive urine.
Cadaverous smelling stool. 

(iv) Violent Severity  
Children struggle and scream during stool and scream as if they would go into fits.  Severe headache before and during menses. Very severe old neuralgias, with tearing pains. Violent colic with constipation, burning pain at epigatrium, bloody vomiting. Enoromous appetite.  Also entire loss of appetite.  Voluptuous itching of vagina. Voluptuous, corrosive itching of pudenda, between labia and thighs. Tetters (certain parts) with violent itching in almost every part of the body.  Violent shooting in chest. Violent painful dentition; child is restless, sleepless. 

(v). Paradoxical conditions
Menses flow while lying down, ceasing on sitting or walking about. Incontinuence of urine: can only urinate when lying. 

(vi). Malignancy
Vomiting in malignant affections of stomach.
Senile gangrene. Senile bronchitis.
"Puffy, bluish, bleeding, painful gums." 
Eczema:-   scales pile up into large masses.

Music and other emotional causes impel him to weep and cause palpitations and pulsations that are felt to the extremities. 
Frequent absence of mind, and a sort of stupidity.  Fretful, irritable, apprehensive.
Child wants everything but throws it away when given.
The child always wants something new- a new toy which it throws away the moment it gets it and then calls for something else.
(Chammomila: the child is exceedingly  irritable & fretful, *wants to be carried all the time to be quieted).  

Dull pain, as from a board pressing against forehead.  Menstrual headache. Occipital pain. (Gel; Zinc.pic).

The appearance is Greyish, earthy colour of face. Dryness of lips (with peeling off.). Pustulous pimpls on chin and cheek which are covered with yellowish scabs. Acne.  Eyelids red and swollen.  Lupus of nose with burning pain. 

The eyes smart and burn as if raw.The lachrymation is excoriating. It excoriates the margins of the lids and cheeks and they become  red amd raw and smart. When the eyes are red and raw and inflamed, they will bleed easily. 

 symptoms of the mouth is that there is much ulceration with little smarting and burning ulcers spreading from aphthous patches. The tongue also has ulcers upon it which bleed easily upon touch.

Very rapid decay of teeth, with spongy, bleeding gums. Teeth dark and crumbly. Putrid odor and bitter taste.

Nosebleed during Coryza.  Offensive smell and discharge.
Chronic catarrah of the old people. 

When the Krosote sore throat is present the least pressure of the tongue will produce oozing. Little drops of blood will appear . Putrid odor.

The striking symptoms of Kreosote in the Stomach are
Soon after eating there comes a burning pan in the stomah and then a sense of fullness and an increasing nausea, ending in vomiting of the food, which looks as it did when first consumed (ie undigested) but it is sour and acrid coming up an hour or two after eating. The stomach seems unable to diget, and after the patient empties it (through vomiting) there is constant nausea. 

After drinking water a prolonged bitter taste remains in the mouth. 

There is a aggravation from eating cold things and relief from warm diet. In malignant diseases of the stomach when this symptom is present Kreosote becomes a great palliative. It relieves the burning and improves the digestion for a while, but the trouble comes again. Thus it is a palliate in Cancer of the Stomach.

Nux Vomica has irritable weakness of stomach and incapability of digesting food, whereas Kreosote retains food several hours and vomits it undigested.
Phos. vomits food or drink as soon as it becomes warm in stomch.
Iod. Rapid emaciation, inordinte appetite; wasting of mmmme

Kresote is a great remedy for diarrhoeas in the summer, especialy for infants.  Infants have the troubles that are sometimes associated with teething. Abdomen is distended. Bloody fetid and sometimes green stools.

Important symptom is irritation of bladder and prostate, during night, frequently rises to pass a 'very little urine, coming away like a spray. Frequent and urgent want to make water, even at night  "When the desire to urinate comes he must hurry or the urine will escape." Wetting the bed at night. Weakness of bladder; inability to hold the urine. Urine is offensive.  Violent itching of vulva and vagina, worse when urinating. Can urinate only when lyng down; cannot get out of bed quick enough during first sleep. Dreams of urinating. Enuresis in the first part of night. 

"Sugar in urine."  "It has cured diatetes."  Of course, such a case is cured in a Krosote constitution.  It may be observed that the study of the constitution is of utmost necessity in the art of prescribing, in many cases.

Important symptom is that menstruation of Kreosote is usually copious and is accoumpanied with humming and roaring in the head and preceded by abdominal bloating. The flow may be intermittent and accompanied with dragging downwards in the back. It differs from Sepia, in that the flow is early and profuse, while that of Sepia is late and scanty. Menses ceases on sitting or walking; reappears on lying down.  The menses are apt to be followed by dark brown offensive leucorrhoea.  The leucorrhoea of Kreosote is very characterisitc and in this field it has won laurels. The discharge is very acrid, very offensive, and excoriates the parts which it touches; it is yellow, the patient is weak, there is violent itching of the vagina and smarting and burning  between the thights; the parts become swollen, hot, hard and sore.  After the leucorrhoea has continued for some time it has an odor of green corn. This acridity of the leucorrhoea readily distinguishes Kresote from Sepia and Murex.  In displacements Kresote is very useful, especially in prolapsus uteri. There is dragging in the back, and a dragging downward which are relieved by motion, thus distinguishing from Sepia and Nux Vomica.  Kreosote is a useful remedy in ulcerations about the female organs, with offensive exocoriating discharge, burning pain, heat and soreness.

Winter coughs of old people, with heavy pressure on sternum. Haemoptysis; periodic attacks. Hoarse voice, with pain in larynx. 

Dragging backache, extending to genitals and down thighs.  Great debility.

Tetters (in certain parts- drosal surface of fingers and hands -eczematous) with violent itching in almost every part of the body.
Itching < towards evening.
Small wounds bleed freely. (Crot.; Lach., Phosph.).

Open air. 
Cold weather 
When exposed to cold 
From washing or bathing with cold water 
specially when lying down. 
Coitus and post coital haemorrage

Warmth, warm food. 

Followed well by:
Arsenicum album, Phosphorus, Sulphur

Carbo vegetabilis and Kresotum 

Aconitum napellus, Nux Vom.

Summary of Indications:
Skin and gum diseases 
Menstrual disorders 
Incontinuence of urine.


Wood tar production by destructive distillation (burning)
Wood tar production by destructive distillation (burning) 

Horse drawing wood tar barrels
Horse drawing wood tar barrels

Wood tar liquid
Wood tar liquid

Wood tar soap
Wood tar soap

Kingdom: Plant liquid
Latin Name: Kreosotum
Common Name: Beechwood creosote
: Kreosotum



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