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For secondary inflammations (after suppuration has set in) in cases where  discharge is white with whitish grey tongue coating. Ideal follow on when Ferr-p is administered for primary inflammation before suppuration commences.

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Potassium chloride (KCl) is a white or colorless, crystalline, water-soluble solid used chiefly in the manufacture of fertilisers (when it is referred to as muriate of potash) mineral waters and as a source of other potassium compounds. It is soluble in water, alcohol, and alkalies and occurs pure in nature as the mineral sylvite, in minerals, in brines and in ocean water. It is recovered (with other compounds) from the brine of Searles Lake in California and in New Mexico where it is produced from the fractional crystallization of Sylvite.
In homeopathy its area of activity centres around second stage inflammation, when discharges from serous membranes are of a white, fibrinous, plastic nature and is an ideal follow up to Ferr-p when the latter has been used for primary (non suppurative) inflammations.
Latterly it has found favour with dietitians as a means of reducing the Sodium levels found in dietary table salt.

Psychotic delusions accompanied with a  compulsive imagining for the necessity to starve due to a perception of their body image (ie when viewed objectively in a mirror their body is underweight & emaciated but viewed by the patient as overweight). This symptom becomes diagnosic if at the same time the tongue is white or there are white discharges.

Inflammations & Decongestion
Use for all second stage inflammations (ie once suppuration has established) regardless of where or how it originates. White, white and more white; that's the key to Kali-m. When this cell salt's strong presence in the blood, muscles and saliva, combines with its ability to break down the whitish secretions of mucus membranes, skin and other tissues, its vital role in cleansing becomes apparent. The key with Kali-m is a white coated tongue what ever the condition being treated. Its cleansing action applies to skin sores and abscesses, ear congestion with hearing impairment or soreness particularly in the winter (otitis media). sinus, tonsillitis, glandular congestions, colds, indigestion after fatty foods, sick headache or pulmonary oedemas of cardiac or renal origin. Never thought just a tongue could say so much!!
Kali-m is an ideal follow on to Ferr-p where the latter has been used for first stage (non suppurative) inflammations. 

White mucus, purulent discharge. Trachoma. 

Chronic catarrh of ther middle ear (otitis media) Glands about the ear swollen. Tinnitus,  Threatened mastoid. Eustacian catarrh. Fluid inside the ear (glue ear).

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Coating of tongue grey/white/dry/slimy.
Loss of voice; hoarseness
Swollen glands about jaw and neck.
Blocked nose with thick white c
atarrh/phlegm. Nose bleed. 
Post nasal drip
Tonsils inflamed, enlarged so much, can hardly breathe. 
Hospital sore throat.

Indigestion from fatty or rich food, stomach pain, Anorexia
Abdominal flatulence.
Constipated light coloured stool, diarrhoea clay-colored, white, or slimy stools. 
Haemorrhoids with bloody thick; fibrinous, clotted discharge.

Respiratory Organs.
Asthma a white mucus hard to cough up with gastric derangements; Loud, noisy cough like whooping-cough; expectoration thick and white. Rattling sounds of air passing through thick, tenacious mucus in the bronchi.

Swelling around jopints. Rheumatic pains felt only during motion, or increased by it, worse from warmth of bed, must get out of bed and sit up. 

Acne, erythema, and eczema, Dry, flour-like scales on the skin. 

Menses either late or suppressed  or excessively early with dark clotted thick blood, and/or leucorrhoea milky white. Morning sickness

Worse by heat of bed at night
Symptoms in general are worse from motion.
Gastric and abdominal symptoms are worse after taking pastry, rich and fatty foods.

Note on Kali-chl
There is much confusion in the literature between Kali-m and Kali-chl (kali-chloratum, potssium chlorate, or KClO3) particulaly with regard to anorexia.
In Kent, under MIND "eat, refuses to" out of 19 remedies Kali-chl. is listed in bold whilst Kali-m is not even listed. I believe that Kent allowed himself to be misled by the symptomatic response to Kali-chl rather than the mentals of the remedy itself. Kali-clr is associated with pregnancy toxaemia, hepatitis and anaemia all conditions in which the patient may self induce an anorexic mental approach in order to ameliorate symptom conditions. However in distinction to symptomatic anorexia in cases where mentals include delusional, psychotic, compulsive imagining of the necessity to starve, due to a perception of their body image (ie when viewed objectively in a mirror their body is underweight & emaciated but viewed by the patient as overweight) then Kali-m is called for. This symptom becomes diagnosic if at the same time the tongue is white or there are white discharges.
The situation is further complicated by "Hering's Guiding Symptoms, vol. VI" which contains a complete resume of symptoms of both remedies but unfortunately no clear distinction between them is made in the text. To add further confusion to confusion Hering writes on p72 "This drug should not be confused with Kali-chl" but at the same time, as we habve seen, he makes no distinction in the text hinself.
As a means of resolution when studying these two remedies I refer only to the more modern Materia Medica's with which there is general agreement along lines outlined above.

Dietary sources of Potassium


Kali-muriaticum pic
Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Kalium muriaticum
Common Name: Potassium chloride
: Kali-mur
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Schuessler Cells Salts - Level 2 

No salt (Potassium chlorode) pic
Potassium chloride is the essential ingredient in table salt (sodium chloride) substitute.

Remedy Headers 
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For second stage of inflammatory diseases, diphtheria, croup, catarrh, pneumonia, glandular swellings, deafness etc.

Kali Mur. is given for the sequel of all inflammations, for exudations and infiltrations, especially of a fibrous character and in inflammations of serous membranes, when the exudation is plastic in nature. A most excellent remedy in the later stages of all catarrhal states. This cell-salt works with the fibrine, which is found in every tissue of the organism except boric. In inflammatory exudations we find fibrine in the serous cavities and on the mucous membranes. The use of Kali Mur. usually follows Ferrum Phos. in inflammatory disorders. The characteristic symptoms of Kali Mur which is always indicated in the second stage of the inflammatory diseases, are glandular swellings, discharges or expectorations of a thick, white fibrinous consistency, white or gray exudations and a white or gray coating of the tongue. The efficacy of this remedy is demonstrated in chronic catarrhal conditions, croup, diphtheria, dysentery, pneumonia etc. Diarrhoea with pale, yellow faces. With Ferrum Phos is should be given in coughs. Useful in deafness from the catarrh of the Eustachian tubes, in skin eruptions with small vesicles containing yellowish secretions, ulcerations, ulcerations with swelling and white exudations, in rheumatism with swelling of the parts, in leucorrhoea and gonorrhea with characteristic discharge. Symptoms in general are worse from motion, while gastric and abdominal symptoms are worse after taking pastry, rich and fatty foods.









Rich Sources of Potassium
Avocado pear a rich source of Potassium

Banana a rich source of Potassium

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