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Kali bichromium

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Kali bichromium


Sinus, Sinus pain, post nasal drip, sour belching, gas, thick discharge, mucus, choking cough, cough, hoarseness, gagging cough, croupy cough, sore throat, sinus headaches, migraines, congestion, white coated tongue, pains, wandering pains, stiff joints, joint pain, achilles tendon pain, sciatic pain, abdominal pain

Kali-bi is a master remedy for helping break down thick, ropy, sticky, tough, stubborn mucus. It helps clear away sinus congestion, post nasal drip, hawking, blocked nasal passages, stubborn gagging coughs, plus related stomach distress and migraine-like headaches. If mucus suppressants, spring pollen, or too much beer are in the picture, thats more evidence that Kali-bi  can help

As one would expect from a remedy combination of potash (kali) and chromic acid there is a general resemblance to other Homeopathic Kali remedies but there is also a decided difference arising from the acid combination. Chromic acid is a very irritating acid. It is highly corrosive and caustic with rapid penetrating and destroying ability to animal tissue resulting in the sloughing off of the dead tissue with the production of deep fissures, craters, sores and ulcers.
The first symptom in the process of ulcer formation is a measles looking rash. Indeed the remedy has been used to treat this complaint. The rash then forms pustules which ripen and burst to form ulcers.

Mentals & Generals
Kali-bi is well suited to those who are very regular and rigid in their routine and habits (like strongly adherent mucus). They tend to go into great detail about nearly everything in their life and they are very organised by nature. They ignore and do not complain of their mental symptoms and concentrate only on their physical ailments. This simplistic view resonates their lifestyle in which everything is viewed as black and white and not in any other way. They call a spade a spade and the shade, variety and complexity of life is not evident. Accompanied with this attitude they have a strong sense of their own mortality a view which shapes their actions and the way they do things.

Constitutionally they tend to obese (though not exclusively) as a result of overindulgence particularly of alcohol and drugs. As with such their self control or motivation is low and they make little effort to accomplish anything either physically or mentally. They are ill tempered, listless and stuck in a rut. They are apt to wake at 2 am, rise in the morning unrefreshed and remain drowsy and prostrated throughout the day. They are both distrustful and contemptuous of others (misanthropic) as well as fearful (anthropophobic). As a means of escape they rely on alcohol and drugs and so perpetuate their life circle.

They are generally chilly, like to be well wrapped up although they may also suffer from excessively warm weather.

Discharges may occur from any mucus location of the body and are always yellow to greenish, ropy, thick, sticky and can be pulled into strings or alternatively to stringy discharges may sometimes be jelly like and lumpy. This characteristic is true of coryza, it is true of discharges in pharyngitis and laryngitis, it is true of vomited matters in gastric catarrh, it is true of the bronchi of scrofulous children, and it is also true of leucorrhoea and of the gleety discharge from the urethra.

Another feature of the remedy is the alteration of conditions. Catarrhal symptoms may occur in winter and clear up in spring when rheumatic symptoms may appear. Diarrhoea may appear in autumn at which time the rheumatic symptoms will wane.

Usually these headaches occur at the very same time each and every day. They occur in a very specific area usually in the glabella area and centred over one eye which then spreads across the entire head. The pain may be preceded by blindness or blurred vision which returns to normal as the head pain increasess.

Ears are swollen with tearing pains exuding thick, yellow, stringy, fetid discharge. 
There may be ulcers on cornea, and iritis.

Face is a chamois leather complexion.

Nose extremely painful from ulcerated septum with thich yellow greenish putrid stringy discharge.
Post nasal drip, inability to breathe through nose due to obstruction from coryza,

Catarrh and Sinusitis: Kali-bi is a homeopathic remedy that can help with any sort of catarrh issues, particularly when it becomes slimy and hard to expel. The catarrh may accumulate and may even become dry, hard and crusted after awhile. There is frequently a post nasal drip with much hawking, sneezing and dryness accompanied with an inability to breathe due to obstruction from coryza, Inflammation can extend to the frontal sinuses with extreme pain from the nasal septum and root from ulcerations which exude a thick yellow greenish putrid stringy discharge.

Sore Throat, Coughs, and Croup
When the throat and even the tonsils become swollen and there is a tickle in the throat that develops into a hoarse, hacking, brassy sounding cough with profuse yellow, sticky and glutinous expectoration is then time when Kali-bi can come in very handy.
There may be true membranous croup, extending to larynx and nares. The cough results in a sternum extending to back and shoulders; worse when undressing.
Chest pains and a very dry mouth are also associated with this condition.

Gastro Intestinal Tract
Kali-bi is particularly helpful when there are sharp pains that feel like an ulcer may have developed in the stomach accompanied with distention and gastritis. Following the ommencement of eating. heartburn, nausea and a feeling of repletion occur very rapidly.  

A feeling of undigested food is present in the abdomen. There is a soreness in the right hypochondria from a fatty liver. Cutting pains may be present from abdominal ulcerations.

There is a desire for beer and alcohol.

Stools are jelly-like, gelatinous; brown, worse in the morning with dysentery; tenesmus, and a sensation of a plug in anus. Periodic constipation, with pain across the loins.

The urethra burns after the urination of a brown (bloody) ropy mucus albuminous urine. There is the sensation of a drop which seems to remain behind and which cannot be expelled.  Kidney congestion and nephritis.

Rheumatism occurs in spring or summer weather, when there are cool days or nights. The smaller joints seem to suffer in particular. There are pains about the fingers and wrists more than in any other part of the body. Gastric and rheumatic symptoms alternate. There may also be a soreness of the heels when walking. The tendo Achilles may be swollen and painful.

Skin Conditions:
Any sort of facial acne that causes a sort of yellowish discharge can be helped by this homeopathic remedy. This may show itself as blisters, a rash, or just skin ulcers that feel as though they will never go away.

Heat/ warmth

Alcohol, beer, morning, undressing.

Lachesis (Lach):-
Farringtonm states that one of the remedies following Kali-bi in croup is Lach  It suits particularly when the spasmodic cough becomes so violent as to cause choking spells, and when the patient drops off to sleep and awakens as if smothering. Kal-bi has modified the inflammation but has not succeeded in preventing spasm of the throat. Then Lach comes in and relieves the remaining symptoms. Should the croup symptoms increase return to Kali-bi.

Mercurius cyanatus (Merc-cy) and Kaolin (Kaol):- These two remedies are also very useful to assist Kali-bi in cases of membranous croup. The former in cases of diptheric croup and the latter when there is intense soreness which descends downwards into the trachea and bronchioles. 

Blinding Headaches
Gelsemium (Gel), Causticum (Caust), Natrum mur (Nat-mur), Iris versicolor (Iris), Psoriunum (Psor), and Silica (Sil)
all display blinding headache in their symptomology.

Gastro Intestinal
Lycopodium (Lyc), Sulphur (Sul), Rumex (Rumex), Bryonia (Bry), and Natrum sulphate (Nat-s) should all be consideredx when there is stomach distention with diarrhoea and/or constipation related to alcohol.consumption.
Aresnicum album (Ars) when there is vomiting gastritis.

Pulsatilla (Puls)
where there is a measles type skin rash


Kali bichromate
Kali bichromate

Warning - Kali bichromate oxidising agent
Kali bichromate oxidising agent

Chamopis leather
Chamois leather.
Typical skin colour of Kali-bi poisoning.


Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name:
Kali bichromicum
 Comman Name: 
Bichromate of potash

Kali bichromicum



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