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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Ignatia - Mentals 1.
J.W. Waffensmith, M.D.

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Ignatia - Mentals 2.

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Ignatia - Particulars

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Mentals 1.

Ignatia is valuable at all stages in life, for sensitive children who have developed sore throats or a tummy-ache or insomnia after being punished or severely frightened or if homesick; for teenagers who brood and pine after being ditched by a "loved one"; for men and women at all ages and in all walks of life who have suffered inwardly and become introspective and moody ... suffering from ill health as a result.

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In this remedy there is great strain upon the emotional centers. Recurrent shocks develop sensitivity, an aversion of personality, and confusion in the normal rhythm of the thought mechanism and indecision in action, which leads to various forms of irrational behavior. Ignatia basically typifies irresolution throughout the mental function; a heart breaking jumble of contradictory impulses, immature in formation and destructive in action. This characteristic symptom places the remedy in a position for easy selection.

I know no more distressing form of mental sickness than that in which one is torn between the impulse to do or not to do. Although these people appear in the attacks to be aggressive there is no depth of action, the balance between the emotions and the will is painfully disturbed and presents the picture of despair. The apparent exacerbations lack the proper foundation, are more or less spurious, and end in defeat of purpose.

The physical erethism, which accompanies this mental state, produces a multitude of symptoms. Many of  these persons have a kind spirit, are misunderstood by their associates, and are raked by the shellfire of indecision, which exposes to view the vicious and caustic elements to the exclusion of the good. Our duty in homoeopathy is to face the realities of the complex mental entity, ferret out the discord in the ebb and flow of the thought unit, and from a logical conclusion of what we need in the search of the remedy. When this is done, and often we fail in the effort, the physical accessory symptoms naturally fall in line.

Ignatia is oversensitive, impulsive and ignites easily destructive tendencies, has alternate moods (Lyc.) with an undercurrent of jealousy. These people love much but not wisely, project their idealism more or less into strange concepts of life relationship. There may be psychic shock, although generally in fluxion, corresponding to its pathogenesis and clinical experience. Its sphere of influence covers many cases of misplaced affection, disappointment, grief and financial reverses. I have found in my practice among the Indians and other primitive peoples an uncanny ability to early sense the approach of death. In their simple relationship to the great forces of nature some unexplained adjustment exists within which has been lost to most of us. When death finally struck there was a simultaneous outcry, which shook the old timbers of the domicile. No words can describe the pandemonium of grief, which poured out of the hearts of the relatives gathered about the deathbed. Nature was exacting her toll and the subsequent reaction was beneficial. We are indeed fortunate to have Ignatia and similar remedies at our command, giving a clear-cut picture of tragedy in the pathogenesis. 
There is fear and timidity, a shrinking from realities, a desire to be alone. A man in the late sixties who had a long history of convulsion attacks of a minor nature, with intense fear, especially at night when waking, always burning a light, suddenly through death lost the companionship of his wife. He had always depended upon her comfort during these attacks and now was in great emotional distress. Ignatia brought about a quick and favorable reaction. As an evidence of the depth of action in this person attacks of migraine, violent in nature many years, have disappeared. A favorable reaction from the remedy shows in a definite stiffening of the moral fiber, clearer understanding of the particular problem, and lifting of the defeatist attitude.

Transitory ill humour and anger; fixed ideas; broods over unpleasant occurrences, alternating with laughing and weeping. He is obstinate and nothing satisfies him.

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Natrum mur has long been recognized as a natural complementary. Calcarea, Sepia, Silica and Sulphur may follow; Lycopodium when there is fear, desire for company and the 4-8 p.m. aggravation. Sighs and sobs; sensitive to noise; morbid and inconsolable grief; apprehensive feeling in chest, stomach and abdomen, which interferes with breathing; silent anguish; paroxysms of terror causing her to shriek. Desire for solitude, with fear of strangers, who may cause her to be very angry. This remedy has violent anger with irresolution. Fear something will happen, and weeping ameliorates (Lyc). Contradiction aggravates, becomes quarrelsome.

A woman having had a severe disappointment with marked despair, silent grief, inconsolable, feeling unable to continue her work, was given Ignatia, which took off the rough edge of the emotional shock, but did not bring the balance desired and which was necessary. The impatience she had was directed toward some minute finger warts appearing on the neck. Nitric acid was given with the most astounding results, clearing up the condition of shock, which again proves the remarkable difference in the similars we select.

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There are spasmodic affections; in the throat with hysterical symptoms. The remedy covers a wide range of suppressed mental suffering. We have at our disposal truly curative remedies in all forms of emotional shock, the one under discussion ranking among the best. Homoeopathy brings a balance in a gentle way, eliminating the routine direct sedation. It is worth all the effort and study we put into the selection of the remedy to see these unfortunate people again regain the equilibrium which nature has intended for them to possess.

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Ignatia - Mentals 2.

While it can help bring out suppressed emotions, Ignatia is also helpful in the pangs of grief or trauma - the sleeplessness, bellyaches, and waves of pain that can be the companion of turbulent emotions, and to prevent issues soon after - such as colds due to the strain on the immune system. Ignatia colds can start with a lump in the throat sensation and it's spasmodic cough is set off by a tickle in the throat. If a fever takes over, an Ignatia type may be quite thirsty or itchy with chills. Some other symptoms may be a headache which feels as if a nail is being driven into the skull and the discomfort is made more intense by lying on the painful side. A sour taste in the mouth, hiccups, upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting which is somewhat relieved by eating are other Ignatia signs. Women can complain of uterine cramps during menstruation, constipation due to emotional stress and hemmorhoids.

On the emotional side, Ignatia works especially well with silent grief, though it also helps those at the other extreme-constant crying, fear, fright and anxiety. Ignatia types have a sensitive nervous system so it's not surprising that their bodies react to emotional stress with twitchings, spasms, a lump in the throat feeling, nervous headaches or insomnia. Nervous debility caused fom loss, living in stressful situations, frustration and disappointment or long, intense periods of study can all be soothed by Ignatia.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about painful situations and you sigh deeply and often, this homeopathic remedy might be of help.
As all disappointed loves know, insomnia or nightmares may be your only choice - until Ignatia. Its symptoms tend to be erratic and spasmodic, they may tighten and release often as the body and mind try to restore balance. Its conditions usually feel better for eating and with warmth and worse with emotional disturbance, coffee and cold fresh air.

Whether natural to the individual or induced by emotions, the people who need Ignatia's support the most are sensitive, idealistic, and sometimes secretive, whose moods may alternate frequently - tears turning to laughter and back again. They may internalize their feelings so well that only their sighs let you know what is beneath the surface. Over time they can become very defensive, touchy, suspicious, jealous and even rude. The line between Nat mur and Ignatia for grief and suppressed feelings is narrow. One way to tell the difference is their response to sympathy, Nat mur may resent it, while Ignatia just prefers to be alone. Ignatia should be considered first when overwhelmed by recent grief

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Ignatia - Particulars

Indicated in patients with pronounced nervous symptoms, erratic in manifestation and resting upon a neurotic basis. The emotional symptoms are unusually important. There is often present muscular excitement, i. e., jerking and twitching, with a tendency to spastic conditions.

Mental depression; sadness.

Ill effects of depressing emotions, recent grief, disappointment in love; of abuse of coffee, alcohol, tobacco.

Great sensitiveness; broods over fancied slights and wrongs.

Amiable when everything is all right, but easily upset and annoyed.

Deep, involuntary sighing, with sense of goneness and sinking at the pit of the stomach; the latter nearly always better from eating.

Nervous excitement; feels as though would have convulsions or paralysis, and is afraid of it, but they do not come to pass.

Headache, as if a nail were being driven into the head; agonizing.

Headache, with sense of unfitness for mental effort, seemingly congestive, yet better from leaning forward and from resting head on the table; worse from tobacco smoke.

Toothache with tenderness and soreness of teeth, felt least when chewing.

Violent cough, caused by tickling in the throat as from a feather; the more he coughs, the worse the tickling; can stop it by effort of will.

Twitching of muscles, especially about the face.

Pain in small circumscribed spots.

Constriction of anal sphincter, worse from sitting down.

Haemorrhoids, with stitching pain from anus into rectum.

Chill with thirst; fever without thirst.

Urine profuse, watery.

Worse from coffee, tobacco, alcohol; from depressing emotions; from contact and motion; in the open air; in the morning.

Better from change of position; from hard pressure; from lying on the back, on the painful side.

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Photo St. Ignatius Bean
Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Strychnos ignatia
Common Name: St Ignatius Bean
: Ign
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1. - Full of suppressed grief, seems weighed down by it, broods over imaginary troubles.

2. - Ailments from grief, or suppressed mental sufferings.

3. - Slight blame or contradiction irritates and excites him to anger.

4. - Headache as if a nail were driven out through the side of the head, relieved by lying on the painful side.

5. - Headache increased by smoking tobacco, or being where another is smoking.

6. - Sensation of weakness and sinking in pit of stomach.

7. - Frequent sighing; constant desire to take deep breath.

8. - Every time he stands still during a walk he coughs.

9. - Sleepy after each coughing spell.

10. - Spasmodic affections of children consequent on being put to sleep soon after punishment.

11. - Change of position relieves the pain

12. - During the chill, thirsty, external warmth pleasant, during the fever heat, no thirst; external warmth intolerable.

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Pets Can Need It, Too
Promotes a sense
of calm in animals
exhibiting fear, fretting, anxiety or any unwanted behavior caused by:

1) Being left alone
2) Travel anxiety
3) Thunderstorms
4) Fireworks/ Noise
6) Vet or groomer visits
7) Stressful situations

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Especially suited to nervous temperament; women of a sensitive, easily excited nature; dark hair and skin but mild disposition, quick to perceive, rapid in execution. In striking contrast with the fair complexion, yielding, lachrymose, but slow and indecisive, Pulsatilla.

The remedy of great contradictions: the roaring in ears > by music; the piles > when walking; sore throat feels > when swallowing; empty feeling in stomach not > by eating; cough < the more he coughs; cough on standing still during a walk ([Ast. fl.]); spasmodic laughter from grief; sexual desire with impotency; thirst during a chill, no thirst during the fever; the color changes in the face when at rest.

Mental conditions rapidly, in an almost incredibly short time, change from joy to sorrow, from laughing to weeping ( Coff. , Croc. , Nux m. ); moody.

Persons mentally and physically exhausted by long-concentrated grief.

Involuntary sighing ( Lach. ); with a weak, empty feeling at pit of stomach; not > by eating ( Hydr. , Sep. ).

Bad effects of anger, grief, or disappointed love ( Cal. p. , Hyos. ); broods in solitude over imaginary trouble.

Desire to be alone.

Finely sensitive mood, delicate consciousness.

Inconstant, impatient, irresolute, quarrelsome.

Amiable in disposition if feeling well, but easily disturbed by very slight emotion; easily offended.

The slightest fault finding or contradiction excites anger, and this makes him angry with himself.

Children, when reprimanded, scolded, or sent to bed, get sick or have convulsions in sleep.

Ill effects, from bad news; from vexation with reserved displeasure; from suppressed mental sufferings; of shame and mortification ( Staph. ).

Headache, as if a nail was driven out through the side, relieved by lying on it. ( Coff. , Nux , Thuja ).

Cannot bear tobacco; smoking, or being in tobacco smoke, produces or aggravates headache.

In talking or chewing, bites inside of cheek.

Sweat on the face on a small spot only while eating.

Oversensitiveness to pain ( Coff. , Cham. ).

Constipation; from carriage riding; of a paralytic origin; with excessive urging, felt more in upper abdomen ( Ver. ); with great pain, dreads to go to the closet; in women who are habitual coffee drinkers.

Prolapsus ani from moderate straining at stool, stooping or lifting ( Nit. ac. , Pod. , Ruta ); < when the stool is loose.

Haemorrhoids: prolapse with every stool, have to be replaced; sharp stitches shoot up the rectum ( Nit. a. ); < for hours after stool ( Rat. , Sulph. ).

Twitchings, jerkings, even spasms of single limbs or whole body, when falling asleep.

Pain in small, circumscribed spots.

Fever: red face during chill ( Fer. ); chill, with thirst during chill only; > by external heat; heat without thirst, < by covering ( > by covering, Nux ).

Complaints return at precisely the same hour.

Ignatia bears the same relation to the diseases of women that Nux does to sanguine, bilious men.

There are many more Ignatia persons in North America than Nux vomica persons - Hering.

Relations. - Incompatible: Coff. , Nux , Tab.

The bad effects of Ign. are antidoted by Puls.

Aggravation. - From tobacco, coffee, brandy contact, motion, strong odors, mental emotions, grief.

Amelioration. - Warmth, hard pressure ( Cinch. ); swallowing; walking. 
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