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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Hyoscyamus niger

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Hyoscyamus niger
(A remedy of passive psycosis)

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Hyoscyamus niger

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Dr Davendra Kumar Mundi MD (Homeo)
International Homeopathic Consultant

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Anja Heij

Hyoscyamus niger
(A remedy of passive psycosis)

Hyoscyamus niger is a remedy for the more passive psychoses. There certainly can be outbursts of violent aggression, but usually the patient is mainly occupied with him or herself. These people are talking nonsense to themselves or to unseen people, often making automatic gestures like picking at their clothes such as the behaviour one often sees in old senile persons.

The Indian homoeopath Sankaran states that the underlying basic emotion in Hyoscyamus is the idea that something unjust has been done as if they have been sold down the river or betrayed like for example the result of a disappointed love affair. 

The underlying disturbance in this remedy picture which is associated with Sankaran's basic emotion is a severe jealousy and suspicion. Hyoscyamus projects things upon others and holds them responsible for the wrongs suffered in their own life. Their tendency to blame everybody else is the seed for an ever growing suspicion and paranoia. It can possibly start with the idea that others are badmouthing them and end with the idea that every stranger behind a window is trying to kill them. In this great fear they refuse to take medicines or eat food because it might be poisoned.

This fear is accompanied by great nervous restlessness, resulting in spasms, trembling, twitching, convulsions and constantly repeated movements like picking at bedclothes or making involuntary gestures in the air.

Another thing is being obsessed with controlling certain things, like guiding imaginary walking insects on the wall. Or by sitting on the floor while firmly pressing the feet against a bathroom door, because the devil and his army would hide behind it - as one of my patients feared.

When the insanity grows stronger the attention gets focused on the instinctive sphere. Here comes the erotic mania which is so characteristic for Hyoscyamus. They are very loquacious and like to talk dirty. Patients undress and expose their genitals to anyone; they constantly play with their genitals (it can be a good remedy for exhibitionists). At the same time they get very interested in urination and defecation. It can work out in the way that they continuously speak and joke about sex, urination and stool. Or they play for hours with their genitals or their stool. Or they suffer from involuntary loss of urination and stool and sit or lie in it without conscious notion. (Please note that Hyoscyamus might also be the right remedy for a child who involuntarily looses urine or stool without any particular reason! In that case the child does not need to show any of the mental characteristics of this remedy.)

Swallowing can be difficult because of a spasm of the throat muscles.
The tongue and mucous membranes are dry.

They feel worse by lying down, emotions, touch, jealousy, cold and sleep.
They ameliorate by sitting straight up, by movement and warmth


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Hyoscyamus niger

Henbane (scientific name Hyoscyamus Niger) is also known as common, black and hairy henbane, stinking nightshade, stinking roger, cassilata and hog's-bean. The Henbanes scientific name is derived from the Greek terms hys denoting pig and kyamos meaning bean. Therefore it is not surprising that the toxic plant is safe for consumption by pigs, while it is harmful for humans. This latter characteristic is referred to frequently in literature For example Shakespeare "used" the poison from Hyoscyamus to get Hamlets father murdered, while the famous American homeopath Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen made use of Henbane to murder his wife. Henbane belongs to the Solanaceae family that is native to Eurasia. Later, however, the plant was introduced to different regions of the world and is now found growing at many places across the globe.

The Greek physician Dioscorides was the first individual to recommend the use of Henbane as a painkiller and as a medication to induce sleep way back in the first century.

Later Homeopathic practitioners found that the plant possessed certain remedial properties and a medication prepared with it could be used effectively to treat emotional disorders - both mental as well as physical disorders. Hahnemanns proving in 1805 established this knowledge and showed that Hyoscyamus could be effective in treating emotional disorders as well as coughs. The homeopathic medicine prepared with this plant is known as Hyoscyamus.

The Homeopathic medicine prepared from Henbane is an excellent remedy for people having paranoid characteristics and enduring behavioral problems. The most common mental symptoms experienced by Hyoscyamus people include:-

  • Delirium/ hallucination
  • Paranoia/ suspicion/ jealousy
  • Agitated behavior
  • Confused state of the mind
  • Always murmuring or grumbling
  • Indecent or lewd sexual exhibitionism.
  • Propensity to laugh out loud at the wrong times
  • Feeling of being ostracised to live in their own private world
    - they are often misfits in social gatherings.

Besides the above mentioned mental conditions Hyoscyamus patients also exhibit caharacteristic physical symptomology and is used in prescription to treat physical disorders associated with:-

  • Uncontrolled trembling
  • Siezures/ convulsions/ epilepsy
  • Febrile convulsion of children
  • Parkinsons disease/ schizophrenia particularly when accompanied by distinct obscenity, withdrawal and laughter at wrong times and places.
  • Sleeplessness
  • Bouts of dry coughing.

It has been found that the homeopathic medicine Hyoscyamus works excellently for people who suffer from paranoia or suspicious characteristics since their birth. In other words, this medicine is effective for patients who have inherited paranoid traits in them. Occasionally, such people may seem to be incoherent or in a confused state of mind and transform from a keyed up condition to murmuring to themselves unreasonably or without any cause. In addition, they also have a tendency to laugh out loud at the wrong times and find it difficult to socialize with others. They virtually are ostracised in their own private world.

Parts Used
The homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus is based on the toxic henbane plant and is prepared making use of the entire plant. However, the plant needs to be fresh as well as harvested along with its roots when it is in blossoms. Soon after it is harvested, the plant is chopped up into fine pieces and drenched in alcohol for around 10 days. Following this period, the solution is diluted down and filtered. The product (solution) obtained through this process is the Hyoscyamus medicine that does not retain any trace, whatsoever, of the toxic plant.

Conventional Uses
Traditionally, the plant Henbane was used as a tranquilizer, analgesic or painkiller and as an anticonvulsant remedy. The medicine extracted from the plant was known as hyoscine and, even to this day, is used as an anti-spasmodic in ailments of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Homeopathic Uses
Presently, homeopaths prescribe Hyoscyamus to treat emotional disorders like paranoid, suspicion and jealousy. People who benefit most from this homeopathic medicine are likely to be obsessed with feeling like they are being watched by somebody or that someone is trying to poison them. In addition, they may also feel suspicious about others thinking that they are bent on deceiving or tricking them.

Since its discovery Hyoscyamus has proved to be very useful for patients suffering from aggressive mental conditions. It is said to possess the potential to naturally facilitate the treatment of any type of aggressive outbursts and any behavior related to the desire to shock. Such an attitude to shock is most frequently displayed as a desire to become naked or be seen naked by others. In addition there may also be an associated feeling of jealousy towards others.

Other uses of Hyoscyamus include patients who feel they are outsiders to society or that they have been ostracised into their own private world where they remain quiet for several hours simply spending their time sitting in one place or staring fixedly ahead. On other occasions they may try to break out of their ostracisation and become very talkative or even animated.

Additionally Hyoscyamus is also prescribed to people suffering from epilepsy; dry and spasmodic coughs as well as other conditions which may be accompanied by shuddering, jerking, twitching and cramps.

In fact, this homeopathic medicine is useful for people suffering from a number of mental and physical disorders. Below is a brief discussion on the specific conditions that Hyoscyamus is used for Homeopathically

Behavioral Disorders
Since its discovery, Hyoscyamus has been traditionally used to treat emotional disorders and behavioral problems and, even to this day, homeopaths recommend this medicine as a remedy for these conditions. In fact, it has been proved that Hyoscyamus is very useful for patients suffering from such conditions. This Homeopathic medicine is said to possess the potential to naturally facilitate the treatment of any type of aggressive outbursts and any behavior related to these conditions. As aforementioned, patients are occasionally likely to be obsessed or have a desire to become naked or be seen naked by others. This is because they have a tendency to shock others. In addition, their desire to go naked may also be associated with a feeling of jealousy towards others.

Hyoscyamus people usually experience aggressive outbursts and possess a desire to shock others with their actions varying from simple stupidity to unabashed and lewed display of sexuality. Their typical traits include whims handling their genital organs, masturbation, undressing and remaining naked, vulgarity or lewdness, indiscriminating sexual behavior (promiscuity) and/ or an erotic fixation. Feelings like jealousy are very common in such patients.

In the instance of children, they usually become jealous with the arrival of a new infant in the family. Administration of Hyoscyamus has been found to be effective in treating all such conditions and their symptoms.

Hyoscyamus symptoms usually associated with this mental condition includes involuntary twitching, flinching and frowning expressions of the face. Some patients may be enduring a mania triggered by addictions, fever, brain injury, or in the instance of women it may be the result of trauma experienced during childbirth. Such cases have a frequent desire to urinate but the flow is scanty. Other symptoms commonly include a continuous shuffling with their hands or picking of the bed clothes. They are also likely to have seizures, occasionally accompanied by uncontrolled urination.

Symptoms of mistrust or suspicion may be inherent in Hyoscyamus patients or set off with a feeling of jealousy. Typically people enduring such conditions may have a feeling that they are being watched by others or people may be trying to trick or deceive them. Worse still, they may have a feeling as though some people may be trying to poison them.

Patients may have symptoms, such as dry, tickly and spasmodic coughs. Often the bouts of cough may seem to be suffocating and set off spasms or convulsions that are so acute that they may result in doubling over as well as the patient coughing up blood.

Homeopathic Research
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Dr Davendra Kumar Mundi MD (Homeo)
International Homeopathic Consultant


Hyoscyamus is said to be especially poisonous to fowls: hence its common name Henbane. Other animals can eat the plant with impunity particularly pigs which gave rise to its alternative name of Hog's Bean. However in the case of humans it is toxic.

In old school prescribing Hyoscyamus and Hyoscine were used in asylum practice with good results in cases of cerebral depression, acute mania, delirium tremens, febrile delirium and insomnia. The drug was also employed to stop griping when Aloes etc. were used for purgation.

Homeopathic provings and experience show its very definite range of action and its striking resemblance to its natural relations, Belladonna and Stramonium although it can be easily distinguished from them.

The mental state is really the greatest part of the Hyoscyamus delirium with illusions and hallucinations all mingled together. There are several main strands to the mental state of Henbane.

SUSPICION and JEALOUSY are prominent in its characteristic as with Lach, Puls, Nux-v and Stram. The following case study of a young boy perfectly illustrates these mental attributes. The lad was mentally deficient among other things and frightfully jealous of the man his sister was engaged to. Whenever he came to the house the boy passed his stool into his trousers from excitement and agitation. Following a dose of Hyoscyamus CM he became much quieter and although the sister's finance continued to stay in the house he no longer exhibited signs of jealousy. Suspicious of everybody, of his wife that she is going to poison him, that she is untrue,. He is pursued: people have all turned against him.

FEAR particulrly of being poisoned is a major attribute a characteristic it shares with Bell, Kali-brom, Lach. and Rhus-t. They even refuse medicine because it is poisoned.

HALLUCINATION is the third mental strand in which they carry on conversations with imaginary people and really imagines that someone is sitting by their side with whom they are talking. Talks to dead folk: calls up a dead sister or wife or husband, and enters into conversation as if they were here again on earth. Another mental state involves lying and looking at the paper on the wall trying to put the figures into symmetrical rows. Imagines there are worms, vermin, rats, cats, mice, and tries to lead them like children. 

Finally AGGRESSION may be demonstrated by Hyos through anger, temper, irritability, hitting, biting, kicking etc (even though it is the least aggressive of the three nightshades).

In DELIRIUM it has its own peculiar features. Like Bell. it causes and cures cases with increased cerebral activity but with Hyos. unlike Bell. they are of a non-inflammatory type. One peculiar symptom belongs pre-eminently to Hyos: the desire to uncover. Kent explains the desire to go naked of Hyos. in terms of nerve sensitivity in which the nerves cannot bear clothing to touch the skin hence necessitating the patient to disrobe. They appear to be perfectly shameless with no thought of doing anything unusual they do it simply as a result of hyperaesthesia of the skin. (One wonders how nudists would react to Hyoscyamus in potency) Additonall to nakedness Hyoscyamus also exhibits obscenity, violent excitement, nymphomania, as well as a lascivious mania.

In INSANITY Hyos. may act as a mountebank, grimacing and making ridiculous gestures, and displaying a comical alienation of mind or displaying a horrible lascivious mania all its own.

In FEVERS the Hyos. patients throw the bedclothes off not because they are too warm but because they will not remain covered. A keynote for Hyoscyamus in fevers is that the patient will not remain covered.

A vivid description of Hyos FEVER was supplied by Hahnemann when he treated 183 patients in Leipzig (of which not one patient died) during 1813 (the year before Waterloo). The typhus affectation had progressed to the second stage of delirium where the patient ceased to complain of their symptoms but had no desire to drink, did not know whether to take this or that, did  not recognize those about him, abused them, made irrelevant answers, talked nonsense with open eyes, did foolish things, wished to run away, cried aloud or whined, unable to say why they did so, had a rattling in their throat, distorted face, eyes squinted, played with their hand, behaved like a madman, passed their excrements unconsciously, etc. When the FEVER progresses to this stage of delirium and mania Hyoscyamus niger meets all the indications of the case.

During this second stage the CHOREIC symptoms of Hyoscyamus become unmistakably evident.  There is a constant state of erythrism: not a single part of the whole body, nor a solitary muscle in a quiet state for a moment. All motions are convulsive and spasmic. The Hyoscyamus CHOREA (unlike the gyratory motions of Stram) exhibit coarse angular jerks that hurl the patient about making them an object of pity. Their spasms are such that it makes them appear to be in danger of turning themselves inside out. Hyoscyamus is full of convulsions and contractions and trembling and quivering and jerking of muscles CHORIEAC  angular motions of the arms, etc. The intermingling of jerkings and quivering and tremblings and weakness and convulsive action of muscles are all striking features. 

In the EPILEPSY of Hyos. there is during the fit, a purple face, projecting eyes, shrieks, grinding teeth and enuresis followed by sopor and snoring. (The Bell. EPILEPSY has spasms of larynx and clutching at the throat during the fit. In the EPILEPSY of Stram. there is risus sardonicus which is a highly characteristic, abnormal, sustained spasm of the facial muscles that appears to produce grinning.)

The HYDROPHOBIA of Hyos is associated with the production of large quantities of saliva coupled with an inability to speak or swallow in which the patient has difficulty swallowing because the throat and jaw become slowly paralyzed. There is a decided reaction to water in the HYDROPHOBIC state including fear of water, of anything that might look like water, shining objects, fire, mirrors, or even the sound of running water or fluids.  (In the Stram HYDROPHOBIA the patient has a thirst which they cannot quench but show panic when presented with liquids to drink.)

Although all three nightshade remedies may be curative for HYDROPPHOBIA according to their respective symptomology care must be taken (particularly when treating this condition) not to prescribe too high or too stimulatory a potency and so kill the patient from the very condition for which a cure is being sought. Hahnemann writes "In the homoeopathic employment of medicines, where the totality of the morbid symptoms have a great similarity to the action of a drug, and particularly in acute situations, the smallest possible dose should be administered. This is especially true of the employment of Belladonna, Stramonium, and Hyoscyamus for HYDROPHOBIA. Let it not be said, "One of these three medicines was given in the strongest doses, and not too seldom, but every two or three hours, and yet the patient died." That was precisely why the patient died. Had the smallest portion of a drop of the remedy been administered the patient would have been easily and certainly saved."

ALTERNATING SYMPTOMS are also a phenomenon of Hyos particularly with regards to stool, urination and sleep.
The calls to stool and frequent evacuation of Henbane alternate with delayed stool and absence of call. The former is the principal primary action.
In the case of urination urging to urinate with scanty flow alternates with copious diuresis from little or no urging. Once again the former is the principal primary action.
Finally the sleeplessness of Henbane alternates with drowsiness and sleep, but sleeplessness seems to be the chief primary action.

It is interesting to note that Hyos is not confined to the treatment of only desperate conditions. It has frequently brought favourable results in the situation of a very annoying COUGH characterised by its spasmodic nature in which there is an incessant cough, cough, cough when the patient lies down but which disappears immediately upon sitting up. Upon lying down again the COUGH promptly restarts and equally quickly ceases upon rising. This symptomology may go on all night and night after night until treated with Hyos.

Black Letter Symptoms
DELIRIUM with restlessness - will not stay in bed - foolish laughter- talks more than usual in an animatedly hurried manner - silly smiling - laughs at everything - silly expression - comical mind - performs ludicrous actions like monkeys - makes ridiculous gestures like a dancing clown -  lies in bed and prattles - mutters and prattles - unable to think - cannot direct or control thoughts - answers no questions - cannot bear to be talked to - wants to get up and attend to business - talks  of business - of imaginary wrongs - wants to go home  - picks at bedclothes (carphology).

LASCIVIOUS MANIA - strip themselves naked - sings amorous songs. lies in bed and prattles. Is violent, and beats people. Jealousy with rage and delirium: with attempt to murder. Lascivious mania: uncovers: sings amorous songs.

FEAR of being poisoned - of being bitten - of being alone - of being injured - has a dread of water

CONVULSIONS - suffocating spells during labour and epilepsy - during epileptoid spasms the face is purple, eyes project- shrieks - grinds teeth - urinates - daily attacks so violent it seemed as if their spine or joints would be broken.

SLEEPLESSNESS - long-continued sleeplessness on account of mental inactivity - inability to sleep the whole night - tossing on one side and then the other - unable to get quiet - starts from sleep as if in a fright - intense sleeplessness of irritable, excitable, persons as a result of business embarrassments (often imaginary).

AGGRESSION - violent - beats people - jealous rage even with attempt to murder.


  • of the throat making swallowing difficult - tongue red or brown, dry, cracked, hard, looks like burnt leather - foam at mouth - sordes - grinding the teeth
  • of audatory nerve causing deafness
  • of gastrointestinal tract necessitating much urging for stool and urination.

COUGH at night - incessant, frequent and dry - wakes them up - must sit up for relief.

Strange, Rare & Peculiar Characteristics
They babble out almost everything a sensible person would have kept quiet about all his life - reproaches himself and others - complains of the injustice that he imagines has been done to him (Staph.) - continuously describes the grief suffered as a result of a faithless lover - such jealousy and anger results in serious illness - bites the tongue when talking - motions of the tongue impaired resulting in numbness and garbled speech - suffers loss of speech after a fright

PARTIAL PARALYSIS of tongue affecting speech - of throat resulting in the inability to swallow liquids - of sphincter muscles  causing involuntary stool and urination - inability to control locomotor muscles causing them to bump into everything in their path - appearance of clumsiness 

CHOREA Every muscle of the body twitches and jerks from the eyes of the toes. Stupid expression - makes grimaces (risus sardonicus).

AGGRESSION Rushes at people with knives - strikes and tries, to murder those he meets - peculiar fear of being bitten by beasts - in despair wishes to take his life, and throw himself into water - after a fit of passion is overtaken by a sudden fear - they become so timorous as to hide themselves in any corner - wish to run away and hide  

INAPPROPRIATE ACTIONS - dresses up in a priest's cassock which is put on over nothing but a shirt, and fur boots - he wishes to go to church in order to preach and to perform clerical offices - furiously attacks those who try to prevent him - throws bedclothes off not because they are too warm but because they do not wish to remain covered - desires to be naked (hyperaesthesia of cutaneous nerves) 

SENSATIONS Frequent looking at her hands because they seem too large - fingers feel too thick -  feels a if teeth would fall out - brain feels too loose - swashing like water in the head - must shake head to and fro - all objects look red


Hyoscyamus niger
Hyoscyamus niger

Black seeds of Hyoscyamus niger
Black seeds of Hyoscyamus niger

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Hyoscyamus niger
 Comman Name: 
Black Henbane
: Hyoscyaminum


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