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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Helix tosta 
Adapted  by:
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Dr Peter Darashah

from the original by:
Todd Rowe - Click for original article
Todd Rowe
American Medical College of Homeopathy
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Helix tosta

Trituration of the shell
This compares with the Hel-t used for Agro-Homeopathy in which it has been found that better results as obtained from a tincture of the whole snail.

Miasmic Classification
Two separate miasms arose during the proving; the Sycotic which predominated and the Tubercular miasms respectively. The sycotic miasm was represented by secrecy, hiding and covering up characteristics while the tubercular miasm exhibited themes of restlesness, travel, activity, effort and impatience.

Core Mentals
1. Heaviness 
A feeling of being emotionally weighed down as with a load of lead/ like being stuck in the mud and it taking forever for things to happen or manifest/ like a restriction from something on the back or side or a helmet on the head which is permanently attached and cannot be got rid of/ like having a too heavy burden which is seriously impeding/  like being unable to move and waiting for someone to help.

Other Mentals
1. Anger
- at being treated badly
- at being used and abused
- a red hot anger
The anger took forms of verbal abuse, cursing, defiance, indignation, irritability, maliciousness, rage, reprochement, rudeness, violence.

2. Courage & Confidence
Increased levels of confidence and courage enabling many things to be done for which there was a lack of courage previously. A feeling of being in charge of the situation and an ability to say what one liked without fear of consequences.
At its strongest this new found self confidence and self assuredness showed itself as egotism, arrogance and haughtiness as well as anger and confrontational ability.
3. Desires
- for cold damp weather in keeping with the preferential habitat of the Roman Snail for moisture and slime. (see also Sensations and Dreams)

4. Sensations
- Skin feels wet and slimy and cold.
- Stool feels slimy.
- of being weighed down (see Core Mentals/ Heaviness)
- of slowness due to an accompanying heavy burden (see Core Mentals/ Heaviness)

5. Dreams
- of buildings and of purchasing and selling buildings in which windows feature prominently.
- of having a severe cold in which a ton of thick, green, mucoid, slimy expectoration was brought up. (see Sensations)
- of money or of purchasing high cost luxury goods sentiments which are in keeping with the relatively high cost of escargots.
- of sexuality involving rape and sexual violation with an accompanying aggressive violent refusal to let this occur all perhaps reminiscent of the amourous behaviour and love darts of the Roman snail . Themes of dishonesty, secrecy and ulterior motives often accompanied the sexuality.

Core Physicals
1. Respiration
Difficult when ascending.

2. Cough
Sleep: preventing.

3. Expectoration
Bloody, spitting of blood - haemoptysis.
Hemoptysis or haemoptysis is the expectoration (coughing up) of blood or of blood-stained sputum from the bronchi, larynx, trachea, or lungs (e.g. in tuberculosis or other respiratory infections or cardiovascular pathologies).
There are many conditions predisposing Hemoptysis, including most commonly bronchitis and pneumonia as well lung neoplasm, smokers cough, aspergillosis, tuberculosis, and cystic fibrosis.
The origin of blood can be identified by observing its color. Bright red, foamy blood comes from the respiratory tract while dark red, coffee-colored blood comes from the gastrointestinal tract

4. Speech and Voice
Voice: hoarseness.
Voice: hoarseness: chronic.

5. Chest
Tuberculosis pulmonalis with haemoptysis

Other Physicals
1. Vertigo
sudden and fleeting accompanied by nausea.

2. Head
Pressing pain as if from a tight cap or helmet

3. Face

4. Eye
Thick white discharge

4. Ears.

6. Nose

7. Throat
Cough haemoptysis

8. Chest
Difficult respiration

9. Gastro Intestinal Tract

10. Skin


Rubric Listing
(The Complete Repertory)
1. Mind:
-Abusive, Insulting(10)
-Abusive, When Opposed(10)
-Ailments From Abuse(10)
-Anger Tendency(5,7,8,10,12,18,19)
-Anger Tendency, Violent, Takes Everything in Bad Part(10,18)
-Anger, Sudden(18)
-Anxiety of Conscience(11)
-Anxiety, Waking(5,7)
-Appearance, Focused On(12)
-Cheerfulness, Tendency(4)
-Company, Aversion to(8,9)
-Comprehension, Easy(4)
-Concentration, Difficult(4,11,18,20)
-Concentration, Difficult, On Waking(19)
-Confidence Increased(7,10,12)
-Delusion, Abused, Being(10)
-Delusion, Appreciated, She is Not(10)
-Delusion, Body Parts, Back, As if Wearing a Back Pack(10)
-Delusion, Body Parts, Breasts, Feel Smaller(5)
-Delusion, Body Parts, Eyes, Feel Darker and Smaller(5)
-Delusion, Body Parts, Hair, Feels Longer(5)
-Delusion, Dust, Covered In(6)
-Delusion, Younger, He is(5)
-Dreams, Amorous(4,5,6,7,8,9,12,18,20)
-Dreams, Animals(4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,14,19,l20)
-Dreams, Buildings(5,6,7,8,9,11,12,18,19,20)
-Dreams, Courageous(6,7,9,12)
-Dreams, Homeopathic Medicines(4,.9,10,12,20)
-Dreams, Money(5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,19)
-Dreams, Remembered(19,20)
-Dreams, Travel(4,5,6,8,9,19)
-Dreams, Vivid(12,20)
-Dream, As if in a(12,18)
-Dwells on Past Disagreeable Occurrences(4,5,12)
-Estranged from Society(8,9)
-Environmental Orientation Increased(5)
-Impatience, Stool With(12)
-Indifference, Apathy, To Eating(19)
-Injustice Cannot Support(10,12)
-Lasciviousness, Lustfulness(12)
-Laughing, Immoderately (12)
-Laughing, Tendency, Sleep, During(4)
-Mistakes, Time In(12)
-Mistakes, Words(12)
-Mood, Changeable, Variable(4)
-Reproaches Others(10,12)
-Sadness, Past or Finished Events, Over(5)
-Sensitive, Clothing(4)
-Sensitive, Colors(4)
-Sensitive, Noise(4)
-Sensitive, Odors(4)
-Shrieking, Sleep During(7)
-Thoughts, Money(9)
-Thoughts, Past of the(4,5,12)
-Thoughts, Rapid, Quick(4,12)
-Thoughts, Sexual(8,12)
-Tossing About, During Sleep(5,9);
-Unfeeling, Hard Hearted(10,12)

2. Generalities:
-Cold, Aggravates(10)
-Food, Alcoholic Drinks, Desires(12)
-Food, Farinaceous, Desires(5,10)
-Food, Fish, Desires(12)
-Food, Meat, Desires(7,12)
-Food, Sweets, Desires(4,8,11)
-Food, Sweets, Desires, Menses Before(4)
-Food, Sweets, Desires, and Salt(12)
-Heat, Flushes of(9)
-Heat, Flushes of, Daytime(9)
-Heat, Sensation of(4)
-Heat, Sensation of, Waking on(4)
-Heat, Vital, Lack of(5,8,10,19)
-Heated, Becoming, Aggravates(10)
-Heaviness, As of Lead(19)
-Heaviness, Like a Load(10
-Lassitude, Tendency(4,5,8,9,18,20)
-Lassitude, Tendency, Morning(4,5)
-Lassitude, Afternoon(8,11,19)
-Side, Right(4,5,7,8,12,18)
-Weariness, Tendency(4,18)
-Weather, Cold, Ameliorates(10)
-Weather, Wet, Ameliorates(5,10)

3. Vertigo:
-Moving the Head, Backwards(8)
-Nausea with(4,12)
-Rising, on, aggravates, from bed(4)
-Constriction, Armor, As if in(10)
-Constriction, Band or Hoop(10,18)
-Constriction, Band or Hoop, Iron(10,18)
-Eruptions, Margin of Hair(12)
-Hat, Sensation of(10)
-Heaviness, Forehead(4)
-Heaviness, Headache From(4)
-Itching, Scalp(11)
-Pain, Localisation, Forehead(4,11,20)
-Pain, Localisation, Temple(14,19)
-Pain, Binding Head Aggravates(8)
-Pain, Migraine(4,18)
-Pain, Pressure Aggravates(8,18)
-Pain, Sudden(4,8,18)
-Pain, Cutting, Darting, Stabbing(14)
-Pain, Electric Current, Like(8)
-Pain, Pressing(10,11,19,20)
-Pain, Pressing, Cap, Like A(10,11)
-Pain, Pulsating, Throbbing(11,14,18)
-Skull Cap, Sensation of(10,11)

4. Eyes:
-Discharge, Thick(12)
-Discharge, White(19)
-Discoloration, Redness(18)
-Eye Gum(12,19)
-Pain, Burning(14,18)
-Pain, Pressing(19)
-Twitching, Lids(6,14)
-Twitching, Lids, Right(6,14)

5. Vision:

6. Ears:
-Eruptions, Pimples, Behind Ears(12)
-Itching, Morning(7)
-Noises In(4,6)
-Noises In, General, Night(6)
-Noises In, General, Stooping When(6)
-Noises In, Side, Left, Moving to Right(6)
-Noises, Ringing(6)
-Noises In, General, Vertigo With(4)
-Pain, inside, In Meatus(6)
-Pain, Touch On(6)
-Pain, Night(4)
-Pain, Extending, jaw(7)
-Pain, Boring(19)
-Pain, Pressing(4)
-Pain, Pulsating, Throbbing(6)
-Stopped Sensation, Morning(7)

7. Nose:
-Discharge, Clear(9,11)
-Discharge, Morning(9,11)
-Discharge, Green(11)
-Obstruction, Right(4)
-Obstruction, Morning(8,19)
-Pain, Tip(7)
-Sinuses, Complaints of(4,6,19)
-Sneezing, Morning(11)

8. Face:
-Discoloration, Red(18)
-Discoloration, Red, Spot(4)
-Discoloration, Red, Spot, Cheeks(4)
-Eruptions, Acne(10,12.20)
-Eruptions, Chin(10)
-Eruptions, Pustules(1,2,20)
-Pain, Pressing(19)

9. Mouth:
-Biting, Cheek When Talking or Chewing(12)
-Coated, Palate(12)
-Cold, Breath(10)
-Dry, Thirstlessness With(12)
-Dry, Night(12)
-Hair Sensation, Tongue(12)
-Itching, Palate(11,14)
-Membrane, Palate, Covered With a False(12)
-Pain, General, Gums(12,20)
-Pain, General, Palate(19)
-Pain, Burning(20)

10. Taste:

11. Teeth:
-Enamel, Deficient(5)
-Looseness of(12)

12. Throat:
-Choking, Constricting(8,12)
-Discoloration, Red(8)
-Discoloration, Red, Dark Red(8)
-Dryness, Night(12)
-Dryness, Drinking does not Ameliorate(12)
-Emotions Felt in(9)*
-Lump, Plug, Sensation of(8,9)
-Pain, Waking(8)
-Pain, Swallowing On(11)
-Pain, Burning(8)
-Swelling, Tonsils(11)
-Swelling, Uvula(6,11)

13. External Neck:
-Swelling, Cervical Glands(19)

14. Stomach:
-Appetite, Diminished(19)
-Appetite, Easy Satiety(8)
-Appetite, Increased(4,10,12,14)
-Appetite, Increased, Morning(14)
-Appetite, Insatiable(4)
-Appetite, Ravenous, Canine, Excessive(4,12)
-Distension, As if it Would Burst(10)
-Distension, Eating After(7,10)
-Eructations, Eating After(7)
-Heartburn, Night(12)
-Nausea, Morning(20)
-Nausea, Night(5)
-Nausea, Odors(4)
-Noises, Gurgling(10)
-Pain, Emotions From(10)
-Pain, Burning(4)
-Pain, Burning, Night(4)

15. Abdomen:
-Inflammation Gallbladder(12)
-Pain, Gallbladder
-Pain, Liver(10)
-Pain, Burning(10,12)
-Pain, Cramping(4)
-Pain, Cramping, Night(4)
-Pain, Cramping, Menses During(4)
-Tension, Hypochondria, Left(12)

16. Rectum:
-Diarrhea, Headache During(4)

17. Stool:
-Balls like(11)
-Long, Narrow(13)
-Mucous, Slimy(10)
-Pieces, Hard(11)

18. Female:
-Leucorrhea, Brown(11)
-Menses, Clotted(4,12)
-Menses, Late(4)
-Menses, Profuse(4)
-Pain, Cramping, Menses, During(4,12)
-Sexual Desire, increase(9,12)

19. Male:
-Pain, Stitching, Penis(8)
-Pain, Stitching, Scrotum(8)
-Sexual Desire, Increased(8)
-Larynx and Trachea:
-Obstructed Sensation. Larynx

20. Speech and Voice:
-Difficult, Night(8)

-Preventing Sleep(8)
-Throat or Larynx From(8)

22. Expectoration:
-Morning, After Waking(7)

23. Chest:
-Foreign Body In, As of A(8)
-Pain, Lying, Right Side(8)
-Pain, Burning(8)
-Pain, Sore, Bruised, Mammae, Menses, Before(20)
-Pain, Stitching, Heart(8)
-Pain, Stitching, Night(8)

24. Back:
-Cracking(, Cervical Region10)
-Heaviness, Weight, Dorsal Region(10)
-Injuries of the Spine, From Lifting(18)
-Pain, Morning(7)
-Pain, Cervical(10)
-Pain, Aching(4,10)
-Pain, Aching, Cervical(10)
-Pain, Cutting(18)
-Stiffness, Spine(8)

25. Extremities:
-Coldness, Night(12)
-Cramping, Leg, Calf(7,12)
-Discoloration, Spots, Fingers, Nails(7)*
-Dislocation, Sprain, Knee(18)
-Heat, Hand(14)
-Heat, Foot(14,19)
-Heat, Foot, Morning(19)
-Heat, Foot, Alternately Hot and Cold(19)
-Itching, Forearm(4)
-Itching, Hands, Palms(11)
-Itching, Hands, Palms, Morning(11)
-Itching, Ankle(12)
-Nails, Complaints of: Brittle, Fingernails(7,12)
-Nails, Complaints of, Brittle, Toenails(12)
-Nails, Complaints of, Falling Of(12)
-Nails, Complaints of, Grow Rapid(5)
-Numbness, Forearms(4)
-Numbness, Forearms, Night(4)
-Pain, Hand, Splinter As If(7,8)
-Pain, Shoulder(7,10)
-Pain, Leg, Calf(8)
-Pain, Toe(12)
-Pain, Aching, Shoulders(10)
-Pain, Cutting
-Pain, Stitching, Knees(8)
-Restlessness, Forearms(4)*
-Restlessness, Forearms, Night(4)*
-Tension, Thigh(5)
-Tension, Leg, Calf(12)
-Weakness, Upper Arm(7)

26. Sleep:
-Falling Asleep, Difficult(4,7,12)
-Position, Right(6)
-Position, Right, Impossible(8)
-Sleepiness, Afternoon(8)
-Sleeplessness (4,7,8,18)
-Sleeplessness, Congestion to Head(4)
-Sleeplessness, From Pains(18)
-Waking, Midnight After, 2AM(12)
-Waking, Midnight After, 3AM(7)
-Waking, Midnight, After, 4AM(11,12)
-Waking, Difficult(18)
-Waking, Frequent(11,12)

27. Fever:
-Heat in General(18)
-Coldness in General(6,8,14)

28. Perspiration:

29. Skin
-Slime, As If Covered With(10)*


Common gardensnail
Common Garden Snail

Kingdom: Animal
Latin Name: Hellix tosta 
 Comman Name: 
Garden snail
Helix tosta 


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