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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Chief Characteristics
1. Tendency to obesity
2. Moist skin eruptions with yellowish exudate

Sad and despondent; inclined to weep; thinks of nothing but death.
Very restless when attempting intense mental work of which there is dread.
In the morning extreme anxiety and desperation leading to deep depression exacerbated by music and the aroma of flowers which only serve to stimulate thoughts of grief and death. Slow of thought and weakness of mind worse especially in the morning. Extremely fretful and impatient; irritable about trifles and very critical. Irresolution is a marked symptom. Inability to make a decision.
By total contrast extreme activity, excitement and over activity of mind in the evening and first half of the night, which prevents sleep until mid night. 

Especially adapted to persons inclined to obesity and very sensitive to both cold and excessive heat. In winter they require warm clothing but still desire open air. In bed they delight to lie heavily covered in a cold draft from an open window. Like Cabo-v their symptoms are relieved from fanning. At the same time they easily become overheated especially in an over warm room which aggravates their headaches.

Hyperaemia of the brain producing congestive headaches in the evening and in the morning upon waking and are brought on from becoming cold, from looking into a bright light; or from a warm room but are ameliorated in the open air. Symptoms include
stitching pains in the temples
pain from temples to side of face and to shoulders
one-sided headaches extending to teeth and side of neck
pressing compressing, constricting pain in the occiput extending down to the neck.
marked itching and soreness in the scalp with oozy glutinous eczema.

There is a sensation of a cobweb on forehead which the patient tries hard to brush it off with their hand.

Hearing improves when in noisy environment, when riding in a carriage or car; when there is a rumbling sound in the background.

Scaly eczema behind the ears with bleeding fissures.

Eyelids heavy. Sensation of sand in them

Eruptions oozing thick honey-like fluid.on any part of the body including head, face, eyelids, lips, genitals, but especially behind the ears.
Clarke records a case of an elderly obese woman (the kind of subject on which this remedy is most efficacious) with eczema of the legs for 20 years who was prescribed a single dose of Graph CM. After a short while her legs were described as being as smooth as a babys bottom.

Skin cracks and fissures may be present everywhere particularly in the ends of the fingers (Sars), nipples, labia, anus, and between toes (Pet).

Softens up old hard cicatrices.

It is one of our best remedies for Wens (sebaceous cysts in the scalp)

Constipation is common the characteristic for which is a knotty and large lumpy stool linked together by mucoid threads. There can be much pain after stool, and much soreness from fissures in the anus.

More rarely there may be diarrhoea of a very loose fluid nature mixed with undigested debris accompanied by a foetid odor.

Sexual excitement and nightly emissions the excitement is so strong that ejaculation comes instantly after intromission. The opposite state is also found where there is aversion to erections and emissions are feeble and wanting.

Aversion to coition; enlarged, hard ovaries; great tenderness in uterus and ovaries. It has cured ovarian tumor. Pain in the uterus with bearing down sensation.

Menses late, irregular, scanty, pale or mixed with scanty dark, small clots, short duration. Menses six or eight weeks apart suppressed or very late. First menses delayed. white; Yellowish-white; thin; viscid, offensive Leucorrhoea instead of the menses (Cocc) in gushes day and night.

Many symptoms occur during menses, dry cough, copious sweat; oedema of feet; hoarseness, coryza, headache; nausea; morning nausea, violent itching of the vulva before menses; marked excoriation of the genitals during menses; excoriating leucorrhoea before menses. Sore, cracked nipples in nursing women.


lump mineral
Graphites flakes
crystalline flakes 
Graphites powder
amorphous powder

Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Graphities
Common Name:Graphite 
Homeopahtic: Graphites 

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