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Gallic Acid

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Dr Peter Darashah

Materia Medica

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Case Study

Gallic Acid
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Dr Peter Darashah

1. Occurrence

Gallic Acid is derived from tannins, a component of almost all plants.  They are generally found in the roots, stems, trunks or barks of plants or trees.  There are, however, some food sources where it is prodigious. For example, beer has more than any other source; next to beer would be tea. Additionally decaying leaf mold and wood have very large amounts of tannins.  In nature, decaying leaf mold and wood contain very large amounts. Gallic Acid is found in some 70% of all foods, including food coloring agents and is, unquestionably, the most important of all phenolics

2. Pesticide Action
In much of literature the tannins are thought to be responsible for the survival of higher plants over earlier less developed plant species. Gallic acid's role in these higher plants is significant as a pesticide. Insects can still eat leaves of plants containing tannins, but their digestibility is impaired and as a consequence their morbidity is high. Nearly all plants develop tannin (phenols) as a form of pesticide protection at some point in their existence.

3. Allergies/Sensitivity Neutralisation
Many food substances and environmental toxins have sensitizing properties that are related to the phenolic rings of that particular substance.  These phenolic rings can create an allergenic response in some individuals.  Gallic acid can assist the body in desensitizing itself to the various foods and environmental toxins associated with the phenolic rings of each allergy

Examples of phenolic influences are manifest in the smell of a rose or the color of its petal. Most perfumes, many cooking odors, and many chemical smells are phenolic compounds. The purple color of a grape comes from the phenolic malvin. The spicy taste and smell of cinnamon is the phenolic cinnamic acid. Using apples as an example, any one or a combination of the phenolics in apples can cause serious allergic or autoimmune reactions. Determining which phenolics are the culprits and how to deal with these reactions are the all-important questions.

Food and pollen allergy studies over the past two decades suggest more attention should be focused on phenolics and not exclusively on proteins. Phenolics are now understood to be allergens independent of proteins. Stich cited about 175 references to show that a number of well-known simple phenolic compounds have both beneficial and hazardous effects on people

The good news is that phenolics administered homeopathically can induce the body's immune system to protect itself from these phenolics and learn once again to regard them as normal and not foreign or poisonous substances.

Gallic acid Neutralisation is the basis of the Feingold Diet but instead of making a child's life miserable utilising a restrictive diet homeopathic neutralisation by Gallic acid is less traumatic. Frequently parents report a marked improvement in their child's school performance and a normalisation of hyperactivity. Additioanlly it neutralizes the craving for sweets a symptom that is prevalent in so many of these type of children.


Gallic Acid
Materia Medica
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Dr Peter Darashah

Wild delirium at night, very restless, jumps out of bed, sweats.
Afraid to be alone.  Insists on being constantly watched.
Rude, abusive, swears profusely even to their best friends. Jealous of the nurse and curses everyone who speaks to her.
Weakness, prostration.

Pain in back of head and neck
Thick purulent discharge from nose
Gums sore
Dry mouth and throat

Pain in rt lung.
Much mucoid expectoration

Distressing pain around kidneys, along ureter into bladder
Increased flow of thick creamy mucoid urine with reddish sediment.

Dystonia and heartburn
Constipation with stool being retained and then finally discharged in bulk.
Increases appetite
Reduces desire for sweets
Neutralises toxic effect of many phenolic food allergies/sensitivities (eg chocolate headaches, joint pains from tomatoes, swollen tongue from nuts, diarrhoea from oranges as well as chronic rhinitis and sinus complaints)

Contracted anus which retains stool
Stool contains much mucus

Jerking of limbs

Night sweats,
Disturbed, talking about strange things.


Lungs pain aggr with coughing and with turning head
Lung pain amel by lying down after 9pm.

Passive heamorrhages

Allergies, Asthma, Constipation, Stomach dystonia, Delirium, Heart burn, Haematuria, Haemophillia, Haemorrhages, Hyperactivity, Menorrhagia, Kidney pain, Tuberculosis, Urticaria.


Gallic acid
Case Study
Brought to you by
Cover fo Book by Patricia La Roux - CLICK LOGO TO BUY
Patricia La Roux
Hydro Homeopathic Energy

This is useful in pediatrics especially with children having sleeping difficulties. The following case history is interesting and highlights when the remedy can be used best.

Case History
The family of Nicholas aged 5 years consult with me because he has had a sleeping problem ever since the birth of his sister six months ago.

He appears to be terribly jealous and his anger and disturbance is seen to be getting worse. He hits his sister to hurt her and his mother says he uses shocking abusive language. He sleeps very little and has been agitated like this since she was born. The bedtime ritual is always the same. He must be accompanied by an adult or he refuses to go down and jumps out of bed.

I try successive treatments of Lach, Strom, Ig, to no avail,
It is only on the 5th consultation after I am treated to a partaker torrent of invective that I ask his mother to describe in much more detail his sleeping patterns and habits. She then tells me that when he eventually drops off he lies in a twisted position with his head facing the door (which is always left open) as if continuing to look out for his parents even when asleep. She adds that his sleep is disturbed and that he talks to himself about strange things foe long periods in his sleep.

These are the symptoms
Abusive, insulting, rude
Wants to be watched continuously
Jealous, quarrels, scolds, reproaches
Restless, nervous
Talks strange in sleep at night

Gall-ac cleared up his sleeplessness in 48 hrs. When I saw Nichols next his language was still not perfect but he was sleeping on his own and feeling much calmer.



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