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Brought to you by:
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Dr Peter Darashah

Brought to you by:
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Shailendra Kumar Mamgain
Eosinophilia induced Orthopnoea

Brought to you by:
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Dr Peter Darashah
European wormseed / Levant wormseed / Tartarian southernwood
Artemisia cina 

The medicinal uses of Cina are largely due to its active poisonous principle SANTONINE the central point of action of which is on the abdominal ganglia. As a result of this primary action on the abdominal ganglia there are reflex symptoms, convulsive twitchings and jerkings of the limbs and even violent spasms.


In general the Cina patient has a pale face which continues to be so even if there be fever.(Ipec, Bry).With the pale face of Cina, there are usually associated dark rings about the eyes. The pupils are dilated. The child grinds its teeth during sleep. It also picks or bores at the nose with the finger. The sleep is restless and attended by crying out.


As a concomitant of all these conditions we find children who are irritable, nervous, peevish and obstinate and who permit no one to approach or touch them.



1. Intestinal Worms
Cina is most powerful for the elimination of thread-worms which are usually evidence by the presence of white flecks in the stools. There may be a terrible pinching pain in the belly and it may even become bloated as a result. There is a loss of appetite and the nose and the rectum alike will often feel itchy. The aforementioned symptoms together with a sickly pale facial appearance, the blue rings about the eyes, the grinding of the teeth associated with canine hunger give a perfect Cina picture.


With Cina the abdominal condition is cleared up and the ganglia are toned so that the mucous membrane of the alimentary tract is normalized the resultant effect of which is to no longer provide a pabulum on which the worm can subsist thereby causing their death or expulsion  

Cina is of little value in the case of oxyuris worms which appear about the anus and get into the rectum and vagina because the symptoms caused by them are not the symptoms of Cina. . In this case Calad is called for.


2. Irritiable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Cina has become well known as a childrens remedy. However there is another dimension to this remedy - that of the adult. Keynotes for its use in this sphere are the presence of diarrhoea and/or constipation combined with irritability or anxiety of the nervous system. Restless legs, bruxism, rectal and nasal itch, sinusitis, disturbed sleep, crawly skin sensations and ebullitions of heat may also be additional presenting symptoms.


3. Appetite Affectations
Reference has been made in Dr Peters Tabular Materia Medica to the capriciousness of children who have many desires and yet when these are provided for the desired objects are immediately discarded. Such symptomolgy can manifest itself in the adult in the form of a capricious appetite. The subject knows not what they want to eat but simply eats impulsively everything that comes their way which in turn leads to obesity and IBS.                                                                                                             


4. Eyes and Asthenopia

Cina is also of use in affections of the eyes, especially in asthenopia. When the patient attempts to read their begin to ache, the letters become blurred and a cloud comes over the eye-sight. Ther may also be nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache and occasional double vision. Symptoms often occur after reading, computer work, or other close activities that involve tedious visual tasks. When concentrating on a visually intense task such as continuously focusing on a book or computer monitor the ciliary muscle tightens. This can cause the eyes to get irritated and uncomfortable. Finally a very peculiar effect on the eye produced by Santonine is that objects look yellow. Relief is obtained by rubbing the eyes.


5. Temper Tantrums

Children who exhibit irritability often tend to have terrible temper tantrums as well. The tantrum may happen after they are told no or simply as a part of their erratic and challenging behavior.


6. Coughs and Colds

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who suffer from a severe whooping cough. It may even feel as though the cough is gagging the person at times as the chest often feels constricted. The body may become stiff and there may be violent sneezing associated with these coughing fits.


7. Sleep Problems

Many people turn to Cina if they have difficulty falling asleep or if they suffer from restless sleep overall.


8. Twitching MusclesCina works well as a homeopathic remedy if the muscles tend to jerk or go through spasms. It is particularly helpful if the jerking or convulsions is brought on by touch or from being scolded.

Brought to you by:
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Shailendra Kumar Mamgain
Eosinophilia induced


Hereunder I am presenting a case of acute orthopnoea completely cured for the past seventeen years.

(Dr Peters note:- Orthopnoea refers to breathing difficulty experienced while lying flat or a shortness of breath on lying flat. This is a common symptom in patients suffering from congestive heart failure which can be relieved by sitting up.  Orthopnoea may be described as two or three pillow orthopnoea meaning that the patient needs to sleep propped up by two or three pillows in order to breathe)


On 29th April 1992 a gentleman came to me at 9:30 p. m. He asked me to accompany him to see his wife who was unable to breathe since 5:30 p. m. I suggested that he consult the in-charge of a Nursing Home nearby where there were proper facilities. In such an emergent case I, as a general practitioner, may not be of any help. But he insisted on me seeing her as she wanted homoeopathic medicine.


So very reluctantly I accompanied him. The condition of the lady was as follows:

  • She was sitting motionless on the sofa straight like a statue, one leg on the sofa and the other hanging down.
  • Her face was ash white and emotionless.
  • She was so motionless that it was not appearing she was breathing.
  • She was drenched in perspiration below the neck.
  • A fan was intolerable.
  • Tongue milky white.
  • Could only speak in whispers.
  • She had been suffering from such episodes for the past three years.

She was in such a state I felt helpless yet I administered a dose of Carb-veg 200 and began to watch its effect. Meanwhile her mother said that she often got attacks of eosinophia.

(Dr Peters note:- Eosinophilia is an abnormal increase in the number of a specific type of white blood cells called eosinophils with accompanying vascular inflammation. Eosinophilia is characteristic of an allergic reaction to pulmonary aspergillosis, asthma as well as to all types of parasitic round worm infestations.) 


Her information was a clue for me. In the past I had seen Cina work like magic in cases where the eosinophil count was high. I immediately put a dose of Cina 200 (4 globules of size No. 10) on her tongue and asked her mother to bring half cup of warm water. I put another dose of Cina 200 in the water and stirred it well. I started giving her half teaspoons of this solution every 5 minutes. After two doses of this solution she drew a deep breath like a sigh and moved her leg down from the sofa and reclined against the back of sofa. By this development I felt relieved. Within the next half an hour she felt much as ease.


I then instructed her husband to make a pile of pillows and quilt so that she may rest her head on the pile and could take rest as it was not expected that she would be able to lie down. After instructing them to give the solution of Cina frequently and to report in the morning, I left for my home.


In the morning her husband reported that she became able to lie down in the bed at about 1 a. m. At 4 a. m. she went to the bathroom herself with little support. And she was feeling much better in the morning.


A few more doses of Cina 200 were given and by 7th May 1992 she was quite well.

She had slight relapses on17thJuly 1993 and 4th April 1994 when every time Cina 200 promptly set her right. After that she never had a relapse to this day December 2009.  


(Author's Note:- After administering Cina I searched the Materia Medica of various writers eg. Allen, Clarke, Hering and Kent etc. but did not find the above related condition in any of these Materia Medicas. But Cina certainly cured this condition; therefore the inference is Cina has this condition in its pathogenesis. Sometimes we find a new thing by chance.)


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Artimisia contra (Ci8na)
Artemisia contra

Artemisia contra *Cina)
Artemisia contra

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Artemisia contra
Common Name: Wormwood  
Homeopahtic: Cina  

Queen Artemesia 1 f Persia
Queen Artemisia 1
of Persia

Once a while there comes a great hero, a spectacular character, a strong leader, a charismatic person and an important figure which helps developing the history of Iran for better. Once every millennium, maybe this figure will be a woman! Once a lifetime, this woman may leave her mark on the history of Iran for the future Iranian women to study and follow. This living legend is Artemisia! I give her the title of "Lioness" which she deserves most.


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