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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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(Reversed Kent's Repertory)
Presented by Sylvain Cazalet


(Red only)

Mind, absent-minded (See Forgetful) (p. 1)
Mind, anguish
(p. 3)
Mind, anxiety
(p. 4)
Mind, anxiety, fear, with
(p. 6)
Mind, concentration, difficult
(p. 13)
Mind, fear, evening (agg.)
(p. 42)
Mind, fear, happen, something, will
(p. 45)
Mind, grief
(p. 50)
Mind, grief, ailments, from
(p. 51)
Mind, hurry, eating, while
(p. 52)
Mind, hysteria
(p. 52)
Mind, irritability (See Anger)
(p. 57)
Mind, memory, weakness of (See Mistakes)
(p. 64)
Mind, restlessness, evening
(p. 72)
Mind, restlessness, night
(p. 72)
Mind, sadness, mental depression
(p. 75)
Mind, starting, sleep, from sleep
(p. 83)
Mind, suspicious
(p. 85)
Mind, weeping, tearful mood, etc.
(p. 92)
Mind, weeping, trifles, at the least worry, children (p. 94)


Head, constriction, tension (See also Drawing, Pressing) (p. 111)
Head, empty, hollow sensation, forehead, in
(p. 115)
Head, eruption, occiput
(p. 115)
Head, eruption, crusts, scabs, occiput
(p. 116)
Head, pain, air, cold, from (agg.)
(p. 135)
Head, pain, occiput
(p. 161)
Head, pain, boring, digging, screwing
(p. 173)
Head, pain, stitching, temples
(p. 212)
Head, pain, tearing, occiput
(p. 218)
Head, pain, tearing, occiput, paroxysmal
(p. 218)
Head, pain, tearing, occiput, extending, upward, and forward (p. 218)

Eye, agglutinated (p. 235)
Eye, cataract
(p. 236)
Eye, close, involuntary
(p. 236)
Eye, discharges of mucus or pus
(p. 237)
Eye, heaviness, lids
(p. 241)
Eye, inflammation, scrofulous
(p. 242)
Eye, opening the lids, difficult
(p. 247)
Eye, pain, burning, sand, as if, in
(p. 254)
Eye, pain, sand, as from
(p. 257)
Eye, paralysis of lids, upper
(p. 261)
Eye, paralysis of lids, upper, cold, from
(p. 261)
Eye, paralysis of muscles of eyeball
(p. 261)
Eye, photophobia, evening, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
(p. 262)
Eye, scrofulous affections
(p. 265)
Eye, ulceration, conjunctiva (p. 269)

Vision, dim (p. 275)
Vision, foggy (p. 279)

Ear, discharges (p. 286)
Ear, eruptions, behind ears
(p. 288)
Ear, noises in
(p. 292)
Ear, noises, reverberating (includes Echoes and Reechoes)
(p. 298)
Ear, noises, reverberating, every sound, with difficult hearing
(p. 298)
Ear, noises, ringing
(p. 298)
Ear, noises, roaring
(p. 299)
Ear, pain, burning
(p. 309)
Ear, pain, stitching, in
(p. 313)
Ear, pain, tearing in
(p. 315)
Ear, wax, increased (p. 320)

Hearing, impaired (p. 321)
Hearing, lost (p. 323)

Nose, coryza, discharge, without (dry) (p. 327)
Nose, coryza, inflammation larynx, with
(p. 328)
Nose, epistaxis
(p. 335)
Nose, inflammation, tip
(p. 339)
Nose, itching
(p. 339)
Nose, itching, tip
(p. 339)
Nose, itching, wings
(p. 339)
Nose, itching, inside
(p. 339)
Nose, obstruction
(p. 340)
Nose, sneezing, morning
(p. 350)
Nose, swelling, tip
(p. 352)
Nose, ulcers, tip
(p. 354)
Nose, warts (p. 354)

Face, chilliness (p. 356)
Face, discoloration, yellow
(p. 363)
Face, eruptions (See Skin)
(p. 365)
Face, eruptions, nose
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, acne
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, acne, rosacea
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, acne, rosacea, groups, in
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, acne, rosacea, on nose
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, acne, forehead
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, acne, nose
(p. 366)
Face, eruptions, crusty, scabby, nose, tip
(p. 368)
Face, eruptions, pimples
(p. 370)
Face, eruptions, pimples, nose
(p. 370)
Face, eruptions, pimples, nose, tip
(p. 371)
Face, eruptions, scurfy
(p. 372)
Face, itching (See Skin)
(p. 378)
Face, pain (aching, prosopalgia, etc.)
(p. 379)
Face, pain, rheumatic
(p. 382)
Face, pain, jaw
(p. 383)
Face, pain, jaw, articulation, opening mouth
(p. 384)
Face, pain, stitching, chill, during
(p. 388)
Face, pain, tearing
(p. 389)
Face, pain, tearing, paroxysmal
(p. 389)
Face, paralysis
(p. 390)
Face, paralysis, cold, from
(p. 390)
Face, paralysis, one-sided
(p. 390)
Face, paralysis, wet, after getting
(p. 390)
Face, stiffness, muscles, lower jaw
(p. 392)
Face, tension of skin, jaw, lower
(p. 394)
Face, warts (p. 396)

Mouth, abscess, gums, frequently recurring (p. 397)
Mouth, discoloration, tongue, red, stripe down centre
(p. 401)
Mouth, discoloration, tongue, white, sides
(p. 402)
Mouth, dryness, tongue
(p. 404)
Mouth, fistula, gums
(p. 405)
Mouth, paralysis, tongue
(p. 414)
Mouth, speech, difficult, chorea, from
(p. 419)
Mouth, speech, stammering
(p. 419)
Mouth, speech, wanting, paralysis of organs, from
(p. 420)
Mouth, swelling, gums
(p. 420)
Mouth, vesicles, tongue, painful
(p. 430)
Mouth, vesicles, tongue, tip (p. 430)

Teeth, elongation, sensation of (p. 431)
Teeth, looseness of
(p. 432)
Teeth, looseness of, painful
(p. 432)
Teeth, pain, lower teeth
(p. 434)
Teeth, pain, left
(p. 434)
Teeth, pain, air, cold (agg.)
(p. 435)
Teeth, pain, air, drawn in, from (agg.)
(p. 435)
Teeth, pain, pulsating
(p. 438)
Teeth, pain, extending, eyes
(p. 440)
Teeth, pain, extending, nose
(p. 440)
Teeth, pain, extending, zygoma
(p. 441)
Teeth, pain, stitching, stinging
(p. 444)
Teeth, pain, tearing (p. 445)

Throat, choking, constricting (See Larynx) (p. 448)
Throat, dryness
(p. 450)
Throat, hawk, disposition to, morning
(p. 453)
Throat, hawk, disposition to, ineffectual
(p. 453)
Throat, mucus
(p. 456)
Throat, mucus, swallow, which must
(p. 457)
Throat, mucus, tenacious
(p. 457)
Throat, mucus, thick
(p. 457)
Throat, mucus, white
(p. 457)
Throat, pain, stooping, on
(p. 459)
Throat, pain, burning
(p. 460)
Throat, pain, rawness
(p. 462)
Throat, swallow, constant disposition to
(p. 467)
Throat, swallow, constant disposition to, mucus, from thick (p. 467)

External throat, pain, throat-pit, hawking of mucus (p. 472)
External throat, stiffness of sides, right
(p. 474)
External throat, tension, sides, right (p. 475)

Stomach, desires, meat, smoked (p. 485)
Stomach, desires, smoked things
(p. 486)
Stomach, disordered, bread, after
(p. 486)
Stomach, eructations, empty
(p. 493)
Stomach, eructations, food, tasting like
(p. 495)
Stomach, fullness, sensation of
(p. 498)
Stomach, nausea, headache, during
(p. 508)
Stomach, pain
(p. 511)
Stomach, pain, bread, after
(p. 512)
Stomach, pain, breathing, deep, on
(p. 512)
Stomach, pain, clawing
(p. 517)
Stomach, pain, cramping, griping, constricting
(p. 517)
Stomach, pain, pressing
(p. 520)
Stomach, pain, pressing, bread, after
(p. 521)
Stomach, thirst
(p. 527)
Stomach, thirst, extreme
(p. 529)
Stomach, vomiting, sour
(p. 539)
Stomach, vomiting, water (p. 540)

Abdomen, distension, children, in (p. 545)
Abdomen, distension, painful
(p. 545)
Abdomen, pain, cramping, griping, morning
(p. 574)
Abdomen, pain, stitching, hypochondria, right
(p. 592)
Abdomen, pain, stitching, sides
(p. 595)
Abdomen, rumbling (p. 600)

Rectum, constipation (See Inactivity) (p. 606)
Rectum, constipation, difficult stool (See Inactivity)
(p. 607)
Rectum, constipation, ineffectual urging and straining
(p. 607)
Rectum, constipation, standing, passes stool easier when
(p. 608)
Rectum, constriction, contraction, closure, etc.
(p. 608)
Rectum, excoriation
(p. 616)
Rectum, excoriation, must rub anus until raw
(p. 617)
Rectum, excoriation, nates, between, walking, from
(p. 617)
Rectum, fistula
(p. 617)
Rectum, flatus, loud
(p. 618)
Rectum, flatus, offensive
(p. 618)
Rectum, hmorrhoids
(p. 619)
Rectum, hmorrhoids, hard
(p. 620)
Rectum, hmorrhoids, large
(p. 620)
Rectum, hmorrhoids, touch agg.
(p. 620)
Rectum, hmorrhoids, walking agg.
(p. 621)
Rectum, itching
(p. 622)
Rectum, moisture
(p. 623)
Rectum, pain
(p. 623)
Rectum, pain, walking, while
(p. 625)
Rectum, pain, perineum
(p. 625)
Rectum, pain, burning, stool, after (agg.)
(p. 626)
Rectum, pain, pressing (pressure)
(p. 627)
Rectum, pain, soreness
(p. 628)
Rectum, pain, soreness, sitting, while
(p. 628)
Rectum, pain, soreness, walking, while
(p. 628)
Rectum, pain, sticking
(p. 628)
Rectum, pain, stitching (p. 628)


Bladder, fullness, sensation of, without desire to urinate (p. 646)
Bladder, inactivity of
(p. 646)
Bladder, paralysis
(p. 650)
Bladder, paralysis, forcible retention seems to paralyze the bladder
(p. 650)
Bladder, paralysis, over-distension, after
(p. 650)
Bladder, paralysis, parturition, after, no desire
(p. 650)
Bladder, retention of urine (See Urination Retarded)
(p. 650)
Bladder, retention, confinement, after
(p. 651)
Bladder, retention, painful
(p. 651)
Bladder, urging to urinate (morbid desire)
(p. 652)
Bladder, urging, absent
(p. 653)
Bladder, urging, absent, distended bladder, with
(p. 653)
Bladder, urging, frequent (See Urination, Frequent)
(p. 653)
Bladder, urging, ineffectual
(p. 654)
Bladder, urination, dribbling, involuntary
(p. 656)
Bladder, urination, dribbling, retention, with
(p. 656)
Bladder, urination, frequent
(p. 657)
Bladder, urination, involuntary
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, daytime, and night
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, night (incontinence in bed)
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, night, first sleep
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, blowing the nose, when
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, cold, becoming
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, cough, during
(p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, laughing
(p. 660)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, sneezing, when
(p. 660)
Bladder, urination, retarded, must wait for urine to start
(p. 660)
Bladder, urination, retarded, press, must, a long time before he can begin
(p. 661)
Bladder, urination, unconscious, urethra insensible
(p. 661)
Bladder, urination, unsatisfactory (See Incomplete and Fullness, Urination, After)
(p. 661)
Bladder, weakness (p. 662)

Kidneys, pain, cramping (p. 665)


Urethra, itching, meatus (p. 672)
Urethra, numbness (See Sensation, absent)
(p. 673)
Urethra, pain, urination, during
(p. 673)
Urethra, pain, burning, urination, during (agg.)
(p. 675)
Urethra, sensation absent, when urinating (p. 679)


Genitalia male, itching (p. 700)
Genitalia male, itching, penis
(p. 700)
Genitalia male, itching, penis, prepuce
(p. 700)
Genitalia male, itching, scrotum
(p. 701)
Genitalia male, pain, pressing, testes
(p. 706)
Genitalia male, pain, stitching, testes
(p. 707)
Genitalia male, smegma increased (p. 712)

Genitalia female, coition, enjoyment absent (p. 715)
Genitalia female, desire diminished
(p. 716)
Genitalia female, leucorrha
(p. 720)
Genitalia female, menses, delayed in girls, first menses
(p. 726)
Genitalia female, menses, late
(p. 727)
Genitalia female, pain, labor pains, spasmodic (p. 740)

Larynx and trachea, irritation, larynx (p. 749)
Larynx and trachea, mucus in the air passages
(p. 750)
Larynx and trachea, pain, trachea, coughing, on
(p. 752)
Larynx and trachea, pain, trachea, coughing, on, in a streak down
(p. 752)
Larynx and trachea, pain, rawness, larynx, coughing, from
(p. 753)
Larynx and trachea, pain, rawness, trachea (See Chest)
(p. 754)
Larynx and trachea, pain, soreness, trachea, coughing, on
(p. 754)
Larynx and trachea, paralysis, larynx
(p. 755)
Larynx and trachea, scraping, clearing larynx
(p. 756)
Larynx and trachea, scraping, clearing larynx, morning
(p. 756)
Larynx and trachea, scraping, clearing larynx, evening
(p. 756)
Larynx and trachea, voice, hoarseness
(p. 758)
Larynx and trachea, voice, hoarseness, morning
(p. 759)
Larynx and trachea, voice, hoarseness, evening
(p. 759)
Larynx and trachea, voice, hoarseness, coryza, during
(p. 759)
Larynx and trachea, voice, hoarseness, overuse of the voice
(p. 760)
Larynx and trachea, voice, hoarseness, talking, from
(p. 760)
Larynx and trachea, voice, lost
(p. 760)
Larynx and trachea, voice, lost, paralysis, from
(p. 761)
Larynx and trachea, voice, lost, singers
(p. 761)
Larynx and trachea, voice, lost, sudden (p. 761)

Respiration, difficult (p. 766)
Respiration, difficult, inspiration
(p. 769)
Respiration, rattling (p. 774)

Cough, air, cold (agg.) (p. 781)
Cough, bed, warm, on becoming, in, agg. or excites
(p. 782)
Cough, bending head, forward agg.
(p. 783)
Cough, cold, drinks, amel.
(p. 784)
Cough, constant
(p. 784)
Cough, deep enough, sensation as though he could not cough, to start mucus
(p. 785)
Cough, distressing
(p. 786)
Cough, exhausting
(p. 790)
Cough, hoarse
(p. 793)
Cough, hollow
(p. 793)
Cough, lying agg.
(p. 796)
Cough, racking
(p. 801)
Cough, rattling
(p. 801)
Cough, sleep, wakens from
(p. 804)
Cough, stooping
(p. 806)
Cough, tormenting
(p. 809)
Cough, violent (p. 809)

Expectoration, difficult (p. 815)
Expectoration, mucous
(p. 816)
Expectoration, swallow, must, what has been loosened
(p. 818)
Expectoration, taste, greasy (p. 818)

Chest, clothing agg. (p. 824)
Chest, constriction, tension, tightness
(p. 826)
Chest, cracks of nipples
(p. 828)
Chest, eruptions, mamm, nipples, herpes
(p. 831)
Chest, excoriation, nipples
(p. 831)
Chest, milk, suppressed
(p. 838)
Chest, oppression, stool, after
(p. 840)
Chest, pain
(p. 841)
Chest, pain, cough, during
(p. 842)
Chest, pain, sternum, behind, coughing, when
(p. 849)
Chest, pain, rawness (includes trachea and bronchia)
(p. 860)
Chest, pain, sore, bruised
(p. 860)
Chest, pain, sore, mamm, nipples
(p. 862)
Chest, pain, stitching, sides
(p. 868)
Chest, pain, stitching, sternum
(p. 871)
Chest, pain, stitching, sternum, deep breathing
(p. 871)
Chest, pain, stitching, sternum, lifting, from
(p. 871)
Chest, pain, stitching, heart (p. 871)

Back, itching (p. 892)
Back, pain, menses, during
(p. 896)
Back, pain, rising from sitting (See Straightening Up)
(p. 897)
Back, pain, cervical region
(p. 899)
Back, pain, lumbar region, rising from a seat (agg.)
(p. 907)
Back, pain, coccyx
(p. 912)
Back, pain, cramp-like, lumbar region
(p. 922)
Back, pain, drawing, coccyx
(p. 927)
Back, pain, pressing, lumbar region
(p. 931)
Back, pain, sore, coccyx
(p. 934)
Back, pain, stitching, shooting
(p. 936)
Back, stiffness
(p. 946)
Back, stiffness, painful
(p. 946)
Back, stiffness, rising, from a seat
(p. 946)
Back, stiffness, cervical region (p. 947)

Extremities, arthritic nodosities, finger joints (p. 953)
Extremities, awkwardness, lower limbs
(p. 953)
Extremities, awkwardness, lower limbs, stumbling when walking
(p. 953)
Extremities, chorea
(p. 956)
Extremities, chorea, fear, from
(p. 956)
Extremities, coldness, foot
(p. 962)
Extremities, contraction of muscles and tendons
(p. 966)
Extremities, contraction, upper arm, tendons
(p. 966)
Extremities, contraction, fingers
(p. 966)
Extremities, contraction, lower limbs
(p. 967)
Extremities, contraction, thigh, hamstrings
(p. 967)
Extremities, contraction, knee, hollow of
(p. 967)
Extremities, cracking, knee
(p. 971)
Extremities, cracking, knee, descending stairs
(p. 971)
Extremities, cracking, knee, walking, while
(p. 971)
Extremities, cramps, foot
(p. 976)
Extremities, cramps, foot, sole
(p. 977)
Extremities, cramps, toes
(p. 977)
Extremities, discoloration, lower limbs, marbled
(p. 981)
Extremities, discoloration, thigh, marbled
(p. 982)
Extremities, discoloration, leg, marbled
(p. 982)
Extremities, emaciation, foot
(p. 985)
Extremities, eruption
(p. 986)
Extremities, eruption, pimples
(p. 986)
Extremities, eruption, upper limbs
(p. 987)
Extremities, eruption, upper limbs, pimples
(p. 988)
Extremities, eruption, lower limbs
(p. 997)
Extremities, eruption, lower limbs, vesicles
(p. 998)
Extremities, eruption, leg, vesicles
(p. 1002)
Extremities, excoriation, thighs, between
(p. 1004)
Extremities, formication, foot, sole of
(p. 1008)
Extremities, heaviness, upper limbs
(p. 1014)
Extremities, induration, fingers, tendons of
(p. 1018)
Extremities, itching, upper limbs
(p. 1020)
Extremities, itching, lower limbs
(p. 1024)
Extremities, itching, leg
(p. 1026)
Extremities, itching, leg, calf
(p. 1027)
Extremities, itching, foot, back of
(p. 1027)
Extremities, motion, constant, sleep, during
(p. 1033)
Extremities, pain
(p. 1043)
Extremities, pain, exertion, slight, after
(p. 1045)
Extremities, pain, rheumatic
(p. 1045)
Extremities, pain, joints, gouty
(p. 1047)
Extremities, pain, joints, rheumatic
(p. 1048)
Extremities, pain, elbow, bend of, stretching arm, on
(p. 1056)
Extremities, pain, fingers, joints
(p. 1060)
Extremities, pain, hip, left
(p. 1067)
Extremities, pain, hip, coughing, on
(p. 1068)
Extremities, pain, thigh, air, open
(p. 1070)
Extremities, pain, knee
(p. 1072)
Extremities, pain, knee, air, open (agg.)
(p. 1072)
Extremities, pain, foot, warm bed, in, amel.
(p. 1079)
Extremities, pain, foot, back of, warmth of bed amel.
(p. 1080)
Extremities, pain, foot, sole
(p. 1080)
Extremities, pain, drawing, upper limbs
(p. 1100)
Extremities, pain, drawing, forearm
(p. 1104)
Extremities, pain, drawing, hand
(p. 1105)
Extremities, pain, drawing, fingers, joints
(p. 1106)
Extremities, pain, drawing, thigh, air, open, agg.
(p. 1109)
Extremities, pain, drawing, thigh, warm bed, amel.
(p. 1110)
Extremities, pain, drawing, knee
(p. 1110)
Extremities, pain, drawing, knee, air, open, agg.
(p. 1111)
Extremities, pain, drawing, knee, warmth of bed
(p. 1111)
Extremities, pain, drawing, leg, warmth of bed, amel.
(p. 1112)
Extremities, pain, drawing, foot, air, open, agg.
(p. 1114)
Extremities, pain, drawing, foot, warmth of bed amel.
(p. 1114)
Extremities, pain, pressing, shoulder
(p. 1118)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, upper limbs
(p. 1127)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, forearm
(p. 1129)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, lower limbs
(p. 1129)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, thigh
(p. 1131)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, thigh, morning, in bed
(p. 1131)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, thigh, between
(p. 1131)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, leg
(p. 1132)
Extremities, pain, sore, bruised, leg, morning, bed, in
(p. 1133)
Extremities, pain, tearing, joints
(p. 1156)
Extremities, pain, tearing, upper limbs
(p. 1157)
Extremities, pain, tearing, forearm
(p. 1161)
Extremities, pain, tearing, hand
(p. 1163)
Extremities, pain, tearing, fingers
(p. 1164)
Extremities, pain, tearing, lower limbs
(p. 1166)
Extremities, pain, tearing, lower limbs, air, open, agg.
(p. 1166)
Extremities, pain, tearing, lower limbs, warmth, amel.
(p. 1167)
Extremities, pain, tearing, knee, air, open, agg.
(p. 1169)
Extremities, pain, tearing, knee, warmth, amel.
(p. 1170)
Extremities, pain, tearing, leg
(p. 1171)
Extremities, pain, tearing, leg, air, open, agg.
(p. 1171)
Extremities, pain, tearing, leg, rheumatic
(p. 1171)
Extremities, pain, tearing, leg, warmth, amel.
(p. 1171)
Extremities, pain, tearing, foot
(p. 1173)
Extremities, paralysis
(p. 1176)
Extremities, paralysis, appearing gradually
(p. 1176)
Extremities, paralysis, hemiplegia
(p. 1176)
Extremities, paralysis, hemiplegia, right
(p. 1176)
Extremities, paralysis, wet, after getting
(p. 1177)
Extremities, paralysis, upper limbs
(p. 1177)
Extremities, paralysis, hand
(p. 1179)
Extremities, paralysis, hand, right
(p. 1179)
Extremities, paralysis, hand, sensation of
(p. 1179)
Extremities, restlessness, evening
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, night
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, sleep, during
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, upper limbs
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, upper limbs, night, sleep, during
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, lower limbs, morning, bed, in
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, lower limbs, evening, bed, in
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, lower limbs, night
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, lower limbs, night, bed, in
(p. 1187)
Extremities, restlessness, leg, morning, in bed
(p. 1188)
Extremities, restlessness, leg, night
(p. 1188)
Extremities, restlessness, leg, sleep, during
(p. 1188)
Extremities, stiffness
(p. 1191)
Extremities, stiffness, joints
(p. 1191)
Extremities, stiffness, joints, chill, during
(p. 1192)
Extremities, stiffness, knee
(p. 1194)
Extremities, stiffness, ankle
(p. 1195)
Extremities, swelling, hand, sensation of, grasping anything, when
(p. 1198)
Extremities, swelling, foot
(p. 1201)
Extremities, tension, elbow, bend of, extending arm (agg.)
(p. 1203)
Extremities, tension, thigh
(p. 1204)
Extremities, tension, thigh, hamstrings
(p. 1205)
Extremities, tension, knee, hollow of
(p. 1205)
Extremities, tingling, foot, sole
(p. 1209)
Extremities, tottering (See Weakness)
(p. 1210)
Extremities, trembling
(p. 1210)
Extremities, trembling, paralyzed parts
(p. 1211)
Extremities, trembling, hand
(p. 1212)
Extremities, trembling, hand, pain, with
(p. 1212)
Extremities, trembling, hand, writing, while
(p. 1213)
Extremities, varices, leg
(p. 1223)
Extremities, walk, late learning to
(p. 1223)
Extremities, warts, hand
(p. 1223)
Extremities, warts, fingers, tips
(p. 1224)
Extremities, warts, fingers, nails, close to
(p. 1224)
Extremities, weakness
(p. 1224)
Extremities, weakness, paralytic
(p. 1225)
Extremities, weakness, lower limbs (p. 1228)

Sleep, sleepiness (p. 1248)
Sleep, yawning (p. 1256)

Chill, midnight (p. 1262)
Chill, bed, amel.
(p. 1263)
Chill, chilliness (See Generalities, Cold)
(p. 1264)
Chill, drinking, amel.
(p. 1267)
Chill, external, spots, in
(p. 1268)
Chill, internal
(p. 1268)
Chill, perspiration, with, chill, after
(p. 1270)
Chill, shaking, shivering, rigors
(p. 1270)
Chill, sides, one-sided
(p. 1272)
Chill, sides, left
(p. 1272)
Chill, time, 12 p.m. (p. 1275)

Fever, drinking, cold water, amel. (p. 1285)
Fever, shivering, with
(p. 1290)
Fever, succession of stages, chill then sweat, without intervening heat (p. 1291)

Perspiration, night (p. 1294)
Perspiration, long-lasting
(p. 1298)
Perspiration, profuse, walking, in the open air
(p. 1300)
Perspiration, single parts
(p. 1300)
Perspiration, stool, after
(p. 1302)
Perspiration, symptoms agg. while sweating
(p. 1302)
Perspiration, walking, in open air (agg.) (p. 1302)

Skin, burning, scratching, after (p. 1303)
Skin, eruptions
(p. 1308)
Skin, eruptions, blisters
(p. 1309)
Skin, eruptions, burning
(p. 1309)
Skin, eruptions, herpetic, burning
(p. 1312)
Skin, eruptions, herpetic, moist
(p. 1313)
Skin, eruptions, itching
(p. 1314)
Skin, eruptions, pimples
(p. 1315)
Skin, eruptions, rash (See Granular)
(p. 1317)
Skin, eruptions, scabies
(p. 1318)
Skin, eruptions, scabies, suppressed
(p. 1318)
Skin, eruptions, scabies, suppressed, mercury and sulphur, with
(p. 1318)
Skin, eruptions, scratching, after
(p. 1319)
Skin, eruptions, tense
(p. 1320)
Skin, eruptions, tubercles
(p. 1320)
Skin, eruptions, urticaria
(p. 1321)
Skin, eruptions, urticaria, nodular
(p. 1321)
Skin, eruptions, vesicular
(p. 1322)
Skin, excrescences
(p. 1324)
Skin, gangrene, from burns or gangrenous sores
(p. 1325)
Skin, intertrigo
(p. 1327)
Skin, itching
(p. 1327)
Skin, swelling, stinging
(p. 1332)
Skin, tension
(p. 1333)
Skin, ulcers, burning
(p. 1334)
Skin, ulcers, discharges, corrosive
(p. 1335)
Skin, ulcers, discharges, gray
(p. 1335)
Skin, ulcers, discharges, thin
(p. 1335)
Skin, ulcers, discharges, watery
(p. 1335)
Skin, ulcers, fistulous
(p. 1336)
Skin, ulcers, jerking pain, with
(p. 1337)
Skin, ulcers, phagedenic
(p. 1337)
Skin, ulcers, suppurating
(p. 1338)
Skin, ulcers, varicose
(p. 1339)
Skin, unhealthy
(p. 1339)
Skin, warts (See Excrescences)
(p. 1339)
Skin, warts, bleeding
(p. 1339)
Skin, warts, jagged
(p. 1340)
Skin, warts, pedunculated (p. 1340)

Generalities, evening (agg.) (p. 1342)
Generalities, chorea
(p. 1347)
Generalities, chorea, fright, from
(p. 1348)
Generalities, chorea, rheumatic
(p. 1348)
Generalities, cold in general agg.
(p. 1348)
Generalities, cold, air agg.
(p. 1348)
Generalities, cold, dry weather agg.
(p. 1349)
Generalities, convulsions
(p. 1351)
Generalities, convulsions, epileptic
(p. 1353)
Generalities, convulsions, epileptiform
(p. 1353)
Generalities, convulsions, internal
(p. 1354)
Generalities, convulsions, paralysis, with
(p. 1354)
Generalities, convulsions, paralysis, followed by
(p. 1354)
Generalities, dry weather agg. (See Cold Dry Weather)
(p. 1357)
Generalities, eating, after (agg.)
(p. 1357)
Generalities, faintness, fainting
(p. 1358)
Generalities, flabby feeling
(p. 1361)
Generalities, food, coffee agg.
(p. 1362)
Generalities, food, cold drinks, amel.
(p. 1362)
Generalities, heat, flushes of
(p. 1365)
Generalities, heat, flushes of, followed by chill
(p. 1366)
Generalities, heat, vital, lack of
(p. 1366)
Generalities, jerking, convulsions, as in
(p. 1369)
Generalities, lassitude, evening
(p. 1370)
Generalities, lassitude, lead, chronic effects of
(p. 1370)
Generalities, pain, burning externally
(p. 1378)
Generalities, pain, burning, parts grasped with the hand
(p. 1379)
Generalities, pain, gnawing, internally
(p. 1381)
Generalities, pain, jerking externally
(p. 1381)
Generalities, pain, pressing externally
(p. 1382)
Generalities, pain, stitching, bones
(p. 1386)
Generalities, pain, tearing, muscles
(p. 1388)
Generalities, paralysis, gradually appearing
(p. 1390)
Generalities, paralysis, one-sided
(p. 1390)
Generalities, paralysis, one-sided, right
(p. 1390)
Generalities, paralysis, single parts
(p. 1390)
Generalities, perspiration gives no relief
(p. 1391)
Generalities, pulse, frequent, evening
(p. 1394)
Generalities, stretching
(p. 1403)
Generalities, stretching, night
(p. 1404)
Generalities, tension externally
(p. 1406)
Generalities, trembling, rising from sitting, affected parts
(p. 1409)
Generalities, waking, on (agg.)
(p. 1411)
Generalities, walking agg.
(p. 1411)
Generalities, walking, in open air agg.
(p. 1412)
Generalities, wet, getting (p. 1421)

Copyright Sylvain Cazalet 2004


Disssolving potassium sulphate
Dissolving potassium sulphate
reducing lime
Burning lime
Reducin potassium sulphate and lime
Heating mix of  potassium sulphate and lime
Fresh distillate of Causticum
Distillation of Causticum
(Strong asmmonia solution)

Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Tinctura acris sine kali
Common Name: Strong ammonia solution
Homeopahtic: Causticum 

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