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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Cactus grandiflorus

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Cactus grandiflorus
Symptom Sketch
& Uses

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Carla Marcelis

Cactus grandiflorus
Case Study

Cactus grandiflorus
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Cactus grandiflorus


Sadness (Aur-i, Syph). 
Aversion to consolation (Nat-m). 
Shrieking from pain. 
Anxiety about health.
Fear of heart disease.
Fear < morning on waking. 
Sensitive to light, noise. 
Difficulty in expressing ideas in writing.

violent pain, like a wire: tight & thin.
as if caged in wire. 
Congestion in painful part. 
Hemorrhages, with constriction. Internal hemorrhage, trombosis. 
< 11 A.M. & P.M.. 
< LYING, esp. on left side. 
> Open air. 

Pain: with severe constriction; with sensation of pressure,
11 p.m.,
followed by epistaxis,
with congestion, flushed red face,
< fasting, noise of talking
> pressure
right sided (also in face).

Epistaxis, from congestion (Meli).

Pain < right, least exertion, wine, noise, light, fasting.

Constricting sensation, with pulsation of carotides.
Swallowing difficult, needs to drink when swallowing food.

Swollen, painful hemorrhoids.

Constriction of neck of bladder, preventing urination. 

Severe constricting pains in uterus, during menses or labor. 
Clotted menses; each clot that is passed gives temporary relief from pain.
Menses black, pitch-like. 
Menses stops when lying. 
Constricting pains during coition

Asthmatic, from heart disease. 
Periodic suffocative spells.

CONSTRICTION about heart or chest. Severe heart pathology.
Heart feels grasped by iron hand.
Pain < lying on left side, exertion, talking loudly.
Pain ext. to left arm (Lat-m); with edema of hand.
With difficult respiration. 
Palpitations < exertion, from unrequited affections, lying left side;
at night from fearful dreams, menses. 
Oppression as from a weight.

Rheumatic complaints, < evening, rest, beginning to move; >
continued motion (Rhus-t).
- Coldness. 

Sleeplessness from pulsation in parts of body. 
Dreams of falling.

Acon, Ars, Bell, Kalm, Lach, Lat-m, Naja, Nat-m, Spig,


Cactus grandiflorus

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Dr Peter Darashah

Cactus grandiflorus
Symptom Sketch
& Uses

Congestion, Constrictions and Pain

There is congestion to the head and kidneys which in the case of the latter results in oedema of the legs and hands.

There is constriction of the circular muscles resulting in poor circulation. This general tightness and constriction extends from the head, about the throat, about the chest, about the diaphragm, about the abdomen, about the heart about the uterus, about the bladder and finally manefests itself in terms of poor circulation as a coldness, numbness, tingling and formication in the extremities.

The pains and spasms have been described as if grasped with an iron hand. The description serves to illustrate the tenacity of the constriction. A further illustration of the magnitude of the pain experienced is that of when a tape tied around a violently congested organ and pulled tighter and tighter Such pain is always violent no matter where they occur compelling the patient to scream, cry out and clutch the painful area in an attempt to relieve. Tearing; constricting, cramping, are other descriptions but there must always be the idea of clutching.

The mental state is that of fear of the unknown and of death. Such distress, such suffering, such violent pain, such sudden tearing is so far beyond the scope of anything experienced or imagined previously that the patient seems unable to comprehend why it has come about and what the outcome is going to be. They think the situation is incurable In any case it is better to die than continue in such agony.

They withdraw into a Cactus state of taciturn introspection unwilling to speak a word or to answer. Sadness and uncommunicative reticence combined with an irresistible inclination to weep takes hold of them. This Cactus state is in complete contradistinction to Acon with its uncontrolled state of anxiety.

Cactus head pain is congestive, violent, intense, pressive (as if the head would be forced in). The pain has been described as heavy like as though there was a weight on the vertex or alternatively as though the head was about to be crushed in. Other descriptions are as if the head were pressed, as if the membrane of the brain were too tight, as if the brain were covered with a tight cloth, and were being screwed tighter and tighter. Finally Cactus pain is generally right sided and greatly aggravated by noise.

The congestion of the head is very obvious to the onlooker. The violence can be seen to be causing all the symptoms of cerebral congestion. The eyes show it; the face shows it which is flushed and purple or very red; the heat of the head shows it and the general apoplectic state confirms it. However there are 3 SRP (strange, rare and peculiar) symptoms in connection with Cactus headaches.

  1. One may well have thought that with such acute symptoms of congestion the feeling of pressure would be outwards, bursting or explosive. But no - patients constantly report an inward pressure as of a weight on the vertex.
  2. Amelioration of head pain is obtained from the additional application of external pressure on the vertex. Again one may have thought that the head would benefit from some kind of support. But no - additional outside pressure relieves the vertex pain rather than increases it. 
  3. The congestive heat of Cactus is confined to the head unlike Bell in which in addition to head heat there is an intense body heat or fever. In Cactus the heat is in the top part of the body only.

There is a choking, constriction, tension, of the muscles about the neck as from a tight collar even to the point of hysteria. There is a choking lump or ball coming up into the throat which defies all attempts to swallow. There are cramps with great numbness of the left arm.

Great constriction of the chest. So great is the constriction that it feels as though ones very life is being crushed out. Descriptions include:
Can only breathe with shoulders elevated and lying on back.
Lies leaning back or sitting quite upright.
Periodical attacks of suffocation, with fainting; cold sweat.

The patient cannot lie down, must sit up in bed, and there is a dullness of the lower part of each lung, gradually extending upwards from oedematous congestion as a result of cardiac insufficiency.

The heart is described as being held by an iron band. There is a feeling of great heart pressure and acute constrictive pain which comes and goes in paroxysms from the heart that travels around under the left axilla to the back. Often this pain shoots down the left hand and is attended with numbness, and sometimes with swelling and tingling. Palpitations continue day and night particularly when lying on the left side.

General Constrictions
There may be constriction of all circular muscles including the gastro intestinal tract resulting in griping shooting pain from which the patient doubles over in agony.
There can be constriction of the kidney resulting in oedema in the extremeties
There can be constriction of the uterus resulting in intense pain like that of an hour glass being squeezed.
There can be constriction of the bladder resulting in retained urine
There can be constriction of the anus resulting in a very troublesome constipation
There can be constriction of the rectum resulting in haemorrhoids

The constrictions can be so tight as to result in bleeding and haemorhage as manifested  by brain stroke, blood in the saliva, coughing of blood from the chest, blood in the stool and urine, menorrhagia, and haemorrhoids

The Heart
The role of Cactus in matters of cardiology is twofold

  1. In an acute situation it can regulate over the immediate short term the functional activity of the heart by restoring normal tone to the nervous system. When there is irregularity, irritability, intermittency, and tumultuousness in its action, Cactus is indicated. It is especially valuable in palpitation or other irregularity of action induced by the gastro intestinal tract because it exercises a soothing influence upon the stomach and digestive organs in marked contra-distinction to the action of digitaliswhich disturbs, disarranges, or irritates the stomach, especially when long continued.
  2. It also has a tonic capability in which over the longer term power and strength can be restored to heart muscles thereby improving valvular action and efficiency. Symptoms for tonic use include an irregular pulse; feebleness of the hearts action; dyspnoea, a feeling of pressure or weight, valvular insufficiency with dilatation, valvula murmur,  irregular or intermittent pulse oppression in the chest, slow feeble pulse.
    Wherever there is less than normal power to the hearts action or lack of muscle strength due to valvular fault Casctus should be considered on a tonic basis. It is thus indicated in fevers, where there is a rapid and feeble pulse with a feeble heart from a weak and exhausted nervous system.

    It is of much value where the heart muscle is more permanently enfeebled, and where there is progressive valvular insufficiency with dilatation, and irregular or intermittent pulse. It can be employed where mitral regurgitation is plainly marked sometimes accompanied with valvular murmur of increasing tone and continued until such sounds entirely disappear. It should be considered in the heart strain from overwork as well as from too strenuous activity such as exercise or athletics or sports training. All these recommendations hold good regardless of whether or not pain or acute symptomology is experienced.

In the case of women the use of Cactus is called for in conditions of oppressive headache in the top of the head common to women at the menopause which originates from congestion within the pelvic organs, especially if accompanied with menorrhagia or other excessive hemorrhages. It is especially advised it where there are hot flashes during the climacteric. It may be given with Helleborus niger in these cases, if there is melancholia, nervousness, irritability of temper, hyperesthesia, neuralgia, vague fears and fancies, either alone, in conjunction, or in alternation.

It is also indicated where there is irregularity of the menses, consisting of abundant or of a too-early flow, or for a flow which ceases or a flow too dark and thick, or where there is an inability to lie upon the left side.


The action of Cactus to create haemorrhage as a result of constriction is well documented. The remedy can therefore have a role in the cure of such conditions particularly in situations where there are gastric symptoms. An important area of use in this respect is for Haemorrhoids.

As a consequence of impaired blood circulation the remedy may be employed for circulatory conditions associated with the extremities including coldness, tingling, numbness and formication.

Poor circulation nay also evidence itself as rheumatism or arthritis. In the case of considering Cactus for these conditions the complaint usually starts in the upper extremities and the pain is not relieved by motion, rest or posture change



  • Aconite: palpitations with fear of death and suffocation (of acute origin)
  • Digitalis: heart symptoms because of heart patholgoy, hypertrophies and oedema
  • Gelsemium: palpitations in general with occipital headaches and uneasiness
  • Kalmia: constricting pains arising out of generalized rheumatism
  • Lachesis: Menopausal palpitations with anxiety neurosis.
  • Tab: after effects of tobacco chewing



Cactus grandiflorus

Brought to you by
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Carla Marcelis

Cactus grandiflorus
Case Study

May 5, 2009
Session: 1


14 February 1967
Age: 42 B#: 3 Female

Chief Complaint
Lack of energy after childbirth, headaches and asthma. Headaches: periodically

CC gave birth at age 40 to her third child and has been breastfeeding for 2 years. She is fatigued, struggles to keep her weight up and desires to cut back the breastfeeding. She wants to eat better, but has inability to make the effort: You know you can do it but too nervous to try. Avoiding the sense of satisfaction, the sense of feeling good about myself. Excitement, giggles, feeling of butterflies, if I let it go, it is just going to makes me want to move, laugh and jump. Has sugar cravings and eating sugar makes her sleepy. Imagines the worst at night (imagines that her headache is meningitis.) Dream: parents bedroom is full of shit and she has to clean it up. Headache: swelling of the head and numbness down the left arm, pulling across the chest into the neck, worse upon waking. They have been diagnosed as atopic migraines. Asthma and allergies since about five years (when her older boys became adolescents)

Sensations (MICH Method)

Local General
Asthma: you cannot breathe. As if the lungs are closed, small and shriveled up. I feel a band around my heart and it pinches constricting, but not suffocating, like a strong hand that is constricting. I have too little space.

General Global
I hold back. Im resisting being pushed. Tight, knot. Noise, crowds around me: tightness. Tight around me, no space, squished down, arms squeezed around me.

As in a ball that is too small for me;

As if in a womb that is too tight;

I just want to get out: all that fight;

It deflates, makes me smaller;

The more it happens, the harder it is to fill back up again.

As if a ball that is too small for me, as if in the womb that is too tight. I deflate, makes me smaller. As if my mother is holding me in while I want to be born and get on with my life.

Need or desire to expand. Something holds me back in again and brings me down. Like a balloon that inflates and deflates. Holding back so that it doesnt inflate too much. It cant go beyond a certain size: might pop or float away.

Holding back: I hold myself back from who I can be.


  • Generalities; Noise; agg. (387)
  • Mind; EXCITEMENT, excitable (461)
  • Respiration; TIGHTNESS of chest, with (141)
  • Generalities; NUMBESS, left (136)
  • Generalities; PERIODICAL (312)

Kingdom differentiation and family.
Plant language: sensations and their opposites are her core experience. Sensations of tightness, inflation and deflation.

Possible Families,

Sensations of tightness, constriction, alternation of contracting and expanding.

Caught, stiff, tight pressing. However: needs to move and > motion

Tied and untied, bound and unbound with desire to break free.

Possible miasm:

Stuck and intermittently attacked with sense of denial: if you dont think of it, it doesnt already exist and yo
u dont need to deal with it. Keeping blinders on: not looking at things as they are. Feels unfortunate, lamenting (mother) and periodicity of complaints.

Possible remedies:

  • Cactus: fits the core and the rubrics.
  • Aconite: acute distress, vexed, raw nerves. Morbidly sensitive, with emotional outbursts and reaction of numbness. Does not have sensation of being held back.
  • Rhus tox. As all anacardiaceae, in Rhus-t we see the sensation of feeling caught locally, tight and pressing. It is as if caught from outside and desire is to move. The deflation/expansion is not seen in Rhus-t.

We dont see the Aconite or Rhus-t core in this case.

Conclusion :
Cactus grandiflorus 200K

8, 2009
Was better this summer. Able to relax, less worrying, when feeling tightness,
clutching, breathe into it, and feel expansion. Have been moody, prickly:
speaking up for myself. Feel as if volcano inside, pushing up, exerting
pressure, as if a strap is tightening it in, a tight black band.
Conclusion: improving.
Sensation still present:
Repeat Cactus grandiflorus 200K
21, 2009

Breathing problems decreased (<cleaning the house), but now getting frontal
HA (sinus.)
Some trouble sleeping.

Dull, tight, squeezing, pushing down. As if my skull is too small for my head. I get paranoid when I have things out of whack, thinking what it could be. My world has shrunk, glass lid, stopping point, a rim, a strap that is not adjustable: there is space inside but it stays where it is, keeps things from going out of control: a black ring, a safety net, if not: water bursting all
over the place, it holds everything together.
Cactus MK

30, 2009
Breathing and tightness occasionally appear. No asthma and no headaches.
Cactus MK: split dose in water
For tightness symptoms. She reports that she does this about once per two weeks and has immediate improvement of Sx.
3, 2010
Much better than last year. Breathing mostly good. Feelings of not being
able to keep up, lack energy, as if a mountain on my path.
Cactus XMK
19, 2010
Fatigued and ongoing sinus infection. Breathing good. Had a situation where I
felt completely powerless, as if I had no mind of my own. A door was closed, a wall stopped me from moving forward.
Cactus XMK
Within a week, sinus cleared up.
No further breathing problems.
End of case

For details of original parer click the link below



Cactus grandiflorus
Cactus grandiflorus

Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Selenicereus grandiflorus
Common Name: Night blooming Cereus
Homeopahtic: Cactus grandiflorus  


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