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Homeopathy for Pregnancy Birth and your Baby's First Year by Miranda Castro. Click for book details
Miranda Castro

Bellis for Pregnancy

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Arnica & Bellis for mild postpartum bleeding

Homeopathy for Pregnancy Birth and your Baby's First Year by Miranda Castro. Click for book details
Bellis for Pregnancy
Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Your Baby's First Year
Miranda Castro

This remedy can stop the pain of sciatica of pregnancy or any pain in the groin extending down the legs that makes walking difficult, which often comes on during the last months of pregnancy.

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While Arnica is always great for bruising, it isn't the only remedy and there is another one that might have been better in this situation. Bellis perennis is a remedy for bruises, especially to the abdomen, with sore bruised pains (just like Arnica), but the pains are more severe. It is also helpful for complaints of the uterus with weakness and bleeding. It is a specific for bruised soreness after abdominal surgery, and for lumps and bumps that remain after bruising. I have used it for exactly this type of deep bruised soreness in pregnancy (where Arnica did not help) and after childbirth-again, where Arnica did not help. They have difficulty sleeping, typically after 3 am, and I have sometimes used this symptom to confirm Bellis perennis in women who are feeling sore and bruised after childbirth.

Those needing Bellis perennis tend not to be as stoical as those needing Arnica. The typical 'Arnica patient' always says they are OK when they plainly aren't OK, and this symptom alone can guide you to a successful Arnica prescription ... where there is bruising to soft tissues (muscles) with sore, bruised pains. Get it!!! To bring this discussion back to keynotes, I have found Bellis perennis to be almost a specific remedy for women who experience severe pains in their groin during the last few months of pregnancy, pains which come on suddenly while walking, and which are severe enough to make walking impossible until they have passed. This is due to the stretching of the ligaments and nerves of the uterus and a single dose of Bellis perennis causes the pains to pass quickly this time and helps prevent their recurrence.

When a pregnant woman takes a homeopathic remedy we can assume her unborn baby receives something of the same remedy-even if it is a secondary effect. Logically speaking, if a woman is feeling unwell or is hurt, and the remedy stimulates her vital force, her inner healer, then this positive response can only be of benefit to her baby. Arnica alone is a little wonderful remedy during pregnancy (for minor injuries, for discomfort with an active baby who kicks out causing some soreness); during labor (where it can speed labor and help the muscles to do their work with a minimum of physical stress and strain); and after the birth (with healing strained tissues). But don't forget Arnica's close friend Bellis perennis for when Arnica isn't as helpful as expected. Learn your remedies and use them wisely and they will become like dear old friends you cannot imagine how you ever lived without!

Dr Peter's Note:-
In the above context Bellis-per can also be used for sports injuries
involving groin strain and pulled hamstring.

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Using Arnica & Bellis Perennis for mild postpartum bleeding

Now that many medicines are tested by Randomised Controlled Trials, homeopathy is being scrutinised as to its methodology for researching homeopathic medicines. This has encouraged some of the homeopathic world to embark on RCTs to test the effects of homeopathic medicines on specific symptoms. With more evidence based information backing up what we homeopaths and the public, who use homeopathic remedies, already know, this can only be good for homeopathys longevity. Our clinical evidence that homeopathic remedies used homeopathically improve the health and wellbeing of clients has been enough for us. To satisfy the critical eye of the scientific world the more scientifically minded amongst us have responded with RCTs.

Here's the reference for a recent trial
The effect of the homeopathic remedies Arnica montana and Bellis perennis on mild postpartum bleeding--a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study--preliminary results.
Oberbaum M, Galoyan N, Lerner-Geva L, Singer SR , Grisaru S , Shashar D, and Samueloff A .
The Center for Integrative Complementary Medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem 91031, Israel.

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Photo Daisy
Kingdom: Plant
Latin Name: Bellin perennis
Common Name: Daisy
: Bellis-per
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by William BOERICKE, M.D.

1. It acts upon the muscular fibers of the blood-vessels. Much muscular soreness. Lameness, as if sprained. Venous congestion, due to mechanical causes. First remedy in injuries to the deeper tissues, after major surgical work. Results of injuries to nerves with intense soreness and intolerance of cold bathing. After gout, debility of limbs.

2. Traumatism of the pelvic organs, auto-traumatism, expresses the condition calling for this remedy; ill effects from masturbation. Excellent remedy for sprains and bruises. Complaints due to cold food or drink when the body is heated, and in affections due to cold wind. Externally, in nvi. Acne. Boils all over. Sore, bruised feeling in the pelvic region. Exudations, stasis, swelling, come within the range of this remedy. Rheumatic symptoms. Does not vitiate the secretions. "It is a princely remedy for old laborers, especially gardeners" (Burnett).

3. Head.--Vertigo in elderly people. Headache from occiput to top of head. Forehead feels contracted. Bruised soreness. Itching around scalp and over back, worse from hot bath and bed.

4. Female.--Breasts and uterus engorged. Varicose veins in pregnancy. During pregnancy inability to walk. Abdominal muscles lame. Uterus feels sore, as if squeezed.

5. Sleep.--Wakes early in morning and cannot get to sleep again.

6. Abdomen.--Soreness of abdominal walls and of uterus. Stitches in spleen, sore, enlarged. Yellow, painless diarrha, foul odor, worse at night. Bloated; rumbling in bowels.

7. Skin.--Boils. Ecchymosis, swelling, very sensitive to touch. Venous congestion due to mechanical causes. Varicose veins with bruised sore feeling. Exudations and swellings. Acne.

8. Extremities.--Joints sore, muscular soreness. Itching on back and flexor surfaces of thighs. Pain down anterior of thighs. Wrist feels contracted as from elastic band around joint. Sprains feels contracted as from elastic band around joint. Sprains with great soreness. Railway spine.

Relationship.--Compare: Arnica; Arsenic; Staphis; Hamamelis; Bryonia; Vanadium (degenerative states).

9. Modalities.--Worse, left side; hot bath and warmth of bed; before storms; cold bathing; cold wind.

10. Dose.--Tincture to third potency.

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