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Discovered :
Known since prehistoric times.

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Origin :
The name is the Anglo-Saxon word for the metal and the symbol comes from the Latin aurum, gold.

A soft metal with a characteristic colour and since it is chemically unreactive, one of the few elements to occur in a natural state. It will dissolve in aqua regia (royal water), a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids. It can be beaten into very thin sheets (gold leaf) to be used as architectural ornament. Another use is in jewellery and some is also employed in the electronics industry and to colour glass or make it reflect heat . About 1500 tonnes of gold are mined each year, chiefly in South Africa and Russia, and most of this is stored as bullion. There is a lot of gold in the sea, but with only 1 gramme in 1,000,000 tonnes of seawater, schemes to reclaim gold from the oceans have always failed.

This group has been neglected by homeopaths because of insufficient knowledge about it. We are starting with Aurum metallicum which expresses the basic characteristics of the group and then we shall describe the salts of the group starting with the ones that have been most often used.

Here we find the occurrence of visions in excess. Having a vision (in life) and working for it is a prerequisite of success. When a person possesses the tendency to pursue visions for the betterment of society and does this without the motive of personal gain, he approaches the state of the gold of the alchemist's stone.

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The psychological state of Aurum is quite different from that state, as this one is a state of excessive envisioning propelled by selfish motives. The person wishes to always be the best and spares no effort to achieve this goal. He works the whole day in order to realize his ambition to reach the top. Aurum is a very hard-working person. He works in a tireless and methodical manner. He possesses an inner strength which pushes towards the materialization of the vision. He takes it as a great failure if he comes second. Aurum cannot stand defeat, either. When defeated he gets sick, as he always wants to be the winner.

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In this painting you see an Aurum person admiring himself in the lake.

Aurum is serious, talks sparingly, is very responsible and gets easily offended. He cannot stand being doubted. He does not gives anyone the right to do something like that. He is consistent and hurried as well. He wants his job to be done well and fast. Therefore, he could be misidentified for Argentum. Here some clarification is needed: when we talk about consistency we must keep in mind that a lot of other concepts can be connected with it; someone may be consistent because he does not wish to lose public acclaim, another so that the vision may be fulfilled, another because he may be in fear of punishment, another because he wishes to appear perfect, another because he fears abuse, another because he wants to avoid being abandoned. etc.

Therefore, when we search for and examine concepts while getting the medical record, we have to find out whether a concept held by the person is primary or secondary in the sense of it being derived from another concept. In Aurum, consistency derives from his vision (goal). In Argentum, consistency is due to the reign of reason; the person is consistent simply because this is the right thing and this is how we should be. This is why we consider that Argentum expresses the concept of consistency in a more direct way. In Zincum, consistency is due to fear of punishment and when that consistency is due to punishment then it becomes false. Thus the Greek name "pseudosilver" is a perfect fit to this psychological characteristic of the homeopathic remedy we make from this metal.

Coming back to Aurum we see that the person has an inner strength perceived by others. So, he easily becomes the leader in a group or family. Everybody leans on him. He offers others the steadfastness of a rock and is a refuge for them, a haven. He constantly offers himself to others, works for others but all these efforts are not selfless. He offers to all and everyone but at the same time needs to have others by his side. The result is that he may easily feel neglected, abandoned, he may feel that he has lost their love, and can get very angry because of these feelings.

Aurum is very sensitive in spite of the inner strengths that he possesses and shows to others. He can be easily hurt and disappointed, can easily feel humiliated, neglected, underestimated or may get angry easily. He may be violent when angry. On such occasions his behavior does not remind others of the character they have been used to dealing with. However, the anger does not usually manifest itself. Then, the person develops hypochondriac symptoms. He exhibits the picture of someone with an imaginary serious disease. For example, he may think that he has a heart problem, or "is often subject to heart attacks".

The hypochondriac symptoms are an unconscious punishment of others for their "indifference". Yet, this strategy is accompanied by pain and other ailments which give him some kind of morbid self satisfaction that someone(himself), at least, is interested.
A hypochondriac symptomatology may present itself after a failure of the individual to be the best, a failure that brings disappointment and low self-esteem. However, no matter what the deeper cause is, hypochondriasis is a defense which protects from intense melancholia and/or suicide.

It is worth the while to study the main action of this remedy as it used to be described in the Materia Medica of our time until recently. Here we are talking about melancholia. The term requires some clarification. The adjective melas means black, dark, gloomy, terrible, dark-souled, vague, inauspicious. The noun holos" means bite, wrath, anger, indignation, rage. Black color symbolizes mourning, it is the color of death and destruction. Therefore, according to the above the term "melancholia" describes the psychological state of destructive wrath.

Now, lets go back to Aurum. When melancholic the patient loses every interest in life. Everything seems to him futile meaningless, sad. He wants to end his life. He feels that he is to blame for everything, that he has made mistakes, that he has neglected his duties, that his friends have lost their trust in him. He feels deep despair and wishes to give an end to his life. This may be done either by falling from a high place or driving in the opposite direction or crashing the car against a wall, or by using a gun, getting drowned or hanging. The suicidal wish is often fulfilled. When this happens no one in the family realizes anything. Aurum is the person who works late and after work goes and does away with himself. Aurum as a remedy can also be prescribed in cases of minor depression without suicidal ideation.

In such cases it is possible that after ingesting the remedy, the individual should tell you that he has observed having suicidal ideation which was not insistent and did not last long, while he did not have such ideas before. This is not due to a proving of the remedy but it is due to the realization of repressed suicidal tendencies. When this happens, it means that the patient is doing well, as after an increase of awareness the general condition is improved. Such cases need adept treatment and readiness on the part of the therapist. On other occasions depression is covert and the person becomes desperate, feels tired out and fed up with life as a result of his physical ailments. Alternatively the remedy may be indicated in bipolar disorder where we have an alternation between depressive and manic symptoms.

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Photo Gold
Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Aurum metallicum
Common Name: Gold
: Aurum-met
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Remedy Headers
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Decachords by
Gladstone Clarke

1. Sanguine, ruddy persons with dark hair and eyes ; old people ; scrofulous or mercurio-syphilitic subjects.

2. Profound melancholia with desire for death and suicidal tendencies ; often connected with liver troubles in men ; with uterine troubles in women.

Statue of Apollo
Apollo's statue
Painting of Aurum admiring his reflection in a pool of water
Aurum admiring his reflection

3. Specially adapted to pining boys, low-spirited, lifeless. lacking vim ; testes undeveloped.

4. Hypersensitiveness ; to contradiction, to pain ; of the special senses.

5. Ailments resulting from strong mental emotions. 6. Intense, deep seated boring pains < night.

7. Caries of bones, especially nasal, palatine and mastoid, with deep ulceration and horribly offensive discharges.

8. Interstitial changes in various organs, especially heart, liver and kidneys.

9. Hemiopia ; sees only lower half of objects.

10. Modalities ; < cold, damp weather ; sunset to sunrise ; warmth of bed ; at menstrual period.



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