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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Argentum nitricum
Silver nitrate is a very 'warm' remedy, meaning that it fits warm-blooded people. There is also Argentum metallicum, the homoeopatic metal silver, and that one fits very chilly persons. Argentum nitricum and Argentum metallicum are quite alike, although Argentum nitricum has a more distinct image and is much more renown.

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Argentum, silver, is the metal of the Moon. The Moon collects the surplus of magnetism of the Earth and gives it back when necessary. Astrology places these qualities with the Moon: reaction, reflection, mirroring, following, reproducing, the first seven years of life (being the period in which we learn by reproducing and following others), habits, the audience - the mass (for instance people who dare not depart from fixed customs), our feelings and emotions, femininity and the mother.

Argentum is a remedy for people who somehow still live in their moon-phase. It fits persons with the psychological image of a scary little bird, nervous, almost trembling and frightened, spasmodic and nervous. This is an important remedy for fears and phobias. Many complaints from anticipation like anxiety anticipating an engagement, or when a time is set, or fear when ready to go to a certain place. In such occasions they react with diarrhea, headaches, stomach-complaints, hyperventilation, trembling and nervousness. Argentums are very anxious; there is fear of public places, fear of narrow places, fear of high places, delusion high walls and buildings will fall upon them, fear of falling, fear of evil, fear of fainting, fear of death, insanity or impending disease, fear of possible scary persons, they are superstitious, they fear to walk certain corners or to cross a bridge or place, they fear to be alone, there is fear of failure, fear of loosing self-control, fear of thunder-storm, fear of death, fear of undertaking - you name it.

When we keep the image in mind of a child, finding itself without the company of a parent in the strange, new world of grown-ups, than these fears become clearer. (Argentum has the delusion of being forsaken and being despised.) Argentums have problems with taking challenges; they would somehow prefer the helping hand of a parent to show them first. They long for a soft, friendly world.

Other reasons for their fears are a low self-esteem with a great sensitivity to negative criticism. They can have the sense of incapability, needing more time than others to perform something, what makes them act hastily and nervously.



Photo Silver
Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Argentum
Common Name: Silver
: Argentum-nit
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Remedy Headers
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Decachords by
Gladstone Clarke

Argentum Nitricum

1. Subjects withered, old-looking through disease, especially after unusual or, long-continued mental exertion ; children.

2. Hypochondriasis ; lacks self-confidence ; apprehensive, hurried, discontented ; time passes slowly ; suicidal impulses.

3. General debility with nervous tremors.

4. Strange sensations ; (a) of expansion in various parts, (b) as of splinter, especially in the throat, (c) as if objects project towards the patient.

5. Catarrhal conditions of the mucous membranes ; profuse, muco-purulent discharges (Puls.) and ulceration.

6. Gastric ailments with much flatulence and violent difficult belchings ; < food ; great craving for sweets which <.

7. Diarrhoeas ; psychic (Gels.) ; catarrhal, spluttering, grass-green, < drinking, sweets ; also dysentery, advanced cases.

8. Spinal complaints ; sensitiveness of the spine ; defective co-ordination of muscles especially of lower limbs ; lightning-like pains ; epileptiform convulsions ; paralysis.

9. Metrorrhagia with nervous erethism at climaxis.

10. Patient < heat, must have fresh air yet chilly when uncovered ; < mental exertion ; at menstrual period ; pains especially headache < dancing > tight pressure ; backache > standing.

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