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Kalmia latifolia 

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Kalmia latifolia 

1. Description

Latin Name:
Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia, Kalm, Kalmia, American laurel, Calico-bush, Ivybush, Laurel, Mountain laurel, Pepperwood, Sassafras laurel, Spice tree, Spoomwood, Spurge laurel, Wood laurel.

2. Source & History

Mountain laurel is an evergreen which grows in the northern parts of the United States either as a shrub of 4ft or as a tree of up to 20ft. Since Kalmia latifolia is extremely poisonous, caution should be used when using this plant. Even cattle and sheep that eat the leaves have been affected. In fact, the meat of animals which consume the leaves may be inedible by humans. Tetany has been attributed to the consumption of Canadian partridge which had previously consumed leaves of laurel.


American laurel leaves were at one time used by native North American Indian tribes in order to commit suicide. A liniment of the leaves for external application has been used herbally to treat pain, scratches, rheumatism, inflammations and as an anti- parasitic

The homeopathic tincture is made from the leaves.

3. Mentals & Generals

The patient feels as if the mind is asleep. Difficult to address it to anything. Averse to physical work and mental application. As a result the subject is obstinate and irritable, There is mental confusion also about the nature of their complaint which eventually extends to physical confusion in the form of vertigo.

There is a general wearines in all muscles. Can hardly ascend stars. All prevailing giddiness upon moving.

4. Particulars

Every motion of the head produces vertigo especially when looking down.
Headache form between the shoulders, up the neck and over the vertex to the temples but not the eyes.
Face red, throbbing, flushed, anxious.
Chest pain, extending to left arm, worse when lying on left side, better on right.
Intense palpitations
Nausea, gas, eructation & vomiting with colic.
Neck pain extending down arms.
Lumbar pain hot & burning
Rheumatic pain of extremities which are hot, red, swollen.
Severe neuralgic pain during menses. Early menses. Yellow leucorrhoea

            <     5. Modalities     >

Eating, Touch,
Stooping, Motion, Open air
Heat (headache)
Night (neuralgia)

Sitting, Lying
Cold (headache)
Night (headache)

6. Keywords

Vertigo from stooping & movement.
Neuralgic, rheumatic, gouty pains
Worse on movement. Numbness of affected part. Pains shoot downwards & wander from joint to joint.
Pains begin at sunrise, reach a zenith at noon and disappear at sunset

7. Clinicals

Headache, sunstroke & vertigo
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Arthritis
Menstrual issues and leucorrhoea.

8. Constitutional Prescribing

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Kalm is usually used as an acute remedy and hence its employment is traditionally reserved to symptomatic non constitutional prescribing

Notwithstanding the above, high potency Constitutional prescription may be used as background together with a concurrent lower potency symptomatic remedy administered according to the Law of Similars in situations where two or more symptoms occur together eg Headache with Menstrual issues
Lumbago with Angina 

In terms of Nebel's Constitutional classification its main sphere of activity is neuralgic which correspond to the Phosphoric group.

9. Relationships

up to 14 days
Aecs (paralysis), Abrot (rheumatism), Bell (headache), Benz-ac (gout), Dig (heasrt), Led (rheumatism), Lith (heart), Puls (wandering pain), Rhus-t (rheumatism), Spig (rheumatism) 
Remedies that Follow Well
Calc-c, Lith, Lyc, Nat-mur, Puls, Spig

10. Posology

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11. Further Information

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Sylvian Cazalet Homeopathe International Reversed Kent's Repertory
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Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia
leaves & flower

Kingdom; Plant
Latin Name: Kalmia latifolia
Common Name:
Mountain laurel
Homeopahtic: Kalmia latifolia 

Getting the Best from 
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Tabular Materia Medica

Materia Medica (MM) is Latin for medical material. MMs are a listing of remedies together with their respective symptoms and differ from Repertories which are a listing of symptoms and illnesses.


This Tabular MM is not presented as an exhaustive comprehensive list of all that is known about a remedy. Rather the opposite. It is intended to be used only as an aid memoire to highlight the foundation upon which by further study and experience a fuller knowledge of homoeopathics can be obtained. Consider the Tabular MM as a word picture showing a black and white sketch of the remedys main essential characteristics upon which colour, shade and tone has still be painted.


Remember to rank case symptoms according to their hierarchy giving first priority to
Mentals & Generals when comparing the MM remedy picture of one remedy against another.

Further information on
The Hierarchy of Symptoms

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Remember also that you don't need to match everything listed under a remedy to benefit from the remedy. All that is required is to find the closest remedy match for those case  symptoms which rank the highest and are the most troublesome. The easiest way to find remedy matches is by Repertorisation. 


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Once the main case symptoms have been captured in say 4 - 6  remedies fine tune the final remedy selection manually by refering to the MM, or clicking the Further Information tabs or looking up any other approriate reference manual.  


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