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Kentian Philosophy (on homeopathy)
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

Compare and Contrast Suppression, palliation, and susceptibility Suppression or palliation of disease, is the removal of the external symptoms of disease by external, mechanical, chemical, or topical treatment, or by many means of powerful drugs, given internally in massive doses, this having a toxic effect but no true, curative action. 
Any suppressed disease gets worse after this treatment. Temporary relief of the organism brings on damage to vital organs leading to death.
The orifices in our body are meant to release toxins: the nose has discharges, eyes water, throat coughing, anus bowel movements, and the bladder urination. And the largest elimination organ our skin, releases sweat and impurities. If all of these are blocked, toxins stay in the body. Allopathy encourages this by its suppressive medications. It's normal to see a cough suppressant or anti-perspirant or sinus medication to stop a runny nose in this modern world.

    An inhibition of a physiological phenomena, or removal of a diseased manifestation before the disease itself is cured, is call suppression. 
    Vital organs are effected from use of suppressive medication. Removal of a skin symptom will not cure by means of surgery or topical ointment. After the skin symptom has been suppressed, its new symptom will appear in another form. Example: eczema = asthma.

Two types of suppression:
1) Natural - Examples: inhibited suppressed fear, anger, shock, disappointment, and exposure to excess heat and cold.
2) Artificial - Examples: by use of allopathic treatments, skin topical ointment use, suppression of natural secretions, removal of organs.
The reason for this is due to the energy transforming itself to another area; energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. 
Skin symptoms are dispelled with relief by means of some topical solution. Yet years later, a vital organ has trauma, yes it's relatedthe virus has turned within itself and waited until the right moment to weaken a favorite organ deep in the body. 

In the following cases, suppression of the first symptom will lead to the second symptom:
Eczema = asthma
Foot sweat = headaches
Ear discharge = facial neuralgia
Leucorrhoeal discharge = abdominal pain
Emotional suppressions will lead to physical problems.
When it's treated with homeopathic medicine, the focus is on the "cure" and origin of cause, the return of all suppressed manifestations appear. This is a must. It is a sign that the law of cure is taking place. 
The relation between physical and mental states have been recorded as such:
Asthma = schizophrenia
Ulcerative colitis = psychotic depression
Cardiac neurosis = acute anxiety state
The constitutional remedy is needed to reach deep into the vital force even with local skin symptoms any other form of local therapy acts suppressive.
1) Natural suppression -
Functions of the body inhibited. Examples:
Amenorrhoea from fear; pyrexia from suppression of sweat; and insanity from suppression of grief. 
2) Artificial suppression -
Removal of surface manifestations continues treatments of suppressions. 

Baby - suppr. itch eruptions or rashes
Child - eczema suppr.
Teen - psoriasis suppr.
Adult - suppr. of skin cancer
If persisted and continued, it keeps causing problems in deeper vital organs.
A) Use of opium to rid cough - leads to chronic cough, fever, night sweats.
B) Diarrhea suppressed - leads to constipation, fever, and delirium.
C) Use of aspirin to rid pain - exaggerated manifestations in vital organs.
D) Supp. of secretions - waste and toxins go to organs.
E) Surgical removal like tonsils does not cure but weakens the vital energy. 
Treatment to cure:
Symptomatic totality. Take history of patient before suppression even if it is 30 - 40 years ago.

We can make a patient more comfortable by the art of palliation by use of a well - selected homeopathic remedy. Possible and permissible sometimes. 
There is a right way and a wrong way to palliate. The wrong way can lead to metastasis to more important organs. This can lead to further complications. 
The right kind of palliation is curative as far as it goes, cure is impossible because cure has passed beyond the curable stage. 
When death is near and something quick has to be done, a gradual stimulation of the vital organs is possible; no disease will be removed on cured in this matter. In exceptional cases palliation is used as an anaesthetic. Palliation is a temporary relief of a symptom before the disease is cured. 
A = palliation by homeopathy
B = palliation by other means
A. By homeopathy- the use of the laws of similia are also used in palliation of incurable diseases. This holds a permanent "hope" for the patient. Patient can be made comfortable. Will relieve the agony of death.
B. By other means- Allowed only in time of danger of death where homeopathy does not have time to work. In accidents, in poisonings, and with euthanasia. 
In incurable diseases, too much palliation makes the disease more incurable due to it becoming suppressive in manner. 
The bad effects of a disease are not removed with palliation

Palliative treatment in Advanced Malignancy
-- Dr. Dilip B. Dikshit LCEH, MICR   
Introduction: Dr. Dilip Dikshit is a respected homeopath from Mumbai with wide and deep experience. This time we present 2 cases of homeopathic palliation. Palliation is possible with homeopathic remedies and has tremendous scope in the treatment of advanced pathological cases. These cases represent the art of perceiving the palliative remedy with the help of keynote symptoms. A palliative remedy can bring great relief and peace especially where the disease has progressed towards incurability. This is deviated disease, observed as 'complex disease' or 'multimiasmatic expression' of disease that can often be traced back to early suppression by drugs or surgery.
The method of choice for the appropriate similimum at different points of the case management are either based on keynotes, miasmatic totality or constitutional totality. The chief methods used for reptorization and analysis are either Boenninghausen's, Kent's or Boger's, depending on the characteristics in the presenting totality. An essential attribute of the homeopathic prescriber in such situtaions is the art of perceiving the prescriptive totality for the similimum.

Case 1: Epitheloid Carcinoma Esophagus
Mr. M.
Age: 60 yrs
Non Veg
Retired post master
Epitheloid Carcinoma Oesophagus on 1-2-1973
Malignancy and pain; burning, aching-rising from abdomen to chest-neck and shoulders. (Described well in Kent's Materia Medica under Cadmium Sulph.)
For the past 3 years, the patient has been experiencing difficulty in swallowing solids and liquids. Concomitants were empty eructations, nausea-3, tongue coating.
Since the last 6 months there was a burning pain, aching rising from the abdomen to chest, neck and shoulders-3. Cough, dyspnoea, and irregular breathing. Lying on the right side <, and > by lying on left.
He wanted everyone to be near him and was restless, but at the same time wanted everyone to keep quiet. "Please, let me die in peace." Since the last 3 months, there was more burning pain and tightness around the chest < early morning3, < touch of clothes3, < draft.
Since childhood he has a suppurative tendency. H/O peptic ulcer. Watering of eyes for the last 5-6 years. In the last three years weight had reduced from 55 to 38 kgs.
Perspiration forehead. H/O skin cracks in winter. Insomnia due to pain for the last 8 months. Dreams of dead-3 (funerals), Haj Voyage. Craving sweet-3, spicy foods, Hot-3 food and drinks.
H/O hot patient, turned chilly recently.
Mental characteristics: Anger-3, irritability-3, Anxious (Disease), Brooding, Impatience, Hopeful-3.
Likes company.
H/O Tuberculosis in sister who died at age 40.
Patient was operated on 15-6-73 : Cancer oesophagus, Splenectomy and pyloroplasty.
Histological report:
Epetheloid Carcinoma Grade III. Tumor is infiltrating the wall. Lymph node metastasis seen - Hilar node. Spleen shows congestion.
Progress Notes:
12-10-76 : Cadmium Sulph 30, HS one dose
13.10.76 : No change, repeat one dose.
Could swallow liquids well, felt cheerful. Sleep good. Slight appetite for the first time in the last 2 months. Burning-3
Cadmium Sulph was repeated PRN. About 5-6 doses were given in a period of 1-1.5 months. The patient died in peace with all faculties intact.

Case 2: Malignancy of the Tongue with
paralysis of Vocal Cords
-- Dr. Dilip B. Dikshit LCEH, MICR  
Mr. S
Age: 65 years
Retired Custom Superintendent
Diagnosis :
Cancer tongue with paralysis of vocal cords and emaciation of neck.
Saliva ropy. Malignancy, Ulceration.
Kent Pg: 417: Mouth, saliva ropy : Berberbis V, Bryonia, Dulcamara, Mercurius-2, Phosphorus
From Hering's Guiding Symptoms - Berb V: Sticky, soapy saliva. Ugly bluish-red spots on the tongue and internal mouth. Furred tongue and ulceration, swelling.
Around 1970-71 H/O Thickness and ulceration of the tongue, painless for which radiotherapy was given. This aggravated him in general.
In August 1974, the right neck glands were swollen with salivation-3, sticky, bubbles, foamy.
In the same year, he took radiotherapy for the neck gland which > neck gland but < cervical pain: < night, > sitting bent forward. For this he was taking about 8 - 12 tablets of aspirin per day. Sometimes even with 20-25 tablets per day there was inadequate pain relief.
Pain < lying on the left side, > lying on the right side.
Since May 1975, he had hoarseness due to paralysis of vocal cords and an inability to swallow both solids and liquids.
He was suffering from headaches since a long time (vertex) < worries, anxiety-2, sun. For this he used to take Aspirin.
H/O cold, cough --> asthma < damp wet-3, getting wet.
> dry climate, Arsenin Injections.
There has been no asthma since 20 years. Colds persist. Mild diabetes.
Perspiration scanty, h/o staining yellow.
H/o craving salt2, spicy, sour food.
H/o smoking 30-40 cigarettes per day
< dry fish, sun
H/o fan >
Ambithermal patient.
Irritable-3, anger, rage, violent - throws things, abusing, cursing, suspicious-3, revengeful-3, malicious. Averse to company.
Family history: Father died of leukaemia, mother was asthmatic but died of tuberculosis.
Progress Notes:
31-7-75: Berb Vulgaris 3C, 5 drops 4 hourly.
15-8-75: Pain absent without taking aspirin. Headache reduced completely but increased over the last 2 days. Can swallow liquid, 1.5 liters of milk. Appetite good. Salivation, weakness and cough increased over the last 2 days.
Adv: Continue Berb V. 3C 4 hourly.
21-8-71: Sleep good. Headache > and neck pain occasional. Appetite good3. Voice improved. Can swallow comfortably - gastric (Ryle's) tube removed. Subjective improvement felt - 90%.
Adv: Syphilinum 30C 1 dose, continue Berb V. 3C, 4 hourly.
Improvement continued except for 2 occasions when he had to be put back on the gastric (Ryle's) tube in the next 2 months.
15-9-75: Berb V 30C, 1 dose was given which was followed by marked aggravation for a few hours. But this was followed by prolonged amelioration.
The patient died on 12-10-75 without any pain and with all his mental faculties intact. 

Extracted with permission from the ICR Symposium Council Part II - Chapter F1 : PERCEIVING ARTIFICIAL DRUG DISEASE


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