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Hermes once separated two serpents entwined in mortal combat to bring about peace. These serpents were later included in the medical Caduceus as a sign of wellbeing.



















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Hekla lava

Dr Peter's
Tabular Materia Media

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Hekla lava

1. Description

Al, Ca, Fe, Fl, K, Si, Mg, Mn, Na,
Latin Name:
Hekla lava
Hekla lava (Hecla)
Hek-l (Hec-l)
ash, ashes, basalt, coulee, magma, obsidian, scoria, slag

2. Source & History

Hekla is Icelands most active volcano with over 20 recorded eruptions since the 11th century. Traditionally it is believed to be the gateway to Hell. The word Hekla means cloak in Icelandic which most probably is a reference to the almost permanent cloud hovering over its summit.
A Hekla eruption characteristically starts out with an explosive phase that usually lasts for a few hours followed by an eruptive phase in which large quantities of lava are spewed up over a period of several weeks.
The remedy was introduced by J J Garth Wilkinson (1812-99) who was on holiday in Iceland and noticed that the sheep grazing in areas furthest from Hekla where the fine ash had fallen, had bony growths on their jaws and ankles.
Homeopathic trituration is produced from Hekla lava ash.

3. Mentals & Generals

Normally calm, poised, controlled and gentle with great sensitivity to admonition, criticism and injustice, which causes them to get very agitated. They suppress their anger until such time as they can no longer control it at which time they turn violent. and burst into a tempestuous eruption of temper with displays of mayhem, hurt, destruction and vituperate language. This phase quickly resolves however into a quieter but glowering, sullen, brooding and menacing mood lasting for some time.

4. Particulars


Ulceration of nasal bones. Facial neuralgia from carious teeth and after extraction. Toothache, with swelling about jaws. Abscess of gums. Enlargement of maxillary bone.

Marked action upon the jaws, thighs and shin in exostosis, gum abscess, difficult teething. nodosities, caries of bone, osteitis, periostitis, osteosarcoma; rachitis and  bone necrosis, Glands
Induration, enlargement and infiltration of cervical glands studding the neck like a row of pearls.
particularly of the intercostal muscles
Skin Carcinoma
as a result of chronic traumatic wounds including pressure sores, osteomyelitis, venous stasis ulcers, urethral fistulas, anal fistulas, and other squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) type conditions. 
Lactation deficiency
Foot and ankle impairment

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Rest & sitting
Commencing to move
Touch & pressure

Continual movement
3 pm

6. Keywords

Suppressed emotions
Dentition, jawbone, facial neuralgia, glands
Bone necrosis & exostosis
Malignant skin tumour
Lactation problems
Problems of thigh & foot bones

7. Clinicals

Ailments from suppressed emotions
Dental caries, toothache
Facial neuralgia
Bone necrosis & exostoses
Plantar faciitis, heel spur
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
Deficient lactation

8. Constitutional Prescribing

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The use of Hek-l is usually restricted to symptomatic situations. 
However as always it is the patient picture that is important especially the mental & general manifestations that are the key determinants for its Constitutional use.
High potency Constitutional prescription may be used as background together with a concurrent lower potency symptomatic remedy administered according to the Law of Similars in situations where two or more of the main symptoms occur together in the patient. For example
Bone caries and neuralgia

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9. Relationships

Alum, Calc-c, Ferr-m, Calc-fl, Kalis, Sil, Symph,  Magnesias, Mang, Natrums, Ruta  
Remedies that Follow Well
Calc-s, Fl-ac, Hep-s, Merc, Phos, Sil, Staph, Sulph,

10. Posology

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11. Further Information

Click More above for Classical information
Sylvian Cazalet Homeopathe International Reversed Kent's Repertory
Click More above for Contemporary information by:
Dr. S. Mohamed Asleem &
Laila Alberts


Hekla's cloak (cloud)
Hekla's cloak (cloud)

Hekla, Iceland volcano
Close up of Hekla

Hekla on Icel;andic map
Hekla on map of Iceland

 Volcanic lava
Volcanic lava

Volcanic cloud
Volcanic cloud

Kingdom: Mineral
Latin Name: Hekla lava
 Comman Name: Lava Scoriae from Mt. Hecla  Homeopahtic: Hekla lava


Getting the Best from 
Dr Peter's 
Tabular Materia Medica

Materia Medica (MM) is Latin for medical material. MMs are a listing of remedies together with their respective symptoms and differ from Repertories which are a listing of symptoms and illnesses.


This Tabular MM is not presented as an exhaustive comprehensive list of all that is known about a remedy. Rather the opposite. It is intended to be used only as an aid memoire to highlight the foundation upon which by further study and experience a fuller knowledge of homoeopathics can be obtained. Consider the Tabular MM as a word picture showing a black and white sketch of the remedys main essential characteristics upon which colour, shade and tone has still be painted.


Remember to rank case symptoms according to their hierarchy giving first priority to
Mentals & Generals when comparing the MM remedy picture of one remedy against another.

Further information on
The Hierarchy of Symptoms

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Remember also that you don't need to match everything listed under a remedy to benefit from the remedy. All that is required is to find the closest remedy match for those case  symptoms which rank the highest and are the most troublesome. The easiest way to find remedy matches is by Repertorisation. 


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Once the main case symptoms have been captured in say 4 - 6  remedies fine tune the final remedy selection manually by refering to the MM, or clicking the Further Information tabs or looking up any other approriate reference manual.  

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