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H4H Monograph

H4H Natural Fertility Management (NFM)Homeopathic Protocol for Couples

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Hormone Testing

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
An Introduction

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Sperm & Hormone Testing 
for Men

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
The Menstrual Cycle

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Conception Management

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Ovulation Prediction

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Homeopathic Protocol for Couples

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Pre-Conception Management

Natural Fertility Management (NFM)
Fertility Supplements

H4H Natural Fertility Management (NFM)Homeopathic Protocol for Couples

Homeopathic fertility

H4H Natural Fertility Management (NFM)Homeopathic Protocol for Couples

The homeopathic fertility program offers a comprehensive and natural approach to male and female infertility. Homeopathic remedies help to support the body in creating the necessary conditions to achieve conception. This homeopathic approach to fertility supports healthy ovulation, fertile mucus production, and endometrial lining in women while helping increase sperm count and improve sperm motility in men.

When it comes to infertility or difficulty in achieving conception, both male and female partners should follow a natural approach during pre-conception. The new baby is made by the union of egg and sperm. Healthy sperm production as well as healthy ovulation is required in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Your body retains a memory of all preceding conditions like emotional, physical injuries, shock, past bacterial and viral infections, drug suppression, drug toxicity, food intolerance, and inherited weaknesses.

The role of the homeopathic remedy is to assist the body in the process of healing and repairing at every level: mental, emotional, and physical. The time necessary to promote healing and establish optimum health depends on the level of health at the starting point. This is why not everyone will respond the same way, but eventually everybody will improve and get well.

The homeopathic fertility protocol is based on each individual person's level of health and health issues. It involves taking one or two remedies each day, morning or night, on specific days of the menstrual cycle. Day 1 is the first day of the menstrual cycle.

What to Expect

The Homeopathic tyree of fertility
The Homeopathic tree of fertility
(body, mind & emotions)

What to Expect
Homeopathic medicine treats the entire person mind, body and soul. You should notice not only improvement in your physical symptoms, but also your overall health and mental wellbeing will improve. Your cycle will become more regular, you will experience less pre-menstrual tension, and your period will be less painful.

When taking homeopathic remedies, initially you may experience detox symptoms like increased bowel movements, sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms, desire to cry or increased desire to talk (mental release), nausea, headaches, insomnia, and fatigue.

This occurs because your body is releasing toxins that had built up after years of taking medical drugs, eating foods with additive, being exposed to pollution, etc. This period is transient and should only last for a short period of time. Not everyone experiences this, but if you do, do not be alarmed because it is normal and it will pass.

Not all fertility treatments are the same. Homeopathy is the most comprehensive and holistic system of healing available especially when used in conjunction with fertility charting and natural health. This is why many couple are choosing it over medical fertility treatments with successful results.

In general, it is always best to chose a natural approach first and avoid resorting to fertility drugs and assisted conception treatments too soon in the journey to pregnancy. If a couple is willing to take the time to research what natural and alternative medicine has to offer, it will save time, money, and avoid painful procedures.

The Dangers of IVF

Loving & safe fertility
                               Fertility a better way                                 
Loving & safe Homeopathy

The Dangers of IVF
Not everyone is aware of the dangerous side effects that fertility drugs can pose on the mother and baby. Research studies conducted in Sweden and published in the journal of the American academy of paediatrics, show that children conceived using IFV have a higher risk of developing cancer.

For women, high doses of hormones used to help produce eggs could harm their health. In fact, IVF has higher risk of miscarrying, uterine cancer, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, secondary infertility, and other complications.

A. Homeopathic (NFM) Protocol for Women

Fertility biorhythms
Fertility biorythms

A. Homeopathic (NFM) Protocol for Women

This homeopathic protocol was initially developed by Melbourne homeopath Liz Lalor in 1998. It has a success rate of over 80%. Liz's personal record to date is 251 babies born with 38 failures (85%) success. The protocol has as a result now become internationally renowned with hundreds of homeopaths all over the world using this method with the same high success rate. The programme should be followed for at least 4 months (preseded by 3 months detox) during which time your Homeopathic physician fine tunes the protocol based on your individual requirements and responses. An example of a protocol R/x chart is provided below.

Example of R/x (NFM) Protocol Chart

Days after Commencement of menses



AM Miasmic remedy (1) single 2 pill dose
PM First dose of Constitutional. remedy-  2 pills for 3 days 


AM Miasmic remedy (2) single 2 pill dose [not a constant feature of treatment]
PM Last dose of Constitutional. Remedy -  2 pills for 3 days 


AM Drainage/Emotional (Nat-mur 200C) single 2 pill dose
AM Folicle stimulation 1 tab/dose for 10 days (Tribulus)

AM Uterine conditioner 2 pills/dose for 10 days (Borax 30C)
AM Anti-inflammatory 2 pills /dose for 10 days (Puls 30C)
PM Uterine drainage 2 pills/dose for 10 days (Sep 6C)


AM Oestrogen stimulation single 2 pill dose(Fol 200C)


Last day of the 11 day treatments provided a fall in BBT is observed tomorrow (day 15).


AM Commence Leutine treatment for 4 days at 2 pills/dose


End of Leutine 4 day treatment at 2 pills/dose


AM Drainage/Emotional single 2 pill dose (Nat-m 200C)

The above chart is constructed on the basis of ovulating on the 16th day. In the case of ovulation earlier than 16 days discontinue the 11 day treatments (uterine conditioner/ uterine drainage and follicle stimulation as well as the anti-inflammatory remedies) before the 11 days are completed. When ovulation is later than 16 days continue with the 11 day treatments (uterine conditioner/ uterine drainage, follicle stimulation and anti-infammatory remedies) until there is a drop in BBT (or there is a reaction when using the ODK)

Explanation of Remedies Used

Natural protection of the fertility tree
Natural protection for the tfertility tree.

Explanation of Remedies Used
Day 1
Miasmic Remedies

(See under Definitions for more information)
Usually one of the following miasmic remedies are administered
Thus is used to reverse the negative effects of personal or hereditary sources of tumours. Particularly useful in cases of cancer, abnormal pap smears, PCOD, endometriosis, fibroids or miscarriage.
is of service in connection with mucus membranes, glands, bones, nervous system, painful breasts before or during menses, sharp ovarian pain, dysmenorrhoea, profuse and watery leucorrhoea which is often itchy, acidic and odorous, ovarian congestion, ovarian cysts, inflammation and uterine problems.
is particularly applicable for hormonal suppression, repeated miscarriage, vaginal dryness, acrid not slimy mucus and suppressed menses, no period, irregular periods, light periods.
is indicated in cases of hormonal dysfunction., acrid and offensive discharges, dark, clotted menses, inflammatory conditions (cysts, urethritis, vaginitis etc)

Constitutional Remedies
(See under Definitions for more information)
Constitutional prescribing is high potency prescribing and should not be confused with Symptomatic prescribing in which often the same remedies are used but at a lower potency
Some of the main Constitutional remedies used are
Natrum muriaticum
Great debility, weariness and weakness especially felt in the mornings in bed. There is a general coldness with a liability to take cold. Dry membranes, mouth, throat. Ill effects of grief, fright anger etc.but consolation aggravates. Wants solitude. Headache, migraine, like hammer beating the head. Craves salt but averse to rich foods. 
There is an absence of animation which is reflected in the lax tissues of the smooth musculature to which Vithoulskas refers as Stasis. Emotionally the stasis reveals itself as indifference and discontentedness whilst mentally there is slowness, sluggishness and dullness.
Physically there is a bearing down sensation as if the whole pelvis/ uterus will prolapse causing the subject to sit with her legs crossed or tightly together. There is vaginitis, itching of the genitalia, aversion to sex, scanty or too early menses with a tendency to miscarry in the first trimester.
Lilium tigrinum
Similar physicality to that of Sepia except that the subject is far more animated even hysterical.
There is a conflict within the patient between two emotional extremes (eg the strong sexual element and the equally strong moral element) resulting in frustration and anger. The moods can thus ascillate between two poles.
Commonly called the Wind Flower it is the weather cook of remedies. Changeability is the key note from happy to sad, from tears to smiles, from thirstless to thirsty, from copious menses to only a dribble, There are some constant characteristics however such as the requirement for fresh air (needs the window open) as well as the requirement for the head to be placedhigh in and elevated posisionm order to sleep) Timid and irresolute but likes fuss and sympathy.
Calcarea carbonica
The main areas of symptomology involve the glands (swollen), skin (copious perspiration), respiratory system (scrophulous), nutrition (impaired/ nauseous) and bones (poor development/ rachitic). The subject is usually overweight, lethargic, phlegmatic, work shy, apprehensive, anxious and jaded. They usually complain of a burning sensation in the gonads, hot swollen breasts and headache before the menses flow.

Day 4
This is the start day of the lesional/ drainage therapy which runms for the next 10 days.
Natrum muriaticum
A good remedy for suppression and poor quality mucus. The sperm gets to where they have to go by swimming up the strings of healthy mucus. If the woman is showing signs of suppression in the form of Candida and acrid health in the vagina (hostile vagina) as a result of the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) the sperm will not travel.
This remedy exerts a conditioning effect that favours efficient reproducion by means of optimising uterine pH thorough the promotion of satisfactory conditions for flora/ fauna growth and development.
Although this remedy is employed as a high potency Constitutional it is used here in medium potency for lesional purposes with particular regard to the inflammation associated with repeated miscarriage or threatened miscarriage.
Another dual role remedy but this time it is used in low potency for drainage/ detox purposes of the liver where portal congestion is frequently associated with hormonal imbalance. The patient is weak, sluggish, tired, overwhelmed with a tendency to miscarry. Additionally the remedy exercises a strong tonic effect on the uterus in preparing it for healthy pregnancy.
This remedy is a non Homeopathic herb and is used to maintain general reproductive well-being in both men and women.

Day 10
This remedy contains a homeopathic form of oestrogen and is used here to maiantainin high levels of blood oestrogen as a trigger for satisfactory leutinising hormone (LH) stimulation and the subsequent release of the ovum.

Day 15
Employed where there is evidence of tardy Progesterone levels in order to stimulate corpus luteum secretion.

Miasmic Remedy
A misaim is the main underlying vital force for illness an individual is predisposed towards (which is either acquired or inherited) and which permeates every cell in the body. As such a misaim represents a chronic disease which if left to its own devices without the application of the specific anti-miasmic remedy would continue to develop within the individual resulting ultimately in the demise of the individual. Finally as a misaim is an illness which involves every cell of the body it follows that it is Holistic in origin involving physical, mental and emotional symptoms. To sum up a miasmic remedy treats a miasm which is a chronic (long term) illness involving the Holistic (physical, mental & emotional) symptomoloogy of the individual.

Constitutional Remedy
The term Constitution refers to the genetic attributes (traits) of the individual which is an element of the individual's make up (ie DNA) and which cannot be changed unlike those of symptoms which can be changed. Homeopaths believe however constitutional traits can be influenced for good by accentuating beneficial gene traits and regressing non beneficial traits. Such influence is achieved by providing a balanced energy environment within the individual which in effect promotes the development of the good traits at the expense of the bad. In determining a patients Constitution the physician considers only the inherited traits rather than the Holistic symptoms of body, mind and emotion as for the miasmic remedy.. Constitutional prescribing asks the question what kind of patient has the disease rather than what kind of disease the patient has. Thus the constitutional prescription may lead to a different remedy choice to that of the symptomatic similimum. In an ideal world however the constitutional remedy and the similimum would be the same.

Lesional Remedy
This is a medium potency (usually 30C) remedy used to counteract the symptoms of physical pathology much like an allopathic drug.

Drainage Remedy
This is a of low potency (either 6X or 6C) Homeopathic which instigates a centrifugal outwardly moving and dispersing (detoxifying) effect on toxins by means of the remedys particular organ affinity.

Conditioning Remedy
A remedy which causes specified tissue to respond in a manner which optimises its state of health, physical tone and vitality.

B. Homeopathic (NFM) Protocol for Men

Holistic approach

B. Homeopathic (NFM) Protocol for Men


Period/ Frequency


Routine Remedies

Miasmic AM & PM over days 1-3 To treat any illness predisposition
Constitutional AM on alternate days 7-21 To correct any biochemical imbalance
Symptomatic Day 22 and thereafter as per R/x To balance hormones and endocrine system.

Optional Remedies

Symptomatic Day 22 and thereafter as per R/x SS Libido pills MX 42
Symptomatic Day 22 and thereafter as per R/x Infection/ Immunity pills SP 27, MX 86 & 63
Symptomatic Day 22 and thereafter as per R/x Sperm quality pills OM 22

For further information
in order to make a fully informed choice contact 

Dr. Peter Darashah

Ph.D.,M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract),FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician

(087) 2621943
Consultations held at:
Dervish Holistic Cebtre, 50 Cornmarket Str., Cork.

   H4H Monograph


Natural fertility
H4H Natural Fertility Management

Homeopathic fertility

The Homeopathic tyree of fertility
The Homeopathjic tree of fertiltity
(body, mind & emotions)

Loving & safe fertility
Fertility a better way. Loving & safe Homeopathy

Fertility biorhythms
Fertility biorhythms

Natural protection of the fertility tree
Natural protection of the fertility tree


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