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Nov 09
H4H Monographs
Electrosensitivity (ES)
& Mobile Phones Part 2

Cell Phone Health Dangers 
- Reality

Long Term Reports
The most recent long term reports on the link between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electrosensitivity (ES) from cell phones and brain cancer make disturbing reading.

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1. A report from Australian scientists in July of this year showed double the risk after ten years' use. Although a number of studies have concluded that there is no such risk, Dr Vini Khurana (who has received more than 14 awards in the past 16 years) said that most of those studies only examined short-term use but because a brain tumor can take 10 years to develop, studies without a long follow-up period are largely meaningless.

2. Ten years of constant cell phone use may lead to a three times greater risk of brain cancer, according to expert testimony presented by the National Institute of Health (NIH), to a U.S. Senate hearing in September of this year. Additionally evidence was also presented to the effect that teenagers who constantly used cell phones were four times more likely to get a brain tumor.

3. According to a decade-long study overseen by the World Health Organisation (WHO) , which is due to be published in the coming weeks, people who used mobiles for ten years or more had a significantly increased risk of developing some types of brain tumours. The Interphone study, partly funded by the mobile phone industry, found an increased risk of glioma; the most common brain tumour.

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Juveniles at Higher Risk
Whilst the decade-long study failed to include juveniles in its cohort it is universally accepted that children are in a higher risk category for the following reasons:

1. A Spanish study showed for the first time how radio waves from mobile phones penetrate deep into the brain and not just around the ear.

2. Research also shows that that children,s thinner skulls absorb much more radiation than an adult's.
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3.  Only a very short exposure time frame to electrosensitivity (ES) is required in children before its effects are evident. A cell call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards.

4. The presence of WiFi in some schools (and offices in the case of adults) make the potential for exposure to (ES) a 24 hr threat.

5. The fact the cell phones meet international radio wave emitting standards is not good enough for children with their higher sensitivity. 

Half of MP3 users are Damaging their hearing
Now the first Irish Research confirms dangers
(Click logo above for latest RTE News Flash)

Another Study shows Irish hearing levels
are worse than expected
Further evidence of poor hearing levels in Ireland
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When all the studies are pieced together
there is a strong indication that
electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fileds (EMFs) 
from cell phones
are unsafe at levels our children are being exposed to.
How dangerous and how big the impact
on our childrens long-term health,
is still unknown.

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1. Use corded phones and computers.
If you must use a wireless phone use one with low radiation.
Turn off the power supply of cordless phone base stations
or WiFi routers at night.

2. Text rather than phone

3. Keep calls on mobiles short.
For long call use a land line phone.

4. Use a Blue Tube Head set.
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5. Switch off your mobile when not in use.
Better still use it like an answer phone
just to pick up messages.

6. Avoid use of a mobile in a moving vehicle.
Its EMR will increase as it searches for a signal.

7. Don't allow children to keep mobiles by their bed.

8. Restrict mobile use at home.
Increased use will create demand for a mast in your area.

9. Switch to a phone with a low
specific absorptive rate (SAR)
See web site for values

10. Don't use iPhones
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We know electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR)
can affect human cells
particularly those predisposed to electrosensitivity (ES).
We know that children
are more sensitive than adults.
Most authorities are advising
The cost of not doing so can have serious consequences
upon our children and future generations

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Homeopathic Solutions for EMFs
If the situation has progress to the stage of observable symptoms (such as those listed in the Homeopathic provings for Cell Phones) or if you feel you are an ES sufferer at particular risk there is help for you.

For further information
in order to make a fully informed choice contact

Dr. Peter Darashah

Ph.D.,M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract),FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician

(087) 2621943

Consultations held at :-

The Natural Health Centre, 34 Princes Str.,Cork.

   H4H Monograph

We simply can't do without it!!
Man using Cell Phone
An extension of the ear....

Using cell phone while driving 
whilst driving (1)

Callinh from the wheel
whilst driving (2)

Using cell phone whilst driving with no hands
whilst driving with no hands (3)

Using cell phone while eating
whilst eating

Using cell phone whilst shopping
whilst shopping

Using cell phone while walking
whilst walking

Using cell phone cycling
whilst cycling

Using cell phone whilst on the computer
whilst working on the computer

Chatting on cell phone 3 at a time
whilst chatting 3 at a time

Using cell phone while relaxing
whilst relaxing

Using cell phone whilst baby sitting
whilst baby sitting

Using cell phone whilst reading newspaper
whilst reading the newspaper

Using cell phone whilst waiting for the train
whilst waiting for the train

Taking cell phone photos on the train
whilst on the train - taking photos

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