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Aug 09
H4H Monographs
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It may be surprising to discover that even in this scientific age the single most important thing we can do to protect ourselves, our families and to help prevent the spread of H1N1 Flu virus epidemic Swine Flu is simply good old fashion Hand Washing.

It has been conclusively shown that efficient hand washing can:-
Minimise the spread of influenza
Prevent diarrhoea
Help avoid respiratory infections and
Reduce infant deaths at home.

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Before eating or touching food  
  After using the bathroom 
  After blowing your nose or coughing 
  After touching pets or other animals 
  After playing outside 
  Before and after visiting a sick relative or friend

How does it Work?
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Contrary to general belief Hand Washing does not kill germs nor is it designed to. Rather it is simply a method whereby infectious agents are physically wiped/washed from the skin. Because it is only a method whereby germs are brushed off one the following points of the 
Clean X Hand Washing Code should be particularly adhered to:-
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- Spend time washing thoroughly. The Clean X Procedure for Hand Washing  should take around 1-2 minutes depending on how dirty your hands were to start with. For very dirty situations the procedure may even need to be repeated.
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- Dont just splash n dash. This is not only is a waste of time but it can actually be counterproductive and be an effective means of actually spreading germs.
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- Use warm water as far as possible. This is to ensure the creation of a rapid and effective lather as a slippery foam base to scrape the germs away. Additionally, warm, soapy water is more effective than cold, soapy water at removing the natural oils on your hands which hold soils and bacteria.
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- Use soap from a dispenser rather than bar soap. It has been shown that bar soap especially when left in a damp position can become a potent source of infection. Hand washing with contaminated soap can colonise the hands with Gram-negative bacteria, which results in an increase in bacterial counts on the skin instead of a reduction.
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 - Most people dont dry their hands efficiently either, but leaving hands damp actually helps germs to breed in the moisture, and allows them to spread more easily onto whatever you touch next.
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- Use preferably a disposable towel to dry your hands. Investigations have shown that disposable towels reduce bacterial contamination by 24% whereas hot air dryers increase levels by up to 117%. It has been shown that the use of a towel is a necessary part of effective contaminant removal, since the washing action separates the contaminants from the skin but does not completely flush them from the skin - removing the excess water (with the towel) also removes the suspended contaminants.
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- Use a normal emulsifying soap rather than an antibacterial one. Again it has been shown that the exposure time to antibacterial soap is insufficient for it to be effective. This partial effectiveness results in conditions suitable for the establishment of bacterial resistant strains.
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- If you use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to wash your hands, you do not need to rinse them with water. These alcohol-based hand sanitizers actually kill germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact instead of just physically washing them down the drain. To use one, apply less than a teaspoon to your hands and rub it all over your hands as per points 4 to 7 of the Clean X Handwash. Do not wash off but leave it on your hand to do its job of killing germs. Unfortunately, if your hands are covered in something disagreeable, you will need first to use the
Clean X Cross Handwash
as sanitisers will not remove

What do I do?
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